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    After fire most survivors are positioned in favourable sites. Under rocks, wet areas, cracks, areas with little build up of dead material (see debt and plasma tvs symbolising areas of high vulnerability).
    There is hope for humanity in that it will be rebuilt from the margins. NYC is not a marginal space.
    Yokum may be though so may far North Queensland


    No, no, no, no, no.

    Veracious Poet

    No, no, no, no, no.

    I agree, 1000%…

    It’s almost as if some “posters” are arduously intent on bringing deleterious “attention” to TAE 🙄



    When we sold our house and cars and biked & backpacked around the world in 2005-2006 as a family (Mom, Dad, 4 teenagers) we bike toured by the bridge at Arnhem.

    Very cool.
    The film I linked is worth watching, certainly of a time when Men were real men, and Women real women. Desperate courage comes to mind- we’ve all been pressed towards desperation these past years- cheers to being courageous.

    If you meet Buddha on the road, be sure to kill him.


    14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Galician)
    Ukranian Nazis that have never stopped.

    Interesting how quickly Wiki (c eye eh) has been scrubbed and whitewashed. Informative read either way.

    Of special note-

    The division operated in coordination with a Kampfgruppe from the SS Division Horst Wessel, whilst on paper the SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger was subordinated directly to it but its commander ignored all instructions he received and continued to act independently, the Vlasov detachment and other SS and SD formations until 5 February 1945. According to Slovak historian K. Fremal, the division’s “members were helping in anti-partisan, repressive, and terrorist actions and committed murders and other excesses”.

    SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger

    In the winter and spring of 1944, the SS-Galizien participated in the destruction of several Polish villages, including the village of Huta Pieniacka. About five hundred civilians were murdered. The Polish historian Grzegorz Motyka has stated that the Germans formed several SS police regiments (numbered from 4 to 8) which included “Galizien” in their name.

    Five days later, a mixed force of Ukrainian police and German soldiers shelled the village before entering it and ordering all the civilians to gather together. In the ensuing massacre, the village of Huta Pienacka was destroyed, and between 500 and 1,000 of the inhabitants were killed. According to Polish accounts, civilians were locked in barns that were set on fire, while those attempting to flee were killed.

    This was one of SS Dirlewangers specialties – locking civilians in buildings and then burning them alive.
    He was depicted in the film “Come and See” , which is both an incredible film and one of the most powerful War films ever made.

    Come and See-


    It’s almost as if some “posters” are arduously intent on bringing deleterious “attention” to TAE

    Do you think you can hide by being politically correct?

    People need to vent and express justified anger against those in power who are committing atrocities on us and all around us.

    Do you NOT understand Assange and Snowden???

    Do you not realize we are already living in a totally abusive surveillance state?

    Was the American Revolution peaceful? There is NO voting our way out of this.

    Some Men will stand up and say no more of this bs- words will be useless. Swords will be drawn and blood will be spilled in anger. If you want a better world, you’re not going to get there by posting passive aggressive memes on the internet.

    My humble opinion- everyone needs to buck the fuck up and prepare for a long fight. Defend your basic human rights and those of others.

    A Justice system that violates and abuses will reap what it sows. Shake off the zombie apathy and toughen the fuck up. If you can’t toughen up then fucking wise up. This shits getting real.

    Look around- it is devolving into chaotic violence. It is all around us. Trying to hide indoors and post niceties will not be an option the way things are heading.

    I get it- be smart about it and resist any way that you can. When you’re on a boxcar or in a camp- you chose poorly.

    Look what happened to the White Roses of Germany. Sometimes a sword is mightier than the pen, or at least it gives you the breathing room and freedom to write- “they” are clearly trying to take away the pen with all their censoring and disarming now aren’t they?


    from the wikipedia entry

    In 2021, a conspiracy theorist group known as the “White Rose” appropriated the name of the White Rose anti-Nazi resistance group to make an analogy between the original White Rose’s non-violent resistance against Nazism and the non-violent supposed “resistance” by the conspiracy theorists against COVID-19 lockdowns and other measures by national governments intended to stop the virus during the COVID-19 pandemic in the early 2020s, which the conspiracy theorists falsely claim was the secret establishment of a worldwide totalitarian Nazi-style government.[54 Roffe, Erica (6 May 2021). “Anger at anti-vax and conspiracy misinformation stickers spotted in Bedford”.][55 “Anti-vaxxers have stolen an anti-Nazi group’s identity”. The Forward. 25 August 2021.][56 “Inside the White Rose: the extremist groups looking to capitalise on Covid paranoia”. 6 September 2021.]

    The methods of the White Rose conspiracy theorists are somewhat similar to the original White Rose anti-Nazi resisters in that the conspiracy theorists printed stickers asking for resistance against anti-Covid measures alongside the “White Rose” name with the address of their Telegram group, then posting the stickers in public places. The use of the internet means that the conspiracy theorists can spread their misinformation and gain members across the world unlike the original White Rose who were limited in both regards to Germany.[57 Sharma, Ruchira (27 December 2021). “Ebay allowing conspiracy theorists to sell stickers spreading misinformation about Covid jab”.][58 “Wie schuilt er achter de fake news coronastickers?”. Knack. 27 April 2021.][56 “Inside the White Rose: the extremist groups looking to capitalise on Covid paranoia”. 6 September 2021.][55 “Anti-vaxxers have stolen an anti-Nazi group’s identity”. The Forward. 25 August 2021.]

    Apart from the name, there is absolutely no connection between the original White Rose and the conspiracy theorists who took their name and neither the last surviving member Traute Lafrenz nor any relatives or decedents of deceased members have joined the conspiracy theorists or publicly commented on the appropriation of their name.[55″Anti-vaxxers have stolen an anti-Nazi group’s identity”. The Forward. 25 August 2021.]

    ah yes sir wikipedia editor. you’ve demonstrated just how much “absolutely no connection” there is between the modern White Rose and the 40’s White Rose. Bravo on your performance art modification to the wikipedia entry. You really bring home all the connections and similarities there are.

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