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    If the “Great Die-Off” has started, then I await with interest to see who among the jabbed ruling classes does NOT die off.

    … although to make this a proper experiment we need better knowledge of what they have been inoculated with.

    Australia’s PM made a big point of being photographed while being jabbed. Marketing? Or leading by example? So far he seems quite healthy. On verra, as the French say.

    To much rejoicing, NSW has greatly eased restrictions, Sydney will become accessible to outsiders in a few weeks (but only to the double-jabbed), house arrest in Melbourne has at last almost ceased, Canberra won’t require masks in the great outdoors as of today, and so on.

    Based on what I’ve been reading thus far, the great resurgence lies just ahead. But so does summer.

    Veracious Poet

    Dr. D:

    Poet: Yeah, I remember the panic, like the “Satanic Panic” back when that anyone could be taken away for a few days and be “brainwashed”, “Telephon”, and their personality erased? To support the “Boys from Brazil”?

    Well, it wasn’t like that, the reality is in the details. Maybe put out there as a straw man to be to exaggerated and false? Yet the “Borne Identity” remains somewhere in “Blackburn” shifting from place to place in the $40Trillion untracked “missing” Pentagon budgets?

    I was never concerned about the success and/or failure of these “mind control” experiments, it was psychopathy of the masters/minions willing to violate the natural rights of the subjects “studied”.

    But perhaps unsurprisingly, much of White’s actions were driven by pure voyeurism: “I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun,” White later said. “Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape, and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?“

    I worked on the DoD/DoJ peripheral as an adjunct contractor/business person for 35+ years. I KNOW first hand the type of people that seek out .GOV positions. Blood lust thugs, rapists, power hungry megalomaniacs, order following cogs in the system et al., white/black racists, in far too many numbers to be a happenstance.

    Normal, unassuming innocents don’t last long among their ranks, most can’t even comprehend how disgusting & deep the rot goes…

    The new 1991 headquarters building in Langley generated a buzz when CON-gress couldn’t figure out where the money came from (weapons/drug sales?), as THEY didn’t budget it…

    Hearings commenced in 1993 & the matter was swept under-the-rug (as usual) ~ I guess the right (wrong) apparatchiks were bought off and/or compromised.

    Veterans of modern warfare should be strictly analyzed for psychotic tendencies. The horrors of war fighting psychopaths tends to produce some unhealthy individuals.

    These “heroes” should not enter .GOV positions of power & influence without screening by “healthy” minds. It is the dirty secret that is ignored except by those that can profit from it…

    Of course hindsight is 20-20, the corruption of .GOV institutions is too far gone to benefit from normal spiritual + psychiatric corrections.

    In mystic states we both become one with the Absolute and we become aware of our ONENESS. This is the everlasting and triumphant mystical tradition, hardly altered by differences of clime or creed. In Hinduism, in Neoplatonism, in Sufism, in Christian mysticism, in Whitmanism, we find the same recurring note, so that there is about mystical utterances an eternal unanimity ~ William James (Father of American psychology)


    “[…] Using this method, scientists can retool the vaccine easily when needed because all they have to do is switch out the old genetic “instructions” for a new set. (In January 2020, Moderna proved just how fast this can be: It designed its Covid-19 vaccine in one weekend!) The new instructions wouldn’t have to be all that different because delta’s spike protein is pretty similar to the ancestral coronavirus’s, despite some mutations. […]”
    Modern designed their vaccine in one weekend. Said like this was a good thing. You wanna take a vaccine, one made with experimental technology, that was cobbled together in one weekend?

    “Okay, that’s done.” Dusts hands off. “So what’re we going to do after supper?”

    I would tell you what I think about this, but it would involve LOTS of really bad words said repeatedly for many paragraphs.



    A Nazi cloaked in Lunatic logic –

    Remember – the vaxxed have a higher rate of infection.



    @Pete 47 regarding how to balance out copper and iron. In my next post I will include some options to get started. This is the foundation of the specific food recommendations that will follow.

    Some people are more toxic than others, and a big contributor is the person’s epigenetics (diets, drugs, supplements, attitude, stress level), especially on the maternal side. Momma provides ALL the epigenetics and ALL the mitochondrial DNA to both male and female children! Sure, cellular DNA is important, but it one’s epigenetics that will “open the file cabinet” and pull out the gene “files” that will be expressed. And torched mitochondria is the equivalent of the Death Star with a blown up generator — not much good, even if the “DNA” of the Death Star was perfect.

    IF one’s liver is up to the task (and not all are, so this is no “gimme”), then the basic approach that Morley Robbins is taking 1. STOP ingesting metallic iron filing fortified foods, 2. STOP ingesting copper blockers, copper chelators, and copper ceruloplasmin disintegrators, and 3. START ingesting more quality magnesium, more quality retinol, more quality copper, and get some sunlight on the eyes and skin regularly (break down the retinol into retinoic acid, retinoic acid being required to load copper into ceruloplasmin, its carrier protein. He also recommends avoiding magnesium and retinol depleters as well — like excess stress from any source, including a lack of sleep, magnesium chelators and magnesium blockers.

    The game is optimize ceruloplasmin-bound copper under the following constraints:

    1. Copper alone is a toxic metal in the human body that requires ceruloplasmin to make it biologically active as a molecule with its own enzymatic function, and as a safe transport mechanism to the 40 quadrullion mitochondria in the body, as well as safe transport to anywhere else it needs to go.

    2. ATP7B is the enzyme that loads copper into ceruloplasm. It requires magnesium and retinoic acid in order to function optimally, and perhaps at all.

    3. All the following need to be present in your liver to make ceruloplasmin-bound copper: 1. A capable liver, 2. Copper, 3. Magnesium, and 4. Retinoic acid. The name of the game is to optimize those nutrients while keeping the liver in a state where it can successfully process those nutrients. The more iron overloaded the gut and the liver, the more likely that one’s liver might not be up to the task without a “clean up” first. But, even if a liver clean up is in order, the goal is NOT to just clean the liver, it is get it clean so that it then can use the nutrients you feed it to optimize your ceruloplasmin-bound copper status.

    4. Anyone who has been anywhere near a SAD diet in their lives, or whose mothers or grandmothers were anywhere near it, almost certainly has iron overload conditions. Anyone with any kind of “itis” almost certainly has iron overload as well. It is pretty safe to believe one is iron overloaded in any countries where Big Brother Loves on its citizens by feeding them iron “fortified” filings on the daily. So, detoxing iron is a thing. This includes donating blood on the regular. I try to donate every 2-3 months, and I try to stay closer to 2 months. I take no medication and have no joint or other pain, but I’m pretty confident my bio-copper is still low and my iron is stuck to a significant degree. In my case, it is likely stuck in sequestering proteins and not “labile,” or free to do damage. I do have energy issues — not that I can’t expend energy, I can, but my motivation is in the tank and at the end of the day I do crash out with the quickness. Yes, chronic stress has been an issue, and I have a big hump to jump over to move on, but feel completely overwhelmed. I’m working hard create the biochemical “spark” to do just that. So I’ve been hit with toxic effects in my own way. We truly are all unique.

    5. The main copper antagonists are chronic stress (from any source), ascorbic acid (strips copper atoms from ceruloplasmin), HFCS (blocks copper absorption into body and into the cell), so-called vitamin D (depletes retinol and retinoic acid, which cripples ATP7B activity), GMO glyphosate (chelates copper below the pH of stomach acid) and iron overload (creates chronic oxidative stress).

    6. The main magnesium antagonists are calcium overload (supplements… calcium and magnesium compete for absorption in the same Cor-A pathway, calcium is the bully, even though magnesium is required in every step of calcium metabolism to ensure it goes to the bones and not the tissues!), so-called vitamin D supplements (turbocharges calcium to block even more magnesium), GMO glyphosate (chelates magnesium, fluoride (chelates magnesium), and chlorine (chelates magnesium).

    7. Neither copper nor magnesium have been added into the conventional soil in about 70 years. NPK fertilizer has no copper, has no magnesium, and Morley says it works to block the absorption of what is in the soil from going into the plant and into your body.

    8. Industrial agriculture from far places requires food to be picked before it ripens. I have heard that up to 80% of the mineral uptake occurs on ripening… and that is missed if the plants are picked early.

    I’m convinced I was bio-copper depleted early, and iron toxic, too. My cardio sucked as a youth. I loved playing basketball, but sucked full court. Half-court had me winded badly a lot. Mg-ATP production, the full energy molecule that fuels cells, required bio-copper to activate cytochrome c oxidase… if it isn’t there, well, less Mg-ATP is made, and more exhaust, which then needs to be managed. I had ulnar nerve damage as a youth that first appeared in little league, and then roared when I had a typing-centric job. I’m not sure the cause, but I do know of two possible contributors. Lysyl oxidase is bio-copper activated (ALL oxidase enzymes are!), and it creates myelin sheaths for nerves. Was mine compromised? Also, I’m a type B blood type, and I can live on dairy. And I did. It may be my bio-Mom did, too, but I was adopted, so I don’t know. Anyway, maybe calcium overload played a role where calcium deposits along the nerve path created friction points. I was about 50 before I learned about the importance of magnesium. I probably went decades where dairy was about half of everything I ate. Once bio-Mom is key, too. Mom downloads the bio-copper while Baby is in the womb, but the retinol to activate that copper comes from breast feeding. Adopted children don’t get the retinol downloiad, and this means there is potentially toxic copper combined with low levels of bio-copper. In addition, I think it is a fair assumption that a Mom that adopts is probably under significantly more stress than a Mom who doesn’t, on average, and stress depletes even more magnesium and bio-copper. There is a reason why the Natives Westin A. Price encountered prized bio-copper rich organ meats and gave the muscle meats to the dogs. There is a reason you ancestors also at organ meats as well. I suspect those tribes who rejected them eventually withered away a long time ago.

    To paraphrase Morley and the Rothschild character: “Stop blindly believing the pathological money-seeking narratives, and learn to discern and trust Mother Nature.”

    I would argue NOTHING you pass down to your children is more important than this, except maybe agape love instructions, but they actually run together. The SAD diet is set up to use iron to trigger the INFLAMMAZONE, and people so triggered may be so damaged that they become incapable of agape love at all, regardless of what they are taught.

    “Be wise as a serpent.”


    Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Friday the U.S. “may need to update” its definition for what it means to have full vaccination against COVID.

    The big picture: The CDC and the FDA have officially approved boosters with every authorized vaccine in the U.S. for people who meet specific requirements. Walensky explained that since not everyone is eligible for a booster, the definition has not been changed “yet.”


    @Dr. D and VP — A Terrible Mistake is an excellent book, and some of it covers the immoral exploits of White. I think the author planned to do a book on White at one point. Wormwood is a Netflix special covering some material in the book, but the book is still well worth the read.

    Consider this angle — The mind control experiments designed to break down free will wielded key information. In short, it wielded what the body will do in reaction to extreme stresses designed to completely break ones spirit.

    Now, consider for a moment that they did the OBVIOUS… they learned what nutrients where depleted, they learned what nutrients were overloaded, they learned what food/water toxins aided in their effort, and then they made that the RDA for the standard American diet. Duh! For example, calcium overloades relative to magnesium under intense stress and nutrient imbalance, and such people tend to create a psychological wall called a “calcium shell” by some in the nutrient balancing industry.

    Do you think it is an accident that magnesium, which is at worst the co-equal king of nutrients in the human body, is not even included on nutrition labels, and calcium is promoted to he ends of the earth? If they can replicate the denutrified and dysregulated state of the MK-Ultea population in the WHOLE POPULATION, then will the masses also become much easier to “program”?

    There is a Dr. Alsoph H. Corwin mentioned in A Terrible Mistake because he wrote a letter to the Chemical Core Technical Command proposing that they consider “the potentialities of enzymes as toxicological warfare agents.” The reference is on page 92 of my paperback version of the book.

    Systematically depleting magnesuim and bio-copper from the human body, all while overloading it with metallic iron filings, is an operation that fits that description to a “T.”


    The PR push for the “vaccines” here in California is really frenzied now.
    also, the coercively named “myturn”

    No, thank you (and I will say it politely, again and again.).

    Veracious Poet

    Tri V:

    Consider this angle — The mind control experiments designed to break down free will wielded key information. In short, it wielded what the body will do in reaction to extreme stresses designed to completely break ones spirit.

    An inability to perceive systemic threats, and/or the misidentification of threats in general, makes you part of the problem (granted there actually is one) ~ An unknowing accomplice.

    America + humanity at large is facing an existential threat ~ Will WE rally to stop it?!?



    Regarding the California ‘Vaccinate 58’ [counties] program, the slogan is “Let’s Get To Immunity!”- but the god!*&% “vaccines”
    do not provide immunity. The casual dissembling is so obvious, and offensive to anyone willing to think..


    The dashboard info is too old to be helpful chart an exit strategy from the pandemic.


    SeroTracker is a dashboard with data from SARS-CoV-2 serosurveillance projects from around the world. A Canada-only dashboard is also available. Many countries have invested in serosurveys to understand the true extent of the pandemic, identify groups at risk, monitor vaccine-induced immunity, and chart an exit strategy from the pandemic.


    @ susmarie
    The study was from Jul 2020 to May 2021
    May just be that they stopped offering antibody info b/c study was over?
    I didn’t look closely enough at the CDC site to see what the dates were on their data, and if it had been updated since May 2021.
    It may just be that nobody is tracking these antibodies systematically anymore. Which is stupid, is inept…is what we’ve come to expect.


    From the very good ‘Jen Psaki Hates You’:

    “..Who can forget the treacly grin with which Psaki invited us to “stay tuned” for Biden’s forthcoming vaccine decree? She delights in her role, which is to act out the revenge fantasies of all who felt wounded in 2016 by the mere suggestion that their virtue is less than immaculate. We have to reckon with the fact that Psaki, loathsome though she may be, is doing her job exactly as intended. Her affronts are outrageous only to the people who already hate her: from her target audience they elicit shouts of “YAS Kween” and “drag him!” She is not slipping up when she insults your intelligence and riles up your countrymen against you, when she lies unblinkingly out in the open and defies you to do anything about it. That is her job, and she is good at it. She is >>doing exactly what she was put there<< to do..”

    Jen Psaki Hates You

    So our friendly ruling class use the “Democrat” Party to instigate Civil War from a hundred different angles.



    deleted- double post.


    Another one
    First covid-19, then variant, and now coming around to keep the money flowing
    Mutated Strain Of Delta Variant Causing Panic In UK Has Been Found In US


    An inability to perceive systemic threats, and/or the misidentification of threats in general, makes you part of the problem (granted there actually is one) ~ An unknowing accomplice.

    Hence the need to deceive people for so long. We are so broke back now that it is pretty much impossible to muster any real opposition as a whole. There will be pockets of resistance. Try to stay close to those.


    And natural immunity does create immunity, but they reject it.

    Yes, the double-speak is incredible. Thou doth protest too much.

    This isn’t about immunity, but it may be about this…

    “I would advise those so inclined to listen that their bloodlines are, today, in great danger of mass extinction! Mass number of bloodlines, that is to say.”
    ~Herr Rothschild

    “Understand that nature is symbiotic in nature in all respects. Benevolence does not, and cannot exist in nature! It is impossible.
    Look at any appearance of benevolence as a trick! Look for the hidden hand…it is always there! So many examples….so little time!
    Laughing out loud!
    It is only the child who does not see this!”
    !Herr Rothschild


    America + humanity at large is facing an existential threat ~ Will WE rally to stop it?!?

    Who even knows that it is? The fraudulent debt-based money system and those perpetual families who run it… WHO highlights this as THE problem? I do all the time, and I can count on one or two hands the number of people who got energized and excited about learning THE TRUTH. They prefer the BEAUTIFUL LIES!
    The fraudulent toxic food system, and the families who financed it?
    The fraudulent toxic symptom based medical system, and the families who financed it?
    The fraudulent appeal to authority schooling system, and the families who financed it?
    The fraudulent false dichotomy political system, and the families who financed it?
    The fraudulent media complex, and the families who financed it?

    WHO is highlighting these are SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS waged against humanity… including one’s own children? I’ve been waging this battle for well over a decade, even on this forum years ago, and the uptake is near ZERO! Why? Why do the victims of these systems of oppression cower when exposed to their REALITY?


    I have to admit — I actually understand the base level logic of evil people doing evil things. It makes sense that a bloodline narcissistic family would fear everyone else and want them destroyed. At a base level.

    What I find even more perverse is their victims defending the very systems that oppress them, and their children! I would’ve never guess it, BUT THERE IT IS!

    It ought to take about a month for this knowledge to be common knowledge ACROSS THE ENTIRE GLOBE.




    @Pete 47 — Had post eaten, will post it on 10/23 and see if it sticks there…

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