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    Vincent van Gogh Green field 1888   • Global Economic Growth Has Peaked, Warns OECD (G.) • Why Trump’s Stock Market Cheering Is Dangerous (Colomb
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    V. Arnold

    This generation being born now… is the last free generation. You are born and either immediately or within say a year you are known globally. Your identity in one form or another –coming as a result of your idiotic parents plastering your name and photos all over Facebook or as a result of insurance applications or passport applications…

    There you go.
    Julian Assange should be, the defacto definition, of the word integrity…

    I think the world is diminished by what is being allowed to happen to Assange.


    There are precious few people with the intelligence, integrity and courage that Assange has. And we silence him and lock him up. While we should be seeking his advice for a way to get out of the mess we’re in. It’s just that there are people in high places who reap huge profits, in power and money, by keeping us in that mess and pushing us further down into it. They are the ones who see Assange as a threat; to us he’s the opposite.


    Meanwhile, the Guardian just keeps at it: Revealed: Russia’s secret plan to help Julian Assange escape from UK

    Mueller’s indictment linking Assange to Russia has been squashed; The AP report a few days ago was based on years-old false files from a disgraced Icelandic pedophile who often posed as Assange. But news outlets like the Guardian are more than willing to continue pushing the Assange-Russia link, which is vital to the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. Whether their sources are true, or even credible, makes no difference anymore.

    It’s a sad world.

    V. Arnold

    It’s a sad world.

    It is indeed; every year older, I thank the gods I’ve never had children.
    The irony is, I’m married to the mother of the children we’ll never have…
    Even the understanding of what freedom is has now been contectualized by today’s twisted standards.
    Freedom is a buzz word that nobody can define; but I can, because I grew up in complete freedom thanks to a very smart mother and father. My leash was infinitely long, and I stretched it to extreme; but always came back to accecptable mores and norms.
    That’s just understanding the society you live within, but are not a prisoner thereof…
    Margaret Mead and Jane Goodall (to name a couple) understood this completely…
    Every passing day, I thank the gods I’m 73, and have lived Shangrila; it was here among us and we missed it for the most part.


    Canadians have got freedom.
    Here is the proof.
    MPs from all parties have unanimously adopted a motion condemning the acts of the Myanmar military against Rohingya Muslims as an act of genocide.

    It also calls on the UN Security Council to refer the situation to the International Criminal Court, so that the senior officials can be investigated and prosecuted for genocide.

    Dr. D

    Science! We make s**t up!

    Britain = 209,000 km2

    Oceans = 85,133,000 km2

    407x larger. So raise sea levels by several inches? Sure. And that’s not accounting for sea ice is already floating, and therefore its melting would be 1/10th of even that size. But they count on and are hugely justified in nobody being able to do the simplest sanity-check back-of-envelope math, or having ever seen a globe, would realize how tiny Britain is in the world scheme.

    I wish I could stop there, but wait! There’s more bizarro-land insanity at no additional cost! Science, which can’t build a bridge without it failing or a world-wide, a humanity-saving seed vault without putting the entrance downhill, under water, the science that can’t figure out that poisons like glyphosate or Neonicotinoids might be *poisonous*, the science who can’t find a solution to plastics or how to build a non-leaking nuclear power plant, the one that purposefully injected toxins into the water supply by fracking, cancerfied the whole gulf with corexit, and bankrupted themselves with a failing grid, faulty cities, and planes that can’t shoot and ships that can’t sail — that science — is now going to build an underwater platform out of I dunno, steel girders, concrete foam, and unicorn dust, TO HOLD UP GREAT BRITAIN…or glaciers of like size. How, you ask? How, when they can’t even build an underwater drilling platform to get oil and/or without exploding? Where will they get the money, you ask? Hey, let’s not get crazy here. Let’s lightly place that aside. Let’s give them everything, and their narrative.

    How long do you think it will take to build, seeing as we know…I dunno, exactly nothing about building it? We have exactly nothing, no anti-eternal-corrosion titanium-steel mills, no “glacier-holding yard” with requisite knowledge on earth? Once built, what then? How long will it last? Seeing as how they propose: a) it’s ice, and b) the whole world is infinitely warming, maybe, perhaps, the ice will melt around the dam that we a) cannot build b) would ruin the worldwide economy and kill millions to build and c) wouldn’t work anyway since they can’t even build an iPhone that can make calls, a car that doesn’t light on fire, or a PC that doesn’t crash and get hacked.

    I predict they’ll have this built about 20 years after the glaciers have already melted, in the open sea, 12m underwater, built by Halliburton, 900% over budget, and wonder why we no longer trust “experts” or “science.” …Or the media.

    Oh, P.S. they already know “reducing carbon pollution [not] be enough” meaning they plan on building it, knowing it must do no earthly good whatsoever since they already say it’s too late.

    But don’t relax! Don’t move 500m back from the coast! Pay your worldwide carbon credit taxes instead, although they already say it’s too late, won’t help, crash the U.S., help China, kill billions of the mostly poor, and give all the carbon trading profits to Elon Musk, Al Gore, and Goldman Sachs!

    And I thought yesterday was peak stupidity day.

    How about some good news? Having no requirement to and actually withdrawing from the Paris and all other climate accords, being run by villainous pro-business, anti-AGW people, the U.S. has dropped carbon emissions most of any nation completely voluntarily, as a natural side-effect of the efficiencies of capitalism and technology, and therefore SAVING money (since it’s market-driven). You heard it here first, since you won’t read THAT in the news.

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