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    It’s like the frog and the boiling water.

    First, the Western population put up with lockdowns. Yeah, they grumbled, but pretty much went along with that and masks and “social distance” for a lot longer than 2 weeks.

    Then it was remdesivir and bad press for HCQ, and ivermectin and mass PCR testing, banning of early treatment.

    Then it was vaccines. Many even signed themselves up to get jabbed without coercion! For many more, it only took a reward — free ice cream and donuts, or negative social pressure (shaming.). Then came the vax passports and no jab, no job —that ratcheted up the water level a few more degrees. And for that one there was more public pushback. The WEFfers decided to change tactics, release the pandemic screws.

    Now they are moving in on us with financial turmoil, threatening our energy and our food. The war in Ukraine is little more than an excuse — it provides the moral framework to see the situation as a moralist tale, seeing how far we will voluntarily deprive ourselves of resources for the benefit of princess Ukraine. We are being shamed into reducing our carbon footprints, “for Ukraine,” “for the planet,” “for the animals.” The stick is the inflation. It will go similarly as it did with compulsory vaccination…seeing how far they can go before too large a segment of the population begins to rebel (probably when too many die from hypothermia), then they will ease up just a bit.

    It is the classic relationship between abuser and victim.

    Soon, the victim is tolerating situations that previously would have been unthinkable. The water temperature is rising.

    Unfortunately, having been the unwitting victim of verbal/emotional abuse for over a decade, I am too familiar with how bad it can get before the victim wakes up and realizes that something is not right.


    The beauty of electric cars for WEFfers is that with few enough folks using gasoline vehicles, the gas station infrastructure can be abandoned without public outcry. Then, electricity capacity can be reduced, and voila! the movement of the public is curtailed because it can no longer move quickly from one locale to another.

    Dr. D

    “In 2024, Los Angeles Will Vote on Forcing Hotels to House the Homeless”

    Your property is not safe. Next will be your office, garage, and house. Remember 3A? Shall not force-house troops in your home? Here we are. And besides trashing the place at ten-thousands of expense (talk to any landlord), the will take food out of your mouth, no money for your kids’ college.

    Why? Democracy! We 51 people voted we want your tacos. So you 49 people go hungry, ha ha ha! …That would be opposed to a Republic where we specifically limit government and protect the rights of the minority.

    “Karine Jean-Pierre says that people who voted for Donald Trump are “a threat to our democracy, to our freedom, to our rights.”

    Democracy. Sounds like they need some FREEDOM!


    ““the perfect storm” that has formed in energy markets”

    Every day, every way, making us stoopider and stoopider. The “Prefect Storm” is that YOU shut off the gas pipes. “It’s a ‘perfect storm’ when during a blizzard, daddy went out and hit the meter with a payloader, plunging the house into frozen dark.” No one saw that coming. A “Perfect Storm” and “Act of God” even! It comes from the Second Commandment of Left: “It’s somebody else’s fault!”

    “European Gas Prices Surge as Russia Europe Reduces Supplies (RT)” Fixed it. Plenty of gas, you just can’t have any. If you didn’t want to die, why didn’t you move to Russia?

    “Russia Has Enough Gas for at Least 100 Years – Gazprom (RT)”

    But it takes super-banned RT to state the obvious.

    ““..the entire German economy is about to get its plug pulled..”

    And the saying “As goes Germany, so goes the EU” Plug. Meet pulled.

    Map: so the point of grabbing Finland is to shut off NordStream when Germany flips East? You didn’t think the NeoCons like Nuland were going to stop “F’n the EU” so easily, did ya?

    “…Monsanto, Cargill and Dupont have already bagged 17 million hectares of prime, fertile arable land – over half of what Ukraine still possesses..”

    If we don’t fabricate fake disasters, how can we steal their stuff? No doubt BlackRock or the Euro-equivalent is buying up every Pub and Coffee shop in Europe. They don’t care about Power costs, they have money at negative rates. Go Green!!! The Billionaires sure will.

    the Trump staff barred the FBI from looking at documents in the storage room after turning over classified information to them.”

    Sounds cool, however, um: wouldn’t that be an unlimited warrant through all time and space? They have to search every place Trump has ever been, and every place he’s ever had access to, forever, to prove he’s innocent. Simple!

    Quite the contrary, it seems that the Records asked them to lock them up, and set the storage rules. So they did. That’s the FBI lock the FBI cut off the FBI’s storage area. If you’re not worried, then you’re worried? So worried they took all the Secret material, put it on the floor, took pictures of it, and leaked the Top Secret docs to the press? Huh. Some “Top Secret”.

    ““the FBI, in a matter of hours, recovered twice as many documents with classification markings as the ‘diligent search’”

    Yes, except they were all declassified years ago. How? Trump stood over them with a magic sharpie and said, “Patronus! All documents within my sight are hereby declassified!” Literally, that’s legal. WHy? Because if anyone else could class/declass, THEY would control all information and therefore be in charge. This is EXACTLY the battle Kennedy had with the Dulles Brothers and Eisenhower had with Area 51. Who won?

    Charging stations: they are all “Science” approved. And these people expect to go out in public without being slapped.

    Definition of “I’m not a genius, I’m only the City Planning Clerk’s intern, but…

    German FM: You go girl! Freedom of speech! “I hate my German voters’ guts! I don’t represent them at all!!! In fact, we’re not even a democracy.”

    And “We will enact ‘social’ measures”? Yes, because you have no ‘practical’ or ‘energy’ measures. ‘Social” means “DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD!!! I told you to freeze in the dark, so be snappy or we’ll arrest you for mean tweets live on camera.”

    Ah Germany, you never let us down. Whhhhyyyy do you never let us down?

    EMPs are real, but extremely uneven. The effect is radically and dangerously overestimated. I think they did tests around 1990 and it wouldn’t even shut off a car computer. So: long lengths of wire, bad grounds, can cause whole houses and thus neighborhoods to burn down. (Carrington, the Quebec grid) At the same time, sensitive equipment in the right lull zone are untouched. Very hard to predict. That means it would NOT take 1-3 properly placed units to take out the grid. At the same time, those 3 units would cause such a mess, for so long, to so many people, we probably would FEEL like it had.

    Dr. D

    WEF, yes, thinking: THey said “You’ll own nothing,” then a month later use their political power, that they say they own most western governments, to jack your rates on purpose, and steal your house and business.

    No one notices. This is very much the victim mindset, doing anything to cover and justify the open abuser.

    Honey, do I need to call the police for you?


    “So worried they took all the Secret material, put it on the floor, took pictures of it, and leaked the Top Secret docs to the press? Huh. Some “Top Secret”.

    “the FBI, in a matter of hours, recovered twice as many documents with classification markings as the “diligent search’”

    Look closer at those Top Secret docs on the floor. There are no documents/no material. There is only the cover page.
    Its a set up by the camera wo/man.


    A. Fauci: “The Science is settled: witches float!”
    A. Fauci: “The Science is settled: witches sink!”


    Those who jump on knee-jerk bandwagons might try considering what I actually wrote:

    he was actually shouted down by the group at the University of Auckland technical analysis forums

    I did not say he was shouted down by a bunch of undergraduate students.

    Those who shouted him down were experts in the field, unlike Bryan Leyland, who just an overrated engineer on a gravy train and who was working to a bought-and-paid-for script of promoting ‘Clean Coal’, which does not exist, of course.

    There was a bought-and-paid-for liar on the University of Auckland staff, Chris de Freuitus, supposed head of ‘Environmental Studies’, whose consistent narrative centred on NZ burning more coal!

    He was given prominent position by the NZ Herald -yet another component of the great propaganda (lying) machine, which refused to publish any articles pointing out the extreme danger of burning excessive quantities of coal -which is one of the filthiest fuels ever used and has the highest per unit CO2 emissions of all fuels.

    Interestingly, when questioned on the matter, the University of Auckland Chemistry Department had ‘no opinion’.

    By the same token, the University of Auckland Geology Department did not teach oil geology -depsite there being ongoing exploration and extraction in Taranaki and offshore at the time. That was supposedly the responsibility of the Engineering Department, which unsurprisingly has nothing to say about Peak Oil, even thoiugh it was occuring at the time.

    Taking the matter as far as the Vice Chancellors Office resulted in a fob-off, that department heads were at liberty to teach whatever they like, whether it was true or relevant or untrue.

    In NZ, universities were morphed from places of learning into businesses over the period 1985 to 2000

    It was around that time that numerous ‘Schools of Tourism’ were being set up, and students were paying fees to learn how to make coffee and be nice to hotel guests.

    I jest not!

    And with ‘trolls’ almost incessantly challenging fundamental truth on TAE, and making ad hominem attacks, we can see why western societies are going down the drain so quickly, and why there is no hope for the future as far as NATOstan nations are concerned.

    Fortunately, not all the commenters are uninformed fuckwits.

    Figmund Sreud

    Dept: Pepe Escobar Knows For Sure!

    So there you go. The hit on the Moskva was a NATO operation, ordered by the U.S. The Russian Ministry of Defense knows – and the Americans know they know. Retaliation will come – in the time and place of Moscow’s choosing.

    Which Crime Syndicate Murdered Darya Dugina?

    F.S., … not sure if Pepe knows for sure.

    Note: Strategic Culture website continues to not be block on my iPad if I use public internet access. So very strange, …


    ‘Consciousness of Sheep has a very good article. This writer advocates using remaining fossil–fuels as prudently and sparingly as possible to descend gradually to whatever will later be possible.’

    That is almost exactly what US Admiral Rickover, ‘father of the US nuclear submarine fleet’ proposed in 1957!

    Mobil, Exxon, Caltex, Genral Motors, Chrysler etc. were not at all keen on the idea.

    Britian’s ‘Iron Lady’ said: “Get the oil and gas out from under the North Sea and burn is as quickly as possible. I don’t mind if you convert some of it into plastic trinkets. Just waste it as fast as you can. The Is No Alternative!” ​

    I understand that TINA has a new message: “Britain must make war on the Russians” [and steal their oil and gas because we have almost run out].

    Yes, there are gas fileds under Ukraine. That is why the Biden family set up shop there.

    Today will be a very ‘interesting’ day in ‘the markets’.


    10YT 2.24%

    John Day

    Ukrainian commando life expectancy has plummeted worse than that of Americans:

    RT: Of the three (captured), two have been injured and are in serious condition, the official said in an interview with Russian television. Doctors are fighting to save them, he added. An estimated 12 Ukrainian troops are still fighting against Russian forces, he claimed.


    Oops! Typo. 10YT 3.24%!

    Armenio Pereira

    The gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment may be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again. And we will never be tormented by the boredom of eternity.

    Eternity isn’t boring – The Everlasting Dissatisfaction sees to that.

    Armenio Pereira



    Tarot - Strength


    John Day

    In my studied, non-expert, personal opinion, nobody commenting on TAE lately is a troll.

    This is a difficult time to debate topics which are fundamental to our survival, increasingly our near-term survival, as has been pointed out by the pandemic of weaponized virus, likely an accident, and the epidemic of “died unexpectedly” which could not and cannot be accidental.


    According to russia’s Interfax news agency, four of the nine vehicles in the convoy through which the IAEA team arrived at the plant on Thursday afternoon left in the early evening.

    The Agency also intends to then “establish a continuous presence” on the site, repeated its chief, an option that had not been publicly mentioned before the sending of this mission.

    A “difficult situation”
    Rafael Grossi said he saw “a lot of things” during the “four or five hours” spent at the scene.

    “We were able to visit the whole site. I was in the units (of reactors, Editor’s note), I saw the emergency system and other parts, the control rooms,” he said, while praising the Ukrainian personnel who continue to work at the plant since it fell in March to Russian soldiers.

    “Of course, they are in a difficult situation, but they have an incredible degree of professionalism,” the IAEA boss said.


    Just for laughs, listen to what the mainstream propaganda says!

    Unfortunately, the poor people of Britain have to endure the consequences of decades of incompetence and theft.


    Just for laughs, listen to what the mainstream propaganda says!

    Unfortunately, the poor people of Britain have to endure the consequences of decades of incompetence and theft.


    I’m waiting for the vids and pictures of the destroyed barges and the dead & captured Ukr’s


    Not so funny for anyone still trapped in the Matrix::

    ‘Canadian building consent levels fell a rather sharp -6.6% in July, an result that was not expected. (The expected a -0.5% slip.) Its a situation very similar to Australia where housing construction is going into a steep reversal.

    The surging US dollar is especially tough on Japan, and may be quite inflationary. Toyota is a major buyer of steel and those costs are rising sharply. They also insist their parts suppliers use ‘Toyota steel’ – and have raised prices recently to those suppliers, some by as much as +30%.

    In Australia, lending for housing retreated in July at a fast rate. In fact lending to investors fell at its fastest pace since mid-2015, and lending to owner-occupiers fell at its fastest pace since 2008. Bank lending to their construction industry dived a startling -35% in July from June. There’s more than a whiff of fear in these figures.

    The UST 10yr yield starts today at 3.25% and up an unusually sharp +11 bps from this time yesterday.

    Wall Street is down -0.6% in late Thursday trade which makes it a -3.1% fall so far this week. Overnight, European markets were all lower by about -1.7%. Yesterday Tokyo fell -1.5%. Hong Kong ended down -1.8%. And Shanghai fell another -0.5%. The ASX200 closed its Thursday trade down a full -2.0%

    The price of gold will open today at US$1698/oz and down another -US$16 from this time yesterday.

    And oil prices start today down -US$4/bbl at just under US$86/bbl in the US while the international Brent price is now just under US$92/bbl/’

    What surprised me was that the shysters and liars and money=printers were able to keep the show going for so long after global extraction of conventional oil peaked over 2006-2008.

    And by doig so they exacerbated very aspect of every predicament.

    So now it’s time to pay the price for all that institutionalised fraud.

    I guess about 0.1% of the populace is ready for what has arrived.


    Brent Crude (October Contract)

    US $91.95 -3.82%


    The long-tailed tit birdy photo was real good. Love the little birdies, though I saw mostly bigger ones today
    including a couple of hawks, soaring while looking for brunch.. magnificent.


    Part 3 to the California graphic above: The state assembly and state senate today approved a bill extending the operation of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant for an additional 5 years, to 2030. The two units were scheduled to close in 2024/2025 when their current operating licenses expire. But Gov. Gruesome came out not too long ago and said he thought they should keep running for awhile. I guess he figures that frequent statewide blackouts won’t look too good on a presidential aspirant’s resume.

    I worked at this facility for a number of years, so I can tell you that it will be a real challenge making this happen. A number of multi-year projects aimed at getting ready to have the operating licenses renewed were cancelled and all the temporary staff released when the decision was made to shut down the plant at the end of its current license. The license renewal application process, shut down in the wake of the closure decision, will have to be restaffed and started up again–they let all those people go when they shut the project down 4 or 5 years ago. New fuel needs to be ordered, and there is a significant lead time for this; you don’t just have the fuel truck come out and fill your tanks up.

    The feds (via the NRC) will still have a say in this also. Of note, two nuclear facilities whose extended operating licenses were approved by the NRC during the Trump Administration, the Biden’s new NRC appointees reversed both of those approvals. (Those were Turkey Point in Florida and Peach Bottom in Pennsylvania)

    The public and the politicians do not understand what goes into running such facilities. I have known for a long time that these people believed they would be able to pick up the phone literally the day before the final shutdown, and say “Wait! We want to keep it running a little longer….”

    John Day

    Thanks Willem for the ongoing tale of the evil Diablo Canyon Nuke reactor and the casual plan to just-keep-it-running-another-5-years.
    It has been a long time since I saw stories about that, maybe a decade, but they were all bad, with weird kinds of metal fatigue and spooky rot like that.


    @ phoenixvoice
    The FIRST test we passed with flying colors. That was post 9-11 Airport abuse. Brilliantly conceived being “out of site” from the general population busy with “ordinary lives”.
    While promoting mud throwing at the President, in actuality the Elite took “Carter’s warning in 70’s” seriously and made 50 year plan accordingly. In the mean time they had to make money and let the “life go on unchecked”.
    AFKTT is unjustifiably pelted from the site audience. V-Poet’s “you think yo’re so smart images” recently posted, that I presume are aimed at him, were so low ball that one has to throw up. No contra-argument but “this what i think of you”?


    The Pebe Escobar site also has a good article on NZ politicians essentially taking a US centric position as regards Asia Pacific geopolitics, against traditional Labour policies, and the likely weight of public opinion were that that could be determined, if discussion were possible.
    In a recent speech on China NZ relations she called for rules based order and called for China to oppose the “indefensible” invasion of Ukraine to which NZ has provided military aid.
    Good on the touchy feely stuff, but independece and courage to take a stand not so much. I doubt that cheerleading for a US China war helps anyone traditional links or not.


    Special home charging points for EVs in the UK are ‘smart devices’, which means they can be turned off remotely if there is not enough power. I would think that all public charging stations would have a similar setup.

    It could be a shock to EV owners this winter as their cars turn into bricks!

    At least it may focus minds on the fantasy of an EV future.


    In case anyone does not know, Diablo Canyon is built on a active fault line- and I’m 6.7 miles N of that sucker.
    The emergency sirens were tested last Saturday though, so all is well.



    Mountain biker Rab Wardell dies just two days after winning Scottish championship

    How many jabs for Rab ? How many lives did Rab save “doing his part” to protect Grandma’s, Obese body positives and immune compromised addicts around the world? We’re all in this together! Shouldn’t all the healthy free thinking athletes and adventurers of the world lay down their lives and giving up their personal freedoms to protect the most vulnerable butter golems?

    I’m surrounded by 350lb things that once identified as she/her he/him that now self identify as it/it blue/purple/green haired tattooed gender fluid consuming blobs of virtue signalling elitism. Why care about your own health when you can give your life for those who don’t care about theirs or yours? The Ultimate Virtue Signalling Award? No thanks, I’ll take my Pure Blood Certificate Award for resisting their Psy Op.


    Annalena Baerbock says supporting Kiev matters more than expected winter unrest
    German minister vows to back Ukraine ‘no matter what voters think’

    Even if Germans take to the streets over energy prices, Berlin must support Ukraine by maintaining sanctions on Russia

    Germany’s punishment for WW 2 war crimes allows US military bases to operate from the Fatherland committing it’s own modern war crimes. The Thousand-Year Reich is still kicking and screaming with “a little help from my fiends”. Sour Kraut Germans still support Nazis where ever they may roam.

    Death Don’t Have No Mercy In This Land –

    Well he’ll leave you standin’ and cryin’ in this land
    Well Death will leave you standin’ and cryin’ in this land
    Well he’ll come to your house and he won’t stay long
    You’ll look in the bed and somebody will be gone
    Death will leave you standin’ and cryin’ in this land

    Old Death always in a hurry in this land
    Death always in a hurry in this land

    Well he won’t give you time to get ready in this land
    Death won’t give you time to get ready in this land
    I said death don’t have no mercy in this land

    Down with the M’Fuckin Empire of Hate and Lies

    Autonomous Unit

    Special home charging points for EVs in the UK are ‘smart devices’, which means they can be turned off remotely if there is not enough power. I would think that all public charging stations would have a similar setup.

    It could be a shock to EV owners this winter as their cars turn into bricks!

    At least it may focus minds on the fantasy of an EV future.

    I would not be surprised if the EV cars themselves will be fitted with ‘kill switches’
    in other news, the Mayor of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, wants all new construction to not use fossil fuels. I assume that means electric heat and cooling. I sent an email last week to her asking for the studies showing less pollution or more efficiency, but no reply yet. I also asked if new power generation plants are planned. no reply yet.

    <iframe width=”642″ height=”361″ src=”; title=”Crickets (Awkward Silence) – Gaming Sound Effect (HD)” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>


    Oceania is at war with Eurasia.

    Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.

    The governments of Oceania are also at war with the populaces of the various ‘airstrips’ that comprise Oceania,

    The governments of Oceania have always been at war with the populaces of the ‘airstrips’ that comprise Oceania.

    It seems that forces from Eastasia will soon join Eurasia in the war against Oceania.

    The populaces of the various ‘airstrips’ that make up Oceania are also gearing up for the outbreak of open warfare -in the defence of genuine freedom and democracy- against the forces of evil that the governments of Oceania represent.

    ‘Interesting times’ just got a lot more ‘interesting’.


    WW 3 is underway, and people are worried about charging points for electric vehicles???!!!

    Veracious Poet


    @Armenio Pereira

    Loved Hercules trying to give his cat a pill!

    Ain’t that the truth!


    @Bill7: The fault line under Diablo Canyon is NOT an “active” fault line. This is mythology promulgated by plant opponents. And I live about 10 miles north of that sucker…


    Oroboros said

    The 37-year-old tragically died in his sleep overnight, it has been confirmed.

    Climate change did that.


    Star wars?

    In December 2021, China filed a complaint with the United Nations, claiming that two of Musk’s Starlink satellites had nearly collided with the Tianhe module of its Tiangong Space Station — in April and October of 2021– and that Chinese astronauts had been forced to maneuver the module of the station to avoid the collision. Starlink is part of Elon Musk’s SpaceX and the satellites are part of a plan to make internet coverage from the satellites available worldwide, with the goal of launching nearly 12,000 Starlink satellites into low Earth orbit.

    Space is becoming crowded and risks of collision — whether with satellites or space debris — are not new. Tellingly, China was among the first to help create much of that debris: In January 2007, China tested its first successful anti-satellite missile (ASAT), destroying one of its own inactive weather satellites and creating one of the world’s largest space debris incidents. That space debris is still floating around in space, causing collision risks every day.

    The United States rejected China’s claims that the Starlink satellites had endangered China’s space station. The US stated that if there had been a “significant probability of collision” with China’s space station, the U.S. would have given notice to China ahead of time. “Because the activities did not meet the threshold of established emergency collision criteria, emergency notifications were not warranted in either case.”

    Veracious Poet



    ‘I’m waiting for the vids and pictures of the destroyed barges and the dead & captured Ukr’s’

    According to the Military Summary channel, it was a NATO-instigated operation, with numerous NATO officers directly involved, if not actually onboard the destroyed barges. And it was a total disaster. for NATO. An entire battalion was wiped out.

    Apparently, the Ukrainian fascists cannot start any new offensives until they have cleared the hospitals of
    the hundreds (thousands?) recent ‘Ukrainian successes’.


    anticlimactic said

    At least it may focus minds on the fantasy of an EV future.

    It is all about power and control. Us plebs will have access to one source of energy, electricity, and that source will be controlled by the computers owned by the billionaires behind WEF. If you don’t get your vaccination, then you do not get any electricity and therefore have to return to living in the stone age. Fossil fuels make freedom possible, which is why the looney left and billionaires – along with the naive believers, the sort who think there really is some sort of shortage – have teamed up to eradicate them.

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