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    John Vachon Koolmotor, Cleveland, Ohio May 1938 • Cash Beats Stocks And Bonds For First Time In 25 Years (MarketWatch) • US Bonds Flash Warning Sign (
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    Regional sessions in developed and democratic countries at least always has a dark side. That is such things are stoked by politicians so that they can gain power. As the process develops the regions representation in national legislatures and governments wanes leading to essentially minority governments in parliamentary systems leading to further political dysfunction. It’s understandable that a Catalonia or Quebec has an independent streak but independence does not guarantee that much of anything will be better, except for the new national leaders, if and when separation takes place.

    Well larger forces are driving many things in the direction of decentralization as all here at AE should know. Decentralization of sovereign states, or groups of them like the EU represents just a different aspect of a huge secular trend which has only just begun.

    V. Arnold

    It is said, there is good debt and bad debt; which has been true until recently.
    I would suggest that with the uncertainty in today’s economy, there is no good debt for the average person/family.
    Cash and savings rule and debt kills.
    There is a lot of noise out there; sound judgement must come to the fore if one is to survive…
    Save your self.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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