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    Willem de Kooning Gotham News 1955   • The Question About Biden (Patrick Lawrence) • Jim Jordan: The Fix Is In (Kanekoa) • Feds Thwarted Probe In
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    Mister Roboto


    The dam is breaking on unified Western support for Ukraine, and the timing couldn’t be worse for Zelensky, given tomorrow he’s expected to meet with President Biden at the White House.

    Doubt it, this seems to me like a cool play, squeeze some money out of the USA to pay for the damage done by a free market in grain, and we will support your war again. Will it work, doubt it, the USA has a million and one ways to screw over Poland, but you don’t have smoke without fire, and there are lots of jokes about the Poles being a bit thick. But, Poland is supposed to be the USA’s best buddy in Europe, or something like that, so I am interested to see how the cash flows on this one.


    “..Any money we give to Ukraine, we’re borrowing from our future.” “It’s not a good time for [Zelensky] to be here, quite frankly..”

    Wow, it took 2 years for this scum bag to work this out … I think that is what I am supposed to believe, but I am not quite sure. Why is it not a good time, the printing press is still working, what’s the problem, is the USA getting cold feet? Are the US military, the people running this war, are they going to abandon Ukraine like they abandoned Japan in WW2? Wow, some leopards never change their spots.


    She notes that they cannot win the war on climate change if people do not believe them about the underlying problem. The solution is to silence those with opposing views.

    But then the people who think will know that the Arderns of this world – the WEF emotional fairies with no brains of their own, but are very obedient to their WEF masters – are lying … of course, the one problem with Ardern’s plan is that any rational interpretation of her words end up with the conclusion that she wants to be able to lie to people without being challenged. Ummm, so we will know she is lying because nobody is allowed to challenge her. How is this going to persude people that she is telling the truth? All it will do is stop people admitting that they know Ardern is lying, like in the old soviet union. Why does humanity keep on producing the same old idiots, aren’t we supposed to evolve?

    Dr. D

    Watching this spat with the trans Ukr spokesidiot, I too can only think this is an elaborate prank, far from the real. It’s certainly amazing and sadly won’t be in the history books as a high example, but should be. My essential take on it: what are you actually thinking here??? Did you THINK this would go well worldwide – English being the most common language for many nations, unlike say, the Armenian spokesperson – and did you THINK with every salary and free healthcare being paid for by us, you could really threaten to kill every American and then in the next breath ask for missiles that reach Moscow?

    Yes. Apparently they did. This was considered the height of good form and good strategy.

    Okay, to be a little more productive here, IN WHAT POSSIBLE WORLD, does any of that make sense? I’m sorry but I can only think of one: it’s to place something so bizarre, so offensive in front of you, that you’ll finally wake up and take action. That is, it’s arranged by the White Hats not for Ukraine’s benefit, but for YOURS. They can only get away with it because the loons inside are so deranged THEY think when you ask a favor like hiring this guy, it seems normal to them and no big deal. While really you’re waving a big red flag trying to get the (warning) attention of the world, but particularly of Americans.

    That’s how I read it. And sadly, no matter what red flag and flashing lights they wave, the people are like cows and take no notice. Whatsoever. Because if they stampede that’s not an event that can been controlled. Chaos by definition is immune to direction and control.

    “Biden HHS Hits Wuhan Lab with 10-Year Funding Ban Amid Mounting Evidence of Leak

    But we won’t do 10 year ban on funding Fauci himself, not that that would matter at this point.

    “The US is sending the World Bank $25 billion. Then, the World Bank is sending money to the Clintons. And then the Clintons are sending it to Ukraine.”

    Like the NGOs, they take the taxpayer’s money, then skim 50% and outsource it, who skims 50% and outsources, who skims 50% and outsources, until you have one guy in the soup kitchen with one dollar. “Skim” has a lot of meanings, to get 6-digit charity salaries, pay inside family suppliers, and always and of course, back-donations to the politicos who robbed the original taxpayer, and thereby rig all elections, but simply buying votes.

    “Left wing” cartoon. They miss that everyone but the Western Left Wing would be carrying guns. That’s how you know our Left Wing has no intent of ever taking control and doing anything, but will hand it all to billionaire oligarchs who fund them and are waiting. Yeah, Nike is really Left wing. Oprah really wants no property.

    “as the bill comes due for all those years of conniving with Ukrainian crooks and as the unforgivable folly of the war”

    Yes, but he’s too old to pay punishment for it. Even hanging won’t shorten his life. As per the last wars, also to be punished, Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and also Obama, murdering (brown) child-citizens by diktat.

    “Thor, Odin’s Son, through your arrogance and stupidity, you have opened these peaceful realms and innocent lives to the horror and devastation of war…You are a vain, greedy, cruel boy.”

    Nuremberg:  “Do I ask the tribunal to hang them all, chop them up into a million pieces or something like that? I felt, no, that wouldn’t really serve a significant purpose because you never could balance their 22 lives against the millions who had been slaughtered. And if I could develop a rule of law that could protect human kind in the future, that would be significant.”

    Sadly, because chopping them up would be more satisfying. As now. But we’re adults and have to get things done.

    Other quotes about Nuremberg? ““So grotesque and preposterous are the principle characters in this galaxy of clowns and crooks that none but a thrice double ass could have taken them for rulers.”

    That’s for sure.

    And the quote I went looking for, that the act, the choice to begin aggressive war was the ultimate crime because within it lies the seeds of all the other war crimes. Be it genocide, civilians, gas, or whatever. And so with Biden, but specifically Bush and Cheney, and not forgetting Obama who kept the whole Bush cabinet and bombed so many (brown) people worldwide he ran out of bombs. Or “We came, We saw, He died.” He died to open a black slave market for us. For Obama.

    Anyway, such is Biden and the “Folly of War.”

    “The White House and its allies have gone on the offensive, dismissing the allegations against the president as baseless and debunked, attacking the investigators”

    This is working wonderfully down on the street, everyone is totally on board. I don’t know how this is, I only report THAT it is. So you can literally have a crackhead son on camera with children, take $20M so far, including $1M from Moscow directly, then get into a $150B world war that seems to be rooted in blackmail from that same country, then quadruple gas prices and put everyone out of work and they still support it without a thought.

    I would have thought that would be impossible, but clearly it isn’t. I have to wonder just how far this spell can go. Can you make 200 million people drink a Kool-aid that will most probably kill them? Yes. You can. Are there any limits at all?

    One wonders. When you can do that, you see why they act they way they do. Why not? You’re not going to say anything. And when you’ve been this stupendously stupid, like I tell you the underpants gnomes say you need to give my your wallet and you do, then who’s the dummy here? If you take no sense of yourself, at all, none, then how are you NOT deserving of it? What logic would that make? How are you NOT cattle, and I a god, as you act like it?

    You tell me. But this is how they think and why. If you don’t want to be robbed and killed like ants, DON’T ACT LIKE IT. Even a modicum of non-compliance would end them instantly, as they well-know.

    Luongo covers this in Part Three where they describe amusing pleasures of being ungovernable.
    Part 1 here –
    Part 2 here –
    Part 3 here –

    Don’t know what to say though. The first act is to see and WANT to be ungovernable. No one I talk to even wants that, and have not the slightest suspicion.

    ““Is Zelensky elected to Congress?”McCarthy responded. “Is he our president?”

    Apparently yes. And Kiev is the world capital. You’re the guy who gave him $150 Billion already. As above, who’s the dummy? Who’s really at fault here? I have addicts hitting me up for $20 all day, and I give it to them and they do drugs and are back tomorrow, like, surprise! Oh, I’m sorry, your baby really DIDN’T need formula? Your car wasn’t REALLY out of gas? So. Shocked.

    What I keep discussing and still can’t grasp: in a nation of lies, where you’ve been lied to from birth, where every lie picks your pockets, they all act like they’ve never seen a lie before. Hooooooooowwwwwwwwww?????? How is that even possible? They’re like, “No it isn’t. Daddy (government) would never lie to me.” Cluster B.

    ““To be blunt, we’re running a $2 trillion deficit. … we’re borrowing from our future.”

    Actually no, we’re just never going to pay it. Duh.

    ““To be blunt, we’re running a $2 trillion deficit. Any money we give to Ukraine, we’re borrowing from our future.”

    Wot a shock! You mean like McConnell and every other Republican, he has 24/7 bad strategy that always hands everything to the other side? Such that the Derp State carries on undisturbed? Huh. Well we’ll get ‘em next time! Vote for Burr!

    “Honestly, it’s kind of draining” – Aaron Burr

    So in the backdrop, I hear that homelessness, RV Hoovervilles, etc are prettymuch pandemic and endemic nationwide. So that is a sanitation hazard in addition to a crime and drug one. Any city, anywhere, cities of 30,000, cities in the far north (like Montana), everywhere. And then they say you can’t touch them, they can do WHATEVER they want because we can’t remove unless we have a place for them. Wait, so how is, I dunno, Fargo responsible for people who could – and nobody’s stopping them – move to San Diego? And we can’t arrest them for normal crime? And although I recognize the VERY SERIOUS issues of broken people, they are in the main able-bodied and able to do something. In a work shortage where no one will be a waitress. (this is price dislocation and pay due to top-down inflation)

    But so Congress is doing this. And the rest are doing this. And the media is doing this. And unlike, say CO2, this problem is SPECIFIC and IMMEDIATE, able to be solved locally and at our scale. Well that’s exactly why we won’t! Because problems are only good if “Somebody else” needs to do them. “Somebody else” needs to sacrifice and pay higher gas taxes while I fly to Vanuatu. If the homeless guys are on YOUR street, homeless families, now suddenly all you can think about is isn’t there a spot on the toes of my shoes? …And we bring in 2M a year and don’t say a word.

    IS there ANY level where the spell can be broken? Jesus Christ, man.

    So that’s the kind of useful stuff McCarthy is doing right now, furious at Gaetz and MTG for bringing it up, suggesting that there’s any urgency in America at all.

    ““Our first job is to get the House to pass something. We’ll see if they can but we need a bipartisan bill in each body,” Schumer said.”

    Hidden in this: reminder that spending bills originate in the House. Not the White House, either.

    “Moscow considers the conflict in Ukraine to be part of a Western proxy war against Russia.”

    Is that because everybody in the West, from Merkel to Boris to Stoltz to Schultz to Biden to Blinken SAID it was? Over and over? Those crazy Russkies!

    Speaking of, after stealing $6B and splitting it, anybody see Prigozhin’s new face on the beaches of Cyprus yet? Oh, so PUTIN told you it was his DNA? …And we always believe PUTIN, right?

    “Free speech is now commonly treated on campuses as harmful.”

    In #OppositeLand, they are against all knowledge, discussion, and human rights. With Harvard the foremost enemy of all human rights and proud of it.

    “We understand that the US is now actively clearing the electoral field of undesirable competition.”

    He doesn’t just mean Trump. If RFK campaigns anywhere, that means any people he wins go to Biden? Um…does anyone want to play “Unclear on the Concept” for $1000, Alex? So all actions, anywhere, by anybody, now mean Biden wins? Uh-huh. Why not say, “If you vote for Trump, that really means you voted for Biden”? (People literally saw this happen on the screens of the Dominion machines.) Again, like a Transgender PR manager for Ukr AND the U.S. Navy, this is supposed to wake you up but it doesn’t. The people love it and double their support.

    No one has the slightest reservations about RFK and Biden behavior that I’ve seen. It’s RFKs fault. If you’re not here in America, it’s inexplicable. If you ARE here, it’s still inexplicable. I figure they’ll run a literal potato or something to see if they can get away with it. Probably. What’s the difference, right? Haven’t I seen a SNL skit on this or something?

    “• DHS Is Grooming Americans to Report on Each Other (Whitehead)”

    Joke’s on them: all the Blue-haired Unitarians with a Prius riding low with stickers fit that category. However, they miss the important point that they won’t care. You can burn down the White House security booth and it’s nothing, GET PAID $1M, or just be within range of a cell tower in D.C. and be solitary for life. The “Rules” the “recommendations” printed here mean literally nothing. It’s “Do I FEEL like putting you in jail for life without trial? Or not?”

    “If you see something, say something” “Have you seen this jet? Please call the USMC.”

    Btw, no black smoke, no helicopters, no recovery? Um…the jet ejected then landed itself somewhere? What. The Actual? Even 600mph is 10 miles per minute. That’s 8 minutes on radar over a military base. And as they say…sooooooo…no comment from the pilot as to what they were doing and how it happened? They didn’t point it at a cornfield or nothing before dumping? It wasn’t pointed at the ground, clearly, or it wouldn’t have gone 80 miles, so…um…why’d you pull the lever? There’s no co-jet in the air with you that just radioed in and followed it? The USMC ACTUALLY gets on TV and ACTUALLY says, “If you find my missing jet”???

    What is this except like the PR agents above, NOT REAL and meant to make you go W.T.F.

    So how about this: the jet was taken over remotely and stolen. Uh huh. By who then? Who’s inside their own system? And then who is this puppet show created for? Russia proving they can take over jets? Unlikely. Derp State “vanishing” a jet live on CNN non-stop, while the same jet magically appears and is shot down over Ukraine months later? Like that?

    So when Cheeto goes to Ken Lay island, it’s a USMC jet that plugs his flying Trumpmobile out of the sky? And why? He needs to be gone. In safety. No responsible. They wouldn’t arrest him to accomplish that act for him, so they need to make other plans.

    …Stuff like that. Whyyyyyyyy do I need to come up with utterly bizarre hypotheses like that? A: Because their story makes no g-d d—-d sense. No way. No how. Stop telling me impossible things and I’ll stop looking into your stupid stories.

    ““We just need to find a way to wake the people up.” MEP Christine Andersen.

    “We were on the side of the people because the people actually pay us to act in their best interests.”

    Compare to AOC who in 4 years went from $8,000 to a multi-millionaire. $20M-odd officially. “Da Millionaires and Da Billionaires” as Bernie said for so long. I guess that explains her new, transformed voting record.

    “The Bull Missed The Red Flag In The Russian Provincial Elections (Helmer)

    Interesting. So they’re doing the Soros Mayor-and-DA plan there now? Well at least it might actually work.

    He’s missing a lot here. Putin has slowly contained the oligarchs. He fought them removing money and pledging loyalty to London for years decades. Only now that London helps are they listening. So far from being the obstacle, Putin is already solving all his objections and has been the solution. He’s supposed to move on to the issues Putin isn’t handling and propose a solution to those.

    Well except for those who are abused by them, everyone I know is a Cluster B mental patient. Why? It pays. It’s the only way to get what you want anymore. If anyone who’s normal even opens their mouth they are shot down instantly as worthless, bigoted, untouchables.

    Dr. D

    The School thing is in Joint Davis, Sacramento. So the heart of the beast.

    Ex-PFC Chuck

    On the Cluster B – We have a vote to put in soon in Australia – the Indigenous Voice to Parliament where they essentially join the constitution. Now there are a great many issues both Yes and No but here in Cluster B if anyone DARES to declare a No with a sign or a comment (the whole town is covered in YES!!! signage) then they are a bigot, small-minded, racist, self-obsessed tin-hat arsehole. You can’t even imagine the vibes here on the socials and in the town FEELZ.
    I am keeping my god-damned mouth shut. They are bat-shit crazy mass-formed loonz who will make your life difficult – try getting a job with your social credit at zero for hating the Aboriginals because you didn’t side with the government (whose history of stealing the country and children and dropping atomic bombs on them in Maralinga is justification for endless trust btw)
    Let it be known that my ancestors were stolen and shipped over here as PRISONERS of rich arseholes. The whole place was a land-grab and every aboriginal person in Australia is at least half white fella – so which part of them is the bigot? the prisoner part? Or are Irish political prisoners all racist too like broke peasants who stole loaves of bread to survive starvation?
    The mental gymnastics is a thing to behold.

    Dr. D

    Listening to more AI, I suddenly realized, Are they running the whole Ukraine war via AI? NATO, I mean? Wow, they would and suddenly that makes sense. Whoever’s running it is dumb as a post, and has not the slightest concern for human life, or for failure. Equation says “This works.” Run it, it fails utterly. But inputs are all the same, therefore output is the same. “Equation says This Works.” ID GOTO = 10.

    AI works perfectly, it’s won all the computer wargames same as Climate Modeling won all the modeling games. It only has two problems: One: there’s no way to get accurate information into it. The % of ready soldiers in a theoretical brigade for instance, as brigades now have 25% of their numbers. As we never know, did we hit that target or was it a trap? And Problem Two: AI can’t actually DO anything. It can’t actually run jets, it doesn’t pull triggers, but only issues communication. Orders. Text.

    Note this is like the Spreadsheet jockeys who rate themselves as the most important people in the universe, while the coolies who actually make widgets are beneath contempt and obviously do nothing. That’s AI and their worship of it. “Oh Great Middle Manager, exalted Middle Manager most high…”

    So except for everything it does, AI does everything perfectly. That TOTALLY makes sense. I’ll have to look for more evidence of this. And does NATO learn anything from their complete, catastrophic, ruinous loss? Not on your life. As Alien Ant Farm Minions, Queen Drone says “No” so we just go do it unthinkingly. That’s not just a Religion, as I often say. That’s literally their REALITY. Or so it seems now, they’ve graduated from faith-with-doubt to this, unthinking alien hivemind. That’s all that fits in their consciousness, AI, all other things are excluded, and therefore don’t exist any more than UV light exists for my eyes or the 5th dimension exists for my mind.

    So AI, or AI-Mind is now mind-meld, their reality. THEY are as ID 10 T, line instructions, unthinking and unaware of. Well, Everything.

    Dr. D

    AI: No functional input. No functional output.

    But other than that, it works great!

    Veracious Poet

    Well, I can see that today on ol’ TAE the supreme bitterness of the pill, *that must be swallowed*, is causing no small amount of consternation & abhorrence…

    I understand, I truly do.

    I’ve been trying to swallow that real reality toxic sludge for about 27 years now, pathologically repelled by it in ever shortening periods of tolerance (it just won’t settle in the craw), which combined with an anathema of exponential growth in absurd *mainstream* toxicity, makes the situation unbearable tortuous…

    So I pray for hope & the serenity to endure the twilight years of my life, while trapped within the maelstrom 😐

    Perspicaciously *sanity* (which for all those in *denial* in Truth equates to Spiritual Sanity), is completely & totally out.

    Right out. Not even an option…

    What started as what seemed to be a benign nuisance, is now a cancerous emergency, with multitudes seemingly ready to pull the rip cord on existential crises.

    But other than that, everything’s great!

    How about those Dodgers?


    VP, yep it really got to me over the last few weeks and then I snapped at my wife this morning and she got pissed at me (because I was being a dick).
    I realised I had started tuning into the fear vibration and I thought of Jesus and some brave types who stuck their neck out over the centuries and realised that in spirit there is nothing to fear
    I can scratch my head, marvel and all the rest but I must not let it make me fear my own opinions and station in life.
    It’s a peace destroyer.
    And my wife is not that into me when I’m raving and stressing about people being censorious wankers.


    the Clinton Global Initiative – $25 billion aid for Ukraine.

    Ukraine Peace Plan
    Diversions, disinformation, lies, scams, killing, depopulation, attrition
    Hidden/true Decision Makers – Lenders, Bankers, Blackrock
    Leverage – destroy then rebuild (break window then replace)

    Today, the Clinton Global Initiative announced their very own program to rebuild Ukraine. The US is sending the World Bank $25 billion. Then, the World Bank is sending money to the Clintons. And then the Clintons are sending it to Ukraine.

    Joe Biden also just appointed a Democrat mega-donor to be the Ukraine reconstruction czar. Her qualifications? She’s a billionaire heiress who bankrolled Obama’s election.

    But don’t you dare ask where our $100 billion of aid went, because the Ukrainian army’s American trans “disinformation” czar says asking questions is treasonous.

    Do you see the conflict of logic/lies?

    US President Joe Biden had described Putin as a “dictator.”

    Putin is supported by the overwhelming majority of Russians, as has been confirmed more than once during presidential elections.


    Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces (the army) suspends Sarah Ashton-Cirillo.
    J D Vance’s questions had an effect.

    Glenn Greenwald agrees with Vance.


    The purpose of the war in Ukraine is to peek at the cards in Russia’s war hand. Oh, and grift, of course.

    “it doesn’t matter if I’m rich and famous and powerful- I can still make a difference.”
    Their ears don’t hear what their mouths are saying.

    Maybe Poland doesn’t want to arm those it might fight in the near future? There are bound to be Ukrainians who don’t want to be part of Poland.

    Just Some Randomer

    “Maybe Poland doesn’t want to arm those it might fight in the near future? There are bound to be Ukrainians who don’t want to be part of Poland.”

    Exactly my thoughts. The arms Poland has provided so far have achieved nothing other than to allow the Ukrainians to send even more of their troops eastwards to be blown up by Russia – which is ideal from a Polish perspective if they plan to re-take territory in the west of Ukraine that they consider historically Polish.

    Now that Russia has disposed of pretty much anyone capable of opposing such a move by Poland, it makes perfect sense for Poland to halt further arms shipments so as to minimise the chances of this weaponry being used to counter their territorial ambitions.

    Figmund Sreud

    Latest conversation with Alastair Crooke:



    Growth or depopulation
    By the numbers
    World Demographics
    Last updated: September 21, 2023, 12:53 GMT
    Weekly Trends – Graphs – Countries – News


    Ah, the California required high school health class. When I attended high school it also included driver’s Ed, warnings about illegal drug use, sex ed, info on STDs, and I took it in 10th grade. It has always been on the cutting edge of the social mores current to high school students. One day, my teacher asked the students: “Okay — so how much does it cost to buy a joint?” Several in the class knew the answer: “2 dollars.” Another day, the teacher came wearing dangly earrings made of condoms still sealed in the individual packaging. The teacher was an older woman, in her early sixties, gruff, plump — a short bear of a woman, like you would expect driving a school bus.

    By the time most 9th graders are reaching this health class, they are already well-versed in these terms. They probably first encountered them from peers and/or social media by age five or six or seven. The California high school health class is merely formalizing what is already out there. If parents think that they are going to stop their children from galloping down lgbtqi paths by handcuffing teachers and school administrators, they are sorely mistaken. It’s like locking the paddock door after the horse has already left the stable. That isn’t to say that schools should be hiding children’s lgbtqi “identities” from parents — that is a huge folly — and maybe the parents don’t realize that the schools have to figure out some tolerant way of dealing with trans expression because that is what is going on in the classrooms and on the playgrounds.

    Parents can restrict and monitor their kids’ access to devices and the internet — but many parents do not do this, or the controls are lax — and the kids who don’t encounter these ideas online will get it from their peers who are online. Even my sister’s homeschooled kids are displaying behavior that suggests that they have run across lgbtqi ideas that are contrary to their Mormon faith.

    Yesterday, at the grocery store a toddler was complaining to his mother because he didn’t want to sit in the cart’s seat. She kept remonstrating him in Spanish, that he had to stay there, that he had misbehaved and was not permitted to get down. The child continued to complain, vociferously. I passed them again about 5 minutes later, and the child was watching YouTube on the mother’s phone. The mother had peace. Oh, how tempting it is to pacify a child in this way. How exhausting it is to deal with a child’s unrelenting complaints. Don’t I know. (On long trips I always let the kids watch videos — the contention otherwise was more than I could bear.) And parents of older children don’t want to acknowledge that by allowing YouTube to parent their children, that their children have adopted the values promulgated by social media, rather than the values of their biological parents. It is so much easier to just blame the schools.


    On long trips I always let the kids watch videos — the contention otherwise was more than I could bear.

    As a child in the 1970s I went on many very long trips (day long, or multiple days) with my grandparents. We talked, played games (picking out different license plates, different car models, reading maps and estimating times, picking out different routes, they were endless). We also listened to music together, sometimes singing. It also taught me how to be still in my body with my own thoughts. Important lessons. No wonder kids are so screwed up now.

    TAE Summary

    * SOGIE gender definitions: Of course man and woman are not on the list since by definition they have no definitions

    * Western support for Ukraine is dead; Long live western support for Ukraine

    * Spending is the new saving; Spending money now means you can spend more later

    * Arden: They cannot win the war on climate change if people do not believe them about the underlying problem.
    – Sun Tzu: All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.

    * In the land of pathology sanity is extremist

    * And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and sucked up to him, saying, Mr. DHS Secretary, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?
    And Mayorkas said unto him, What is written in the law? how readest thou?
    And he answering said, Thou shalt love the state with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and if thou seest thy neighbor do something, thou shalt say something.
    And he said unto him, Thou hast answered right: this do, and thou shalt live.
    But he, willing to justify himself, said unto Secretary Mayorkas, And who is my neighbour?
    And Mayorkas answering said, A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, which stripped him of his raiment, and wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead.
    And by chance there came down a certain priest that way: and when he saw him, he passed by on the other side.
    And likewise a Levite, when he was at the place, came and looked on him, and passed by on the other side.
    But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he had suspicions about him,
    And left him, and reported him to the Romans who arrested him and accused him of vagrancy, refused him healthcare, imprisoned him many days and beat him with stripes not a few.
    Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbour unto him that fell among the thieves?
    And he said, He that reported him to the authorities. Then said Mayorkas unto him, Go, and do thou likewise.

    * The Spirit of our Times, aka a dried coffee spill on the floor where I work.
    Cluster B

    Michael Reid

    This is very interesting.


    Apparently the world is not what we think it is


    RE: Sacramento/Davis and a previous anecdote re: Afghan expats (40K of them, IIRC)

    That region of California, for 20+ years, has been absorbing a huge amount of Indian immigrants. So, now, let’s import a small army of their ‘sworn enemies.’ Then we’ll trans all their children and see who gets more pissed, Allah or Shiva.

    John Day

    Christine sent this article from Naked Capitalism about power elites fearing loss of control in crisis situations, and reacting to control people, rather than to help find survivors.
    Yves does not think that climate-change, as portrayed in mass media, is that kind of a crisis of bureaucratic control, and I agree, but that is not what is really going on, is it?
    ​ When Authorities Believe Their Citizens Will Become Dangerous…
    ​ Yves here: Tom Neuburger discusses the important issue of the real aims for the increase of the surveillance state in Western countries. He posits that it’s due to elites recognizing the potential of the lower orders to turn violently against them. In one sense, that’s already well recognized, witness how many of the super-rich have built highly-secure, meant-to-be-self-sustaining bolt holes in places like New Zealand and discuss among themselves how to assure the loyalty of the private jet pilots they will depend on to get them there.​..
    ​..Neuburger also asks why the soi-disant left has largely ignored the rise in surveillance and enforcement tools. Bluntly, I see two reasons. One is very few have or are willing to protest and thus assume because they aren’t the sort of people to make that kind of fuss, the policing apparatus will never be used against them. Second is that many eagerly applaud its construction to use against the deplorables, regardless of the damage to principles of rule of law and privacy. It has become sadly necessary to remind readers of the danger.​..
    ​..“The other coup,” the one that no one in the mainstream wants to acknowledge. Even those moved strongly to decry the fascist Trumpian party (which certainly exists) and fear the coup it certainly represents, find themselves hard-pressed to decry the other coup, the ongoing one by our National Security State.
    Truth be told — and I mean that literally — one reason that some encourage the “other coup” is that the NatSec State is working to benefit them … for the moment, at least.​..
    ​..It starts with the tale of an earthquake near Anchorage, Alaska, and public officials fears of what would happen:
    ​ North America’s strongest recorded earthquake struck just off the Alaskan coast at 5:36 p.m., on March 27, 1964. The shaking from the magnitude 9.2 quake lasted an unimaginable four and a half minutes. The tectonic forces reshaped Alaska’s coastline and triggered tsunamis that wiped out villages and claimed lives as far south as California. Anchorage, only 75 miles from the epicenter, was devastated. …
    ​ The sun set that night on a shattered city. Thousands were homeless. An entire neighborhood of stately homes had tumbled down a bluff as the soil beneath it turned to slurry. ​ Almost as soon as the shaking stopped, city officials began worrying about how the populace would respond. … Police quickly deputized a group of volunteers—some of them freshly emerged from those Fourth Avenue bars—as ad hoc officers. The men put on armbands with the word police emblazoned in lipstick—a few were even issued firearms—and off they went to protect the city from the inevitable post-disaster crime wave.
    …At the time, most experts believed any major disaster would cause “a mass outbreak of hysterical neurosis among the civilian population,” as social scientist Richard M. Titmuss had put it some years earlier. Shocked by carnage and desperate for food and shelter, people would “behave like frightened and unsatisfied children.” Only firm control by powerful authorities could keep the lid on such dangerous situations.
    ​ “Only firm control by powerful authorities” plays right into the hands of powerful authorities who desire firm control.
    All the dire predictions turned to dust, as the article details. “Expecting chaos, the sociologists were puzzled to find the residents calmly, almost cheerfully, pitching in to help.”
    ​ And yet…
    Before dispatching those casually deputized citizens to keep order in the streets, the Anchorage police chief suspended the search for survivors in damaged buildings. “Arguably, the city was protecting its ruins from looters more conscientiously than it was looking for people trapped in them,” Mooallem writes.
    ​ Sounds conscienceless, this behavior; property before people. But that’s pretty much at the core what our government protects.
    ​ Disaster researchers call this phenomenon “elite panic.” When authorities believe their own citizens will become dangerous, they begin to focus on controlling the public, rather than on addressing the disaster itself. They clamp down on information, restrict freedom of movement, and devote unnecessary energy to enforcing laws they assume are about to be broken.
    ​ If reason one is that the state fears citizen panic during disasters, reason two is that it reasonably fears an overturning of the state during certain disasters.

    When Authorities Believe Their Citizens Will Become Dangerous…

    ​Elizabeth Nickson , Megadeath: the global conspiracy to kill every living thing until we submit.
    Climate engineering was used this summer to terrify people about global warming. Virtually every fire, every loss, every death was deliberate.
    ​ “Weather was a weapon used over Vietnam,” says US Air Force Major General Richard H Roellig. “Would you expect that to be deleted from the availability? No! They continue to expand the scientific aspects of it, to have it available in your portfolio of weaponry would be a natural process. Should you expect it to be available on demand to have the ability to modify weather? Absolutely. Within this country. And others.”
    ​ “Climate engineering is the crown jewel of the Military-Industrial Complex. It has been used to topple nations all over the globe, facilitating the takeover of hostile countries. We know some of these countries have had their precipitation cut off, like Iran, which stated so on the floor of the U.N.” – Dane Wigington​ …
    ..Lyndon Johnson: “He who controls the weather, will control the world”.​ (LBJ is scary to watch as he says this at a college commencement speech. He means it.)​ …
    ​..Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defense, “Geoengineering is the most dangerous diabolical thing that has ever happened to us.”​ (He means it, too.) …
    ​.. Elizabeth in Canada: Down in the valley below me, a friend lives in his cunningly retrofitted trailer (with a thin tin roof) and evenings, when everyone else is glued to Netflix, he hears the military jets come in from the base north of us and he goes out to watch them cover the skies with trails, criss-crossing the valley like tic tac toe and he wakes the next morning to an aluminum mist that falls and falls around him. And us. Then it rains…
    ​..Officially, geo-engineering isn’t happening. Yet here is an interactive map that tracks weather modification projects recorded by the United Nations World Meteorological Organization for the past fifty years. As described, the map “includes data on the apparatus involved, agents applied and the techniques used in each event. It also includes both positive and negative results of some of the completed projects, funding sources such as government agencies and private companies.” You can even read the lawsuits some of the projects triggered. Here is a document from the U.S. government, entitled, “Owning the Weather by 2025”. Here is a Congressional Hearing on the necessity of geoengineering. Here is a piece from the Guardian, describing Harvard’s geoengineering project in 2017. Here are three documentaries, done over ten years, that trace the history of, rational for, and results of world-wide geoengineering. First, second, third.​..
    ..“Costs (of geoengineering) are so cheap, the richest people in the world could afford to buy an ice age”.
    ​ Dr. David Keith, leading American geoengineer, who works for Bill Gates
    ​ Of course the reason that geoengineering is formally not happening, despite the ten thousand reports in the mainstream news, is that what is being put into the atmosphere above our heads is toxic. As in very toxic, as in abiotic, so toxic that it’s killing insects, bees, trees, ranges, forests, organic farmlands, grasslands, alkalizing the soil, diminishing crops, causing extreme weather swings, and finally, causing global warming. The aerosolized metals, principally aluminium, entering the atmosphere are damaging every lung on the planet, causing spikes in brain diseases and cancer. It is why the skies are so often a particulate chemical blue-grey, why the blue is just …less blue. It is why bees and insects are so sparse, it is why arthropods, those necessary little critters in the soil are present in a fraction of 30 years ago. We are losing the fabric of life, drowning in aerosolized aluminum, strontium, barium. There is no such thing as “organic” food. All food is filled with aerosolized nano particulates of metal absorbed into the food chain.​..
    ​..We don’t know about what is happening formally, because people are dying from exposure to aerosolized chemicals. One million tons of aluminium, strontium and sodium chloride will kill tens of thousands a year, said the leading geoengineer in the US, David Keith, who works for Bill Gates. You can watch him say this on Wigington’s documentary. He was captured in an early seminar: “A million tons of aluminum in the sky would kill tens of thousands of people a year.” They have added ten to twenty million tons of aluminum into the atmosphere. Annually.
    ​ They tried to use sulphur, but “ten megatons of sulphur a year in the air means you would only get one watt of temperature change, according to Dr Ken Caldeira, another of the U. S.’s leading geoengineers. But aluminum is a different story. Aluminum works. It reflects back the sun.
    ​ The stated goal of the two top geoengineers in the US, Dr. David Keith and Dr. Ken Caldeira is to put ten to 20 million tons of nano particulates into the global sky every single year on top of industrialized pollution. Wigington’s research shows they are already doing it and more.
    ​ At another conference, when asked about the dangers of filling the skies with nano-aluminium, Keith waffled and then banned Wigington from any other geoengineering conference.​..
    ..Whenever you see trails now, you are looking at metals. When you see a haze, aluminum…
    ​..Wigin​gton decided to test for chemicals named in geoengineering patents, (US Patent 29,142) : “combustible compositions for generation aerosols, particularly for cloud modification and weather control and aersolization processes: barium, strontium, aluminum.” He raised enough money to take up a NOAA flying lab and test at altitude to measure the particulate trails three separate times. They sampled point to point above and below the cloud layer as well as through and found exactly the same elements listed in climate engineering patents and found in surface tests from all over the globe. They tested the glacier up on top of Mount Shasta, found 61,000 micrograms of aluminum per liter in the snow water. There should be none. Aluminium does not occur in nature on its own. They tested ponds in northern California, soil, farm animals, bees, insects, and sampled the dirt to show that the arthropods, microorganisms in the soil, were dying off. In air and water, they found 375 parts of aluminum per million, an escalation of 50,000% in five years.​..
    ..Maui is particularly affected by geoengineering. One-third of its rainforest is dead, and organic farmers find their yields are plummeting. The chemicals accelerate fires and did all over the world this summers. Aluminum is an accelerant, which explains the chemicals found in the smoke, and the savagery of the fires that burn way beyond any former intensity. “In Maui, our skies are silver blue and at night, we see very few stars,” says an organic farmer. “If people really understood what was going on in Hawaii there would be a revolution. Most of us use water catchment as a water source and we tested it. It is filled with aluminum, strontium and barium. Our banana trees are disintegrating, the engineers are hammering microdoses into us every day. It is weakening the plants. We can’t grow natural seeds, we need GMO seeds which are being bioengineered to resist aluminum in the soil. Monsanto has developed abiotic stress seeds, but of course, they are GMO and you have to buy them every year.”…
    ..Scientists from Fish and Wildlife talk about the impacts on the forests. “We have reduced our canopy by half, every third or fourth tree in Chicago is dead. Same in Maui.” …
    ​..The Purpose of HAARP; the High-Frequency, Active Auroral, Research Project
    ​ HAARP was created to work in tandem with geoengineering warfare. HAARP emits excitation waves that affect the particles. They can heat the air, cool the air, and with HAARP’s directional antennas, they can focus their antennas where they want to move the jet stream. They can create an artificial high, and then accentuate the high. They can create more intense droughts, create rainfalls of 2 inches an hour, an inch a minute, unheard of, weather that is extreme. They can move hurricanes and tornadoes.
    ​ You can kill a storm in place with HAARP.​..
    ​..In northern and central California, weather warfare is being used on farmers and ranchers to move water rights from private farmers and citizens into big agricultural enterprises. Some ranchers believe now that the drought in the Central Valley is deliberate. If the Governor can declare a state of emergency, he can take any land, corporatize the water, and prioritize corporate ag over local farmers, privilege corporate ag over the people. In California, private water use takes 12-15% of total, corporate agriculture uses 85%, but citizens pay the freight. California farm and ranchland is the most productive in the world and heavily coveted by mega corporations.​..
    ​..This is how they are effecting Agenda 2030. Via genocide, via the deaths of billions of organisms, by the calculations that once they have what they want, they can bring it back. Humans have been subject to clearances since history began. Most of the U.S. and Canada was founded and first settled by desperate Scots cleared from the Highlands, and starved Irish cleared by the potato famines. Elites, those vicious predators at the top of the food chain have done this many times before.

    ​ The Dimming is the 2 hour movie, which is largely encapsulated in the excerpted blog post above, but has more comprehensive presentation if you have the time. I have been seeing this kind of information for about 20 years now, and have been seeing criss-crossed chemtrails over Austin for longer than that.

    The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary

    US Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dane Wigington: Is Climate Engineering Real?​
    ​Sceptical Bobby Kennedy Jr. grills Dane Wigington and ​gradually becomes convinced in this 59 minute video interview.

    Michael Reid

    Still interesting.

    THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT… The Fall of the Cabal (2) Part 2: DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE

    Apparently there is a war going on for absolute submission of the masses

    John Day

    Thanks Michael Reid, I’m having trouble pulling out the source address. Can you post links for the “Fall of the Cabal” series?
    I thanked you in today’s other post for the “Prussiagate” series.

    John Day

    ​Climate Viewer resource of maps, many interactive and climate projects on our planet is here. It is extensive and worth a look, which is instructive by itself.

    It is quite a shifting of direction, but when we look at the imperial proxy war against Russia, in Ukraine, we are looking at the same global cabal of ownership and control of all life on earth. This is not going as planned for the “owners”. One must wonder how much “alite panic” they are having, as we see more and more overt political actions, which are more and more obviously just lies against obvious reality. Russia is a “civilizational state”, which reclaimed national identity after the neoliberal takeover of the 1990s killed one out of ten Russians. Russia has tremendous national resources, which are being defended again, and used to benefit Russians and Russian interests, as well as to support a coalition of countries seeking to also break away from globalist neoliberal neocolonialism.

    Zelensky got the cold shoulder and bad press when he visited the UN this week. The irregularly-brownish carpet was rolled out for him this time.
    ​ The administration of US President Joe Biden decided not to supply ATACMS missiles with a range of up to 300 km to Ukraine, which caused a stormy reaction in Congress. The reason for the refusal was fears of Russian retaliatory measures, in particular, a possible withdrawal from the START-3 treaty and the start of a new arms race. Russia could deploy thousands of nuclear-tipped missiles aimed at US and NATO bases in Europe, a White House source emphasized.

    ​ Zelensky the puppet may have been prompted to insult his benefactors before national elections. The result is that he is quickly becoming a scapegoat as corruption and misdeeds are being presented in the news. Polish elections are looming, and Poles will now cut off arms to Ukraine to focus on their own preparations for war. Recent war games showed Poland losing a lot to a Russian invasion quickly. Zelensky’s insult, suing Poland over the ban of Ukrainian (really American owned) grain, has provided the justification for cutting-off Ukraine. The “no-border” overtures seem to be over. Poles are tired of Ukrainians in their country being treated well as their own needs languish.
    Poland & Ukraine Have Plunged Into A Full-Blown Political Crisis With No End In Sight

    Poland & Ukraine Have Plunged Into A Full-Blown Political Crisis With No End In Sight

    Simplicius had this aggregation of war news yesterday, but the videos have all been taken down. There was one video, about 10 minutes, of a Ukrainian soldier advancing with his platoon through a devastated strip of trees, narrating his progress, stepping over more than a dozen bodies of fallen comrades along the way, accidentally walking on one, getting into a hole after a “bird” (drone) spotted them, moving forward without real hope, just purpose. He explained that people could not understand what he and other soldiers went through every day and every hour.
    Massive Ukrainian losses are discussed, as further reports give credence to the highest numbers, 80 – 90% losses, 400,000 or more dead so far, and the need for total mobilization. There are not enough tanks, so men go alone on foot to be killed, but conserve the tanks and armored vehicles… Ten German Leopard tanks were non-operational when they arrived at the Ukrainian border were sent promptly back. There is no way to field-repair them in Ukraine.
    Russia has instituted a specific surrender-frequency for radio communication, like dialing 911. It is working very effectively.
    ​ Since the launch of the Volga project, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine are invited to go to the frequency of 149.200 for surrender, just over 3,500 enemy soldiers and officers have voluntarily surrendered. In fact, a whole brigade of “counter-offensive”.
    Russia will not demobilize any soldiers until the SMO is completed, having added 300,000 this year, many who are still in training. Russia keeps options open against an overt NATO escalation.
    Ukrainian forces are increasingly murdering foreign mercenaries who still remain with them at the front, so those who can get out are getting out, rather than be murdered.
    Ukraine has not advanced towards any of the initial objectives of the spring/summer counter-offensive, but has had something like 71,000 deaths for a kilometer here and there, without breaching “the Surovkin Line” anywhere. They are desperately getting propaganda points in the media for hitting less-defended Russian targets where they can find them, which do not affect the actual war, but help to make the case for more money and more weapons from the west.
    Russian Defense Minister Shoigu has finished meeting with DPRK President Kim Jong Un, and may get 10,000,000 rounds of heavy artillery, and some very effective mobile-launch intermediate range missiles, broadly useful on the battlefield, which would spare more expensive and higher tech Russian missiles. Or maybe not. Nothing official. (Ukrainian sources say the artillery is already arriving, but they would say that, in any case.)
    ​ And the Polish ​President bitterly issued this nasty statement about Ukraine:
    Polish president “A drowning person is extremely dangerous because he can pull you to the depths. He can drown the rescuer. Ukraine is behaving like a drowning person clinging to everything he can, but we have the right to defend ourselves against harm being done to us.”
    ​ House Speaker McCarthy is stalling further aid, conditionally demanding to first get a personal audit from Zelensky on where American dollars are going.
    ​ Armenian/Azerbaijani ​h​uman tragedy is discussed, as the Armenian President betrays his people in ​Nagorno-Karabakh, and just blames Russia, while he does nothing militarily.
    ​ There is a West African update. Wagner is now being represented by General (“Armageddon”) Surovkin, after his removal from view and Prigozhin’s recent assassination.
    There are many more stories and details, but those are what I see as the high points. I’m sorry the videos are no longer accessible.

    John Day

    There was a unifying narrative for the American people, which they were compelled to advance, right?
    FBI Had So Many Paid Informants In J6 Riot They Lost Track And Had To Perform Audit: Ex-Official
    A former assistant FBI director has told lawmakers that the agency had so many paid informants at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 that it lost track and had to perform an audit, according to the NY Post’s Miranda Devine.

    ​ Israeli forces attack Palestinian journalists, paramedics in Gaza Strip
    ​ The occupied Palestinian territory has seen many journalists killed in the line of duty in recent years. Israel targets non-combatants frequently, especially journalists and medics.
    Last week, Tel Aviv regime forces targeted Palestinian photojournalist Ashraf Abu Amra while he was covering similar protests.
    In 2018, volunteer medic Razan Al-Najjar, 21, was shot and killed while tending to Palestinians wounded during the Great March of Return protests in Gaza.
    In May 2022, the Israeli army shot dead Al Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh.
    Several reports and human rights groups concluded that slain Al Jazeera reporter Abu Akleh was intentionally targeted by Israeli troops, dismissing the Israeli regime’s account that the killing was unintentional.​ ​ [Still, no apology​; no criminal probe.]

    Netanyahu urges Musk for more censorship under guise of ‘antisemitism’​ [Hasbara is an Israeli word meaning “to explain things favorably for Israel”,​ or “propaganda”]
    This comes amid revelations of a notable increase in hateful anti-Palestinian discourse across various social media platforms in 2022.

    John Day

    ​ Stagflation is here due to terminal decline in oil production, similar to the stagflation from the Arab Oil Embargo and quadrupling of oil prices in the 1970s.
    ​ In its latest Economic Outlook report, the OECD revised downwards its global economic forecast for 2024, expecting growth to slide to 2.7% next year, down by 0.2% from its June estimate, after an already “sub-par” expansion of 3% this year.
    ​ The world economy will face its weakest annual growth next year, excluding 2020, when Covid-19 struck, since the global financial crisis, the Paris-based organization predicted.
    ​ “While high inflation continues to unwind the world economy remains in a difficult place,” OECD chief economist Clare Lombardelli told reporters on Tuesday. “We’re confronting the double challenges of inflation and low growth.”
    ​ Interest-rate hikes aimed at curbing inflation are taking their toll and are expected to have a further negative impact on economies worldwide, the OECD warned. Meanwhile price growth shows little sign of easing, leaving “limited scope for any rate cuts until well into 2024.”

    ​ These next two pieces are fairly detailed, and lay out the plans for development of nations and regions which have been suppressed to languish under global neoliberal-neocolonialism. It is not just North Korea which has been invited to this party, but Russia’s Far East will get most of Russian development attention “for the rest of the century” according to President Putin.
    Railways are a big part of this, as is city infrastructure and electrical generation, the same as for Africa, where the second article looks at the extensive and ongoing railroad projects in Africa, which are expected to do what the transcontinental railways in the US and Canada did, what those big projects always do…

    Pepe Escobar: Russia, North Korea Stage ‘Strategic Coup’ Against Western Hegemony

    ​ Matthew Ehret , The west destroyed Africa, Eurasia will revive it
    ​ Africa’s renaissance is already underway through partnerships with Eurasian powers Russia and China, whose significant contributions are already visible in security, economic, and institutional sectors throughout the continent.


    If you are interested, you will go and read it.
    Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks at UNSC briefing on “Maintaining International Peace and Security: Promoting the Principles and Purposes of the UN Charter through Effective Multilateralism: Maintaining Ukraine’s Peace and Security”, New York, September 20, 2023


    All the Plus and all the minus equal zero.

    Double-entry accounting is a bookkeeping system that requires two entries — one debit and one credit — for every transaction. Your books are balanced when debits and credits zero each other out.

    We cannot absorb these millions of immigrants/refugees in our economy.

    We cannot allow these millions of our natives/domestics to leave our economy.

    Veracious Poet

    John Day

    @Michael Reid: I was able to find that series, which was made in 2020, the best I can tell.
    Here is the final episode:


    Ukraine is in a predicament.

    Poland “No more weapons for Ukraine“

    Russia is stopping exports of diesel and gasoline.

    USA : Maybe, No more money for Ukraine

    Michael Reid

    @ John Day

    I just posted a very detailed response for you but it seems to have been accepted but does is not visible in the comments.

    I tried again and Error: Duplicate reply detected.

    I was out working and it took over an hour to find links and there is a sequel series 24 parts

    Michael Reid

    @ John Day there are 10 parts that I located

    Michael Reid

    THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT… The Fall of the Cabal (3) Part 3: THE ALIEN INVASION

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