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    Harris & Ewing Children at water fountain, Washington, DC 1922 Before I get going, let me recommend two wonderful articles I put in today’s Daily Link
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle Sep 14 2014: Draghi To Save Europe With Semantics]


    Ilargi, I posted this late on in the last thread, didn’t want you or the earthers to miss it, it’s still relevant to this post too.
    “I’m not really at odds with your analysis or conclusions Ilargi, for me this is the mother of all Hobsons choices, as I see it : London = tyranny and neglect , Edinburgh = tyranny and brutal exploitation of areas outside Holyrood’s domain for Edinburgh and financial interest’s benefit , however, your take on the Macro consequences make a yes vote more desirable, unfortunately for people living up close and personal with SNP destruction and increasingly a nudge toward anti Englishness a no vote to stop Salmond’s malignancy is the only option.
    I’m voting NO with a heavy heart.”

    and a small PS.
    this is a fascinating time right now up here…never known anything like it,
    it’ll all be so dull after it’s over…or maybe not……



    Euan Mearns

    Second, small countries just don’t have the money to engage in truly crazy ideas.

    What like 100% of our electricity equivalent from renewables by 2020? And the risk that the subsidy for this that now falls to the whole of the UK may fall to Scotland alone.

    An example of recent merging of nations was E and W Germany. Imperfect analogy I know. But I believe E Germany and the whole of Germany has benefited.

    But I see where you are coming from Roel, a Europe made up of 100 federal states of 5 million each is an interesting thought. But it cuts across our evolutionary heritage of family, clan, country, alliance and security.

    If the Scotland vote goes YES I will work towards making it work. Might even stand for election to the Parliament.


    zander – “…Edinburgh = tyranny and brutal exploitation of areas outside Holyrood’s domain for Edinburgh and financial interest’s benefit…”

    Are you saying that developers are coming into the areas around Edinburgh and ruining what once was? Wouldn’t it be easier to tackle a problem locally by getting citizens together and stopping them versus dealing with London? Because if your country is to maintain its “Scottishness”, then getting out from under London would surely be a help.

    Quebec should have been their own country from the get-go. Canada is a country, but a tenuous one.

    John Day

    Wow, that “Rupture” piece is really beautiful and true and powerful.
    Thanks Ilargi.
    Ebola doubling cumulative cases every 22 days reaches 8 billion in early 2016.
    that isn’t stated here, but the rate of doubling and the time to “get this under control” being 18 months, means that “control” is achieved when the virus has spread everywhere.

    John Day

    Oops, wrong link and I can’t find an “edit” option.


    @ Raleigh.
    Local people ARE protesting and trying to stand up to Salmond’s housing and infrastructure build out at all costs policy, only to be met with – the all encompassing get out of jail free card – “overturned on appeal” because it’s in the “national interest”….. hat tip to Mr Hitler there I think.
    Apart from the truly evil Mrs T. (and lets not overlook the fact that I’m a miners son who got Jack Danieled out of his head at one of the many celebration parties the day the devil came to take one of his own) I cannot remember such wanton destruction and havoc – environmental, psychological, institutional, you name it – being visited upon Scotland by a man Claiming to have Scotland’s best interests at heart, he is a RBS oil economist who wants to use Scotland as his own little fiefdom to further the interests of big money and his own personal gigantic ego, the population are pawns in this, his own little empire build, don’t believe the hype. this is a POWER play, an independent Scotland joined like crossed fingers with Juncker et al.?? I don’t think so, what’s independent about that?
    The man is a dictatorial, tyrannical bastard and I want him gone…. NOW, by what ever means necessary, there is a lot of the evil Mrs T. in Mr S.
    Corporation tax reduction anyone?

    Oh and PS from the mises link “small-is-rich Ireland”, would that be the stranded asset Ireland left with vacant never occupied housing after 2008 caused by the EU induced debt/growth policies that Salmond is following so closely to the letter. Laughable.



    Euan, touché, but that’s not what St. Onge meant to say, he was talking about wars etc.

    John Day, yes, The Rupture should be obligatory reading for everyone.

    Zander, as I said, I was living in Montréal in 1995, so I know just what you mean by ‘interesting times’.


    And another thing, I don’t think the world has woken up to the fact that what we have here is a Harper/Abbott-esque sort of character, yeah sure, he wants rid of Trident – or so he says, but lets not forget he single handedly made sure the SNP dropped it’s long standing policy commitment of withdrawing from NATO membership AT THE DROP OF A HAT when he thought it might stand in the way of his ambitions, that would be the same NATO conducting it’s hideous cloak and dagger campaign in Ukraine.
    I’ll believe Trident is going when it’s gone, this man is not to be trusted, period.
    This SNP admin. has the worst environmental record of ANY devolved admin. in my time with their “it’s ours to trash” mindset.
    Long story short – Wee Alec is not a Scottish patriot, he’s a MONEY patriot.
    Westminster’s neglect – unbelievably – is now preferable, and if Salmond is going to use Scotland’s oil wealth to bury the country under a tsunami of concrete I’d rather be poor.


    Ken Barrows

    The SNP may be really awful, but devolution will be a trend throughout this century. So why not become independent now and then try to elect good candidates? Doing so in a nation of 5 1/2 million is a lot easier than 60+ million.

    John Day

    Obama and the CDC will step up and start sending US aid and doctors and nurses to treat Ebola.
    Cuba may do better, and sooner.


    From The Rupture:

    “There is a fundament to the thinking of all civilized people. It is this. That each and every person deserves the chance to live fully. No matter how weak, poor, frail, or destitute. Why? Because to each life, that is all that there has ever been. Life. The struggle. The glimpse. The triumph. The fall.

    If we are to create ourselves again, then we must fight to reclaim what we truly know. That fighting against life is the truest misfortune of all. For it is the end of love, meaning, purpose, grace, wonder, suffering, passion.”

    So well put. Thanks for posting this, Ilargi.

    Don’t know if it was here or elsewhere, but recently I read how constant competition destroys connection with others. I reflected on this, on my own family, my extended family, friends, their families, and I could see this everywhere. How can you possibly connect (feel empathy or love) with someone when you are at the same time competing against them? Impossible.

    I feel this has destroyed our societies. In our pursuit to always one-up the next guy, be above others, we actually ruin ourselves. We exist at the bottom of Maslow’s heirarchy, and in the end, after having never moved up Maslow’s ladder, we die there in a passionless, meaningless, wonderless lump. So intent we are of maintaining our “place”, we never stop to realize we were dead all along.

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