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    Banksy Girl with a balloon 2002/2017   • ‘More Dangerous Than Cuban Missile Crisis’ – Larry Johnson (Sp.) • West Using Religious Hatred To Destab
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    That Lowkey interview stopped my breath. I cannot quite believe the MSM is actually beginning to have losses in Narrative control.
    It bothers me. Covid was total. No counter narrative ANYWHERE.
    What is happening? Are they keen on war and multiple angles. Are we far enough dug in that between dominant narrative holders (New Normals) that no matter how much truth telling or actual info (from both sides – I’m not anti Israeli or anti-vaccinated here – hell my dear wife is Vaccinated) gets out there that warring factions are the only outcome?
    Is there just too much momentum with dissident voices in media, real life, the military etc…?
    Great read Raul and I didn’t get a laugh from my missus about the bird meme. 🙁

    I got in trouble.


    Who’s cuter in the fox video- the fox or the fisherman?

    Dr. D

    “UK Government To Revoke Visas For Hamas Supporters

    AFTER letting everybody in for 20 years? And Israel supporters okay? So…where did this come from?

    “Rep. Bowman Issued Criminal Summons For Pulling Fire Alarm

    Somebody was charged! Be still my heart. If people who are billion-stealing, psychopathic mass-murderers can be brought in court for a fire alarm, how long before they face other charges? (…At this rate, about 100,000 years)

    Queen Rania:

    Alexander pointed out that you got a full, if qualified condemnation of Hamas from everyone. Russia, Iran, everyone. Not that they don’t know the situation, but that as she says, killing families in their houses is not the way to move your message. So Iran supported it by condemning it? Yeah, that’s our reality now. Not so the other side, I guess. The equivalent would be Yes, Israel are extreme and yes maybe we can’t stop them. But we can say it is wrong to generically shell whole neighborhoods, right? And we don’t see that. There’s always some deranged child-raping lunatics for it (Lindsay Graham) but there’s also general silence. Didn’t happen. Even while it was happening. The kind of dissociative disorders of abused children.

    “These forces want “the epidemic of violence and hatred” to engulf not just the Middle East but to Eurasia, he warned. “Muslims are being set against Jews, calling for ‘war with the infidels’. Shiites are pitted against Sunnis, Orthodox Christians against Catholics.”

    Sounds like “Three World Wars” doesn’t it? I’ve been posting the epic hoax links, but just because somebody wrote it, many things are possible. Let’s take a pitch today and say, they also read it, way back when, and said, “That is a GREAT idea! That’s AWESOME. Let’s do that thing as soon as possible!” You know, like Flash Gordon’s rocket ships to the moon, like Star Trek phasers, like “1984”, or like the book of Revelations. Someone reads it and instead of being passive, they become ACTIVE to MAKE the Mahdi return. If I were them, I would do it, because it’s a good plan and it works. If not, well: all the humans you hate are dead, and you’re rich ‘cause you stole all their stuff and caused it. Disaster Capitalism. Misery spread widely.

    One does not preclude the other. As the Club of Rome set up, with brick following brick methodically like Greenpeace, environmentalism, while in point of fact we SHUT DOWN our nuclear reactors, the backbone grid of an electric planet, changed tax policy to FORCE consumption and growth, paving all topsoil, bankrupting all farms, and SHUT DOWN all the oil production, in 20 countries by giving trillions to Muslim Brotherhood and Arab Spring to make sure they didn’t have the tech to pump. Now we’ve SHUT DOWN every major producer, Russia and Iran, to MAKE SURE “Limits to Growth” is true, despite them signing 50-year contracts and perhaps 100 years of oil….that we won’t let you have. Then they blame “Limits of Growth”. See what I mean?

    “the destruction of Israel, the result being peace in the Middle East..”

    That’s a big ask even without Israel. Be real here. Turkey alone would invade everyone, (including Greece up to Serbia) and Syria and Saudi aren’t exactly close. Even close ones like Saudi and UAE would wrangle for the crown. This may be because we paid trillions to engender bad blood but it hardly matters. People in a generational war zone don’t just have peace break out. That’s what I said about importing more people from war zones than you can digest to Europe. Or Minnesota. Maybe I can foster one troubled teen, and should. But how about 50?

    LowKey isn’t wrong about this, but you just HAVE to get above this and to the next level or you lose: they are making us pick sides. They are dividing us, FOR AND ONLY so we don’t unite and stop THEM. I want the puppetmasters, not the puppets. Get the puppetmasters and it can stop for real. Play with the puppets and it’s the same old thing.

    “She called for the opening of safe corridors for humanitarian aid,”

    A war crime. Stopping the Red Cross, a war crime. Cutting off water, a war crime. Bombing civilians, a war crime.

    ““Due to his remarks we will refuse to issue visas to UN representatives.”

    So therefore preventing/removing all UN observers and aid workers from Gaza. A war crime.

    ““No one in Western Europe is talking about peace, Europe is suffering from a war psychosis.”

    So you’re saying they’re a mass-murdering death cult. Sounds better when you say it. But sounds more like we know what to DO about it when I say it.

    ““..Zelensky has recently urged his forces to take at least 500 meters of territory from Russian positions daily..”

    Okay, then they’ll be at the border in about 18 years. Meanwhile Russia ACTUALLY took the slag heap that lets them shell everything in Adiivka. Apparently Ukraine moved like 5 divisions in to stop it falling. …’Cause it don’t matter and is all under control n stuff.

    “Musk said he believed that “civilization itself may be at stake”and stressed that the US must work to prevent a global conflict.”

    Hahahaha! Sure. It would stop happening if the US merely stopped ADDING to the global conflict. Like “Three World Wars” it’s CAUSED, it’s a PLAN. We can stop and prove our Prince of Peace merely by putting the CIA money fire hose on pause for half an hour.

    “• US Senate Ready To Block $100 Billion Israel-Ukraine Aid – Politico (RT)

    Like this.

    And all we wanted was to be able to READ and VOTE on the bills separately. Btw, I think they just passed a “Hospitals can’t sue” bill, to guarantee no one ever pays the hospital/medical bills again. Cloward-Piven. The only way to universal health care, 1984, is to intentionally DESTROY the existing system and remove care for ANYONE. #Caring. #Helping.

    Gotta break some eggs, amirite!?

    Btw, SPENDING BILLS DON’T ORIGINATE IN THE PRESIDENT. Duh. They start in the House of Representatives. But that’s the law and we don’t do that.

    “Biden also wants $9.2 billion for humanitarian aid in Israel, Gaza, and Ukraine, as well as $7.4 billion to counter China’s influence.”

    How can you “counter influence” when the President is the one who took Millions FROM China? Is he going to anti-bribe himself? Maybe he’ll spend the money on paying for an investigation of Hunter and James? Arresting the FBI for failing to stop China from bribing?

    “NATO soldiers now fighting in Donbass is much higher than most people are aware, and if it is not currently 50%, it soon will be.”

    Russia says they hear nothing but Polish on the radio. Okay but if so, how do they hide it? Poland’s big but even so, losing 15,000 or 30,000 men is 10x what we lost in Vietnam in proportional terms. I think it’s happening, but I can’t figure how.

    “George Floyd Killed Himself (Paul Craig Roberts)

    And nobody cares of the Truth. That’s being a proud American. Fact-free, reality-free zone. Sea to shining sea. Yes, we knew. It wasn’t as obvious as some, but if you just read the documents and apply common sense to what must have happened, it was clear. Main point: he said he couldn’t breathe 15min before in the police car. Therefore not neck. It can’t have been murder because Chauvin called the medics and was waiting. You don’t call before you INTEND to kill someone. Third, and simplest: that’s what the coroner said. The End. As said, nobody cares.

    “after a four-year investigation.”

    It took four years to find nothing? And they wonder why we make fun of them for their exhausting 2-hour workday. I can find nothing for half the price and in half the time. Try me. I’ll do it merely for the free health care.

    “Grassley demands answers from both the FBI and the DOJ by November 17.”

    They’ll just say “I don’t feel like” providing evidence under subpoena. Then nothing will happen and their budget will double. While they railroad the President and arrest all lawyers. Must be nice.

    “Get Rid Of Slimy GirlS Club:” They are trying to divide you. Peak Watterson.

    What’s happening? Too many fires. They can’t control them all. But that was THEIR plan, right? War of all against all?

    Dr. D

    Never tried to post tiktok before, see if the raw link helps?
    https ://

    The bastards tag the PC to track who’s talking to whom. I suspect YT does too, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a villain.


    So far Biden’s effort to protect Hamas by preventing the IDF from invading Gaza is working quite well. Hamas taking lots of hostages was all pre-planned by Muslim Brotherhood supporter Obama/Biden.

    Israel’s PM, Yahoo, is being subjected to the Jimmy Carter “hostage” treatment scheme! “Will Hamas release another hostage today if we just wait another day?”

    Mr. Yahoo is is slowly but surely being “boiled like a frog” as weak and indecisive!

    Now over to the forgotten war in Ukraine. Read several interesting comments on MofA by an inbedded Russia reporter.

    First, Ukrainian conscripts are rotated into the frontlines by a special guide at night, in such a manner, so they have no idea where they are. This serves to ensure the disorientated Ukrainian conscripts have no idea of where they can flee to, when they come under fire from Russians. Thus they remain frozen in place until they all die.

    Second, the current death rate of “evacuated” wounded Ukrainian conscripts is normally between 50% and 70%. But in places where Russians are advancing, 100% of wounded Ukrainian conscripts die.

    Figmund Sreud

    Crooke this a.m. with Napolitano:




    Sorry to hear your first site for your wind turbines by the river didn’t pan out as you were hoping. Live and learn.

    Better to relocate the turbines now before winter sets in.

    At least you have a hill top to relocate to even if it is further away. Hopefully you get better results going forward.

    First it was blueberries by the river. Now it is Blueberry Hill?


    Definitions of words are changing.

    1. The enemy are called “TERRORISTS”

    2. When Amas drives back Israel attempts at a ground invasion of Gaza as,
    Israel calls it only “RAIDS”.

    3. War, expenses/supplies are now called “AID”
    (• US Senate Ready To Block $100 Billion Israel-Ukraine Aid – Politico (RT))

    4. Peace/cease fire/pause is called an “ADVANTAGE” to the enemy/TERRORISTS

    5. Foreign mercenaries are called “ADVISORS” not boots on the ground.

    (• Ukraine’s Manpower Problem (Russell Bentley))

    (• FBI Received ‘Criminal Info’ From Over 40 Confidential Sources on Bidens (JTN))



    Ability to select and conduct long-range precise strikes at things that are sending out radio signals. (WWIII tool)

    Maxwell Quest

    The goal of all those actions is to “increase instability in the world, to divide cultures, peoples, world religions, and to provoke a conflict of civilizations,” the Russian president added. “Meanwhile, they talk about some kind of ‘new world order’, whose essence hasn’t changed: hypocrisy, double standards, claims to exclusivity, to global dominance, to the preservation of an essentially neocolonial system.”

    Wow, no more pussy-footing around, yet statesman-like, without all the vitriol, hyperbole, and foaming at the mouth. Putin uses clear and concise language that every victim of US and European dominance can understand, handing them the master key to understanding their plight. Putin clearly states that, without double standards, the West wouldn’t have any standards at all. No wonder the West hates him so much, his leadership is a unifying force for all those who have had enough of the status quo.

    A shout out to Ilargi and all those here at TAE who have kept the ball rolling these past months. I had a particularly busy summer and was not able to contribute much if anything. I know that things look pretty dark right now with WWIII on the horizon, but the forces of light have also been gathering their troops, and their light has begun to penetrate into many places that have been hidden for a long time, enabling the world to see who is wearing the black hats and who is wearing white. Indeed, a Great Awakening is taking place.


    Dr. D – you may be interested in reading this one from Pierre Kory – George Floyd did not die of a Fentanyl overdose

    “Although the American public is lied to about nearly everything at this point, the cause of Floyd’s death is not one of them. I should know as I was the medical expert who testified in his civil case.”

    Worth a read, in my humble opinion.

    Figmund Sreud

    Israel: Justifying war crime with war crimes – Jimmy Dore’s take:


    John Day

    I also have to side with Pierre Kory MD, a pulmonary critical-care specialist, who was an expert witness for the prosecution, and explains the physiology well in his write-up. It is like an anaconda tightening to have 3 men on your chest, when you are face down on the sidewalk. Yes he had fentalyl, speed and COVID on-board, but there was a bystander shouting what was happening to the cops the whole time. They stayed on him when he was limp and not breathing.
    Fentalyl OD can make somebody stop breathing, after they go to sleep, but not during a struggle.
    Overdose is mostly relative to tolerance level. George Floyd had a high opioid tolerance.


    More Pierre Kory, here with Ivor Cummins, on what the numbers show.


    Roman Edwards, a British mercenary in Ukraine publicly acknowledged on X (formerly Twitter) that almost all Ukrainian fighters, that he is serving with, openly profess Nazi views: “I’m aware since I serve here. Literally everyone I serve with uses some sort of “N4zi” symbol: Swastika, SS lightning bolts, Totenkopf, etc. they even have a giant Swastika flag with blue and yellow… it’s not a big deal.”

    So Nazilensky, the Jewish Nazi, is leading’ the shit show known as ‘Project Ukraine’ for the Empire of Lies, and constantly needs more Mammon to survive day to day, aside from laundering most of the Mammon back to members of Congress.

    Did I understand that correctly?

    And the Media Whores and War Whores in the Empire of Lies onpenly support NAzis in Ukronaziland, but don’t like the obvious comparison to Israel, a nation so neurotic it doesn’t even see that it absorbed Nazi ideology into it’s core principles as a nation.


    This is mental illness writ large.

    This is the disintegration of the Collective West which reinforces the idea of Collective Guilt for collective crimes against humanity.

    A Pox on the house of Israel and it’s partner in crime, the Empire of Lies.

    Wrong side of History, wrong side of Humanity


    Russia doesn’t need to draft soldiers, patriotic Russians are volunteering in record numbers, unlike Ukronaziland.

    385,000 joined under military contract from Jan to Oct

    Meanwhile Ukronaziland has to send press-gang goon squads to hunt down new deadmeat for the Meatgrinder and 50% of their soldiers on the front are foreign mercenaries, Manwhores, who sell their bodies to war like prostitutes sell their bodies to paid sex.

    1,600 men per day volunteer to serve Russia.

    None do in Ukronaziland land except for 16 year old wanna be mini me Nazis.

    Quite the contrast in the willingness to defend ones country between the two lands.

    The Russians are mopping the floor with Ukronaziland

    Good, continue please.

    Seems to be the only place on Planet Earth the NeoConJobs are getting their heads handed to them on a live daily basis.

    Medvedev Gives Update On Russian Troop Enlistments and Formation of New Armies for 2024

    Putin interview with Chinese TV

    OMG, an actual ADULT in the room.

    The Best the West can field is Poop Pants Pedo Jo-Joe, the Ritual Humiliation Clown.


    If anyone likes long-form thinky podcasts – something to listen to while doing a project, chores, what have you – may I present to you The Distributionist. Lots of interesting thoughts on current events and trends.

    The Distributionist tells me what I want to hear. Stuff I might disagree with, things I hadn’t thought of or new ways of thinking about things, and sometimes better articulations of thoughts I was already having. He’s in somewhat the same headspace as Morgoth’s Review, but different.

    Dr D Rich

    Dr. Peter Kory:

    “In medical malpractice causation, the evidence standard for cause is that which is “more likely than not.”

    Peter already acknowledged this very reason when he put forth one of his credentials as the reason attorneys seek him out for his testimony. Peter gives them what they want to here. Can you imagine how easily credulous judges and exceedingly credulous attorneys can be bamboozled by the words “expert” and “credentials”?

    Then Peter says:

    “I found no evidence that Mr. Floyd’s respiratory drive (rate) was significantly suppressed, despite the fact he had opiates in his bloodstream, an agent known to suppress respiratory rate”

    At least the reader could recognize Peter is being contradictory without saying he’s disingenuous.
    Perhaps, what Peter could have said was this: The presence of opiates in a user or abuser is unhelpful in a life or death struggle because Peter doesn’t often prescribe opiates to ICU patients amidst a life or death struggle.
    Most importantly, neither Peter nor others understood Floyd’s opiate tolerance level and they could never produce expert evidence to describe Floyd’s altered physiological response to opiate tolerance in extremis because Peter should say no one wil pony up the money to study the situation
    (John Day don’t get me going on CHF and morphine)

    Dr D Rich

    Hear Here


    Pro tip: If you like listening to podcasts and music a lot and you want wireless headphones, but don’t want an RF source right up against your head for hours on end – one that happens to have a microphone controlled by an attached smartphone or computer, then do this:

    Purchase an FM transmitter. Purchase an FM headset or little fm radio. (Tiny radio + Koss Portapros will give you slightly better music listening on such a setup — and don’t skimp too much on the transmitter – the ones made for use in a car might not cut it)


    US sending 4 aircraft carriers and 80+ planeloads of weapons and soldiers to Israel.
    Time for Ukraine to admit defeat and sign for peace.
    Using frozen snowballs against Russia will not win the war.


    McGregor says Blinken sits on the Israeli Defense Council.

    Figmund Sreud

    “Should Israel enter Gaza (and Israel may decide it has no choice but to launch a ground operation, given the domestic political dynamics and public sentiment), it is likely that Hizbullah will incrementally be drawn further in, leaving the U.S. with the binary option of seeing Israel defeated, or launching a major war in which all the hotspots become fused ‘as one’.”

    Escalations Cannot Be Stopped – The White House Is Rattled; Escalations Might All Fuse Into ‘One’



    Who IS Mike Johnson ?

    Holy smokes, Mr Johnson is Right !

    The Arts and follow (find) your Love.

    You are never alone with ‘the Arts’ in your life. Your creative friend is always present to open the doors of perception with your mind- open the door as Rumi told us-

    The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep. People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open, Don’t go back to sleep.

    Going fishing alone ? No you are not. The Fox will come along and play…there are myriad creative life forms all around you- they understand the Art of Living without understanding anything. Try it.

    My mind told me I was going into the Mountains alone for multiple days to climb something. Nature taught me something else. Life all around me, above and below in all directions, curious life for the curious Adventurer. The electrical storms were alive, the thunder and lightning, the streams and river, wind, glaciers…trees and myst. Hello chipmonk, hello curious marten. Hello Owl, I hear you !

    Unknowingly I have embraced the Arts of Adventure in Life, Wild Nature in the Mountains and City Nature and Human Nature- the Healing arts, Martial arts, Climbing arts- the Art of Zen and Motorcycles.
    What art does not matter, connecting yourself through art does.

    Hairs on Fire, the Art of Dying and Fighting Monks.

    Why did the Shaolin Monks take up the fighting Arts? Why did Boddhidharma travel from India to the Mountains in China to sit in front of a rock, establish Zen, the Animal Frolics and encourage awareness?
    Ask Him !

    Often I rant and rave here about the state of the World and peoples minds- with my hair on fire.

    Why did this Monk set himself on fire, dying with extreme awareness so that others May-be-come aware? Because he did not care? No. Ask Him !


    @citizenx re: never alone in the mountains

    There is a rock slab adjacent the Mt Wilson Road that I will reach out and touch every time I pass by bicycle. Of the 8km of road and hundreds of thousands of boulders, that’s the one. It faces the road, and is roughly rectangular…’tis not so deep as a well, nor wide as a church door…split in quadrants by two clean cracks. At the join, occasionally (2-3 years?) grows a small succulent that produces a lovely pink lotus-shaped flower. That rock is holy!

    You use the adventure arts to create a capability within yourself. The capability is analogous to a painting, for instance. A painting can communicate and inspire, as well as tickle basal emotions via color, texture, etc. As a painter, the capability to change people’s thoughts. As a climber, the capability to solve n-dimensional mazes (spatial, temporal, technical).

    Running Talus – Doug Robinson. I had the Chouinard catalog in which this was first published. I was a young gearhead and didn’t really know the tech of climbing. I fully grokked the adventure part, though. And the moving, the ‘surfing’ in such environments.


    On that Jimmy Dore link:
    Talking to Brits about bombing of Dresden, Israeli ambassador should have been stopped right away, but didn’t, that what they do right now in Gaza rather resembles air raids and throwing U2 rockets onto London. No frozen brain interviewer is capable of confronting them with Warsaw ghetto uprising comparison as well.
    Occupier and occupied, “German-Nazi” and “Hamas” deck of cards reshuffled and intermingled with hope that nobody notices. Holes in the narrative dike are getting troublesome for the first time since the world is watching much closer now.
    Such BS spewed shows only the level of how the yarmulke topped brains despise the rest of the World.


    @maxwell Quest
    We really appreciated your comment and are pleased to note you’re back commenting.


    Who is Mike Johnson? Corporate Media is not reporting the news until it slaps them in the face.
    He is participant in all five fronts in the ongoing stealth WWIII:

    1) The splintering apart of the North American neo-colonies. Mike Johnson is now in charge of the House of Representatives’ drive to bury secular constitutional working government. Americans are on the own. Public health, public safety and public education are terminated. The USA has 33 trillion dollars in debt it will never pay off.

    2) The NATO Russian Ukraine War. If NATO is invaded or Ukraine retakes Crimea, tactical nuclear weapons will be used. Only an armistice and new Iron Curtain can end Russia’s military threat.

    3) The South China Sea turmoil, the Koreas, and economic sanctions on China are causing shortages and shipping upheaval.

    4) A Muslim genocide in Gaza will trigger a regional Holy War.

    5) The BRICS nations have killed globalism. This is a now multinational world. Europe and North America have to learn to live on a third of the world’s resources and labor plus share the wealth equally among its population. If not, an Apocalypse.


    I would assume, by now, most people in the Western world assume jews run their countries, using fiat and % as a way to manipulate, control and dominate. The TV pounds narratives into the sheep, and I have to deal with and listen to these assholes every day. Where are the men with integrity and honor? Whre are the motherfuckers willing to draw a line in the sand? They see us as cattle, acting like cattle will not save you.



    Writ Large

    Oregon Schools Eliminate Proficiency Requirements In Math & English For Students

    “Two years ago, we discussed how Oregon schools solved declining scores by eliminating their requirements that graduates actually attain levels of proficiency in basic subjects like math and English.

    However, the state just extended it five more years. It declared that such proficiency tests are unfair to students of color.

    So, rather than give these students the level of education needed to excel in the modern workplace, schools will now process them out with degrees and call it social progress…….”

    Generations of Tards!



    More Duh’merican Woketardism

    Joyride of the Damned



    @VietnamVet: I don’t disagree with any of your five assertions about what is going on, but… please show how he is a participant in them? On at least one of the assertions (concerning the Ukraine war), he is said to be against further funding; how is he thus a participant?

    Nor do I argue with your point that the Corporate/legacy media don’t report truth until all other options have been exhausted.


    Figmund Sreud said

    Israel: Justifying war crime with war crimes – Jimmy Dore’s take:

    Interesting link.

    Musk is obviously not providing internet to the Palestinians, no transparency there, I suspect that has something to do with Netanyahu’s visit to Musk some weeks ago.

    Israel is admitting its war crimes, using “he murdered Mr A, so I should be allowed to murder Mr B”, oh dear, that is what happens when the Jews capture the USA and simply know that they will never be made to pay.

    None of this makes any difference to the end result of this action. The USA Jews are cutting the throat of the USA and Israel is going to die. The PR is not going to work any more, even Putin is coming out against Israel, subtly, but he’s there, so Israel will not survive.

    At least one media outlet is doing its job …



    Look out Below!



    VietnamVet said

    2) The NATO Russian Ukraine War. If NATO is invaded or Ukraine retakes Crimea, tactical nuclear weapons will be used. Only an armistice and new Iron Curtain can end Russia’s military threat.

    Look at Russian history, even the history of the Ukraine war; why would Russia initiate the use of tactical nuclear weapons? Why would you believe that? NATO may use them to actually take Crimea, but Russia is very unlikely to use them unless they are being attacked with nuclear weapons. Russia has the moral high ground and has a lot more allies (government and people) across the globe than do the western countries. Remember Vietnam and how you lost? Your own people turned against the crimes you were committing against your fellow humans. Now the people of the world are turning against the crimes committed by the USA, again, but this time those crimes are in service to Israel.

    All they have to do is wait for the likes of Israel and the USA to destroy themselves and they will fill the power void. Israel and the USA will be seen as the previous system, like the British were the previous system; all they retain of their past is their inclination to revert to the use of crime to conquer; they will not be permitted to do that, they will be seen in their true light.

    But all this takes time, the USA has been the center of liquidity for a long time, other countries will draw away that liquidity as investments become available elsewhere, but it all takes time. Regardless, it is inevitable.


    Bullshit blustering and stomping about
    Acting insane to gain some odd advantage:
    “Don’t press our buttons we’ll press them, too
    And you’ll hold the bag on the havoc and damage.”

    The sad thing is finding the wackos abide
    Not on the enemy’s, but on our side.


    More pro tip. When you search for FM transmitter, search for “church FM transmitter”. The units offered make the little car transmitters look pitiful. They are very powerful. Apparently “church” makes the FCC look the other way. If you want your own tv station. Look for HDMI modulator. Also magic words.

    D Benton Smith

    To make sense of WHAT Netanyahu is doing and saying, and WHY he is doing and saying it, it helps to understand WHO he’s saying it to and doing it for.

    In other words, who’s his target audience, and what’s the message he’s sending to them?

    Well, as for “who”, he is talking to his political base, the ones who put and keep Zionist Israel in power, and who did so on the basis of iron clad guaranteed assurances that, regardless of their crimes against Palestinians and the world, that Zionist Israel would keep them SAFE from justice and retribution for their crimes regardless how heinous. He’s telling them that the government of Israel has their back NO MATTER WHAT, even if it means total genocide of the rightful inheritors of the land. That was the promise, and Bibi is telling his base that the promise still holds (along with the POWER that he, and collaborating “Israelis” derive from it) even if it means killing EVERYONE else.

    So he’s right about one thing. He’s right to be scared shitless of the consequences in store for him (and them) when the reality of his actual ability catches up with him.

    Veracious Poet


    And nobody cares of the Truth. That’s being a proud American. Fact-free, reality-free zone. Sea to shining sea.

    I find it mildly amusing when people complain about Americans in this day and age, where the precept is entirely out-of-fashion 🙄

    All that is left is illusion/delusion…

    Subjects of the UniParty GlobalCap Empire are merely constituents of It’s A Small World, with no difference from most the remainder of “humanity”, save for receiving a cut of the Uncle Sam’s vig…

    The real reality ended decades ago when hyphenated Americans became the majority, throwing off the “shackles” of Spiritual Sanity for a depraved Walk On The Wild Side 😐

    So, let us not speak ill of the *dead*, it’s really *not* The Sons of Liberty’s fault that the injudicious huddled masses chose poorly, time-after-time, empowering evil incarnate to run the country 🙄

    Enjoy the show, while you can (are you having a laugh?)…

    The theatre is is fully ablaze.

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