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    V. Arnold

    Oh mercy, give me a break!
    I drink coffee and I like it BLACK…


    Whelp…here they go again, per usual, same formula.

    Talking head reporters, dressed up in their war interviewing colors khaki/olive drab, with the “retired” General who now works for Military contractors – both journalist and ex-military now corporate mic fuckhead are profiting from U$A War.

    Jesus Christ- Brig Gen Tata ? Can’t make this shit up.

    They are both disingeuous scum liars- talking about protecting American interests and assets. They completely ignore that the US Scum illegally invaded Iraq AND Syria as combatants- which they illegally occupy – literally stealing Syrian oil and subjugating both Iraquis and Syrians as colonial slaves.

    The ‘good’ news? This is not George Bush world or Obama world- the world has woken up to the US scum Regime- This US Regime is about to get the shit kicked out of it- and as they say- “get its shit pushed in”-

    The bad news? We are on the precipice of WW 3- Actually I assert WW3 has already begun.

    Had some clear breakthrough realizations this eve re the State of America- its Regime and it’s citizens-
    Disturbing and hard, but I think they hold true. Makes sense as to why and how. Doing lots of writing and researching- WE are in deep trouble, unless the masses recognize what’s up- highly doubtful but anythings possible.

    Free thinker – free man. But the chains are tightening all around all of us- Break Free.

    Dr D Rich

    DISTINGUISHED SERVICE for a distinguished service medal in The Army’s estimation and judgment. I mean if we’re expecting ppl to be perfect nothing ever gets done or Dr D’s axiom. Tata also graduated from the same Dwight D. Eisenhower school.
    All that and THEY still gave him a star and a big medal.
    I say at least he wasn’t labeled Hannibal Lecter and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

    Tata did not contest the finding of adultery, and Army leaders did not penalize him over the finding.[19] The OIG investigation also concluded Tata’s ex-wife’s other allegations were “not substantiated.”[19] OIG’s conclusion rejecting the allegation of failure to pay child support was based on a supposed 2001 Georgia court order submitted as evidence by Tata and his lawyer.[19] It was later determined, however, that the document was fraudulent, with the signatures of the Georgia judge and counsel having been forged. Tata and his lawyer acknowledged that the court order they had produced to OIG was “not genuine” and later produced the genuine order, which was substantively different.[19] OIG never determined who created the false document and forged the signatures. Tata and his counsel said they did not create the document.[19]

    Upon his retirement in June 2009, Tata received the Distinguished Service Medal.[19]


    Bullshit blustering and stomping about
    Acting insane to gain some odd advantage:
    “Don’t press our buttons or we’ll press them, too
    And you’ll hold the bag on the havoc and damage.”

    The sad thing is finding the wackos abide
    Not on the enemy’s, but on our side.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)
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