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    John Day

    DBS wins: “Lifetime Care, Fast!”

    Figmund Sreud

    Breaking News!
    It’s almost QE Time! … just wait for an official news very soon, …


    D Benton Smith

    North Korea has every reason to place less than zero trust in the West. In the last serious encounter between Western forces and North Korea the West carpet bombed the entire country without the slightest regard for noncombatant deaths or attempting to limit bombs to military targets.

    The West has done nothing in the intervening decades to suggest a change of heart ( change of heartlessness?).

    North Korea is given the choice between colonial slavery or violent death, and has opted to risk death by putting up a fight. Good on them!

    Mr. House

    Why is this gent in the news again all of a sudden? First on the virus and now on the war in ukraine. Last time anybody paid any attention to him was 2008………………


    I’m waiting for my payoff, as leader of the land.
    My only job is grifting; I have to grease the hands
    Of people who control me and want their chunk of change.
    I wish that I could disappear quite safely out of range.

    A lousy place to be in; this rotten place to dwell-
    It feels like I’m just fifty steps from the crimson gates of hell.
    The rock is just behind me; a hard place greets my face:
    I wish that I could disappear and barely leave a trace.

    “Leadership Blues”

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Mr. House – Why is this gent in the news again all of a sudden?

    It has a lot to do with this:

    … and probably his guilt as a paricipant.

    And it is not only Russia, but Poland and few other former Warsaw Pact countries.

    I have no time at this particular moment, … but I probably will tell you bit later what he did – his advisement did – in my birth city, Szczecin, Poland, … that is, economically speaking.



    The evidence for who punctured the pipelines is lying all around the damage on the seabed. A simple dredge and settling tank would recover most of the components of the devices used. Simple forensics would probably provide a definitive answer.


    UC Berkeley – mandatory boosters for students:

    Hahaha – and folks think you have to be smart to go to UC Berkeley.
    Dumb as rocks I say!


    They are so smart that they think they will win playing “russian roulette”

    Farmer McGregor

    @Bishko “A simple dredge and settling tank would recover most of the components of the devices used.”

    But you can be quite sure that if the Russians moved in the equipment to do this it would be labeled as and act of aggression and a violation of sovereign territories…

    Michael Reid

    “Our” plan, (whoever “We” is,) was obviously, clearly, and eternally
    to use RUSSIA’s gas,
    by conquering them and selling it back to Europe.

    There are no other pipelines, there are no other alternatives.

    However, Europe couldn’t conquer Russia and got off the leash.

    They couldn’t get the U.S. to fully engage them when they still could, like back in the 90’s when Cheney wanted to nuke them.

    They tried to pre-prep with alt-energy, then by load-shedding their own people.

    Both were idiotic crayon-munching fantasies.

    They (London/Davos) rigged both the 2016 and 2020 elections (Steele + $/Social media/internet voting).

    They now demand the U.S. fight all Russia on their behalf, and the Pentagon won’t, even with Biden and Blinken telling them to.

    Then they ran out of time.

    I suspect Davos and China is the “we” with the plan that has not gone so well but
    is the plan not going so well?

    I think of the Georgia guide stones. The objective was clearly written right there.

    The mRNA injected culling will be completed in a few years, certainly by 2030.
    The mRNA injected will not reproduce.

    Even the Russians are mRNA injected.

    Go figure

    The titans in this world want to have their way


    The modern world originated in muddy streams in South America:


    AFKTT, hot damn, thanks for posting ‘The Electric Eel’, fascinating.


    John Day
    “Thanks for further context, Redneck.
    It’s war. “Plans don’t survive the first engagement with the enemy”, etc.
    Plans certainly don’t last when they are built on hubris bad intel and bluff.
    My cynicism is mostly directed at Escobar, Lira , Ritter and co. Turns out they don’t know any more truth about the situation than you or I . They just talk their book and cash the cheques.

    Michael Reid

    The Top 3 Outcomes As the Elites Try To Reset the International Monetary System

    The Top 3 Outcomes As the Elites Try To Reset the International Monetary System


    Capt. Jimmie Adamsson, a spokesman for the Swedish navy, told The Associated Press that a submarine rescue ship had been sent to the site of the leaks off Sweden and was supporting the Swedish coast guard, which is in charge of the work.

    It was unclear when anyone or anything would be able to go down to the pipelines, either divers or a submarine.

    The coast guard said one of its vessels, Amfritrite, was at the site to monitor nearby sea traffic. It added that bad weather is expected, which will complicate the situation.

    Over the weekend, authorities in Denmark said the Nord Stream 1 and 2 natural gas pipelines had stopped leaking.

    However, the Swedish coast guard said one of its planes had reported that the smaller leak over Nord Stream 2 “has instead increased somewhat again,” was about 30 meters (100 feet) in diameter and it may take ”some time“ before it stops.

    The coast guard offered no explanation as to why the leak had increased. The other one, over Nord Stream 1, has stopped, it said.

    Danish authorities were monitoring the two gas leaks east of the Danish Baltic Sea island of Bornholm – above Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 – with the frigate Absalon, the environmental ship Gunnar Thorson, and a military helicopter.

    Sweden’s prosecuting authority and the Swedish Security Services are heading an investigation, while Copenhagen police were in charge of an inquiry in Denmark.

    A joint international investigation team from Denmark, Germany and Sweden, among others, was also being set up.

    The U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting Friday on the pipelines attacks and Norwegian researchers published a map projecting that a huge plume of methane from the damaged pipelines will travel over large swaths of the Nordic region.

    Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen on Monday noted that ”unfortunately, both a present and a future are emerging, which are more gloomy than we are used to. Authoritarian forces are gaining ground, and the international community is in turmoil.”

    “We got a frightening taste of it last week with the leaks on Nord Stream 1 and 2. It was surprising and worrying,” she said.

    Frederiksen spoke as she presented an 86-page analysis on Denmark’s foreign and security policy situation up to 2035.


    Why is the EU doing this? What business is it of government to force electronics companies to use certain power interfaces? No wonder the EU believes it can tell you to get a vaccination, it it can also tell you which USB charger to use. This is totally ridiculous, the sooner the EU goes the better.

    Michael Reid

    The Coming Food Crisis… These Historical Events Show You What To Expect

    The Coming Food Crisis… These Historical Events Show You What To Expect


    Ukrainian forces made substantial gains around #Lyman and in the northern #Kherson region over the last 24 hours.

    Ex-Russian separatist commander Igor Girkin (Strelkov) says Russian forces now abandoning the entire northeast end of the Kherson frontline to avoid encirclement following Ukrainian breakthrough.

    “We aren’t just moving back. We are retreating, I can’t even find a word for it. This is an escape… There is nowhere to run. Antonovsky bridge is completely destroyed.”

    Russian brigades have no rotations across Kherson region. Their troops have been fighting for 7 months. Morale is 0

    Russian units defeated on these fronts were previously considered among Putin’s top conventional fighting forces.

    Solovyov continues to lament.


    Talking of regulation, you may be surprised to hear that I am in favour of many regulations. In Taipei we had my father in law’s kitchen renovated, putting in a new kitchen and transitioning him from gas to induction cooker. The local firm that made the kitchen did a very good job, building very nice cabinets out of sandwich block board. The worksurface was also an excellent job, provided by a factory just down the road from us.

    The one issue that brings us to regulation were the electical modifications. The new cooker – a two ringed induction cooker – is a 220v max 3000W cooker. Being a DIY man since the age of about 6 – and having a mechanical engineering first degree – I knew that we needed a 220v line with twin 20A breakers to the new cooker: Taiwan electrical supply is the same as the USA. We got a local electrician to do the work. He added the two breakers to the consumer unit which was built into a concrete wall. He attached three THHN wires to the breakers (hot, hot, ground) but Instead of taking them out of a port in the side of the CU which would have involved cutting a channel in the concrete, he brought them out the door and up to the hanging ceiling – the CU door could not close, the wires were not in conduit (THHN wire should always be in conduit) etc. They then travelled above the hanging ceiling to be split using twisted connections – no junction box, no wire nuts, no conduit, just twisted wires covered in tape – with one branch going to the extractor (also a 220v extractor) and another to the cooker. To get the wires to the extractor, he fed them through the hole in the ceiling that houses the extractor chimney – no protection, just against the metal chimney. He attached the front piece of a China socket to the wire (no back box, not attached to the wall) and plugged in the extractor, leaving the unsealed socked hanging from the ceiling. For the cooker wires, he took them outside – yes, out onto the balcony – and down the wall then back in the wall (using the gas input hole) to the cooker. I had insisted on a cooker cutoff switch so he fitted a cooker cut off switch on the outside wall on the balcony, it is not a waterproof switch, it is actually a hacked twin pole CU breaker, but he covered it in a not-waterproof plastic box, covered in silicon and put some insulating tape near the switch toggle to prevent water getting in – we have typhoons here. There were many other horrific issues, such as bare wires being exposed in the draws under the cooker where the metal pans are kept etc.

    The list of failings continues, not least of which is that he used a 30A breaker instead of 20A, but then I looked through the consumer unit and discovered that 20A was the lowest rated breaker, no 5A, no 10A, lots of breakers, most were 20A: the master switch breakers were 30A. I considered calling another electrician to fix this mess but was told by a few people that this is normal, any replacement electrician will not see a problem with this.

    Taiwan has lots of house fires, 25% are electrical fires (most common) and 13% are tabacco smoker fires (second largest cause). I know why they have so many electrical fires, because they do not enforce any electrical codes. For example, I have learned that although the power company will route a ground wire to your home, it is not unusual for that wire not to be used. In addition, the people who do the electrician work do not have to be trained as electricians, most are handymen. It is actually almost impossible to find a properly trained electrician for residential work, they are being used by the big companies that build factories and the like.

    This is a huge problem in Taiwan and it is getting worse. Yesterday I walked through a large shop, at least 1600 square meters of floor space. As we neared a side wall I heard this loud buzzing noise, as I went to investigate, I saw a cupboard door open, it was the door to the fuse box and one of the breakers was making the noise. Obviously the shop knew about it, which was why the door was open, but WTF.

    Regulation can be very good in some circumstances. It is nice to be able to visit a friend’s home knowing that you will not be electrocuted when you turn on the bathroom light. Of course, there is a balance to be had, which is why there are so many arguments about where that line should be, but when your country is experiencing a flood of electrical fires, it may be worth considering doing something about enforcing electrical standards. As for the EU enforcing USB-2 as a standard for mobile chargers, this helps nobody.


    Where to look to see “the food crisis”

    “In your backyard”
    Food banks
    Low rental housings
    Next door


    John Day

    @Aspnaz: Thanks for the Taiwanese electrical contractor perspective. It is clearly terribly dangerous practice. I started off in EE in college because I liked Hi-Fi, and later spent years designing and building high-voltage vacuum tube amps, pre-amps and a very nice phono-stage, all my own designs. I’ve recently been involved building this house, including involvement with all of the electrical wiring and routing. It is all exactly as is should be, or more so. Absolutely excellent grounding is pivotal to a good electrical installation. Grounds should be as close to the electrical loads as is feasible, and deep and stout.
    Sorry about your father-in-law’s place


    Michael Reid, you mentioned the Georgia Guidestones, with the plan’s objective “clearly written right there.”

    Personally, I live not far from the Guidestones and have been visiting them —religiously— for a decade until their destruction earlier this year. I have been there and talked about them with whoever else was there, and I met all kinds of folks from all kinds of walks. I get that many people were really hung up with the first of the guidelines and shut down reading the rest. But what about the other guidelines? Who is against protecting people with far laws and just courts? Why be against nations resolving their own issues internally —wouldn’t pursuing that value invalidate all of the practices the Lords of Chaos pursue throughout the globe, whether Ukraine or Syria or Chile? And, really, who is against petty laws and useless officials? That seems to me a very worthwhile sort of objective for anyone who still wants to have governments ruling them —certainly that’s the upshot I think aspnaz wants for me to take in his harrowing tale of a land of anarchist electricians. If the law enforcers were just, useful and considerate, you’d break a law just to be treated squarely.

    I watch as my native Georgia lands get flattened, bulldozed, and uprooted for copy-n-paste greyed-out angular-arched suburbs and massive Amazon distribution centers. Atlanta’s accelerated creeping is exactly a malignant cancerous growth using the interstate corridors like Spike travels down epithelia and interstitial spaces —”Be not a cancer upon the earth” comes to mind. More and more litter, not just tossed out by consumers of fast food junkies but also disseminated from malfunctioning garbage trucks, all along the gutters and rights-of-way, plastic bottles and discarded vapes in the creeks, cigarette butts at every intersection, kudzu tearing down all the trees and shrubs and utility poles the humans forget in the in-betweens, crevices, cracks among abandoned shops and homes and farms, and now the prolific Joro spiders with their amazingly strong golden webs laying waste to the last bits of arachnid and flying insect diversity left.

    Being always an outsider, I appreciated how the Stones encouraged unity through a “living new language” while showcasing that language’s appearance across eight others. “Snow is white” = “Schnee ist weiß,” da? I spent a decent amount of time in my life just sitting with the Stones, watched as more surveillance cameras and then the fences showed up, saw the cell tower spring up to their west, lamented the graffiti and stains and jokes. The red clay and pebbles and gravel, the horses still grazing and the questions remaining, all that’s left of what stood though misunderstood. I’m not a mason, and I’m certainly not free. But I get it. Like so much of Georgia, like what happened to the temples and stoneworks of the great Apalache nation in its north, it’s gone and destroyed and flattened. The book says in the end times, all the valleys will be raised and the mountains laid low: flattened. Like the growth curve for a virus or human populations: flattened.

    We are not moving into a higher dimension. We are moving into Flatland.

    Okay, maybe only some of us. The ups and downs are worth it, to me.

    John Day

    Thanks for the perspective, Polemos.


    In addition to reading Monkeywerx’s analysis, you can also watch his SITREP where he walks through his reasoning and provides more of the context. More color commentary and background and body language than one finds in the linked site, plus you can watch the P-8 flight with his commentary:

    Sorry if this has already been linked.

    V. Arnold

    Interesting; today I cannot get

    The messages I get says the problem is with the sites…


    Everyone has biases. Elon Musk’s peace proposal needs a DMZ added so a second round of ethnic warfare can be avoided. But whoever ordered the bombing of Nord Stream 1 & 2 wants war not peace and is willing for Europeans to suffer a dark, jobless, and frozen winter. Elon is US oligarch #1, a globalist, with manufacturing plants in California, Germany and China that will take hits if the war keeps escalating.

    The Navy P8 Poseidon scheme is one step beyond a 9/11 like terror attack. Besides the pilot, crew, wing commander and Admirals, to get it in the air requires a Presidential sign-off. The Pentagon has avoided triggering a nuclear war for eight years in Syria. They are not about to start now unless the COVID infected crazies, who have lost all inhibitions for one’s safety, are now in charge. One can only hope it was a rouge operation because if not that means a nuclear war is certain.

    Europeans and Radicalized Muslims are not culprits. The only hopeful scenario left is that it was instigated by whoever profits from cutting off Russian piped natural gas. Much like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and three other NGOs took over the world’s response to COVID (except for China) and profited hugely from the sale of mRNA vaccines and keeping for-profit hospitals open. If true, the rotating national security, intelligence, and state department denizens (the Blob) likely winked and nodded the operation to being with a private/public partnership of USA, UK, Poland and/or Ukraine special operators and military equipment suppliers. Getting the mines planted and effectively destroy three pipelines, undetected, needed some true incompetence by the German State and NATO members looking the other way while the submersible and divers did their job.


    @John Day thanks for the kind thoughts. I have seen the pictures of your build over the months, it looks like you have done a top job. Electrics are not my favourite discipline, I am happier fixing conrete leaks and the like, the sort of stuff that requires only a few minutes of thought then lots of work.

    Fixing Dad’s place up is giving me something new to do … as if I didn’t have enough projects on what is supposed to be a holiday. I cut a channel in the concrete from the consumer unit to the ceiling a few days ago, installed conduit in the channel. Fed the new 10AWg 3C cable through the ceiling this morning, plenty of PVC protection so no conduit required, just about to feed it into the consumer unit as soon as Dad finishes cooking his lunch and lets me turn off the power. Then finish the plastering and tomorrow the sanding and painting. Still not sure what to do at the kitchen end with the outdoor cooker switch, that can wait until after my windsurfing trip next week.

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