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    Botticelli Renaissance man (aka Medallion, Young man holding a medallion) 1480-85   • Trump To Nominate Amy Coney Barrett To Supreme Court (ZH) •
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    V. Arnold

    Botticelli Renaissance man (aka Medallion, Young man holding a medallion) 1480-85

    A very pretty young man…holding a medallion…
    The fashion of the day????


    Picked that up because it goes to auction in January with a starting bid of $80 million. It looks very 2D compared to like Rembrandt 150 years later. The art of painting evolved quickly.


    “Why not make Finland our ideal instead?”
    Inter-country comparisons are tough, for example, “Finland one of the most sparsely populated countries of the European Union”.
    Instead, compare Sweden to itself: it appears that Sweden’s death peak last winter scoured holdouts from 2019’s low death numbers, and brought forward death demand from summer 2020 going forward. That is not to say that the disease is not serious for survivors. But it does beg the question, if the CCP virus does not affect reproductive capacity of society, how excited should we get? How many men and older women can we lose, and still produce expected numbers of children who are raised without hindrance?
    (Raúl, I’d love to share two graph .jpgs that I referenced in my September 23, 2020 at 4:09 pm comments, because they are embedded in downloadable spreadsheet, last tab, they are awkward to find. I emailed them to the site contact address?)


    big promises
    big lies
    trickle down improvements

    The Cantillon Effect is often discussed when examining the impact of “money printing” of Central Banks globally. With an injection point of the “new money” at the top, asset owners benefit while the working class may experiencing rising prices for everyday goods like food.

    There is no discussion/explanation of stealing by using “inflation”.
    the action of inflating something or the condition of being inflated.
    “the inflation of a balloon” · [more]
    exaggeration · overemphasis · magnification · amplification · overplaying · [more]
    (in some theories of cosmology) a very brief exponential expansion of the universe postulated to have interrupted the standard linear expansion shortly after the Big Bang.
    growth · rise · enlargement · expansion · extension · multiplication · [more]
    a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.
    “policies aimed at controlling inflation” · [more]
    increase · gain · growth · rise · mounting · escalation · improvement · enhancement

    There is an obvious omission, to the definitions and synonyms, in order to distract and mislead.

      adding, or increasing the number of units

    “The working class”, “the blue collar workers”, are aware of what is happening. They did not get any additional number of units. They cannot do anything about “the suits” extracting more for “the rentiers”, who are “the masters”.

    The poor middle classes are starting to demonstrate and to rebel because of unfulfilled promises by their manipulators. The poor middle classes are not getting enough additional units to prevent going into poverty.



    I get tired of the phrase ‘scientists say’ – what scientists, what is their background, do they have links to big pharma? Very few scientists will have a medical background so what qualifies them to say anything on this subject.

    In the context of the virus I would prefer ‘epidemiologists say’ or ‘medical doctors say’.

    New figures [UK] project there will be 75,000 deaths over the next five years due to the lockdowns. Some will be more immediate, like the thousands who died because they are afraid to call an ambulance, and the increase in suicides, particularly for those who stopped having psychiatric help.

    This means that the ‘deaths per million’ due to the virus could be triple that of Sweden with the majority of deaths coming from the ‘cure’ rather than the disease.

    On top of that is the economic disaster with millions of jobs expected to be lost and long lasting damage to the economy.

    Is this better than Sweden?!


    I think Amy CB has great potential. I look forward to the discovery and confirmation process – and hope that we can do this with dignity. My initial/early reaction is positive based on: 1) She’s female, 2) She’s a mother of SEVEN, and 3) She’s in a younger generation. Let’s see where it goes. The Dems should acknowledge the positives (like my 1-3 above) and address their concerns – do both. Attack mode will be a turn off – and a misuse of the MOMENT.

    The abortion debate is always front and center – and that’s a problem in this MOMENT – because things have shifted. EC (Emergency Contraception) has had a major impact on the need for abortion. Abortion rates are falling (and have been falling since EC became available). The goal should be to eliminate the need for abortion – and not eliminate abortion. If I were asking Amy about her beliefs on this subject it would include a question on how she thinks we could eliminate the need for abortions.


    One more thing on Amy CB – there is an additional point:

    4) Her faith (not her Catholic faith specifically)


    One more thing on Amy CB

    Its a good thing that she is making enough income to be able to take care of 7 kids.


    Got another notice/warning from Google AdSense, this one for It reads: “Adult: Sexual content”. Not one single clue.


    TAE has sexual content that is not suitable for adults.
    “Adult: Sexual content”.

    “Gender reveal”


    Botticelli drew me into Italian Renaissance painting (art) when I was a young teen, but he didn’t hold my interest- too curly and sort of cartoonish. I thank him for the invitation, however, and for introducing me to so many others of that stunning era.
    [Suggestion: Piero della Francesca’s “Maria Magdalena”- what a face!]
    I watched Woodward’s segment on CSPAN the other day (S 24th). That guy gives me the creeps.
    Julian Assange interviews, on the other hand, make me wish I knew the guy.

    V. Arnold

    It looks very 2D compared to like Rembrandt 150 years later. The art of painting evolved quickly.

    Yes, it does; I think Rembrandt was way more complex in his view of the world…
    I seem to recall some temple paintings from Italy and/or Greece(Pompeii?) which also showed some depth long before Botticelli…


    One presidential candidate attends religious services regularly. The other one rarely sets foot in houses of worship, except to take a photo op with an upside-down Bible after tear-gassing protesters. Funny how The Automatic Earth is complaining about attacks on religion support the latter.

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