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    John Day

    Contempt for Press Freedoms: U S Officials Bar Tucker Carlson from Interviewing Putin

    Contempt for Press Freedoms: U S Officials Bar Tucker Carlson from Interviewing Putin

    RNC Threatens To Ban Ramaswamy, Christie From Next GOP Debate For ‘Unsanctioned Dialogue’
    GOP presidential hopefuls—Vivek Ramaswamy and Chris Christie—have been threatened with expulsion from future debates by the Republican National Committee (RNC) after the duo decided to hold a discussion on Fox News.

    ​Will the Biden regime accept blame for a long list of failures and exit stage left, or will current uniparty Bush/Clinton/Obama elites double-down to military takeover?
    US Funding for Ukraine Gov’t Reportedly to ‘Run Dry by November’–1113908455.html

    ​The current elites have been getting a lot of laundered kickbacks through Ukraine-funding, and they have “special-projects” there.
    Could the McCarthy saga be a bipartisan strategy to quietly end aid to Ukraine?
    Now that concerns about Kiev’s corruption have gone public, is Washington preparing an off-ramp to stop dumping cash into Zelensky’s lap?

    ​ I am reluctant to beat a horse, which models predict will soon be dead, but this has been a day of study for me, and I should spit out some synthesis.
    I went back in my blog posts to links featuring the work of Peter Turchin, as prompted by the review of the book, “There Will Be Blood”, and I discovered US government funding of this predictive modeling of societal breakdown going back to the Clinton administration, with funding continuing, and mathematical models now able to predict probabilities of certain societal outcomes of political and economic crisis, based upon demographics, discrepancies in income, economic and governmental stresses, and various interventions by local and outside elites, economic factors and military factors.
    This is the kind of model that Covert Operations Agencies (CIA, for instance) always crave, and cannot wait to try out. I presume that they have been trying it out on Venezuela, Iran, Libya, Iraq, Cuba and Ukraine, which appears to have been intensely scrutinized. They would have lots of data on the US, of course, and the UK. They seem to have been feeding stories about a new American Civil War into the media for at least 5 years now.
    A lot of what has happened during and after the COVID-Pandemic intervention looks like it could have been a test-of-model, including mass-interventions like isolation, masking and vaccination, as well as shunning and depersonalizing the non-compliant “unvaccinated” resistors.
    It looks like the interventions failed to achieve “critical mass”, and opposition to the interventions is building, much of it presumably kept personally, due to fear of reprisals and social shunning, as aptly described in the model.
    Loss of support for an Elite regime tends to be a rapid cascade, as I experienced as the 1968 Paradigm Shift that America was losing in Vietnam and that sons, grandsons and neighborhood boys were dying and being ruined for nothing.
    As I look at the recent years of “doubling down” on policies to extend their dominance by the elites of the fading global financial regime, supported by military and clandestine forces, I suspect that they have been taking undue risks with their interventions… The result is a cascade of failures, some of them visibly attributable to elite policies, such as the vaccine deaths and adverse events, in which they seem deeply invested. How can they let the cat out of the bag, but it is already more deaths than in Vietnam, and more disability, yet they are pushing the latest death-vax booster as you read this.
    My role, as I see it, is to help the cascade of open disapproval to flourish, to facilitate open discussion of these military interventions against American society, European society and the rest of the world.
    What I would hope to see is a more rational faction of elites (I’m realistic), such as Trump and Kennedy, who are willing to break from the failed corruption and covert tyranny to which we have been subjected, without resorting to warfare.
    I anticipate that the trend to de-dollarization will defund the US Federal Government, military-industrial-complex and alphabet soup agencies, and my Social Security check. The rest of the world will demand wheat, coal and airplanes, rather than US Treasury debt. How will the US default? Roosevelt defaulted on gold domestically by confiscating it and devaluing the $US. Nixon defaulted on gold in international settlement of $US trade imbalances (and effectively formalized the Petrodollar). The next default might need to be back to a Gold Standard, which might need to be at something like $10,000/Oz, or even more.
    In the near term we, as a society, need to face reality, need to avoid being weaponized against each other, and need to closely watch and openly discuss the corruption of the current ruling elites, and their financial overlords, the “owners”.


    Putin Gives New Details on Prigozhin’s Crash

    Putin On Prigozhin Death: Wagner Leaders Got Drunk, High, & Played With Grenades Aboard Plane

    Stop, yer killing me!

    Whether it’s true or not, a fabulous Troll!

    Got the Academy Awards Nomination for Funniest Death Inside a Private Jet.

    Too bad it wouldn’t happen to Gates or Kerry



    Pope really enjoys a good Clown Twerking

    How the Mighty Have Fallen


    Taking a break from the end of existence;
    Drenching myself in the grind.
    Pulling in small where I need no resistance-
    Trying to temper my mind.

    Just Some Randomer

    @mpsk – Very good!


    DBS said

    please tell me what the hell you were trying to say, other than the fact that you hate me (I got that part)

    I don’t hate you, why would I hate you, I don’t hate anybody on this site, my life is too short for that nonsense.

    How is that spirituality working out for you? You seem to be very bitter these days.

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