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    Paul Cézanne The Card Players 1895   • Israel’s Final Solution for the Palestinians (Chris Hedges) • ‘We’re a War Machine as a Nation’ (Hedges/Ku
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    An American nurse who just got out of Gaza details the unimaginable conditions under Israel’s bombs and the heroism from her Palestinian colleagues whose families are being exterminated. An absolute must watch

    Wow, how detached from reality can the Americans get? This is CNN, chief liar for the regime, and they are doing a sob-story for the Palestinians. I know why, because the only people who watch CNN are the people stuck in airports and the retarded progressives of the Democrat party, so now CNN is pro Israel AND pro Palestinian. Without the retarded progressives CNN goes to a purely government funded operation, same as the BBC and just as reliable.

    I hate to say this, because it makes me appear to be a callous fuck, almost a Jew, but I am fascinated to see what happens to the Democrat party now that the lines have been drawn; Jews versus the majority. I am hopeful that despite all the shit the Democrats promote, including the evil queen HRC, they actually do have some real values, not BLM values, REAL values. I am impressed and I hope this will see the end of a lot of the other faux-victim Jew propaganda that the progressives have been baited with over the past few decades, shit like BLM. You think BLM was not a Jew “We are the victims” project?


    I attended political rallies held by Benjamin Netanyahu, who received lavish funding from rightwing Americans, when he ran against Yitzhak Rabin, who was negotiating a peace settlement with the Palestinians.

    “rightwing Americans” aka rich American Jews. Come on, let’s stop playing this game of hide and seek. Ben Yahoo is still there, as nutty as ever, as supported by the American Jews as ever. Maybe the progressives will stop all of this, maybe ban Judaism as a religion and culture in the USA …. no, that’s for the post acopalypse USA. Maybe the progressives will implement MAGA.

    Wow, how that would piss off the American TAE crowd.

    Dr. D

    “It’s all following the algorithm—same as Canada, same as US—you MUST agree with your STATE

    Great! One problem: I don’t know what “The State” wants me to say. Half the State disagrees with the other half, and changes what is “True” from hour to hour. I’m very sorry but I’m off the list of this “Memo.” If you could re-add me, I’d be most grateful.


    “Tlaib Censured By House For Saying Biden ‘Supports Genocide’ In Gaza

    So…the only House member that can tell the truth is the squad? And only one of them? Good to see who I’d be locked up with. I wonder what her position on free speech is now. (Against. They’re persecuting her because: melanin)

    “Data Analyst Defends 2020 Georgia Election Rolls Challenges

    She has opinions. Therefore: Prison time! When I want your opinion I’ll beat it out of you.

    “”Not at Liberty to Release”: Nashville PD Blows Smoke over Leaked Manifesto

    They had the same impression I did, except far worse: the families are actively SUING to get them released. The Judge said they could be released immediately after hearing that ended months ago. And like always, the police merely LIE about it and say “It’s for the families.” The families that are suing you for their release, such that you are now PAYING big budget money you don’t have on lawyers just to keep them (illegally) hidden? No. The police actually said “We don’t have them, the families have them.” Which is why they’re suing TO have them. W.T.F. Just. Stop. Stop lying. Take a breath and for the first time in decades, open your mouth without lying.

    Okay? Now tell us all the other part: WHY won’t you release them with a lawsuit over your head? Btw the contents are VERY strange. “8:05 put away stuffed animals. 9:15, backpack and breakfast. 10:30, murder cracker kids. So excited!!! Hope I get ‘em all!!!” Uh…Doctor? I have the very strong feeling this is not normal. Not even in the sense of “She killed some folks”, I mean like, deeply programmed, with lots of psychiatric help kind of not normal. So you’re both crazy, I think you’re in therapy under a doctor AND you’re more coherent and forward looking, juggling daily tasks on your DayTimer™ than any CEO mom? Explain this to me in tiny words.

    “Israeli fascism but racism akin to Nazism in its early very late stages.” Fixed it.

    As this Israel Speaker points out with constant contradictions, this is a function of being too mental. As some might say here, with no connection to Love and their Hearts. The mind is a trickster like that. We see this everywhere: Doctors, Professors, Universities, “experts” everywhere, etc. Now it may be necessary, like a doctor, to over-emphasize the mind for many reasons: need to cram TMI info in there. To decide with confidence and not constant self-doubt, getting PTSD from recognizing the deep emotional costs, and so on. However, it has the well-known problem of making one a voluntary psychopath, where you were born with a heart, but disconnect it. This can be “caused” or nearly so from the outside, or chosen from the inside.

    That’s why all these people acted the d—n fool these last 3 years. Ludicrous speed. Every one against every logic, every day. Why? They were being “logical”. Because of no human balance. No human heart.

    So the key to this Social Engineering task, is to lift people up into their minds alone, then cut out the ladder underneath them disconnected from their heart, body, and reality, and it works like a charm. Which is also why Bubba and Cleetus aren’t susceptible to that attack (but are to other, now less-common ones). They can’t fully leave their animal, physical nature and cannot be disconnected from heart. You run them around with false affronts to their “honor”, insult their mother or country or something, make them take a swing then fall down on foul like a footballer.

    But the point is the Speaker has this in Israel, but it’s not just Israel, obviously. All the smarty-pants were completely clobbered, totally hijacked by the amygdala and remain so even today. Just thoughtless, brainless puppets. Weird to me. Lacking not only humanity but all doubt. Doubt is the touchstone to humanity, to being honest, to listening to your “enemy” and to “disinformation”. So “Doubt” equals “Science.” “The Science Is Settled” = Not Science. All your clever arguments, all your brainpower, all your supposed superiority for naught. Totally useless. They’re more dumber than any 3-year-old.

    I guess Ironically, the heart is what makes you “Smart” then?

    ““..the revolutionary spark lighting a transformation in the Middle Eastern and the Global South’s consciousness..”

    Luongo just covered this yesterday, but the answer is, We don’t know and It’s complicated. I realized I can’t name all – how many? — Arab leaders by name.
     Saudi Arabia
     United Arab Emirates
     Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip)

    Among many other players, and the backgrounds and interactions there are immensely complicated and opaque where every detail matters. For example, Hamas sided against Syria, with Hezbollah for. Now they’re on the same side again, but how much? Every hour counts, every person, every choice, and they like it that way.

    “Whereas Palestine was about national liberation, today Palestine is the symbol of a wider civilisational re-awakening – the ‘end to centuries of Regional humiliation’.

    Strange how that works. Why wasn’t that true before? We were just as corrupt or more. They were just as divided. What’s different now, and I can’t name what, but it is. This is the magic of human mind and perception. Why do they “stop believing”? What does he say? “In another state of consciousness however…”

    It’s CONSCIOUSNESS that runs things. That’s why our core power is Propaganda. Lies. But since these watered-down inbreds apparently no longer read Bernays who clearly says you can only take propaganda so far outside of obvious realities. Beyond that, not only does it not work, it pops and destroys all the previous hold. Fine by me. The White Hats clearly know this is the only way (or most expedient way) to break the spell: make them go too far.

    “• Europe ‘Powerless Against Kremlin Propaganda’ – Media (RT)

    Huh? Wtf? I guess you’re just “powerless” then? Might as well surrender. Russia won, roll over and show your belly like Bernie does.

    “approval ratings for pro-Russian conspiracy narratives surrounding the Ukraine war”

    Unhinged conspiracy theories like Russia is winning the Ukraine war and didn’t blow up their own $6B pipeline? Yeah, so weird the European people don’t believe that. See: Bernays. But they’re all illiterate glue-sniffing morons.

    “• Will the Hamas-Israel Conflict Spin Out of Control? (Paul Craig Roberts)

    For whatever reason, I don’t believe it will. However, I was dead wrong on only a few things, but they were pivotal things: that Russia would invade. That people would fall for 911 as a GwoT Holy War and not a building fire. That there would be about twice as much pushback on the coof. But I’ll go ahead and predict and be wrong if I have to. It won’t spiral out of control. It will rotate move by move to the BRIICS. We will collapse and get our just desserts according to ourselves, not them.

    “But, because Egypt has previously refused to absorb Gaza residents, it may ultimately just end up being used as a staging ground for their mass relocation”

    Sure, except everyone would double cross them. You move them to the desert and Canada would suddenly drag their feet and have to work out the details to accept them. …For 75 years, like they did with the first genocidal expulsion, Cherokee-style. Do we need to re-learn “Not agreement capable”? If you’re serious, put them on a plane directly. Actually, I’ve heard Israel will buy out everyone wanting to go already for years like any mafia don. They’ll already pay you to remove your land claim.

    Like Maui. Hey where’d that go??? Anyone find the kids yet? Never happened. Memory hole. No doubt State of Hawaii now has confiscated and erased the native Hawaiian Capitol and all the native claims. After killing all their kids? Nits make lice, you know. General Sherman said.

    Oh no: EVERYONE is more interesting, important, and valuable than ten thousands of Americans being killed, more than Ukraine and more than Gaza. Some animals are more equal than others and Americans are one of the animals that don’t matter. See Harvard protest 30% poverty rate, 40,000 opioid deaths as they rise again due to the border.

    Hahahaahahaha! What deaths??? THAT, my friends, is being the REAL untouchables, the real deplorables. Not only do they kill you like lice, but your death never even crosses their minds. Anymore than the ant hills that existed where they’re paving a parking lot. Flyover people aren’t humans, doncha know? If they were human, they’d have been born in Westchester and Atlanta. So why didn’t they do that? It’s their own fault.

    …Just a comment on how “Americans” do this and “Americans” do that. “Americans” can’t even stop THEMSELVES from being murdered by the ten-thousands. And we’re supposed to rise up and stop this stuff worldwide? Sure. We’re a little busy right now “not dying”. It’s on my list though, ask me again tomorrow.

    Again: they have not killed as many Gazans and Palestinians as are killed EVERY YEAR, via only ONE death mechanism here. 10,000 vs 30,000.


    2019. MUCH worse now. “Between 2015 and 2017, life expectancy fell year on year in the U.S., the longest sustained decline since 1915-18. And deaths among middle-aged white non-Hispanic men and women rose sharply between 1999 and 2015. These premature deaths are largely attributable to accidental overdose, alcohol-related disease, and suicide.”

    Yeah, but “middle-aged white non-Hispanic American men” aren’t humans, so who cares?

    Dr. D
    Dr. D

    Huh. Since the economic crash in 2000. We’ve been in a non-stop Depression since then. Who knew? (A: Everyone) As inflation is miscounted, GDP has dropped maybe 3% almost every year for 23 years.



    But like I said, what deaths? Who cares? Every. Single. Person. In the world is more valuable than we are. Ask Congress, that’s why they send “anybody else” our money. Anybody. Gaza? Israel? S—t man, we fund both sides!!

    The Washington DC-based Administrative/Deep State has emerged as a separate entity unto itself, with its own culture, purpose, privileges and prerogatives. A key characteristic of this separate cultural phenomenon and mindset- often geographically referred to as the “inside the beltway” set is a focus on self-preservation and personal advancement, rather than on achieving a mission, producing a deliverable, or serving the needs of outside-the-beltway flyover state serfdom.”

    Serfdom. As in NeoFeudalism. It’s not a New World Order. It’s the same, boring OLD world order. From Europe via Davos and we’ve been fighting them for 250 years.

    Aspnaz: I was going to concede all yesterday, but again, the Jews are not Israel, and Israel are not the Jews. So 2 out of 3. I’ll see if I can elaborate on my intent in those arguments and not have to retract them as too simple and therefore failed.

    So if there’s no resistance in America, then like China, what’s keeping the government from just rolling us up as they clearly want to?

    Dr. D

    “rightwing Americans” aka rich American Jews”

    As much as none of those words have meanings, this is even sloppier thinking than usual. “Rightwing” in the U.S. is associated with the KKK and Stormfront, that is, the very definition of American Antisemitism. American Judaism is universally agreed to be University, Coastal, Left or Far-Left, that is, the #Opposite of “Right Wing”.

    Or I guess they are both “Right Wing” and “Left Wing”? They’re “All-Wing”? Like Elvis and Putin they are everywhere, in everything, under your bed and in your mom?

    If we haven’t said it before: say the word “Jew” and your brains fall out, you run around and circles and lose your mind. You’re a very smart guy with a lot of information. Stop being triggered and re-engage your cortex. Words have meanings. Therefore, any “thing” cannot be “All things” and also their Opposite thing.

    Let me start: SOME rich American Jews donated and arranged to put Trump in office. MOST rich American Jews paid many more billions to do the opposite. SOME Common American Jews are influencing the government. That government is out attacking and shutting down OTHER Jews in Brooklyn, arresting them at will and banning them from their DNC/Feminist conferences. Since therefore they are all against and disagreeing with each other, it would seem you could replace “Jews” with “Americans” or even “People in General.” If I’m on all sides, by definition I am not a cohesive “one” and cannot have a single agenda.

    At that point you have to make distinctions for subgroups to understand anything at all, which is what I’ve been saying for half a year now.

    Since they’re a special case that has a special hold, let me replace the above in the Covid era: SOME common American CHRISTIANS are influencing the government. That government is out attacking and shutting down other CHRISTIANS nationwide, even arresting them for sitting in cars at a Drive-in. While WalMart, the casino, and liquor stores are wide open. Therefore there is no unified body of “Christian” and we have to name distinctions. If Christians are attacking Christians for being Christian, are we a “Christian” country? Wtf knows, all logic has dissolved by then and our brains fell out. … No. That is not how logic is used if you want to get anywhere and understand anything.

    Who, Specifically?


    aspnaz. Are you a troll? Because if there is one thing I know after 3 years of psyops by intelligence agencies like 77th Battalion and the FBI is that they have chucked tonnes of money at controlling the flow of information. One of the newer mechanisms/techniques – after the many failures and beta tests during Covid, is messing with peoples emotions and triggers in the comments section. This serves a dual function (well deployed against Brand and Assange amongst many others) of pathologising the appearance of the media outlet or individual.

    So I guess I’m Sorry not sorry. Also seek corrections as I’m not satisfied with Dr D’s ‘don’t let them run your brain line’ – He’s too kind and I kinda don’t give a fuck, well I do but I smell something fishy here.

    This has been on my mind for a bit – in that looks like a Venn diagram of where civility, free speech and psychological warfare meet, and the mutational adaptation of networks to adapt to or mitigate the negative effects of exogenous disturbance. The crazy ego bullshit rants on TAE feels exogenous to me.
    These themes are hovering around Aspnaz, Celticbiker and possibly another…
    As far as I can tell the 5G warfare we went through in Covid was sloppy 2nd round stuff, disruption for us but game change for normies or those in the algo echo chamber.

    If a ‘mis-emo-information’ campaign is running around a subject (Jews are so evily-evil) then you can tell it is poor information – and at least childish because there is nothing coherent in the telling/ranting). Why the campaign? Because it sows discord?. AND PUTS PEOPLE OFF. Also lacks critical distinctions and nuance.
    What did TAE have during Covid that protected open information sharing? -Coherence and mutual respect for information and opinion sharing.

    Government/private NGO bot? Organised armies of paid trolls. You may not be a BOT but helping the information discovery you are NOT. Are you getting paid to make an emotional adjustment to the commentariat or readership? When people like Byram Bridle, or Mike Yeadon or Robert Malone achieved too much reach it has been revealed they had PERSONAL hits on their feeds. Not blobby untargeted shit. Hell Bridle had his website copied and rebranded as a bullshit artist. It is what stopped me sharing his info as I was shown Malone’s Wiki page and NYT’s list of crazies.

    My ability to share this news aggregate is being compromised by the increasing vilification of one religious group and the very rude and unkind shit-slinging made to give extra weight to the point or points (pro-tip – doesn’t work) that increasingly make no sense and have no data or conceptual framework strong enough to hang your dunce cap on.
    Basically I would like to share the news aggregate with my half brother – for example – because he has questions around what the fuck is going on with Israel AND Ukraine but there is no way I’m gunna send the link to him when the Jew bashing is on display. His Grandfather was in the Hitler youth to his family’s shame (Polish attempt at not dying). He is however a Pokorski and potentially JEWISH. who the hell knows anything anymore but dude – It sure as shit sounds like you know alot so maybe you can tell me if my brother grandfather was a Polish JEW who fought for the Nazi’s to like NOT DIE.

    Ah deep breaths. November is my birth month out of 100 serial killers the average month gets around 9. November gets 17 so there is that.
    Jokes. Joyce. (that’s for the Aussies)

    Dr D Rich

    As opposed to loudly ignored?
    Who’s doing the ignoring on Alastair’s mind?

    Or where CS Lewis’s “The Grear Divorce” meets CS Lewis’s “The Screwtape Letters”

    The Great Divorce between heaven and hell…
    It’s always epistemological or eschatological with these folks.
    Putting forth a personal reflection as if the material studied, the Bidens, the Bushes, the Netanyahus, the Sunaks et al are above arrest, trial, imprisonment and execution.
    You might say the author produces hagiography, grand ideas and grandiloquence in service of the thing he doesn’t quite denounce.
    Nobody should buy into his study of the “great men” when these pathetic creatures are obviously still enmeshed with their mothers. The irony being these falsities, these Masked men align themselves against mature, individuated, educated and experienced people every single time.
    Whereas the rest of us get isolated, arrested, deplatformed, fined, blacklisted, mobbed, fired, unemployed, disappeared, humiliated, censored, you know, the ordinary things.

    The cumulative negation of who you are takes its toll.
    A sanction becomes a death sentence when it fully eliminates the ability to find work, income, groceries.
    He knows how it works in real time. The Canary Mission inflicts violence on the reputations and life prospects of Palestine-supporting Harvard students. While Harvard does not anoint a bonafide monster, Jacinda Ardern, with a Harvard fellowship, but rather two (2).
    Come on!



    “The prototype built by NRMA and Linked includes two 75 kW chargers powered by a hybrid system of solar panels, battery banks, and a backup generator.
    This backup diesel-powered generator automatically switches on when the solar panels aren’t producing enough power and battery levels are low, typically after several overcast days.”

    Brilliant genius’ you’d think. So they came up with a system to power up the EV’s while in the outback. Is this some amazing new use of the already existing tech?

    It goes on to say:

    “Interesting to note are the results of a test by members of the Tesla Owner’s Club of Western Australia in 2018 using a diesel-powered EV charger developed by engineer Jon Edwards.

    The test showed that less fuel is used to power EVs than would be used in a comparable internal combustion engine vehicle, proving that off-grid EV charging can still be more environmentally friendly than driving non-electric cars, even when diesel is the only option for power.”

    The test was with ten, 10, EV owner/driver participants. The actual savings seem to be minuscule at best. So this game changing recharging system is what exactly? It is the same idea as my home system that I designed and put together to run my home some 17 years ago. 5Kw solar, 200 amp hour battery bank, and a 8kw backup generator. Congratulations you’ve re-invented the wheel, we’re fucking saved!
    Tesla owners club! no biases there I’ll bet. Virtue signalling is the only thing consistent among tesla owners that I’ve met so far.


    The Empire of LiesLiesLies has not done diddly squat in implementing a Two State solution as first layed out 76 years ago in United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine in 1947.

    I wonder why?

    That was the original idea after the Limey Colonialists from Old Blighty cut and ran with their tail between their legs.

    The dying UKtard Empire gracefully exiting the scene, like India the same year.

    How smooth chac-cha-cha did that move go?

    Pakistan was formed to correct that but forgot to include Bangladesh way over on the other side of the sub-continent.

    Like Gaza not being connected physically to the West Bank.

    Merely an inconvenient detail.

    The Devil really is in the details.

    Will the Middle East go up in smoke?

    Possibly but there is a lot going on under the surface to put a cork in it.

    Speaking of back room deals, Pakistan has openly said it will supply nuclear weapons to Turkey if it gets out of control, so, there that.

    The Turks have the biggest baddest military in NATO=NAZI (some call it ZATO)

    Pretty ironic if a NATO=NAZI member nukes Israel.

    Also if Iran gets nukes from Pakistan, they have incredibly accurate long range missiles to deliver them, Israel has to use planes, much,much less effective.



    The Ghost of Bernays rotting corpse still bring us sunshine




    Don’t worry, Big Mike & Trudy will open up a big can of Diplomatic Whoop-Ass, Collective West style and solve the Middle East Gordian Knot

    Some jokes just write themselves



    From the CoS:
    It was almost half-a-century ago. They called it “the rumble in the jungle.” The 32-year-old former champion Muhammad Ali was attempting to wrest the heavyweight title from the formidable champion George Foreman. The fight itself, hosted in Zaire, was surrounded in controversy – the prize money, for example passing through Libya. But it was the tactics employed by Ali which were to go down in boxing legend.

    Foreman was famous for his punching power, having won the world title after punching former champion Joe Frazier to the canvas six times before the fight was stopped, and later breaking the Jaw of contender Ken Norton, prior to accepting the fight with Ali. To avoid getting on the wrong end of one of those Foreman punches, Ali adopted a stance which was described as being like someone leaning out of a window to look up at the roof – leaning back over the ropes with his head out of range and his torso covered by his arms, Ali left Foreman punching air. And by the eighth round, Foreman had thrown so many missed punches that he was worn out, allowing Ali to quickly overwhelm the champion with a series of accurate punches of his own – knocking Foreman to the canvas and winning the title back.

    Foreman was to complain afterward that the ropes had been loosened. Maybe they had. But that shouldn’t detract from a fighting strategy which dates back for millennia – of allowing a stronger opponent to expend his energy before going on the offensive and winning the battle. The Allied battles in Egypt and Normandy, and the Soviet battles around Moscow and Stalingrad during the Second World War employed the rope-a-dope approach – letting the enemy forces exhaust themselves against prepared defences before unleashing devastating force to drive the enemy back. The North Koreans were obliged to do something similar after the US landings at Inchon in September 1950 – falling back to the Chinese border, they left the US forces with increasingly strained supply lines until, joined by massed Chinese forces, they were able to drive the US forces back to their start lines… where they have watched each other with suspicion ever since.

    The Korean War marked the beginning of another form of conflict on the economic front. Of course, strategists had understood the importance of economic warfare over centuries – in pre-industrial warfare, scorching the land to deprive invaders of food and shelter was a common tactic. And interdiction of trade followed immediately after the development of ocean traversing sailing ships. By the time industrial societies began to engage in “total war” – mobilising the entire imperial economy – the blockade and the submarine had emerged as the preferred weapons for disrupting imports. But 1950 saw the first of the western empire’s economic sanctions – forbidding trade with North Korea. And then, eight years later, sanctions were applied in the absence of war for the first time against Cuba.

    Sanctions have been applied ever since. But their impact has been mixed. Certainly, small states with undeveloped economies and few alternative trade partners have been forced to bend to western wishes – Nicaragua in the 1980s springs to mind. But sanctions against oil states such as Venezuela and Iran have proved far less effective. And on the other side of the equation – as Immanual Wallerstein pointed out – America’s moment in the sun came in the autumn of 1945, not 1991 as its neocon rulers like to believe. And as the US and its western vassals’ economic power has waned, so too has its ability to wage economic warfare.

    A big error – from a western standpoint – was no doubt bringing China into the global trade system in the idealistic belief that this would force China to liberalise. A secondary error was standing back from Russia in 1991, when it seemed that the country was on the verge of disintegration – the assumption being that western corporations would soon be exploiting all of that fossil fuel and mineral wealth. But the greatest mistake of all was to drive China and a recovering Russia into a de facto alliance which, over time, has emerged as the growing BRICS bloc which now attracts the 75 percent of world states which do not bend the knee to the western empire.

    One of the big successes of this non-western bloc has been to exempt themselves from the self-destructive “net zero” programs being pursued across the west… with the UK leading the charge. While the UK believes itself to be a pillar of virtue by sacrificing its economic base in order to lead the world toward the green nirvana, in reality the rest of the non-western world are laughing at us. China – the world’s second largest economy and its biggest emitter of greenhouse gases – for example, initially set a much longer timespan for reaching net zero emissions, before abandoning it entirely, on the spurious argument that since western states like the UK had been burning fossil fuels for longer (which isn’t strictly true – Han China used coal in metal smelting before the English) China – and developing states in general – should be allowed more time to develop their economies before cutting emissions. So when, you might ask, will cumulative Chinese carbon dioxide emissions overtake the cumulative British emissions since the dawn of the Industrial revolution… 2030? 2040? 2050? Actually, Chinese cumulative carbon emissions overtook those of the UK two decades ago:

    While environmental activists fall back on the moral justification that in per-capita terms, China’s emissions are still behind the UK, this is entirely irrelevant to the Earth’s atmosphere – it is the absolute concentration of greenhouse gases which matter. A more rational concern would be with the proportion of China’s emissions generated in the production of goods consumed in the UK and the other western states… but then, UK activists are unlikely to want to give up their mobile phones, flatscreen TVs and all the other Chinese-made goodies which make life a little more bearable. Nevertheless, in the gathering global economic slowdown, we may be obliged to forego a lot of the trappings of western lifestyles.

    Which brings us to the likely fallout from the west’s proxy war in Ukraine – which, you may remember, was supposed to have been won 18 months ago. Militarily – and following the optimistic motorised drive toward Kiev, designed to bring the Ukraine government to the negotiating table (despite the claims of western establishment media, the assault deployed far too few troops to possibly take a city the size of Kiev) – the Russians have been playing rope-a-dope, with the US and UK governments leading the race… all be it via the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. Despite hugely expensive Ukrainian “counter-offensives, the reality remains that the Russian armies have been parked along the southern Dnieper between the Black Sea and Zaporozhe and east to Donetsk, Bakhmut and Kramatorsk, while the west expends billions of dollars of western weapons and ammunition, and Ukraine expends its population and its future.

    Less obviously perhaps, it was the western empire’s almost casual engagement in economic warfare via the biggest sanctions package ever imposed – including seizing Russian central bank assets and disconnecting Russia from the international banking system. The aim was clear, while a Ukraine military, bristling with hi-tech western weaponry defeated what was believed to be a hollow conscripted Russian army on the battlefield, the weight of western economic might would crash the Russian economy – after which the people would rise up and overthrow Putin, and Russia’s oil and mineral wealth would once again be in the hands of the western corporations. It would all be over by the summer, we were told. It didn’t quite work out that way though. As Lee Jones, Professor of Political Economy and International Relations, writing for UnHerd cautioned:

    “The fundamental problem is that sanctions are based on a dubious understanding of human behaviour. They are a quintessentially liberal instrument, resting on the assumption that every man has his price: if I impose economic costs on you, you will revise the cost-benefit analysis of your course of action, and change your behaviour accordingly.

    “In the real world, however, many regimes and their supporters are willing to endure colossal economic costs to pursue their political and security goals. Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party regime preferred to see Iraq’s economy and society destroyed rather than relinquish power. Fidel Castro’s regime withstood a punishing US embargo for decades. Iran has suffered serious economic harm under Western sanctions without relinquishing its nuclear programme…

    “Classically, comprehensive embargoes seemed to be guided by a ‘naïve theory’ of sanctions, whereby economic suffering is expected to compel the population to rise up against their wicked leaders. But this rarely, if ever, happens. If anything, economic immiseration tends to fragment and weaken the population, who become absorbed by the struggle to subsist and more reliant on government help — as seen in Iraq.”

    There was no reason to suppose that sanctions – even if the Russians hadn’t been preparing for them ever since Victoria Nuland engineered the 2014 coup – would force Putin’s hand. Moreover, the wave of Russophobic western media reporting starting even before the invasion of Ukraine has had the opposite effect, causing most Russians to rally behind the Putin government, with the main opposition now coming from a Russian Communist Party which wants the Russian military to be far more aggressive and the Russian state even more authoritarian. The situation is, however, worse on two counts. First, Russia joined a club of previously sanctioned states like China and Iran, which have every reason to desire the economic enfeeblement of the west. Worse still, former US allies like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – whose oil now flows primarily to China – have also maintained trade with Russia and China, while being lukewarm at best in their dealings with the west. Second, and far more damaging in the longer-term, western sanctions have backfired. Instead of causing the Russian economy to fail, it is the European (including the UK) economies which are falling apart now that the cheap energy and resources which had underpinned them have gone away. Across Europe, heavy industry, including essential steelworks and metal smelters have been closing because of the unaffordable cost of energy. The same goes for Germany’s wind turbine factories, which have also closed because of high energy prices. Even Europe’s food supply is threatened as domestic hydroponic tomato, pepper, and cucumber farming – which is dependent upon cheap gas for heating, fertiliser, and carbon dioxide – has closed during winter to cut losses.

    That is the point of the comparison with that 1974 fight between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali. Just like Foreman, the western states – and the US neocons in particular – have overestimated their economic and military strength, treating both as if they were as (relatively) strong today as they had been at the 1945 high point. Indeed, Ukraine aside – where (barring a NATO-initiated nuclear exchange) the Russians are likely to eventually impose a peace (possibly with Poland regaining territory it ceded to Ukraine in 1945) – the main threat to the west at this point is economic. Simply because the west is less prepared – practically, politically, or psychologically – to cope with a now inevitable economic crash.

    Consider, for example, that whoever wins the US election next November, half of the US population will refuse to accept the result. The UK is more nuanced, because most voters will be opting for what they consider to be the lesser evil, while a larger than normal proportion will simply stay at home. In both cases, this would be difficult enough in the relative – albeit anaemic – economic calm of the pre-lockdown years. But with the economy, public services, and government credibility fast sliding around the U-bend, it is a recipe for turmoil that BRICS strongmen like Xi, Putin, and Modi are unlikely to face… and like Ali following the Foreman fight, they might also have another few years after the west hits the canvas before economic time and old age catches up with them too.


    Dr D Rich


    Are you talking ‘Dr D is TAE”s host”s” alter ego kind of psyop, because I’ll buy that!

    Plus, are you really gonna limit your educated guess to aspnaz and Celticbiker and “quietly” leave out the others!?

    Btw, this notion the system can train “the gift” of bullshit detection into a soldier, sailor, airman or godforbida marine IS undermined by the following. A few of those Army guys that designed or ran that shitshow in part called the Phoenix program, namely Holloway and Fagan, didn’t possess the “gift”. Of course, they both recruited the gifted or at least tried to lure them into the Army’s world from other services.
    Obviously, such a program leaves Soldier mental healthcare a far lesser concern.

    Plus it’s easy isn’t it….to destroy a mind, detach someone from reality entirely.
    Mittens, earmuffs and blinders will detach their mind within a few hours, but most of the Army folk are drawn to it for the sadism. That’s a bug and a feature.

    Then there’s Mitchell/Jessen associates, SERE and seal/buds hellweek.

    All those programs select for and make liberal use of psych testing/screening for psychopathy and malignant narcissism. Over-reliance on the latter leads to disasters when what they’re looking for, the gifted, hasn’t yet been quantified or qualified by psych testing. Plus, guys like Fagan and Holloway don’t like being “seen” clearly by the gifted or is it the unsettling image reflected in the mirror


    oxymoron if i am “possibly another” i ask your forgiveness.

    When i was five my father was the chief deputy sheriff of a county that emcompassed a large southern metropolitan area. On a particular evening our family was loaded into our Plymouth Suburban station wagon and driven to witness a cultural event. Due to his postion we were able to park in a moderately close position to the extravaganza.

    I have no matrilineal claim to anything and i am caucasian yet this cultural event was directly related to a part of my identity. The KKK sponsored this event and it was staged just down the expressway service road from my families place of worship.
    I grew up in a region of the world that Righteously hated Jews, Niggers and Catholics. My father made damn sure i learned this lesson about the social construct i was immersed in. Politics being what it is and hatred being what it is there are two things i never told anyone as a child. I never told anyone my last name and i never told anyone i was Roman Catholic. I have understood that compared to my sisters and brothers with dark skin judicious use of language afforded me a shield from hated. I did not have to say “I’m Catholic” and that omission gave me the safety of just another little white boy. My black sisters and brothers have no such luxury.
    There are two things i know for sure. First i know being hated for belonging to a certain class of individuals. I also know being hated for not hating another class of human beings.
    Watching a cross burn down the street from your church brings a certain clarity of mind. In that state of clarity i know there is no “Righteous Hatred” or “Cultural Superiority”.

    as i said regulary as a child and from a now cemented realization, “forgive me for i have sinned”.


    A critical part of The Empire of Lies continuous 24/7/365 psy-op is ritual humiliation.

    At every level, in every aspect of every day life.

    Bathe the Sheeple in a marinade of humiliation.

    Dump on their minds and emotions, piss on their shoes and tell them it’s rain.

    Eventually they’ll buy it, lock, stock and barrel.

    Look around, what do you see in the public square, which is now digital AI



    If the gender roles in this little clickbait piece were reversed, it would be a long jail sentence for a male teacher.

    Not so here




    Might is right.
    Right and Wrong

    Humanity …. worldwide calls ….
    Stop the genocide
    Cease fire

    It makes no sense to risk defeat for the sake of revenge.
    Hate continues to pour out

    You are wrong. I’m right.

    TAE has its SNOBS who think they are better than everyone else and they will not be swayed by anything.

    Genocide – Scorching the land to deprive the Gazians of food and shelter.



    sisters and brothers who follow the Gospels and my sisters and brothers who follow the Holy Words of the Qur’an
    do you love to the degree you will not have to hear the words “I never knew you”?

    my Hope is for Mercy


    “Investigation disproves Israel claim of Hamas tunnel under Gaza hospital

    “The hatch Israel claimed was a Hamas tunnel is only a water reservoir for the hospital.

    “Sanad, Al Jazeera’s digital investigation agency, has disproved the latest claim by Israeli authorities that there is a tunnel for Hamas fighters under the Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Hospital for Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Hospital, commonly known as the Qatari Hospital.

    “Israeli authorities have often claimed that there are command bunkers and main tunnels running under Gaza hospitals as a justification for targeting health facilities, which are protected in war by international law. […]”


    Here’s my prediction for Israel:

    1.) In the fairly near future, Israel gets hit by a LOT of missiles at the very least. Possibly loses a ground war.


    2.) Israel becomes the new South Africa and gets broken down gradually over years, following the same kind of path, possibly on an accelerated timeline.

    Possibly both.

    Either way, they’ve destroyed themselves. There may very well be an Israel, but there will be no State of Israel in the sense that there currently is. Not rooting for it, just seems likely to me.

    Since all they had to do was be somewhat less awful to continue as-is indefinitely, I suspect they were encouraged and given guarantees of support in various ways. Suckered into it, but as far as their current leadership goes, willingly and shortsightedly. All would take without any election interference would be for the hardline people to win an election sometime and then be made an offer.

    Figmund Sreud

    Risk expert Chuck Watson discusses recent news regarding the nuclear developments between Russia and the United States. I believe it’s worthy of landing your ear ( … about 56 min.)


    Hear here Oxy – I am in agreement with your assessment.

    A Jewish Joke: “I received a letter addressed to ‘the Occupier’, so I sent it to Israel” – Alexei Sayle


    A different point of view/reporting
    Palestinian Resistance Stands Firm Against Israeli Invasion as Aerial Assaults Bring Devastation
    5 hours ago November 8, 2023


    I am seeing a fair amount of pro Israel comments on the intertubes – but they are all conspicuously hamfisted. And overly aggressive. And irrational in their presentation.

    There are some arguments you could make, competent ones, for Israel in some respects, so this is a little strange. The majority of “pro israel” comments are kind of damaging if anything.

    Whatever the MSM networks are saying, the Israeli ground-game absolutely stinks right now. At least 2 generations of younger westerners will remember the Establishment position vs everything else they saw during this time period. Israel might perceive themselves as getting gains right now, but they have just lost the next half century.

    I’ve looked around trying to figure out how the actual ground combat is going. I’ve seen some comments claiming the hamas tunnels under hospitals are actually their water cisterns. Some vague comments claiming that Israeli infantry isn’t engaging and Hamas is popping up with RPG’s to whittle away at their vehicles. Nothing I could call a coherent or even convincing picture developing. Israeli forces are fighting inside Gaza City? If so, that would suggest their infantry forces have dominancy. I’d think an urban rubble and tunnel ridden environment wouldn’t be a good one for ground assault, though.

    D Benton Smith

    Is there an historic or linguistic connection between the word Ashkenaz and the name Ashpenaz?

    Say what?! What an off the wall totally irrelevant question.

    Oh no it’s not. Bear with me a moment, this won’t take long.

    The name Ashkenaz is a Hebrew name that appears in the Bible as a descendant of Noah, and it is also used to refer to historic Germany. The name Ashpenaz also appears in the Bible as the name of the chief of Nebuchadnezzar’s eunuchs who was responsible for the education of Daniel and his friends (of Lion’s Den fame). Some scholars have suggested that the name Ashkenaz may have been derived from the name Ashpenaz.

    Side Note: In most ancient empires, Eunuchs formed the “Deep State” of the empires they administrated and basically ran, and had more REAL (in practice) power by far than the ostensible Monarch and Royalty . . . who were merely the pampered and protected (and often incompetent) wastrels and window dressing who the Eunuchs kept pumped up with grandiose fake news and flattery, just like today.

    Incidentally, yet pertinent to my point, Nebuchadnezzar II was king of the new Babylonian Empire in 605 BC. He was already a “renowned” [see how that works?] warrior-king during his father’s reign and In 605 BC, he inflicted a crushing defeat on an Egyptian army ensuring that the Neo-Babylonian Empire would become the dominant power in the ancient Near East. In the 580s BC, Nebuchadnezzar engaged in a successful string of military actions in the Levant against the vassal states in rebellion there, likely with the ultimate intent of curbing Egyptian influence in the region.

    So does this mean that the notorious “Ashkenazim” are the educational product of the chief educator of one of their allegedly worst enemies, and that they thought so highly of the guy that they not only adopted his friggin’ NAME, but assigned that same name to the place where they landed (Ashkenaz also became the Hebrew word for ancient Germany) when the Romans kicked them out, first from Judea, and later from Rome itself? Well, I’m saying that’s exactly what I mean, and they are STILL writing (and REwriting) the history and the laws regarding those and other important events that might otherwise make them look very bad indeed.

    My personal take on the above data (which were compiled from sources that bore me to tears) is that it is obvious that the recent history of Earth (say the last 14 millennia or so) is essentially an enormous civil war (let’s call it the Human War of Sovereignty), sloshing back and forth across the so-called cradle of civilization, Mesopotamia, the Levant and Egypt, (the so-called Fertile Crescent) of which the fast approaching WW3 is merely the most recent . . . and nothing new (except for the possibility that the upcoming bout might extinctualize humans if too many nukes get lobbed. Very dicey.)

    There have been other, earlier, big events in this back-and-forth which stand out, such as the prehistoric (and as yet unnamed) rise and fall the empire revealed at Gobekli Tepi, the rise and fall of dynastic Egypt culminating in the of Bronze Age collapse and subsequent/consequent rise of Judaism by the Abrahamic contingent which re-emigrated out from Ur, but kept its Mesopotamian (and Babylonian) roots and connection. There’s mounting (overwhelming) evidence of earlier stuff (including whatever wiped out the megalith builders in South America) but that’s an untold story for another day.

    Always (and perhaps forever) within this gigantic reciprocating engine of war there have been two factions vying for sovereignty in their relationship with each other. These factions can be roughly divided into those who favor individual autonomy and those who prefer centralized control (with themselves in charge, of course). The situation is fraught with irony because while both broad strategies have their own advantages and disadvantages, both also contain the seeds of their own destruction.

    One faction (see if you can guess which one) tends to write things down a lot because they have a lot of details to keep straight. Laws and information distribution are absolutely essential to ruling the world, so if you want to rule the world be damned sure that you’re the one who gets to write the Histories AND the Laws, and that the other side doesn’t. Side note: people who write lots of laws are not doing it to help you win arguments with them.

    Any of this sound familiar yet? Maybe we need some more examples.

    Example: the virtual anarchy of the innumerable sovereign tribes of indigenous North Americans (so-called “Indians”) didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell against the organized armies of Europeans who swept across the Western hemisphere like prairie fire. And the so-called “Democracies” of the West lasted about as long as a severe head-cold because, hey, people don’t like to be bossed around by insulated pathologically stupid psychopaths and so those nations collapsed and re-arranged into newer and MUCH less organized forms. This collapse is currently “a work in progress”, completion pending, so no one really knows what the new forms will look like. They will be quite messy because due to deliberately bad (and/or nonexistent) education during the authoritarian phase of “America” most of the population lost the knowledge and skills of how to be successfully sovereign and not get their asses kicked by organized authoritarians. It is NOT easy.

    One side (the sovereign individualists) typically espouse and long for “good” things such as truth, freedom, personal responsibility, and the attainment of spiritual enlightenment, seeking awareness of an ultimate reality much greater and finer than themselves. They tend to recognize (after much trial and error usually) that improvement FOR self begins with improvement OF self, starting with recognition that there are other selves out there who deserve the same rights that one’s own self does.

    The other side doesn’t give a fuck about others, except as trade goods and instrumentalities. Therefor they fixate on the advantages of gaining power over others (who they view as simpletons simply because they allow themselves to be ruled over), and on the benefit that power and control (derived from stolen or counterfeited money and other materialistic pursuits). The power and control enable them to take care of themselves at the expense of the simps. They can easily make it LOOK complicated because they are in control of the historical records (information) and law, but it’s not really all that complicated. Just buckets of lies mixed in with teaspoons full of truths, and stirred vigorously.

    These authoritarians find individualists to be a royal pain in the ass and incessantly try to suppress or eliminate any of them who even begin to stand in their way in pursuit of serving self first and others last (or never). They therefore trend irresistibly toward the dark side of most things, including all of the really nasty stuff like taking delight in the exercise of power, moral impunity leading to moral perversion and the unfettered absolute mastery over other life forms (especially of humans), inevitably culminating in killing people just for the fun of it, which these elite authoritarians seem to like very very much.

    The irony is that if free and voluntarily collaborative sovereign individuals organize well enough to resist the centralized power of an authoritarian state, they are in severe danger of BECOMING a centralized authoritarian state, and shall suffer the consequences thereof. And corrupted authoritarian states are literally captured by their existential NEED to continue in their corruption lest they be immediately executed by their victims, and are thus ENSLAVED by that need for corruption and crime and cannot do anything else.

    Lately, the main players (Crown/America, China and Russia) are those who have previously been on the geographic periphery of the global fight, but still all vying to control the middle. Conquest of the middle (put a map pin in Samarkand if you need a visual aid to get the idea, but in fact the “middle” tends to shift as the speed of transport and communication speeds up or slows down due to technological changes) if attained would give the winner mastery over them all. Hence the need for high-tech surveillance, digital money and control of the individuals who constitute the “herd” of slaves and soldiers which are so necessary to the acquisition and maintenance of centralized control.

    The other important aspect of all this is that the two broad sweeping factions have their own religions as well. One side strives toward truth and God. The other side leans towards lies and Hell. And the mugwump middle are the more or less confused herd milling around in between, who typically define themselves as “Agnostic”. And THAT may be the most appropriately descriptive label of all time.

    So, there ya go. World history (since the last cataclysm anyway) in a nutshell. Same old same old. Rinse and repeat, as the old saying goes.


    ‘Canadians are hurting and crying out that it needs to stop’: PM Trudeau on Israel-Hamas war
    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling out the “unacceptable” rise in hate surfacing in Canada amid the Israel-Hamas war, and calling for Canadians to remember “this is not who we are,” while pushing for a humanitarian pause long enough to get “back on track” towards a two-state solution.

    “We’re seeing right now a rise in antisemitism that is terrifying. Molotov cocktails thrown at synagogues, horrific threats of violence, targeting Jewish businesses, targeting Jewish daycares with hate. This needs to stop. This is something that is not acceptable in Canada, period,” Trudeau said on his way in to a Liberal caucus meeting.

    “And period, the rise of Islamophobia we’re seeing across this country and around the world, is also unacceptable. The expressions of hate against Muslims, against Palestinians, against anyone waving a Palestinian flag. This is unacceptable.
    This is not who we are as Canadians.”

    I remember Trudeau and His “Russia, Russia, Russia,” rant and sending money, tanks etc. to Ukraine.
    I remember Trudeau’s attack against the “Freedom Convoy” demonstration.
    That was unacceptable.


    If you read 100 articles a day, you’ll miss some things. Risk of the job. But I can’t find back one now that I would like to. Maybe you can help. It said that both Biden and Zelensky will soon be gone, and von der Leyen too. As a way to make talks with Russia possible. Lots of things about “secret” talks with Russia. But I would like that one article.


    Gray zone :


    Hello, this is Bing.
    I’m not sure what you mean by decapitation by an explosion, but I can tell you about the inverse square law and how it applies to explosions.

    The inverse square law is a scientific principle that states that the intensity of a physical quantity, such as light, sound, or radiation, is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that quantity 1. This means that as the distance from the source increases, the intensity decreases by a factor of the distance squared. For example, if the distance from the source is doubled, the intensity is reduced by a factor of four.

    The inverse square law applies to explosions because the energy of an explosion is radiated outward from a point source in three-dimensional space. As the explosion expands, the energy is spread over a larger and larger surface area of a sphere, which increases with the square of the radius. Therefore, the energy per unit area, or the intensity, decreases with the square of the distance from the source 2.

    The inverse square law can be used to estimate the effects of an explosion on a target at a certain distance from the source. The amount of energy that hits the target is proportional to the intensity of the explosion and the cross-sectional area of the target 3. The intensity of the explosion can be calculated by dividing the total energy of the explosion by the surface area of the sphere at the distance of the target. The cross-sectional area of the target is the area that faces the direction of the explosion.

    For example, suppose an explosion has a total energy of 10 megajoules and a target is 10 meters away from the source. The surface area of the sphere at 10 meters is 4π(10)^2, or about 1257 square meters. The intensity of the explosion at 10 meters is 10/1257, or about 0.008 megajoules per square meter. If the target has a cross-sectional area of 0.5 square meters, the amount of energy that hits the target is 0.008*0.5, or about 0.004 megajoules.

    The inverse square law can also be used to compare the effects of an explosion at different distances from the source. For example, if the distance from the source is halved, the intensity of the explosion is increased by a factor of four. This means that the target will receive four times more energy than before. Conversely, if the distance from the source is doubled, the intensity of the explosion is decreased by a factor of four. This means that the target will receive four times less energy than before.

    One of the possible effects of an explosion is decapitation, which means the separation of the head from the body. This can happen if the blast pressure is high enough to sever the neck or the spine, or if a sharp object propelled by the blast cuts through the neck. Decapitation is usually fatal, unless immediate medical attention is provided. However, the chances of surviving an explosion that can cause decapitation are very low 4.

    The number of decapitations that Hamas allegedly committed during an attack on an Israeli kibbutz, the answer is uncertain and controversial. Some Israeli media outlets and officials reported that at least 40 babies and children were beheaded by Hamas terrorists on October 10, 2023 23. However, other sources have disputed or questioned the veracity of these claims, citing a lack of evidence or independent verification 4 .


    @Dr D: I thank you, personally, Dr D, for your skepticism. You have had an effect on someone. Even the lone coyote howling at the moon is doubtless heard by the neighbors. If you care to dig the TAE archives, you can maybe grok why it’s a personal thanks.

    I’d be a Bubba, cranky (smoldering anger) Irishman, detached from that fair land by a few generations and a wee pond, and peppered with stoic Norwegian and skeptic Czech. The catholic bits were smothered in hippie syrup long ago.

    There is a desert in Canada.


    Ilargi – Alex and Alexander discuss an article in Time magazine as well as another from The Economist discussing Zaluzhny and elenski 5 days ago. I can recall reading something along similar lines posted around the same time. Hth

    https://rumble . com/v3thig1-ukraines-zaluzhny-admits-defeat-prepares-alibi.html

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Red – Brilliant genius’ you’d think. So they came up with a system to power up the EV’s while in the outback. Is this some amazing new use of the already existing tech?

    Here is a lengthy harangue by ‘Stralia’s Automotive Engineer on this:

    John Day

    A Lie Too Far

    ​Rashida Tlaib Censured By House For Saying Biden ‘Supports Genocide’ In Gaza​
    Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) was censured by the House Tuesday night after posting a video on X claiming that President Biden “support(s) the genocide of the Palestinian people.”

    ​ In his October 28 letter to Volker Türk, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mokhiber explained that he was stepping down in protest over the “genocide unfolding before our eyes” in Gaza.
    ​ “The current wholesale slaughter of the Palestinian people, rooted in an ethno-nationalist settler colonial ideology, in continuation of decades of their systematic persecution and purging […], coupled with explicit statements of intent by leaders in the Israeli government and military, leaves no room for doubt or debate,”

    Israeli aggression killed 13,500, including 4,200 children
    Government media in Gaza says the Israeli occupation’s massacres in Gaza have left at least 13,500 people either dead or missing under the rubble.–including-4-200-c

    Israel-Palestine war: ‘We will not be exiled’ – the final messages of Gaza’s victims
    Thousands have died in the besieged Palestinian territory and records of their final thoughts are captured online in videos and messages

    John Day

    NATO ally warns US about ‘tarnished reputation’ ​, Ankara has chastised Secretary of State Antony Blinken for Washington’s defense of Israel, Hurriyet has reported
    ​ The sit-down came amid heightened tensions between Türkiye and Israel, Washington’s key ally in the region, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently accusing the Jewish state of “war crimes” in Gaza and denouncing its ground assault as “an open, vicious massacre.”​…
    ​..Fidan and his delegation “clearly explained” to Blinken what was happening in Gaza, and that the US vow to stand by Israel while refusing to call for a ceasefire, was “putting everyone in trouble.”
    “You are also putting your own image in trouble because you are seen as the patron of the crimes committed by Israel,” the delegation reportedly said.​

    ‘Weeks’ left to destroy Hamas – former Israeli PM
    Western support for military action in Gaza will evaporate as public opinion turns against it, Ehud Barak told Politico

    ​ Russian officials have joined other countries in expressing concern over the remarks of an Israeli junior minister who appeared to express openness to the idea of Israel carrying out a nuclear strike on Gaza, saying that it raises a “huge number of questions”.
    ​ Moscow’s reaction came on Tuesday, days after Heritage Minister Amihai Eliyahu, said during a radio interview, that the nuclear option would be “one way” to deal with Gaza, implying that, not only is Israel in possession of nuclear weapons – something the country has never admitted – but that it is also willing to use them.​..
    ​..Maria Zakharova, Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman, said that the main issue was that Israel appeared to have admitted that it had nuclear weapons.
    “Question number one – it turns out that we are hearing official statements about the presence of nuclear weapons?” Zakharova was quoted as saying by state RIA news agency.
    If so, she said, then where are the International Atomic Energy Agency and international nuclear inspectors?
    ​ The Federation of American Scientists estimates Israel has about 90 nuclear warheads.

    ​ Robert Malone MD , PsyWar and Washington DC’s Bureaucracy
    ​ Lack of market force corrections combined with PsyWar propaganda yields unstoppable parasitic growth​
    Deep State beltway denizens have been able to achieve a propaganda capability which rivals the Atomic Bomb in its political implications.
    ​ These actors are now able to decouple their activities from objective truth. There can never be any accountability or consequences for mismanagement or misdeeds when they are able to effectively control all information and communication. Objective reality has become a theoretical post-modernist, surrealist construct, able to be contorted, moulded and enforced to comport with any synthetic version of reality which best supports Administrative State, SES and Deep State objectives. Corporate and social media lapdogs (rapidly becoming dominant via alliances with globalized investment funds), are bolstered and legitimized by coopted academia. Together they often act under the strong influence of Administrative State “intelligence” agencies and Deep State actors, and stand ever ready to create, control, propagate, and reinforce whatever narrative is needed.
    ​ Desire to achieve this sort of reality-bending groupthink or mass psychosis has been a common feature of bureaucracies, aristocracies, monarchies and oligarchies for as long as historical records have been kept. But what is different now is the power and penetration of modern digital algorithmic control mechanisms. We now witness creation of a lobotomized servant caste which enables an administrative bureaucracy nirvana of complete lack of accountability is now within reach. What could possibly go wrong?
    ​ I believe that a short answer is “paradigm shift”. This type of cognitive landscape, in which a synthetic reality is preserved and maintained despite increasing divergence from objective reality, is a setup for abrupt introduction of more adaptive alternatives. Examples of synthesized false realities include an unsustainable federal debt, a collapsing “safe and effective” COVID vaccine narrative, and the intrinsic contradictions of human activity-driven carbon dioxide levels representing a global existential crisis. Actively fabricated false realities create a situation where current governmental solutions drift further and further from optimal.

    ​ U.S. corporate media outlets have granted Israeli military commanders pre-publication review rights for “all materials and footage” recorded by their correspondents embedded with the Israel Defense Forces during the invasion of Gaza.

    Israel to ‘Vet’ US Corporate Media Embedded in Gaza

    John Day

    Israel demands evacuation from Al Rantisi children’s hospital as it readies strike

    Gaza official says Israel fires on anyone traveling through humanitarian corridor
    The spokesman for the Gaza Interior Ministry deemed Israel’s statements about the safe humanitarian corridor “a complete lie”

    ​ In Gaza, 18 hospitals forced to close their doors
    “Hospitals in northern Gaza are experiencing shortages of medicines, food, fuel,” the healthcare authority of the Palestinian exclave said​.

    88 UN Officials Killed In Gaza By Israel Says United Nations

    88 UN Officials Killed In Gaza By Israel Says United Nations

    Investigation disproves Israel claim of Hamas tunnel under Gaza hospital​ , The hatch Israel claimed was a Hamas tunnel is only a water reservoir for the hospital.

    John Day

    More than 2,800 people remain under rubble in Gaza

    An early plan leaked from the Israeli government suggests Canada as a possible final destination for those displaced by the Gaza war

    ​ Tom Luongo has a lot of analysis here, but I pick this out: The Evolving Battle Lines in the Middle East
    ​ Turkey’s Achilles’ heel has been its net foreign-currency debt position, which has been, at times, more than 34% of the country’s GDP. With the dollar in a new bull market the value of that debt keeps rising.
    ​ So, for Erdogan, the goal is to get Israel to come to the negotiating table offering Ankara as the site for which a grand peace can be brokered that puts a start date on a new Ottoman Empire.
    ​ How does he do that given that Netanyahu is unmoved by any offers from to back down on his plans to wipe out the Palestinians as he assumes full support is always coming from the US.
    ​ The way I think Erdogan can achieve this is not with tanks and infantry, frankly. He blows open the wound which lays at the heart of Turkey’s economy and is the backbone of the empire, the debt. So, similar to what I expect from Egypt, Erdogan will unilaterally cancel all Turkish US dollar- and euro-denominated debt, swapping it out for Turkish lira debt.
    ​ In essence, defaulting on the debt and paying back bondholders at pennies on the dollar.

    The Evolving Battle Lines in the Middle East

    Israel’s nuclear triad will reach Beirut, Tehran and Moscow if necessary​
    At first, these are ballistic missiles called Jericho-3. According to official data, their flight range is from 2000 to 4800 kilometers…
    ​..Secondly​: The Israeli Air Force has F-15I fighter-bombers, F-16I Sufa multirole light fighters, as well as F-35 Adir fifth-generation stealth fighters, which, when equipped with external fuel tanks, can carry out missions to deliver nuclear weapons over long distances…
    ​ ​..Thirdly: The Israeli Navy also has its own naval component of the “nuclear triad”. These are six Dolphin submarines, developed specifically for Tel Aviv in Germany based on the German Type-212 submarines. The submarines have a displacement of 1840 tons, a speed of 20 knots, a maximum diving depth of 350 meters, and an endurance of 50 days. It is believed that these Israeli submarines can be carriers of nuclear weapons due to the presence of 10 torpedo tubes, 6 of which are standard 533 mm caliber for conventional torpedoes, and the remaining 4 non-standard, 650 mm caliber.
    ​ These custom torpedo tubes can carry American Tomahawk cruise missiles with a range of up to 2500 kilometers and equipped with a nuclear warhead, or the Israeli-made Popeye Turbo SLCM cruise missiles, which can have a range of up to 1500 kilometers and can be equipped with a nuclear warhead.

    ​ US submarine Florida enters Persian Gulf to deter Iran
    ​ The submarine, although nuclear powered, doesn’t carry nuclear weapons, the report said. The Florida can carry as many as 154 Tomahawk missiles or as many as 66 Navy SEAL commandos.

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