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    Pablo Picasso Femme nue couchée (Marie-Thérèse Walter) 1932   • NATO Ultimatum To Ukraine – Win By Winter Or Die (Helmer) • Putin ‘Already Lost’
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    Is the Big Z earning extra for F-16s or his coke habit?

    Dr. D

    Zelensky needs to be mopping up the barrels of blood NATO spills.

    Blocking Social Media. In the event of? I guess Paris is nowhere near enough. And that would tell you something, like here – we ran the beta on this – no problem with social media during riots of +12 cities, $1.5B in damage and 56 people killed, many through arson, but there IS an “emergency” in social media when there’s an election and truthful information is getting out. Then you shut down not only Social Media but the Nation’s oldest paper.

    You mean THAT kind of “emergency”, right?

    Agenda21. It sucks to have to pay attention to this stuff. It’s stupid, useless, and boring. But how can you go away if no one will arrest you?

    “• NATO Ultimatum To Ukraine – Win By Winter Or Die (Helmer)

    I read that backwards the first time. RUSSIA gives ultimatum to NATO – Win by winter or die.

    So you see why they’re on F16s seriously at last and 3,000 to Europe. America still no care. Probably not even aware. So they need something bigger to happen to get their attention, I guess. What’s the Ayn Rand plan, the only plan that works? Give them everything they ask for. They’re the smart guys! They don’t need any input from us little people! Okay, here’s your Javelins! Boy, those sure were a “Gamechanger”, “Walls are Closing In.” Now it’s clusterbombs, which like the mixed-equipment sent, actually HARM the Ukrainian chances. MacGregor’s note is if we send them, Russia will start using theirs, which is way, way, way, way, way better at hurting the Ukrainian human wave attacks than vice-versa.

    “• Putin ‘Already Lost’ War In Ukraine, Biden Says (Hill)

    These are the reasons I think Biden is already doing everything the White Hats tell him to. He leaves nothing out and is doing his part with child-like enthusiasm. Heartlessly breaking the Railroad strike then having a safety derailment that ALSO blows up the EPA as the largest environmental threat in the country? Classic!!! For the ages.

    …Unfortunately the Democrats read and think nothing. Empty head: no thoughts. Having 10 new drilling, pipelines, worker attack, pro-war, anti-prosperity, moves each day has no effect on them. Why should it? They’re in the Laptop Class, safe at home with the nation’s only remaining steady paychecks. NPR is on, and they never lie, right? RussiaRussiaRussia.

    But I gotta go, Juanita’s coming to clean the house. She was trafficked as a little girl and I gotta do my part by hiring her as an illegal at $10/hr.

    Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, they are so self-absorbed as a party, this approach is useless. Cut off their unearned Tesla winnings and they’ll suddenly snap out of it. When they can’t afford the new iPhone and have to downsize to an apartment that costs 2x mortgage.

    What is it? It’s a Recession when my neighbor loses his job, but a Depression when I lose mine? No group on earth has ever demonstrated this air-tight self-absorption and indifference bordering on raw hatred like today’s laptop class does. Clearly the Morningstar has done his job well. Imbuing narcissism “You’re special and gol-darn it people like you”.

    “In the midst of fighting, the Russian military isn’t going to investigate whether any specific jet is equipped to deliver nuclear weapons or not, he added.”

    They may be testing this, which is why they were specifically sending the old, useless, worn out ones. Then you hide a modern capable one among them and Oopsie! No Moscow. But that’s no problem: like the pipeline, reactor, and dam, Russia nuked themselves!

    “Putin: Ukraine in NATO Will Create Security Threat for Russia (Sp.)

    It cannot end until NATO is dead. Thank God. Thank God we have somebody who will hold our nations to account since we the People can’t right now. When NATO goes, the Euro Banks will be crushed. It’s impossible to imagine without a contagion to NY in 24 hours. But Fedcoin is up, a day later XRP is released from court after (illegally) sitting on the judgment for +two years. But I am a coincidence theorist and I do not find that suspicious at all.

    “NATO Summit Serves Up Cringe Nothing-Burger (Scott Ritter) “

    As he said, “The Plan” – probably created by Brzezinski in 1972 – was to have Ukraine break through with those just two Bradleys and six javelins with dead batteries. Then they could gloat, drink champers and call Russia to heel at the negotiating table this week. That’s why they’re really mad at Ze: he didn’t follow The Plan. The Plan was to win without doing, acting, or making anything, ‘cause: Bor-ing, amirite? Whaddya mean one tank doesn’t win the war? That’s not what “Call of Duty” acts like when I play it.

    They. Have lost. Their minds. They are all criminally insane. By definition of the words. Sad part was, Ze was LESS insane than they are, presuming they actually WOULD have enough remaining #Logos to know that you send, um, tanks, um, to a TANK BATTLE. Nope! They are Waaaaaaaay too Edgy and #AntiLogos for that! This is the “New, Service economy”, where you (China) get on the floor and service me. “We create our own reality now…”

    How’s it goin’ boys? Coming back to the #Logos yet? N. O. P. E. And by “boys” I mean the people of America, down in the coffee shops, looking for a new job with all the Gender Studies companies, R&D and manufacturing new genders each day.

    A BULLET factory? Ew. Make bad man go away. He attacked me on the ears with his word-things.

    “• NATO Can’t Exist Without An Enemy – Moscow (RT) “

    Sure, but why can’t NATO roll up and go away? Where/how does their power mean when no one wants asbestos anymore, they keep creating asbestos and shipping it to all the countries anyway? Don’t they say “No thank you: Or Else?” What am I saying? It’s a perfect proof of major blackmail and other major crimes. Which are illegal. So if you remove these top-level felons, solve two problems (or more!) at once.

    ”The [Wagner] Group exists, but it is judicially non-existent,”

    That’s more honest than AntiFa. Suggestion was to ask Director Wray if he thinks Antifa exists and if not, who he thinks burned down 12 cities. All random, unrelated vandals. Dressing Identically and carrying flags. At least here they admit there IS a Wagner. I imagine it’s like, “each sub-company has 100 men on contract, but when we talk about all these contract bundled together for a purpose (like excluding laundry and catering) we call them “Wagner”.”

    “This was to be in return, Hersh suggested, for Erdogan removing Ankara’s objection to Stockholm joining the US-led military bloc ahead of the NATO summit”

    Some money must have moved because he immediately double-crossed and tied it to EU membership.

    He did “get” F16s (I imagine they’re not delivered, and who knows when they will be as we have zero capacity). But the F16s are for who, exactly? Not Russia. They’re to attack and conquer Greece, another NATO state. I’m to making that up, he’s said so and has been on his campaign speeches.

    • US to Supply ‘Significant Military Equipment’ Soon – Greek PM (Sp.) To balance out the support for Turkey…

    As the Internet is NOT forever, and all truth spoken on it is purged by Google, there’s a Daily Show episode on this with Jon Stewart I’ve looked for for +6 hours, discussing how because we armed Iraq against Iran, but because we armed Iraq, we need to arm Israel, but the only offset to that is to arm Saudi Arabia, and then if we arm them we can’t not arm Egypt…and so on, all sold by us, that Fix-it-Up-Chappie who puts Stars Upon Thars.

    “Ukraine must implement reforms to fight corruption and strengthen its institutions if it wants to be eligible to join NATO,” said Ursula von der Leyen,

    Yes, but the only way to do that is arrest Ursula be Lyin’ and Joe Biden. Doesn’t seem very likely does it? And the only reason Ukraine exists as a corrupt entity is to launder money out of DC and Brussels. They’re the only ones stupid enough not to use NYC and the Channel Islands to hide their loot and therefore get blackmailed by the lowest country in the world, like being shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that your drug dealer would blackmail you. Ain’t we pals no more?

    “Those denials are not only directly contradicted by the recent 155-page opinion of a federal court and the Twitter Files,”

    It’s the Republican Party. They will never arrest anybody or do anything about it. Never ever. We got some “hearings” to run. “Yup! Every Federal crime in the roster what right here, every attack, every human rights, every government erasure of the people from 1A 10,000,000 times to 4A nationwide, to every J6 guy in jail with NO CHARGES after 2 years. Oubliette, torture in solitary, (short) life in prison, no trial by Democrats. But we will do nothing! It’s the Democrat’s fault we Republicans refuse to enforce the law, any where, at any time, in any Way.” Sure it is, pal. Sure. Wray lied to you? Great! Defund the FBI while you Impeach and remove him. Think of the lives you could save.

    This is why no one speaks up, all frozen when they hear patent nonsense like “War is Peace”. Because it doesn’t matter. Why apply your mind and waste your valuable breath? Nothing will happen, thanks in half to the Republican Party. “Why is nobody fighting, speaking up, protesting this in the streets?” Um, because: Republican Party? Who’s in the Oubliette? REPUBLICANS. Who PROTESTED. Some of them peacefully. And all of them completely surrounded by the FBI more than any “Occupy” protest. Republicans let them. Let them be surrounded, let them be arrested, let them suspend all law, access to lawyers, and “speedy trial” forever.

    But guys, animals-who-are-more-equal-than-others, we got this sweet pig trap right here. Why you no go in it? Looks tasty, right? We got this here ambush all cooked up since the 90s, now Cleetus get your gun and get into it, I order you!

    “• Drugs Discovered Three Times At White House Since 2022 (JTN) “

    And kids are raped every day. But that makes it okay because it’s “ordinary”. How about this headline:

    “White House Completely Unsecured.”

    And apparently a Drug Den? Like any squat in West Baltimore? Bricks of coke go in and out and nobody can tell why? Well, like I said, the 5 Bidens leave nothing out, nothing to chance, in playing his part. Exposing these guys to the American People.


    Germany on track to bin 200M COVID-19 vaccine doses

    Germany has thrown out 83 million doses of coronavirus vaccines at a rough cost of €1.6 billion and has 120 million more doses sitting unused in stock, even as it is set to receive more jabs at a time when vaccination has flatlined.

    According to data provided by the country’s health ministry, Germany scrapped 54 million COVID-19 vaccine doses by the end of 2022 and another 29 million in the first quarter of 2023.

    However, the real tally is likely to be higher. The ministry didn’t provide waste figures for the second quarter of this year and also stressed that federal states and health care providers aren’t required to report vaccine waste. “Accordingly, a total volume of total disposed COVID-19 vaccine doses acquired by the Federal Republic of Germany cannot be quantified,” it said in an email to POLITICO.

    Meanwhile, another 120 million doses are still in stock as the number of people getting vaccines has plummeted. The EU’s disease control agency’s most recent data shows that a total of 268 doses were administered in Germany in the week of June 5. And 1,462 people were jabbed in the three weeks before that.

    TVASSF (and nobody wants anymore)


    Novavax to receive $350 million from Canada for unused COVID shots

    Novavax Inc (NVAX.O) announced on Friday that it had reached an agreement with Canada, under which the country would pay $349.6 million to settle the forfeiting of certain doses of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine that were originally scheduled for delivery. This development comes as a result of a significant decrease in global demand for COVID-19 vaccines, leading to a surplus of unused doses.

    Novavax to receive $350 million from Canada for unused COVID shots

    TVASSF(as are the taxpayers)


    Keep in mind, this is just what the perpetrators are willing to admit.

    Good grief!

    TVASSF (‘ain’t that a fact)


    Hollywood Strikes!



    “Stick Man”







    They are insane fanatics.

    Warning measles could hit tens of thousands in London

    ” …there was an “urgent” need to vaccinate children, teenagers and young adults.”



    Russian Senator Motions That Captured Leopards-Bradleys Will Be Displayed In Front of US Embassy



    Display the burnt out military equipment each NATO country gave Ukronaziland in front of their respective embassies in Moscow.

    A Bradley burning.

    Don’t display this one in front of the Empire of Lies Moscow embassy, display one of the fully intact Bradleys recently captured after it’s crew abandoned it and ran away.

    A new one is far more humiliating than a burnt one


    Birds of a feather flock together
    Proof: Follow the money ( read the report)
    • Rampant Corruption Is One Reason Behind Ukraine’s Failed NATO Bid (RMX)

    The European Commission already identified systemic corruption in Ukraine in 2021. Although the EU had launched a number of initiatives to reduce the potential for corruption and proposed a wide range of measures, the EU commission’s report at the time found that no progress had been made on this issue in 2021.

    Special Report Reducing grand corruption in Ukraine:
    several EU initiatives, but still insufficient results

    “… there was still so much corruption and opacity in Ukraine’s institutions that it could not yet get the green light to join NATO or the European Union.
    The authors also noted that oligarchs and vested interests are the biggest problem, as they are an obstacle to the rule of law and economic development in Ukraine.”


    “… there was still so much corruption and opacity in Ukraine’s institutions that it could not yet get the green light to join NATO or the European Union.
    The authors also noted that oligarchs and vested interests are the biggest problem, as they are an obstacle to the rule of law and economic development in Ukraine.”

    John Day

    The Russian Duma (lower parliamentary chamber) voted for a digital-ruble, so it goes upstairs.

    We have a lot of overlap this morning, Ilargi. We’ve seen the same stuff.


    Transpose “Long Covid” with Death Vaxx injured:

    First major survey of doctors with Long Covid reveals debilitating impact on health, life and work

    TVASSF(do to yourself that which would do to others!)



    Key findings include:
    ( No reports from those who died)
    Doctors reported a wide range of symptoms, including fatigue, headaches, muscular pain, nerve damage, joint pain, ongoing respiratory problems and many more.
    Around 60% of doctors told the BMA that post-acute Covid ill health has impacted on their ability to carry out day-to-day activities on a regular basis;
    Almost one in five respondents (18%) reported that they were now unable to work due to their post-acute Covid ill-health;
    Less than one in three (31%) doctors said they were working full-time, compared to more than half (57%) before the onset of their illness;
    Nearly half (48%) said they have experienced some form of loss of earnings as a result of post-acute Covid;
    54% of respondents acquired Covid-19 during the first wave of the pandemic in 2020, and 77% of these believed that they contracted Covid -19 in the workplace;
    A small minority of doctors had access to respiratory protective equipment (RPE) around the time that they contracted Covid-19, with only 11% having access to an FFP2 respirator and 16% an FFP3 respirator;
    More than 65% of doctors responding said their post-acute Covid symptoms had not been investigated thoroughly and effectively by an NHS long Covid clinic or centre. And almost half of doctors reported not even being referred to an NHS long Covid clinic at all.


    More on Malone for those interested.
    For me quite a learning curve since I first heard of him
    Calm and measured point-by-point presentation for us non-experts to contemplate. That’s all. She’s talking about the man quite capable and willing to sue her for another $25 mil, if nerve strikes..
    I think that I learned on this site that his wife’s inspiration and professional hero is Bill Gates. About his close ties with alphabet agencies, that are apparently great lead to lucrative research funding, I’ve learned just yesterday.
    A lot of thing revolve around Desmet’s “Mass Formation” theory, that I also agree, relieves perpetrators of recent Covid-crime of any guilt – aka “we’re all confused and under the spell”.
    Just me.


    On a personal note
    After a 12 hr check up, and tests, in emergency, for“Shortness of breath, and Fatigue”, nothing wrong was detected, the doctor. did not accept my conclusion – old age, but rather suggested “long covid” due to a Omicron infection which was like a 2 week bad cold.

    John Day

    Will Emergency Block 2024 Elections

    Colonel Douglas Macgregor is known as an adept military analyst. He advised President Trump, and would have been privy to information which might lead him to this conclusion. He might see a particular war-gamed scenario now playing out, for instance. Somebody he knows may have given him recent information.
    ​”​I don’t think we’ll ever get to the 2024 election.
    I think things are going to implode in Washington before then.
    I think our economic Financial condition is fragile – it’s going to come home to roost in ugly ways.
    Now I will tell you I don’t know exactly how it will happen, but I think we’re going to end up in a situation where we find out the banks are closed for two or three weeks, and nobody can get into them.
    I think we’re going to run into something like that.
    I also think that the levels of violence and criminality in our cities is so high that it’s going to spill over into other places in society.
    People that normally think they can live remote from the problem are now beginning to be touched by the problem.
    Then I look at this thing in Ukraine.
    I think Ukraine is going to lose catastrophically – it’s going to be a complete collapse and that too is going to have an effect here at home because people are going to say, well, wait a minute everybody told us Ukraine was winning, everybody told us X Y and Z.
    I mean sort of the the Russian hoax on steroids.
    All of those things are going to come together or converge in some way that’s going to prevent us from reaching you know the status quo. Oh. another election… Oh, another set of campaigns… And so forth…​”​

    Half of Russian Strategic Missile Divisions Now Use Hypersonics in Response to US Escalation. Pentagon Failures in Strategic Weapons Capabilities?

    Half of Russian Strategic Missile Divisions Now Use Hypersonics in Response to US Escalation. Pentagon Failures in Strategic Weapons Capabilities?

    ​Seymore Hersh​, FEAR AND LOATHING ON AIR FORCE ONE (I just read the free part, which is quite a good story. Thanks Christine)
    ​ ​Let’s start with a silly fear but one that does signal the Democratic Party’s growing sense of panic about the 2024 Presidential election. It was expressed to me by someone with excellent party credentials: that Trump could be the Republican nominee and will select Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as his running mate. The strange duo will then sweep to a huge victory over a stumbling Joe Biden, and also take down many of the party’s House and Senate candidates.
    ​ ​As for real signs of acute Democratic anxiety: Joe Biden got what he needed before the NATO summit this week by somehow turning Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan inside out and getting him to rebuff Vladimir Putin by announcing that he would support NATO membership for Sweden. The public story for Biden’s face-saving coup was talk about agreeing to sell American F-16 fighter bombers to Turkey.
    ​ ​I have been told a different, secret story about Erdogan’s turnabout: Biden promised that a much-needed $11-13 billion line of credit would be extended to Turkey by the International Monetary Fund. “Biden had to have a victory and Turkey is in acute financial stress,” an official with direct knowledge of the transaction told me. Turkey lost 100,000 people in the earthquake last February, and has four million buildings to rebuild. “What could be better than Erdogan”—under Biden’s tutelage, the official asked, “finally having seen the light and realizing he is better off with NATO and Western Europe?” Reporters were told, according to the New York Times, that Biden called Erdogan while flying to Europe on Sunday. Biden’s coup, the Times reported, would enable him to say that Putin got “exactly what he did not want: an expanded, more direct NATO alliance.” There was no mention of bribery.
    ​ ​A June analysis by Brad W. Setser of the Council on Foreign Relations, “Turkey’s Increasing Balance Sheet Risks,” said it all in the first two sentences—Erdogan won re-election and “now has to find a way to avoid what appears to be an imminent financial crisis.” The critical fact, Setser writes, is that Turkey “is on the edge of truly running out of usable foreign exchange reserves—and facing a choice between selling its gold, an avoidable default, or swallowing the bitter pill of a complete policy reversal and possibly an IMF program.”
    ​ ​Another key element of the complicated economic issues facing Turkey is that Turkey’s banks have lent so much money to the nation’s central bank that “they cannot honor their domestic dollar deposits, should Turks ever ask for the funds back.” The irony for Russia, and a reason for much anger in the Kremlin, Setser notes, is the rumor that Putin has been providing Russian gas to Erdogan on credit, and not demanding that the state gas importer pay up. Putin’s largesse has been flowing as Ergodan has been selling drones to Ukraine for use in its war against Russia. Turkey has also permitted Ukraine to ship its crops through the Black Sea.
    ​ ​All of this European political and economic double dealing was done openly and in plain sight.

    ​ Turkey is also getting the EU-membership carrot dangled:
    ​ Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the alliance … announced that an agreement had been reached between Ankara and Stockholm.
    The Turkish authorities previously stated that the main condition for approval of the NATO application submitted by Sweden in May 2022, should be the fulfillment of the obligations of the Madrid Memorandum on Combating Terrorism. However, before flying to the NATO summit, Erdogan said that Turkey would support Sweden’s application to join the alliance in exchange for lifting barriers to Ankara’s EU membership.
    Turkey has been officially seeking EU accession as a full member since 2005.

    John Day

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, ​Mr. Kennedy Goes to Washington
    to testify to the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government and specifically CENSORSHIP
    ​ ​“The Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government will hold a hearing on Thursday, July 20, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. ET. The hearing will examine the federal government’s role in censoring Americans, the Missouri v. Biden case, and Big Tech’s collusion with out-of-control government agencies to silence speech.”
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr., attorney
    Emma-Jo Morris, journalist at Breitbart News
    D. John Sauer, Special Assistant Attorney General, Louisiana Department of Justice​…
    ​..This follows Kennedy’s 2024 presidential campaign announcement in April. He has frequently been referred to as an “anti-vaccine activist,” and in June, YouTube removed an interview between Kennedy and Jordan Peterson for violating its guidelines against vaccine misinformation.
    ​ ​The social media platform told The Hill in a statement that its general vaccine misinformation policy “prohibits content that alleges that vaccines cause chronic side effects, outside rare side effects that are recognized by health authorities.”​ [On those “facts” of theirs. “Not good facts”, as lawyers say.]

    ​ ​Yesterday’s hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray was another maddening experience of faux contrition and open evasion. Wray apologized for violations that have already been established by courts or Congress (often over the best efforts of the FBI). However, on ample public evidence of new violations, Wray continued to use his favorite testimonial trilogy to dismiss any questions: expressing (1) lack of knowledge, (2) ongoing investigations, and (3) promises of later answers or briefings. He did, however, hold forth in detail after Rep. Eric Swalwell asked him about FBI Family Day. Despite the near total lack of substance, Wray did make one surprising denial. He insisted that the FBI does not engage in censorship efforts, focuses only on “foreign disinformation,” and does not pressure companies to censor others. Those denials are not only directly contradicted by the recent 155-page opinion of a federal court and the Twitter Files, but a new release from the Twitter Files and journalist Matt Taibbi.​ Johnathan Turley

    ​ Charles Hugh Smith is positioned without much money, but good social capital and a vegetable garden in rural Hawaii.
    ​ ​The “Goldilocks” economy of the past 30 years was enabled by the deflationary forces of globalization and the vast expansion of credit, a.k.a. financialization. Both of these have topped out and are reversing. Globalization is no longer lowering costs and everything under the sun has already been commoditized and financialized. There’s no more pools of “free money” (or free anything) waiting to be exploited.
    ​ ​Real-world inflation is crimping discretionary spending, leaving less to service additional borrowing. Post-pandemic “revenge” splurging has depleted savings, and since all speculative bubbles eventually pop, the inevitable collapse of the Everything Bubble will kick the reverse wealth effect into high gear.
    ​ ​In summary, here’s the problem: the system only functions with Goldilocks moderate inflation but that is no longer possible given the changing tides of globalization, financialization, real-world inflation and rising global risks. This leaves those in charge of the status quo system that benefits the few at the expense of the many with no sustainable option other than doing more of what’s failed until it fails spectacularly.

    ​ Michaael Hudson sums up a recent interview:​
    America is in the same position as the Roman Republic, when it finally turned into the Roman Empire. The polarization has gone so far that there cannot be any recovery of living standards, any rise in wages, any improvement in living conditions, without radically changing the tax policy, the economic policy, without having a policy that benefits labor and productive industry, not the financial sector, and the real estate sector. That the financial sector and the property owning sector is outside of the economy. It’s external, it’s imposed on the economy. The economic core is workers for wages, producing goods and services. That core doesn’t need a financial wrapping.
    ​ ​You don’t need a wealthy 1% to finance the government’s budget deficit. Governments can do it by itself. The governments should have the role that the banks have today. That means there are not going to be any more big bank buildings overshadowing urban skylines. It means that there will be, basically, a return to what the whole world thought was an ideal of industrial capitalism, before World War I. And that was that capitalism would evolve steadily into socialism, to be a more productive economy, to free itself from the financial class, from the landlord class, and from the monopolists, and that a free market is a market free from land rent, free from bank rent, and free from unearned income, and wealth, that doesn’t play any productive role at all.

    ​ ​Sergey Lavrov following the results of the Russia-ASEAN Conference, Jakarta, July 13, 2023
    ​ ​Question: At the NATO summit in Vilnius, J. Stoltenberg officially stated that the alliance would work closely together with partners from the EU and Asia against Russia and China. Is this setting of goals surprising or not? How, in principle, can one evaluate the results of the summit, given the rather vague wording regarding Ukraine?
    ​ ​Foreign Minister Lavrov: I have known Johannes Stoltenberg for a long time. Nordic character, speaks directly, not in verse. This is not the first time such statements have been made.
    ​ ​I have already mentioned that the US and NATO doctrinal documents state that Russia and China are threats and challenges. Now in Vilnius, he said that not just the plans of Russia and China, but relations between Russia and China are a threat to the North Atlantic Alliance. It turns out that we are not even supposed to have a relationship, according to their desire. This is a hopeless path, once again confirming the relevance of the task we are now setting together with many partners of countering modern forms of colonialism, attempts to hegemony in world affairs and a direct violation of the aforementioned principle of the UN Charter on the need to respect in practice, in deed, the sovereign equality of all states.
    ​ ​NATO members are clearly not ready for this.

    John Day

    ​A Midwestern ​D​octor relates having the same thoughts and observations o​v​er time that I did. We did not expect these novel vaccines to be effective against a coronavirus, but to cause increased deaths in the vaccinated, like happened in all of the animal trials of coronavirus vaccine over decades. It was worse than that, because of specific engineered parts of the spike protein resembling human cellular proteins, and inducing autoimmune disease. The lipid-nanoparticle platform and mRNA (that never turned off for months) had their own damaging effects, making these vaccine-products actual bioweapons against the people who accepted them.
    ​ ​Why Do Vaccines Continually Fail to Live Up to Their Promises?

    John Day

    @Zerosum: I’m glad your life does not seem to be immmediately threatened.


    Russian Senator Motions That Captured Leopards-Bradleys Will Be Displayed In Front of US Embassy

    They should set up a whole new museum across from the German embassy. A mix of captured Panthers & TIgers and old WW2 insignia/paraphernalia and new German tanks, equipment, and captured nazi paraphernalia from the current conflict. Maybe with a giant screen displaying Ukrainian Azov units doing nazi things. All as close as possible behind huge glass windows like a christmas display.

    A brand new captured tank would be funny as part of the display

    But I was thinking, if they used a burnt Leopard, they could set up a cunning fuel supply of natural gas or something to a burnt out tank, they could have it burning all the time day and night. Maybe have a Panther and Leopard both fitted out and burning day and night facing each other 20ft from the embassy doors or something.


    @ John Day
    Thanks for the concern.
    If I was “working age”, I would be on disability due to Shortness of breath and Fatigue


    Russia has built a strong defensive anvil and US/NATO is forcing Ukraine to smash their forces against this anvil.

    I am not sure what Russia intends to do. I would have expected it to take over the Odessa region so there is a corridor to Transnistria giving the possibility of restoring democracy to Moldavia.

    It could be that Russia is waiting for the Ukrainian forces to completely destroy themselves and then take over Odessa with little resistance.

    I wonder what a survey of Ukrainians would show if asked what country they would like
    to belong to : Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Hungary, etc.

    It was sad to read that Ukraine should be a relatively rich country but corruption has sucked any wealth generated.


    To appreciate fully the socio/medical/economic catastrophe currently unfolding in the UK, look at these graphs produced by Ed Dowd’s crew:

    Incredible graphic of UK disability data.
    Talk about a crisis.


    Just Some Randomer

    zerosum- Shortness of breath will cause fatigue. Your doctor should have given you a gratis albuterol inhaler!
    Why albuterol inhalers are not OTC and cheap as dirt is beyond me. I would bet thousands of lives would be saved each year.
    In India, the inhalers cost about a buck apiece. In the US they can run as high as $70 (sans insurance.).
    They were dropping to about $7 a pop a decade ago, but the f—–s changed the propellent, and put a counter on it. Ka-ching!

    Figmund Sreud

    On a personal note – zerosum

    … perhaps germane following article?

    “Tara Ghormley has always been an overachiever. She finished at the top of her class in high school, graduated summa cum laude from college and earned top honors in veterinary school. She went on to complete a rigorous training program and build a successful career as a veterinary internal medicine specialist. But in March 2020 she got infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus—just the 24th case in the small, coastal central California town she lived in at the time, near the site of an early outbreak in the COVID pandemic. “I could have done without being first at this,” she says.

    Almost three years after apparently clearing the virus from her body, Ghormley is still suffering. She gets exhausted quickly, her heartbeat suddenly races, and she goes through periods where she can’t concentrate or think clearly. […], continues at:

    … fwiw,



    Kult-Slumber- you are so full of shit.

    I’m glad you finally ‘outed’ yourself- it was only a matter of time. You link some random psycho new age Liberal for “us non experts” , as if this wacko is some sort of “expert”- oh and she has a book to sell along with a bridge that you bought.

    Here’s one of hers on “forgiving Hitler”

    ooooh, shes trying to double her subscribers, shocker- heres one on “toxic masculinity”

    or mansplaining economics-

    you’re a f’n tool


    Thanks Germ !

    you’re making them nervous and “uncomfortable”. Salute


    From the above article..

    “Vaccination appears to reduce the danger but does not entirely prevent long COVID.”

    Utter bullshit.

    TVASSF(and believe anything they are told)


    Thanks everyone
    Ct scan and MRI were clean
    “… gets exhausted quickly, her heartbeat suddenly races ”

    I get exhausted from activity and blood pressure drops to 120 and lower.
    Its my Signal to sit and rest.
    Everyone in NATO should be aware of

    ( I don’t think it was suppose to be an instruction manual on “How to become/join the scammers.”
    OHHH … maybe there is blackmailing by Ukraine going on )
    I just come back from picking 10 lbs of blue berries.


    Threads, a bit tangled it seems…

    Threads Unravels: So-Called ‘Twitter Killer’ App Sees Exodus Of Users, Plunge In Engagements (ZeroHedge)

    Meta Blocks Access to its Threads App to EU Users with VPNs (

    Seems they need users, but are disallowed more by the very folks that desperately need the users to be corralled. “Can’t think straight, need another fat rail of coke…but my ticker don’t feel so good…”


    @kult: Outline the pre-colonial diets of the following islands: Madura, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Papua. Or pick 5 other random islands and try it.


    I was not aware of 3 videos that you posted. I do not agree with any of them but I am still interested as what she had to say about Malone – especially alphabet agencies connection – if true. See, my very being does not depend on whether I had made mistake that is outside of my profession, that is. Despite your potty mouth I would now contemplate the whole picture.
    What you need to worry though, but is beyond your current mental grasp, that your “stupid-ha-ha”, worthy of Olympic gold medal, parading around may come from some deep psychological scars. I am not Jordan Peterson but he would know within three seconds being with you.
    Today we know much more as what Covid is all about.
    Three years ago – not so much. Everybody remembers daily TAE postings of World wide infections – first single digits then relentless spreading into larger numbers and ares? I confess that I thought then that it was “1918 Spanish 2.0”. Not knowing anything about the field, (planned) lack of any meaningful explanation anywhere, no wonder.


    Here is the another one hanging dearly by the nails to “prove me wrong”….
    My mere posting that there are cultures that have a heavy-carb diet and are doing well despite the claims that the Keto- is the only ticket to longevity, I am regular to NHK Japanese channel and I see a lot of very old happy people eating rice.
    How about that thomas..?
    Since I am on it. true good thing about the Keto-diet is that after a while one truly develops utter distaste or the junk food.
    Don’t ask me why.


    ….for the junk food.
    Of course.

    Doc Robinson

    Dr. D: “…there’s a Daily Show episode on this with Jon Stewart I’ve looked for for +6 hours, discussing how because we armed Iraq against Iran, but because we armed Iraq, we need to arm Israel, but the only offset to that is to arm Saudi Arabia, and then if we arm them we can’t not arm Egypt…

    @Dr._D — Is this episode the one you’re looking for?

    The United States gives about $1.3 billion a year in military aid to Egypt. Egypt uses F-16 jet fighters. They provide the Abrams tank. They provide the Apache helicopter.

    But, you know, because we want lasting peace in the region, we didn’t stop there. Jordan, why don’t you try some Javelin missiles and, hey, hey, Saudi Arabia, turn that frown upside down, how’s $6.8 billion worth of peace, including bunker-busting bombs, slammer missles, a helicopter.

    And don’t think we’ll forget about you, Iraq, you’re the O.G., the original geopolitical catastrophe [bleeped]. The Pentagon, of course, as you know, continues to provide Iraq with billions in military aid, billions of dollars worth of Apache helicopters from Boeing, Hellfire missiles also made by Lockheed…

    As I look at the map, I realize [there’s] a lot of the region that we have not peaced to the hilt yet, you know what, let me throw $4 billion of missiles and munitions to the U.A.E.

    And Oman, oh, you got $2.1 billion in Raytheon missile systems coming. Kuwait no longer, you seem like a $4.2 billion in Patriot missiles type of country. And I don’t want to say it, but I guess it’s time to make it Bahrain missiles and Blackhawk helicopters. Go shoot down something nice.

    No, no, no, go shoot down something nice, but do not use those helicopters, Bahrain, to crack down on political dissidents in your own country. Don’t use them for that. Don’t do it again.

    And don’t think I’m forgetting about you, Qatar. I don’t normally trust a country that starts with a “Q” and doesn’t follow it up with a “U,” but you know what, here’s a little taste. Qatar reportedly just spent $11 billion to buy American Patriot missile batteries and attack helicopters. Did I say a taste? I meant a mouthful…

    So now that the United States have made themselves the Johnny Missle Seeds of the region, we can focus on the main controversy between Israel and Hamas. American military support has been very strong, $3 billion a year…

    Looks like there ain’t nothing that could possibly go wrong with our plan to send billions and billions of dollars in weapons to an incredibly volatile region of the world in order to bring it peace.

    Isis militants who have picked up American-made weapons on their way from Syria. Nearly 500,000 weapons supplied by the U.S. to Afghan security forces may end up in the hands of Taliban insurgents.

    Well, it’s a good thing we flooded our allies with sophisticated weapons, but the point is by flooding the area with weaponry, we can keep things peaceful and Hamas isolated. The bulk of the financing that goes to Hamas comes from Qatar. They gave $400 million to Hamas. What? What the [bleeped]? Qatar? We just sold you $11 billion in arms. You better not be re-gifting. Are you re-gifting? Is that what you’re doing? …

    The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
    Comedy Central
    July 29, 2014 11:00pm-11:32pm PDT


    Kult- Slumber

    you posted defamatory bs on malone from a random internet psycho- without doing the slightest bit of research yourself- then you pull the “expert” card nonsense. You have been played and played yourself like a fool- this is on you being an idiot.

    Do some basic research before you trust random alphabet tards nonsense as gospel and begin spreading that bs around.

    I don’t give a f about what you personally think of me or Malones “personality” – if you’re not smart enough to realize there is a concerted effort to censure and take down any opposition to the narrative- which you are playing right into- then maybe stfu and spend some time learning and researching before you jump on the retard wagon singing along.

    I don’t believe a word you say. You either posted this crap to take down Malone intentionally, or you’re a f’n idiot. Either way you have zero credibility.

    “potty mouth” ? Are you a man, or a bot, or a paid troll? Are you from Bosnia?

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