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    Pieter Bruegel the Elder The Fall of Icarus 1558   • What’s Behind The DOJ Aggression Toward Julian Assange (CT) • Senate Chairman Asks DOJ IG To
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    V. Arnold

    I’ll not have an Apple product…period!!!

    Michael Reid

    So I have been reflecting on the comments to my posts on The Automatic Earth Debt Rattle September 10, 2020.

    Regarding COVID-19:
    First everyone must grasp the concept that as human beings every one of us will eventually die. As a retired Registered Nurse it seems to me the general population does not have a deep comprehension of this fact. Work as a nurse long enough and one learns death is very real and one learns death is not to be feared and sometimes needs to be deeply embraced as a release from life which is seeking completion. One also comes to the realization in the variable finite amount of time one exists perhaps embracing that life is more important than anything else you could do. That being said as I stated in my previous comment the world is currently living a lie regarding COVID-19 which believes lockdowns are the best approach. Canada is locked down and the percentage of the Canadian population that has died is 0.0243 %. Even if one has objections to death being used as the guiding metric because simply being a case could inflict that case with other health issues or disability let’s recompute using the number of COVID-19 cases:
    Canada Cumulative number of COVID-19 cases = 132142
    Canada Total population = 37590000
    Canada % of Total population inflicted casewise by COVID-19 = 132142 / 37590000 * 100 = 0.3515 %

    Sweden with no lockdowns:
    Sweden Cumulative number of COVID-19 cases = 85880
    Sweden Total population = 10230000
    Sweden % of population inflicted casewise by COVID-19 = 85880 / 10230000 * 100 = 0.8395 %

    The lockdown response is bullshit. It is not an extreme death rate or death and/or disability rate.

    The world response is incorrect. Lockdowns also lead to non COVID-19 additional deaths due to psychological damage, job destruction and maybe triggering a Great Depression where everyone will be starving and homeless. Seriously what’s going on?

    Continuing this way in my mind will lead to a great culling of world population. It may improve the environment but really what is the goal of our leaders?

    Do not fear death. Embrace life and living and freedom. If I didn’t live in the middle of nowhere but instead lived in a giant city my soul would be crushed by current events.

    Regarding Planet of the Humans:
    If you have any care for the environment and have not seen this documentary you have been misled by most of the Green Tech people.

    As a retired technologist and engineer I can tell you this documentary is correct in its assessment.

    I designed, purchased, implemented and am now maintaining an off grid solar system that provides two 120 volt 20 amp circuits. The system cost between $50000 and $100000. After watching planet of the humans I have come to the realization that the environment would have been better off if I used a gasoline generator solution or gave up power altogether.

    The green tech is more environmentally destructive than fossil fuels.

    Regarding the USA, I feel sorry for Americans. As I previously stated I believe you no longer live in a country but are living in a corporation. The corporations seem to own the politicians and seem to write the laws for them and the citizens to follow. You guys have been so programmed. You have no freedom, no democracy and if the USA looses its reserve currency status you will have no money.

    Dr. D

    Michael: I couldn’t say it better.

    Dr. D

    Noted last week: fist coins “pulled” 1932, 2nd coins “pulled” 1972, and that’s after swapping silver for gold coins in 1896 (that “Cross of Gold”). Now coins are vanishing again. What does that say? Roughly every 40 years they swap the currency. Why? Because when like Buffett you have $500B, half a trillion, you can’t turn the dial selling pet food or adding a penny cost to your razors. You have to shift nations, governments. That way the “international capital flows” as Armstrong says allow you both time to position, and hundred-trillion in delta to trade on. Usually with a war “caused” by the huge distortions of the previous system, distortions that could be minimized but are instead maximized to allow any profit at this scale at all. Can’t allow a fair system that would have the piranhas eat up the feckless, moronic idiot sons of Yale, now can we? (Lookin’ at you W)

    So here we are again, right on schedule. Why? They MAKE the schedule, collectively. Some by actually planning and publishing it in the “Economist” or “Foreign Affairs” and paying to have it passed in the U.N., the rest who play along thinking they are too small to trade against and make a difference. So 80% of society is pulling toward this greater evil as the system is arranged, after centuries of careful development.

    Their latest idiot garbage, now that a nuclear war would ruin their 2nd vacation home, is to have a GREATER made-up enemy, a greater baby-eating Hun, called “Climate Change” and Agenda 2020. This has the same result in that even a passing view of their goals, like running the grid on solar and stopping all transport fuels, will easily kill a few hundred millions, more than the last war on communism combined. And like the other idiot wars, Gulf I and II, etc, they need the people to buy in willingly, joyfully, with their own destruction and mass murder of all their friends, family, and neighbors — but especially that other-color-hat wearing countrymen. Sneetches without stars-upon-thars.

    But. After decades of planning and trying, that’s still not going off well. Still. But that was going to be new war, the new switch, the new trade, that brings in the new currency, carbon credits, a high-level SDR backing the daily currency, all digital so we can track what you’re buying and reading, comrade, track every word move and thought and thus again and again, it “won’t be our fault™” it will be YOUR fault, peasant, for breathing CO2; or in the new round, breathing O2 without a mask and trying to “Escape-from-NY-nursing-homes.” (Eyepatch optional)

    So here we are, new plan, sort of. SSDD. Using the mostly not-dangerous virus to stop the economy, do the currency/economy swapover, and find someone to blame: YOU. ‘Cause when we start seven wars and kill a few million in overseas expansion, then jail/murder Assange who tries to not even stop, merely inform, no problem! But when JimmyJohn in Knoxville doesn’t wear a mask with other young folks who have statistically zero chance of being injured? Hammer time! It’s HIS fault the election will be rigged by rich folks: we can’t help ourselves! It’s HIS fault NY and NJ can’t open up with zero deaths, off and on for a month. It’s HIS fault all poor businesses failed while Apple alone gained more value than the entire FTSE and his fault Bezos could give all 800,000 employees $100k/pc with just the INCREASE in stock value since Covid. While all small businesses, small people — and black and brown people specifically, since that’s the only thing anyone cares about anymore – all lose health care and die of suicide, a higher death rate than CV, according to the CDC. While said CDC, WHO, AMA, all fail miserably, religiously — like all experts — and applaud their deaths, the death of the economy, the death of the nation, applaud on TV non-mask-wearers carrying bricks, and the long-planned, long-arrange, much needed civil war “Somebody Else’s Fault™” that will hide our utter, intentional failures, the multi-trillion rotation based on unending human misery. You know: rather than doing any real work. Lies are way easier and a lot more profitable.

    So they couldn’t get either their new idiot plan off, their WWIII off, so now they’ve got this new thing as a prybar to MAKE that wet fuse burn and explode in YOUR face, while they get rich both selling the fuse, and the bandages. Like always. Most predictable thing in the world. So why do you play along? Expose them and don’t comply. Don’t yell at your neighbor. Cancel Netflix and da boyz at CNN, the Guardian, and get your money out of their now-falling pig trap.


    I went into the mountains to relax, and observed nature.
    It was like an ant hill that had been disturbed and panicking.
    Before the pandemic, I was never like this in Sept.
    Campground were full of RV’s, and tents with kayaks, fishing rods, quads, bikes, walking sticks.
    Stores have been sold out of rec. equipment since spring.
    Dry campers everywhere, (even inn game trails where I had trail cams before the pandemic). New locked gates and fences. Conversations with campground host and others reported that it was like that all summer.
    I found new game trails. Few hunters.
    Found the thick smoke when I returned to the coast.
    Red skies, hard to breathe, cooling of temp. because of the fog like smoke.
    Now that I caught up to the comments, …. nothing has changed
    We mostly agree.
    We know that we cannot change the world with our comments.
    First news that I hear when I turned on the TV …. I question……
    Save the USPS.
    Why!!!???….. Its a lie and a distraction to think and prevent getting involved in demonstrating about real problems.
    It is only used by the Companies advertising.
    All I get is junk mail that increases the cost of what I buy.
    I bet that is all that most of you also get … junk mail.
    Even Sales flyers are delivered separately than the newspaper.
    Today news is sent and receive by many mediums. (i-pads, tel., computers, radio, new papers, flyers)
    Without paid advertisements, on social medias, the biggest billionaires would not exist.
    We have been living a lie

    How to make a lot of enemies.
    “Assange told a U.S. congressman … he can prove the leaked Democratic Party documents … did not come from Russia.

    “17 intelligence agencies”, Joint Analysis Report (JAR) needed for Obama’s anti-Russia narrative in December ’16; and then a month later the ridiculously political Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) in January ’17; this timing against Assange is just too coincidental.

    Need 6%
    Biden will save us. ( from WHO, WHAT, WHEN, HOW) its a lie
    Save the rentier, capitalists, governments, economy, society, everybody
    …. first link in that chain can’t pay ….



    Mahalo, Michael Read, Dr. D, and Zerosum.


    Does it matter if the virus was made in the Wuhan Lab?  We know that the research there was for “gain of function”, that the US was a co-sponsor.  So either way this is what these bat shit crazy researchers were after.


    I agree with Michael in part, disagree in part.

    Lockdowns work, but they only work if they are well-timed and well-executed. In the West the lockdowns were late and poorly executed. To the extent Michael’s rant is directed at poor execution, I am on board. But to the extent he suggests that the proper response from the beginning was to do nothing and “take it on the chin” UK style, I completely disagree.

    The circumstances in Sweden are quite different than in many other countries. Sweden is sparsely populated. Swedes naturally self-distance. That’s why the Swedish economy suffered even though businesses remained open. And it appears Sweden got lucky in the sense that it now appears that it is possible to reach herd immunity with 20% infection rate. AT the time the policy decision was made, the best guess was that it would take 80%. And that was based on the wrong understanding that immunity would come primarily through B-cell antibodies.

    I am grateful to be in a country where the response was early and well-coordinated. Most people bought in and cooperated. We never had a lockdown in Korea — we never needed one because the early response kept everything contained. I have been working in the office every day since January except for two days when I was out to be tested (24 hour turnaround here before we get out results). As a result, People here benefit from all of the knowledge and research we have learned over the last nine months by letting most of the rest of the world act as the guinea pigs.

    The “world response” is incorrect? How can you say that when the response has been so different in so many places? I say the US response of bailing out the rich while throwing crumbs to the masses is the wrong response. The proper response should have been a jobs program. Not a temporary rent or mortgage moratorium.

    And to suggest that the Swedish response is right for everyone? Try selling that line in China and India.

    As for your argument that we all need to come to terms with our own mortality, I could not agree more. But this mindset that we should embrace the risks to health and just get back to work . . . that’s the propaganda coming from the corporate overlords you claim to oppose . . .

    Just my $0.02

    Michael Reid


    Death is a risk of simply being alive.

    V. Arnold

    I am grateful to be in a country where the response was early and well-coordinated. Most people bought in and cooperated. We never had a lockdown in Korea — we never needed one because the early response kept everything contained.

    Ditto here in Thailand. The west just flat out blew it! But then, in the west, life is cheap…forever war and disposible citizens…

    Death is a risk of simply being alive.

    While true; that’s a rather cavalier attitude under the circumstances, IMO…

    Pieter Bruegel the Elder The Fall of Icarus 1558

    What a lovely painting; quite gorgeous actually…

    Michael Reid

    @ V. Arnold
    When everyone is starving and homeless should we describe it as cavalier

    V. Arnold

    When everyone is starving and homeless should we describe it as cavalier

    What a curious response: the governments response, or lack therein, is certainly cavalier or maybe criminal would be more apropos…
    It’s one of many reasons I left the outlaw criminal empire a long time ago…

    Michael Reid

    @ V. Arnold,
    I need to go to bed. I don’t understand politics much or even financial much but my goal tomorrow is to shoot a moose.

    V. Arnold

    …my goal tomorrow is to shoot a moose.

    I hope you’re using something like a .375 H&H, 45-70, or .338 Win mag.; moose are very big animals…good luck…

    Michael Reid

    .338 Win Mag and successfully harvested many many moose over the years. They have given us life with their death. I don’t recall the total trauma but it gives us life but it is not an option for the full population. Death is coming sorry to say.

    V. Arnold

    I don’t recall the total trauma but it gives us life but it is not an option for the full population. Death is coming sorry to say.

    No argument there; it’s true enough…

    .338 Win Mag

    Great choice and one of my personal favorites…


    As Goebels knew and the great Jaqcues Ellul pointed out again and again, propaganda only works when based on facts. They distort it, twist it, magnify or silence the facts. This I think is the case with climate change. Very real but very very distorted.

    Michael Reid

    @ V Arnold

    Here is a photo of my rifle taken this morning


    I’m a little late here, but what a superb column, Ilargi, and what wonderful responses.
    Michael Reid- an excellent post.
    It’s nice to see you back in your saddle, Dr D.

    Michael Reid

    @ V. Arnold

    The problem with the photo not appearing probably means it was too large to attach so I will try again.

    Michael Reid

    @ V. Arnold

    The photo file size is 121 KB so I simply do not know how to send it.

    I was very close to the most awesome Caribou that I have ever seen in my life today and took photos but unfortunately I don’t know how to share them.

    Mister Roboto

    I really have to say, I had a lot more more respect for Paul Craig Roberts before his descent into bargain-basement neo-Confederate white nationalism.

    Michael Reid

    The awesome Caribou was harvested today September 16. I can assure you by observing him the last few days that he had lost his ability to sense threats in his environment or maybe he no longer cared much anymore. I am grateful that I have photos of him.

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