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    SalvadorDali Girl at a window 1925   • The US Is Using The Guardian To Justify Jailing Assange For Life (Cook) • Prosecutor Claims Assange May Be
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    V. Arnold

    SalvadorDali Girl at a window 1925

    Seems familiar, but very nicely done; nice figure from the back…

    I’ll take some
    Me too…
    Putin offers free vaccine to the UN body…

    Dr. D

    “Covid is over in Sweden. We have herd immunity. Most likely, many other parts of the world do too, including England, Italy, and parts of the US, like New York”

    “No Medical Justification For Emergency Measures” – Open Letter From 100s Of Doctors, Health Pros Urges End To Lockdowns”

    “The Jump in New US Covid Cases Is “Completely Explained” By A Surge In Testing: BofA. Meanwhile, the number of people in the US hospitalized with Covid-19 is down 52% in 59 days since the recent peak on July 23rd.”

    Nope. We are going to lock down for 1,500 years, not 15 days, because, how else could we get in a 1,000-year tyrannical Reich? Those human rights and freedoms aren’t going to erase themselves, you know. We can’t hand $4 Trillion to our pals and wipe out all competition on any ordinary day.

    Like our pal say:

    The New Norm – OMG

    Those folks aren’t going to kill themselves. They need lots of help from us. They need to die of our lies.

    Decline. Say no. Stop helping. Leave people alone. Stop thinking you know enough to tell everybody on earth how to live and what to do. Hubris cometh before such a fall as this.
    Besides, if I’m wrong, why have they been discussing such a thing for years, putting all the legal pieces in place?

    Speaking of killin’ some folks: “Delaware Police Seize Enough Fentanyl To Kill At least 75% Of State’s Population” This happens about every week. It’s a miracle (or suspicious) that a simple car accident hasn’t caused a local disaster yet. Where did this state-killing chemical weapon come from? Odds on, China, but no doubt with Derp State black money help, as they developed this method of harvesting the population and making money on both sales and urban renewal back with “Narcos”. And that was many decades ago. They’re much more direct now, they’re in a hurry: they just burn down the zip code and get free legal cash from Emergency Fund bailouts. Those elections aren’t going to tamper themselves, you know! But when has the CIA/Derp State ever tried to weigh in on and interfere in elections? I mean except 100x a day for the last 5 years?

    US Suspects Deutsche Bank Laundered $1.3 Trillion In 20 Years (RT)”

    What? And I was told infinity-tracked Bitcoin was used for drug deals, not cash. And $1.3 Trillion? How can that be? I mean HSBC was only buying jumbo-jets for Mexican drug cartels decades ago.

    Charles Smith: “Inflation & “Socialism-Lite” Are Just What the Billionaires Want”

    “”I Was Truly Alone”: Florida Waiter Laid Off Due To COVID Winds Up Homeless, Living In A Tent” Getting’ rich killin’ some folks. How it’s done.

    Jimmy Dore, all Assange. Watch at least the first 4 minutes. NSFW, nor for party loyalty and credibility.

    “The Guardian” factogenesis. So we see how lies function and why they work. Wikipedia requires sources to be an “authority” in true “Appeal to Authority” fallacy, so The Guardian lies, hands it to BuzzFeed, who prints that Yahoo quoted them, then officially anything they print about Assange becomes true! And if you are Assange, the authority and fact-checker of himself, you can neither debunk the lies, nor edit Wikipedia. As we “now all know” this is true, the legal system can now kill you or imprison you for life because ol’ Luke at The Guardian wrote some s—t on a napkin after taking money from his billionaire handlers. …Oh and BECAUSE WE ALL PLAY ALONG and act like we believe it. WE give them this credibility and power. It only works if you let it. Don’t. Resist. Because: You’re Next. Even if you’re the world’s richest authoress.

    “New York Times Wrongly Cuts Election Year Nominations By Almost Half (Turley)” Lies. Factogenisis. The “Newspaper of Record” says this is true, it is now a Wikipedia and common knowledge fact. Lyin’: easy as falling off a log.

    RGB’s “Dying wish” was to be contrary to her own quotes that said There is nothing in the constitution that requires a sitting President to not nominate Justices in his last year on office. Of course she said that in 2015 during Garland’s appointment. Goldfish. Squirrel. Forgot already. She was right.

    “Putin: Global Economy Won’t Recover From Pandemic Shutting it down for No Good or Scientific Reason ‘For A Long Time’ (RT)

    Ah, worldwide lies, theft, hypocrisy and mass-murder. Must be Wednesday.


    It’s good that you mess with our minds – pushes us past our (my) thoughtless knee-jerk responses.
    On this issue (judge-selection) this reminds me that judges may be all-too-human. Does religiousness matter? It would seem that religions have formed the basis for the moral codes for many of us non-believers. Some religious people do not accept all parts of their chosen religion. Better maybe to look at stated positions of judges on relevant issues that may impact their role as a judge.


    “NYT, Guardian, rest of MSM in 2020 know only one side of the population reads and watches them, and that they don’t read the other side. That frees them up to paint a very one-sided picture.”

    Are you looking for the truth? Read more than the quote by TAE. Read the blog article.

    The mainstream media is the enemy of Assange. Its not the governments.

    Jonathan Cook is a Nazareth- based journalist and winner of the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism

    The US is using the Guardian to justify jailing Assange for life. Why is the paper so silent?

    “The corporate media had two possible responses to the promised Wikileaks revolution. One was to get behind it. But that was not straightforward. As we have noted, Wikileaks’ goal of transparency was fundamentally at odds both with the corporate media’s need for access to members of the power elite and with its embedded role, representing one side in the “competition” between rival power centres. The corporate media’s other possible response was to get behind the political elite’s efforts to destroy Wikileaks. Once Wikileaks and Assange were disabled, there could be a return to media business as usual.
    From the outset, the work of Assange and Wikileaks threatened to disrupt the cosy relationship between the media elite and the political elite.

    The bristle of the paintbrush are made with money.

    “Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow.”

    Edward Snowden Agrees To Forfeit Over $5 Million From Book, Speaking Fees

    Germany’s largest lender, Deutsche Bank, is reportedly suspected by the US of facilitating more than half of the $2 trillion of suspicious transactions that were flagged by the US government between 1999 and 2017.
    In other news ….
    GAEA is troubled
    The government of Botswana determined that 350 elephants died earlier this year as a result of a toxic algae bloom …..

    …. the total number of dead long-finned pilot whales in the stranding to about 290……


    Top health official testify on USA pandemic


    It hurt when I do this.
    Stop doing it.
    A profit driven health system is good for only the elites and their enablers.


    NGOs often are far from the Good Samaritan… many of them are taking part in all kind of illegal activities… from the white helmets to sea watch 1234 these ppl are sometimes playing very dubious roles … some of them they advise migrants to destroy their papers and declare fake names, dates of birth and countries of origin


    Compare Sweden to itself: All deaths measured for the first 33 weeks each year… it all balances out, hardly a difference for 2020!
    2015 – 593
    2016 – 565
    2017 – 576
    2018 – 570
    2019 – 528
    2020 – 588
    (per 100K)
    You can download the Excel spreadsheet from Statistics Sweden. Check out the graph on the last tab, displaying the above, month by month. Obvious peak, but modestly lower numbers before and aft the peak (Apr-Jun).


    RBG was a force. Her legacy stands. She cannot be replaced. In trying to do so, we set up a conflict where the focus is on comparing records while we lose sight of current conditions and future potential. Filling her seat with a woman is essential (the court’s gender makeup should mirror the population). I’m looking forward to learning more about Amy Coney Barrett. Not falling for early attempts to divide us. Those who doubt that RBG had a “dying wish” are out of touch; that they can’t focus on the message (like it or not)…what was she trying to accomplish/say with such a wish?

    “President Trump should end the US government’s war on Assange…and on all whistleblowers and their publishers.” Agree. Assange/Snowden/Manning pardons going down BEFORE the election (mid-October timeframe) would be the THE biggest game changer of all time. President Trump would need to clearly see the “what’s in it for me?” angle. How about a landslide victory? Remember, the promise of a future pardon will not cut it – it must be the full monty!

    Putin: Global Economy Won’t Recover From Pandemic ‘For A Long Time’: Putin is being truthful – for whose benefit? Self-promotion or does he really mean it? His “lack of humanity” in the Covid era pronouncement + end sanctions recommendations/action make sense. Isn’t this the kind of leadership we need?

    It’s Ground Hog Day for sure!

    Babylon Bee Brilliance for our benefit!


    Kimo- your fact-based post on Sweden does not fit with the fear-porn mcNarrative = disallowed, sorry. 😉

    Dr. D- thank you for your consistently percipient posts.

    “It’s difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends
    on his not understanding it.” -Upton Sinclair


    @Dr. D re: yesterday’s rec to read the ‘false positives’ article…thanks. I’m not a doctor, nor a professional scientist, nor a mathematician, but the math and concepts presented were blunt and concise. This is something I (and many others!) had long suspected.

    Steamboat Trips Jr keeps a’floatin’ right on down the Big Muddy.


    President Harris, how a poor primary performance just doesn’t mean that much.
    “According to reports, while Kamala Harris was California’s Attorney General, she refused to prosecute Mnuchin and Soros’ OneWest bank for fraud in 2013 without giving any reason. Foreclosure violations reportedly left thousands of homeowners with eviction notices.”

    madamski cafone

    Sweden’s covid problems won’t kick in until winter drives people indoors. In summer, Sweden hardly uses AC compared to most Western nations. Restaurants etc. ventilate more gently than elsewhere. Not so dry that way. Not so much recycling same air. Sweden’s climate is fairly humid, being a coastal nation. Gobs of sunshine and very long days. People tend to go into the woods a lot. Kind of a natural social distancing except regarding extended family.

    Winter is reverse of all that. Prime flu conditions. We’ll see what kind of herd immunity they have then.


    It’s over.
    But countries where deaths have flatlined are considering (or implementing) further lockdowns.
    There’s something else going on.
    They have revealed themselves- the WEF openly lobbies [$$$] the WHO, and the leaders of countries with sufficiently authoritarian structures are in lockstep. The people are being tested, conditioned.
    We are all biohazards and we must be tracked. People have become data; data feeds the machines. How does it feel being so manipulated?

    The compassion felt for the ones who have died is useless. Aim it at those who can benefit from it: the children locked in unhappy homes; the isolated oldsters who are neglected to death for their own protection; the families facing homelessness and dissolution, the billions who are subjected to dehumanization.
    All government interference in this virus must end.
    It’s over.


    Oh- and I always cringe when someone says “we didn’t do it for the flu…”
    Guess what? We will. If we let them.
    We have skinned death and now we are afraid of the pelt.


    Bill- “percipient”. Thanks.


    People have become data; data feeds the machines. How does it feel being so manipulated?

    I try to keep as much noise in my data as possible. 🙂

    Doc Robinson

    I’ve been keeping up with Craig Murray’s daily accounts of what he is witnessing at the Assange trial. A fascinating and horrific look at the “Justice” System.

    The defence has strong expert witnesses who are standing up well to cross-examinations. The prosecution lawyers seem to be trying every dirty trick in the book, to little effect, but the judge will interpret things however she wants to.

    Murray’s account of Day 14 was the first time he was critical of the defence legal team.

    “The willingness of Judge Baraitser to accept American red lines on what witnesses can and cannot say has combined with a joint and openly stated desire by both judge and prosecution to close this case down quickly by limiting the number of witnesses, the length of their evidence, and the time allowed for closing arguments. For the first time, I am openly critical of the defence legal team who seem to be missing the moment to stop being railroaded and say no, this is wrong, forcing Baraitser to make rulings against them [which could help with an appeal]. Instead most of the day was lost to negotiations between prosecution and defence as to what defence evidence could be edited out or omitted.”


    Dr. D, I did as yoou asked and watched Jimmy for 6 mins at least. Thanks spot on!
    Another day of lies.
    When you see so much lying everywhere you fall between anger and disappointment.


    MoA just went ‘503 UNAVAILABLE’ but the domain still resolves and there is response to ping. I hope it’s nothing, but timing is a bit weird. Anybody else having trouble?

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