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    Wow, the Blood Drinking Satanist are workin’ overtime at the Ministry of Propaganda


    Michael Reid

    How oligarchy and debt control us: From ancient Greece and Rome to US, IMF and World Bank – Michael Hudson

    V. Arnold

    @ Michael Reid

    Having been a debt monkey until about 2003; I would rate debt as the single biggest control factor for most USians…
    It also factors in hugely here in the Land of Smiles for most citizens, unfortunately.

    Michael Reid

    For most of my life I have been living in a fog and lost in a dream world but since the GFC then covid and even the last few weeks the fog is clearing and maybe due to the spike detox protocol kicking in. That dream world seems to be vaporizing. Discovering the truth these days. Covid and other factors have crushed normal communication within society, by design I think. These are very smart people that are messing with us with some very sick plans. You all can’t hide out with me and I will have to go full indian to survive here. It is not the land of milk and honey.

    I hope normal people wake up soon. I found Dr. D’s comment positive today and I hope that works out.

    A treatment of cancer by the application of external electromagnetic energy at a resonant frequency capable of the generation of heat intracellularly to induce selective thermal death of cancer cells is described. This process also allows for the detection of cancer cells by the use of differential resonant frequencies including nuclear magnetic resonance and electron spin resonance techniques.

    Serbia’s Prince Philip on Wagner mutiny, Russia vs NATO in Ukraine, Serbia & BRICS, Bitcoin’s future


    What I find interesting about the western nations, especially the USA, is how totally out of touch they are with the rest of the world.

    Let me give you an example. In China the aircon engineers – almost all homes have aircon – will happily release refrigerant into the air when installing the machine. When setting up the machine, instead of doing the “pull a vacuum” preparation, they will instead flush air out of the indoor system by releasing more refrigerant until pure refrigerant is escaping into the atmosphere. With the new pre-charged mini-splits this is even easier as they come from the factory with a reservoir containing excess refrigerant to accomodate longer lines between inner and outer units.

    I am confident that exactly the same happens in India and other Asian countries although they may have fewer overall units.

    Now, in the USA all the engineers have to be licensed and they have to have a refrigerant recovery pump and cyclinder and a vaccum pump and they religiously obey the rules and will never release refrigerant into the atmosphere. Doing so is against the law and they would probably be fined. and maybe disciplined by their licensing department. This costs the American consumer a ton of extra cash, mostly because it prevents the consumer from doing the job themselves, and all to supposedly save the environment.

    My guess is that the customers in the USA accept this because they think that everybody else in the world is doing the same. In reality, the majority of aircon customers in the world release refrigerant into the atmosphere to make installation quicker and easier. In fact, in the majority of the world you do not need to be a licensed aircon engineer to install or recharge an aircon unit. Anyone can buy refrigerant and it is not very expensive, so cheaper and easier than carrying around a load of extra equipment, all of which makes the job take longer and reduces their profits.

    Why the USA insists on burdening their population with so many rules and regulations is a mystery. I know people celebrate democracy as being “free”, but are you really free when the government insists on making you run around in cicles in order to do some of the most basic tasks. I understand, although ready to be corrected, that you are not even allowed to buy refrigerant unless a licensed HVAC person. It is all a form of self abuse, it must have something to do with innate western guilt, punishment being the only answer.


    Read my lips.
    I’m the boss.
    Do as I say.
    Keep out of trouble.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)
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