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    John Day

    Hi Dora: It sounds like your sky is getting aluminum and barium oxide powdered, which reflects light back to space before it hits the ground, making a white-hazy sky.
    I have been seeing that since the 1990s. It’s a lot sometimes over Austin, and other days it’s just not up there.

    : Tulsi has 2 video channels for the same reason I now have 2 (mirror) blogs. Google-inc. censorship. What she’s doing is what the empire does not want done.
    We can judge anybody by what they do.


    Thanks, John Day. Good to know even if it’s bad news.

    On another topic,
    From Andrew Sullivan:
    Why I’m voting Republican


    Curious recent events around Ksenia Sobchak.
    She don’t want the Nalvany treatment!


    @ John Day
    More power to her. My problem is that I have a different (gut) reaction to the two videos that I’ve posted. We are watching both talking about identical thing! That’s all. My European sensitivity and tradition prevents me to see what I am apparently “supposed to see” in her.
    Boy aren’t we different?!?!
    Few days ago in Shishkin’s painting Dr D had seen bushels of wheat, combines, harvesting logistics of what I have seen was a connection to an artist’s work century later.
    Dora and Arnold see annoyed Rembrandt and I see the artist concentrated to make sure that work will turn right.

    No wonder that we “easily ruled” by the current cohort.

    Veracious Poet

    So, another day on TAE where the regulars (including some interesting newcomers) let loose their inner Archie Bunker to mimic the increasingly deranged “MSM” commentariat ~ C’est La Vie…Comme ci, comme ça 🙄

    Meanwhile, back in Clown World, the insane depravity of child EG0 broadcast from the top-down by the decadent & diseased Thinkers (EGocentric academia, apparactchiks, media talking heads + other bull$hit artists educated beyond their intellectual ability) has finally rebounded & is now a bottom-up pathos approaching anarchy…

    The Useless Grubbers aka The Electorate fka We The People now scrambling to find the popular Cause Célèbre to affix their X to during their hallowed visit to the sacred voting booth.

    Meanwhile back in da Blog-O-Sphere the chihuahuas are frantically nipping @ the Heels, not realizing the Faces are seeking the same mercenary rewards, possessed by the same psychotic (I said it Dr. Diablo, you can too!) drive sell out their nation, family, children & soul to the highest bidder 😈

    So, let’s dance around the Elephant In The Room chanting Kumbaya (a song created by African slaves), while discussing The Solution is *TABOO*, because The Thinkers told us *God Is Dead* (Note: The Thinkers are liers) 🙄

    God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?


    In perhaps worse news, however, German conglomerate BASF said last month it would permanently downside in its home country and expand in China.

    I suspect this is what the Oaf’s trip to China was all about. The big Germany companies will move their manufacturing headquarters to China where they can get reliable energy, leaving Germany to suffer its virtue signaling energy crisis. Mercedes, BMW etc will then become Chinese car manufacturers building cars designed in Stuttgart and Munich but now built in China. Their huge factories for cars and trucks will be shuttered and the German job migration to China will be complete.

    After the move, these ex-German car manufacturers will slowly enter the usual Chinese decline in innovation. New developments on cars will not be protected by patents etc and the Chinese auto industry will share all new inventions, so that the inventor does not make any money, not even for a few months, the money is shared by all. The cars will then need to cheapen in order to stay ahead of the crowd, the usual Chinese cheapness will ensure the end of the image as “good” cars. Eventually the German HQs will shrink, the testing will shrink, the companies will become like existing Chinese car companies.


    June 14th, 2022

    Pope Francis has blasted the “ferocity and cruelty” of Russian troops in Ukraine while praising the “heroism” and “courage” of Ukrainians to defend their land.

    November 7th, 2022

    “I am struck by a cruelty that is not characteristic of the Russian people, perhaps because the Russian people are a great people. This is the cruelty of mercenaries, soldiers going to war for adventure… I prefer to think about it this way, because I have great respect for the Russian people, Russian humanism. Remember Dostoevsky, who still inspires us Christians to think like a Christian”, the Pope said.

    So what makes this interesting is the delineation in the cruelty of the mercenaries. The reason being is that articles and mug shots of Yevgeny Prigozhin have been popping into twitter feeds wherever I went today. Looks like the fix for the fall guy for the war crimes against Ukrainian’s is being set up.

    Wherever the money calls, “our plausible denials” are dancing.

    Prigozhin heads the Wagner group.

    Veracious Poet

    Anecdotal: My 87yo MIL a couple of months ago had a heart emergency (2 weeks after her second “booster” 🙄 ) where she spent a week+ in the *best* local hospital, but they never really determined the exact nature of the problem (afib with high/low heart rate/bp), after throwing multiple big pharma products into her body (some with side effects that were worse than the underlying problem), had the last rights performed while still in the hospital, was sent home for *hospice* care…

    All of my wife’s siblings (including a know-it-all RN control freak brother) were resigned to Mom kicking-the-bucket, but my wife never gave up & gave her round-the-clock care ~ Her every effort was dogged by her addict RN sibling, who through the eldest brother (who has power-of-atty. & thinks The System is sacred) throttled my wife’s efforts to use holistic/common sense nutrional remedies & only withdrew big pharma products when the side effects were too severe 🙄

    Now her dementia has gotten worse, with sundowners “syndrome” ~ she’s violently agitated (throwing, biting, striking out), which is totally out-of-character for her, anyone know of a “safe” anti-psychotic med that might help?

    I suggested trying St. John’s Wort, but my wife’s afraid to ask her brothers aka “The Authorities”…

    Besides all of the insanity, my wife was able to get her Mom to bounce back, much to the chagrin of her dumbed-down-to-succumb siblings…

    I’m sure the clueless brothers in charge will goose-step Mom down for another “booster” when due, finishing her off 😕

    Also, my wife & I have decided that after the criminally insane 2020 election we shall no longer “participate” in the “voting” sham (actually decided that after Jan. 6) ~ We don’t want to end-up on the *wrong* list, besides in Klownifornia what’s the point? 😆

    P.S. I run in a large circle of friends + acquaintances (most of whom are/were *HIGH* earners with deep a$$ets), about half of which have already left for Red Safe Zones, with most of the rest (like us) ready to flee once our parents are gone (1 left for us)…

    I’m sure Klownifornians could care less, as illegals & other nanny state worshipers continue to flood in 🙄


    More climate con engineering madness … … now your government approved ebike will burn you alive in your home, along with your neighbours. Why does human saftey seem to have taken a back seat in recent times? The decision has been taken that death of people is preferable to bad weather.


    ‘Pope Francis has blasted the “ferocity and cruelty” of Russian troops in Ukraine while praising the “heroism” and “courage” of Ukrainians to defend their land.’

    One of the chief clown-criminals, the one who is prepared to wear a silly hat most of the time, has spoken.

    “Go forth my loyal subjects and steal as much gold and silver and other treasures as you can carry, and either kill the current owners of that gold and silver, or enslave them, because they do not worship me and are therefore not humans.”

    Pope Francis, just the latest iteration of a long line of manipulative thieves and liars going back to the fifth century.


    ‘Also, my wife & I have decided that after the criminally insane 2020 election we shall no longer “participate” in the “voting” sham (actually decided that after Jan. 6) ~ We don’t want to end-up on the *wrong* list, besides in Klownifornia what’s the point?/

    Why did it take you so long?

    I don’t know who said it first, but it is surely true: ‘If voting made any difference, they would ban it.’

    It has been my observation going back to the 1960s, that in Britain, NZ, the US etc. that whichever ‘party’ formed the government, the fundamental polices were always exactly the same.

    Promote Ponzi finance.

    Promote fake economics.

    Oganise the transfer wealth from those who had too little to those who had too much.

    Facilitate the looting and polluting of the commons.

    Lie to the populace on a continuous basis.

    “it’s a Big Club. And you and I are not in the Big Club.” G.C.

    Veracious Poet

    Anecdotal Part Duex: Almost forgot to mention my wife’s Uncle & family have *suddenly* developed a host of medical emergencies (all vaxed+boosted):

    Wife’s uncle *suddenly* became too weak to stand & fell & is now bedridden, who knows when he got his past “booster” 🙄

    Daughter number two’s husband *suddenly* developed liver cancer (previously super healthy mid-50s), just underwent surgery to remove a large mass on his liver, along with multiple small tumors…

    Daughter number three *suddenly* developed uterine cancer & underwent a hysterectomy last month (also previously super healthy mid-50s)…

    Last but not least, close friend’s manly man 64yo husband *suddenly* developed brain cancer, also a mRNA volunteer/victim…

    I’m sure The Derp State just loves it when a plan comes together 😕

    Oh, and local LEOs & “Justice” can’t even play whack-a-mole with the onslaught of violent criminal insanity:

    The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office announced Monday that the county’s Superior Court judges have tossed out more than 500 misdemeanor and felony criminal cases over the past four weeks.

    Riverside County DA Mike Hestrin says the cases have been dismissed due to a shortage of judges and courtrooms amid a backlog of cases that were delayed earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Some of the felony cases that have been dismissed include charges of attempted murder, arson, vandalism, driving under the influence and domestic violence.

    The DA said many cases were set to begin jury trial, but the Superior Court did not have a judge available to hear the case, so instead of granting a short continuance until a courtroom became available, the DA said the cases have been dismissed entirely.

    V. Arnold

    @ John Day
    Thanks for the links to Ebiril…

    Veracious Poet

    Why did it take you so long?

    I have DEEP roots in the American Experiment, with at least five families in the Sons/Daughters of the Revolution ~ I didn’t want to give up on their trail blazing sacrifices, it’s literally in my DNA…

    Interesting how many of TAE’s non-Americans are obsessed with “Our” problems (especially those in recently emancipated Colonies of the Crown), but I’m sure that most of TAE’s international community realize that once “America” is gone (even the *NOW* Derp State perversion of it), you’ll be easy picking for every Tom, Dick & Harry 😉


    @jb-hb i have a possible job lead for you. i work for a small division of a pretty large company, we have our own help desk and its remote work. let me know if you are interested, its supporting software for a niche corner of the north american automotive industry.

    Michael Reid

    @ Maxwell Quest

    Thank you for

    Latest Tom Luongo podcast:
    Podcast Episode #120 – Alistair Crooke and the Dysfunctionality of Nations
    Poor sound quality, but worth the time and extra effort needed to pull the conversation out of the distortion.


    Went on my once-a-week shopping expedition today.

    The budget range biscuits that were $2 at the beginning of the year and went to $2.20 a couple of months ago were $2.50 today. The mandarins that were $5/kg last week were $6.50 this week. Pick of the day: limes $29/kg!

    A few items have not increased in price this year (yet).

    Can’t wait for my trees to start producing.

    Owners of diesel vehicles may be a little happier for the moment. The latest increase in petrol prices puts petrol 1c/lire above diesel.

    I spoke briefly with a sales assistant. She told me she had a shock when her power bill doubled.

    We should not complain. The equivalent of the entire population of NZ is now without power at all in Ukraine.

    Back to the fourteenth century, one region at a time, one nation at a time.


    There’s gremlins waiting in the wings
    To see how any voter sings,
    And if that tune’s a bit too right
    There’s gremlins there to start a fight.


    ‘I have DEEP roots in the American Experiment, with at least five families in the Sons/Daughters of the Revolution ~ I didn’t want to give up on their trail blazing sacrifices, it’s literally in my DNA…’

    Maybe I was lucky after all. My father frequently described himself as being “one of Britian’s slaves,” which he was.

    Told me how, in the Great Depression, he worked for a ha’penny an hour. Also told me how, in WW2, the radio announced ‘all our planes returned safely’ even as people saw them being shot from the sky.


    Tomorrow’s US mid-term elections will be rigged.

    The Dems are using nearly every branch of the US government to ensure voter’s voices are not heard. The DofJ and the FBI are the lead agencies ensuring that voters vote the right way. This has the support of both DINOs and RINOs.

    If too many voters vote Republican then each such vote will be discounted to less than 1 just like the 2020 election was. Each Biden votes was valued at 1.13 while each Trump votes were discounted at 0.87.

    I seriously doubt the so called red wave will be reflected in who actually gets elected.

    RINO leader Mitch will be very proud of his handiwork.

    Electronic vote results will first be sent overseas for correction before being sent back to the US.

    Veracious Poet


    Some may remember last year that one of my wife’s cousins *suddenly* developed breast cancer, it was actually her uncle’s daughter number two, who had a double mastectomy early this year…

    Now her husband has *suddenly* developed cancer, since they’re both “those” kinda people (they hooked-up in the .MIL), I’ve no doubt they were in the first line at the VA to garner their vax/booster bestowals, as the “special” citizens (vets) are gifted all sorts of medical freebies, even if their “service” was no more dangerous than riding a desk 😆

    Oops! Thought they tested this was Safe & Effective


    If you are a doctor, who bought the vax story, business has never been better.

    Probably the doctor business model is the very best they have ever seen it!

    So much sickness and death!



    For example, the standards for tubes and pipes. In case you don’t know the difference, a pipe transports something, such as water or gas or sewage, usually under pressure (pressure makes stuff move) although gravity is pretty effective. A tube is a tube and claims to be nothing else, it is a structural component and can be used as a handrail, an electrical conduit, a “stick” to beat someone with. A pipe has a pressure rating, a tube just has material and dimension specs.

    Here in the USA, not so much. Pipes are round. Tubing can be round, oval, square, rectangular. Both pipes and tubing can have pressure ratings.


    With all this talk about the sickness industry, it is probably worth noting that the consumption of semi-toxic non-food produced by the commercial non-food sector results in all kinds of physical and mental deficiencies, including diabetes, obesity and dementia. The US apparently leads the way in the conversion of humans into the ‘walking dead’ but other nations, including NZ, are not far behind.

    As is often the case with diseases induced by Industrial Civilisation, one of the best remedies (apart from completely turning away from junk food and artificiality in general) is to get one’s clothes off and get exposure to sunlight.

    Very interesting research:

    Veracious Poet


    And tomorrow, the political winner gets all the following hot potatoes/problems
    1. Great Depression 2.0.
    2. Inflation100% .
    3. Great Stock Market Crashes
    4. Supply line disruptions/delays/failure
    5. Bank failure/financial crisis/rising interest rates/credit card failure/lending failures/rising taxes
    6. Increase Death and misery/drug overdose/suicides/vaccines/long covid/addiction
    7. Restructuration
    8. Real estate crash/re-evaluation
    9. social instability
    10. Wars (trade/information/propaganda)
    11. Mass migration
    12. deindustrialization
    13. pension funds totally collapse
    14. layoffs/bankruptcies
    15. Jubilees/canceling debts
    16. increase in crimes
    17. increase police activities
    18. freeze and seize assets
    19. censorship
    20. increase emergency use/war measure acts
    21. Failure of educational institutions
    22. unreliability/fudging/lying of statistics
    23. Increase of wrong opinions and lack of facts
    24. increase of disinformation
    25. Increase of “Quiet Quitting, decrease of assuming responsibilities, increase of fault pointing
    26. loss of electrical energy. ( Too many functions to list that are needed/required for the operation of war, finance, and the operation of social/economic/political structures
    27. Decreasing cheap natural resources
    28. Global weather extreme/fluctuations
    29. Worldwide food insecurity
    30. Political instability

    Sweet Kenny

    Chooch and Redneck should get a room – glad they found each other.

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