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    But also:

    “Please be respectful when talking about the Queen. She was a head of state, a monarch, a mother to multiple pedophiles and most importantly a devoted cousin to her husband.”

    King Charles III, nobody wants. Queen Camilla, less than nobody. Good luck with half the country freezing and hungry.


    For newcomers to TAE and those still unprepared, a 40% drop in home prices has been flagged.

    Clearly, with the worst effects of toxic jabs yet to come, 40% might well be an underestimate, despite the rapid devaluation of the purchasing power of fiat currencies.

    Freak show gets more freaky.


    RIM Thanks. I’d kind of forgotten about that one. Cool Sex Pistols.

    “No future.”

    It took longer than we thought for the prophetic words to morph into a short time-frame reality we are now experiencing.

    Also, thanks for the revelations about Jimmy Saville. Back in the day (1966ish) we thought he was just a harmless eccentric.


    ‘”to trick the public, that’s all this is”

    John Day

    The last official act of Queen Elizabeth-II appears to have been asking Liz Truss to be PM.
    The queen is dead at 96

    John Day

    Big war in one year as dollar is dethroned as reserve currency, Charles Nenner prediction

    It depends on when the BRICS trade system is set up well enough to be a near-term threat, right?
    Biden as “war president” like GW Bush? Where is Cheney?



    “Den of thieves”


    Josquin- Deploration on the Death of Ockeghem (1497):

    I think the images go well with the music and text.

    Maxwell Quest


    “[Joel] Kotkin makes the case that our society is reverting to a feudal state, in which there is a small number of “big winners” who control everything and in which there is no longer an influential middle class. Propertyless “serfs” are also growing as a percentage of the population and there is no longer much social mobility. In other words, society is divided into feudal castes, with the aristocracy in complete power.

    The book has been greeted enthusiastically. The magazine Quillette called it “persuasive” [The Coming of Neo-Feudalism—A Review, , by Adam Wakeling, June 11, 2020] while UnHerd’s Ed West claimed to be annoyed that Kotkin had beaten him to writing the book he’d long wanted to write himself [2020 and the coming of neo-feudalism, June 17, 2020].

    My view: it’s an example of what has been termed “bravery signalling.” The book is a kind of Academic Establishment safety-valve. It admits what is happening—so that people don’t feel completely lied to—and it asserts that what is happening is bad and should be overturned. But it morally condemns anything which might actually overturn the system, and, in explaining what is taking place, it doesn’t invoke parsimonious explanations if these question the current Woke dogmas. In effect, it very subtly upholds the system, while seeming to oppose it..”

    That’s how I’ve been seeing most of what’s promulgated- particularly via electronic media- for awhile now; and not just by the MSM.

    John Day

    Saying that the Ukrainians who sank the Moskva, did it with a Harpoon anti-ship missile, provided by the US, after training to do so over the Memorial Day weekend, in the US, is a public challenge to Russia to respond to the US declaring that it crossed this red line. The US seeks to get Russia to react against US forces.

    Veracious Poet

    Chevalier John Taylor (c. 1703 – 1770 or 1772) was an early British eye surgeon, self-promoter and medical charlatan of 18th-century Europe. He was noted by Samuel Johnson, and associated with the surgical mistreatment of George Frideric Handel, Johann Sebastian Bach, and perhaps hundreds of others.

    Taylor’s career was destructive. His general approach included bloodletting, laxatives, and eyedrops of blood from slaughtered pigeons, pulverized sugar, or baked salt.

    Prior to performing each surgical procedure, he would deliver a long, self-promoting speech in an unusual oratorial style.

    Dutch ophthalmologist R. Zegers mentions that “after his training, Taylor started practicing in Switzerland, where he blinded hundreds of patients, he once confessed”.

    Writer Samuel Johnson said of Taylor that his life showed “an instance of how far impudence may carry ignorance.”


    Maxwell Quest
    “I guess this is why I was so impressed with Prof Desmet’s mass formation theory when it first appeared on the scene over a year ago.’
    I listened to the interview with Tucker in my shed over the din of my power tools. What I found most interesting and refreshing was the Prof’s Segway into non-duality. He was rather coy about admitting to who influenced his new understanding and was trying hard not to sound religious , but it was great stuff.
    As someone once said, ” To seek reality by thinking about it is the greatest mistake” and ” the great perfection is non-conceptual awareness ” plus ” the more we talk about it , the further we move away from it “.


    I wonder what’s happening in Ukraine.



    Hundreds of Ukrainians died today to gain a wee bit more time. The west is spending billions each day to hurt their own people, all just to punish Russia. Russia is waiting for old man winter to arrive. Then the Ukrainians will have no forests to hide in. Same game plan as always.


    The 5,100 Russian KIA is likely accurate. It is based upon the number of local death notices in Russia.


    A classy act



    Former US Marine Brian at the excellent New Atlas gives a great wrap up in Ukraine.

    Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for September 9, 2022

    – Kherson offensive appears to have ended;
    – The Western media admits to the massive losses suffered (10,000KIA) by Ukraine outside Kherson
    owed to the inferiority of Ukrainian forces versus Russian capabilities


    Notice how von der Leyen expresses a very brief smile, duping delight, when she says “flatten the curve”. We all know these people are psychopaths, but she is getting a lot of pleasure from screwing us over and getting away with it.


    Bill7 I wonder what’s happening in Ukraine, Thousands getting slaughtered. Response, ‘my cell phone bill doubled, gasoline price is down and the NFL regular season starts this weekend ‘


    Then there’s this: from Chudov, from somewhere else.
    Let’s hope this loathing to vaccinate children spreads.

    Figmund Sreud

    And so, here we go, … the latest article published by a Canadian independent media:

    This journo’s article – classified as “ANALYSIS” – is widely based on bunch of bits and bytes on qualifiers like, “may have killed”, “the authorities know”, “killed more than”, “looks like”, “will likely surpass”, ‘n such other scientifically indisputable descriptors.

    Should We Shrug at COVID? These Numbers Say No

    … fwiw,



    Putin’s favorite love song wish to Eurotardistan this winter!



    D Benton Smith

    In a recent speech about Ukrainian shelling of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant , Vladimir Putin said:

    “They purposefully work in this direction. What for? What is the point of creating a nuclear threat for the whole of Europe? I do not really understand, but they are doing this.” Putin’s comments come after the IAEA released a report on Tuesday regarding the state of the Russian-controlled Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine.”

    No matter how critical one might be of Vladimir Putin, no matter how much anyone hates him (personally, I rather like the guy) no one thinks that he is either naive or a fool. Much to the contrary. Everyone acknowledges that he is one smart cookie. But he’s a lot more than that. He is also as experienced, and very well informed . . . . . and as street savvy as any intelligence chief who ever walked an earth that is as filled to overflowing with lies, subterfuge and “Main Stream Media” as this one.

    And yet he says in all candor, “I do not understand [why] they are doing this.”

    The “this” he refers to of course is the continued bombardment of the nuclear plant by “Ukraine”,and by “Ukraine”, is meant of course, the entire Western Imperial mashup, led by the USA and England.

    I also want to direct your attention to something that Hillary Clinton said in the news video interview she gave in support of Ukraine and its (pathetically bad) president Zalenski. More precisely, it’s not the detail of any one thing she said but the fact that she said them at all. No one called her out for the fact that every item this powerful woman proclaimed as truthful was instead an enormous, important, and transparent FALSEHOOD about hugely important things (such as provoking nuclear war, for instance). Her assertions were deliberate LIES, and very very big ones at that, and yet no one uttered a peep of objection.

    Those two seemingly completely separate events are in fact so closely related that it would be fair and accurate to say that they are VIRTUALLY the same thing: they are the manifestation (in action) of the incapacity to accept the reality of a plain fact. When Putin spoke and when Hillary spoke we were observing what it looks and sounds like when a self confidant and powerful person is in full blown DENIAL of obvious factual truths that they don’t want to see because of what they would then have to do about it.

    Putin knows that there is only one possible answer to the question of why anyone would want to “… creat[e] a nuclear threat for the whole of Europe?”.

    The same as you know it.

    Like Hillary and her ‘fluffer’ interviewer know it. The same answer as to how she could proclaim such outrageous falsehoods and not be called out for it.

    And the answer is this: They are in the state of “denial” of the factual reality that there is some sort of Cabal of real individual persons who desire, and are energetically engaged upon, ending the lives of (killing) 7.5 billion human beings within less than the next 10 years. If you have a macabre sense of humor you might call year 2030 the “deadline”.

    It is worth noting that they are so far being rather SUCCESSFUL in implementing their plan of bringing down planetary civilization as we have known it, although it it also worth noting that breaking things is a lot easier than making things. And yes, I did say PLAN, as in the English language word which means: An intended course of action that is all worked out and written down as a series of detailed action steps, and distributed to all concerned parties for compliance. You know, a PLAN kind of plan. Like in the fucking dictionary.

    “Oh, my! one cries, but that’s a CONSPIRACY THEORY ! Anyone who does that must be mentally deficient, or even crazy, because just everybody knows that one must NEVER , NEVER. . . EVER. . . assign to malice that which can be explained by incompetence! If it can be explained by incompetence then incompetence is the definitive reason, period. Even when the incompetence clearly stems from bad intentions. Even when malice is professed in writing, and broadcast to the world. Therefore ( and to be considered normal by all of one’s normal associates) one must dismiss the very idea that such a thing as an explicit PLAN to exterminate 95% of the human race is a real thing.

    Oh, really? And where, pray tell, in the myriad tomes on logic and reasoning, does it say anything even remotely like that? And puh-leez don’t tell me Occam’s Razor! Occam’s alleged “the simplest answer is the true one” rule of thumb is just that: a rule for thumbs. Useless at best. It helps lazy idiots form a Conditional Guess when working upward to a hypothesis, but it has absolutely NOTHING to do with forming an actual theory, or experimental testing of the theory, or anything like that. Not a damned thing.

    Oh, and by the way (going along with the Occam’s razor approach) the SIMPLEST explanation for events of the past few years is that there is some sort of Cabal of real individual persons who desire and are energetically engaged upon ending the lives of 7.5 billion human beings within less than the next 10 years.

    Here is the bottom line. There is a “Tiger in the jungle” (metaphorically speaking) that means to kill you because it wants to for reasons that don’t make sense and don’t matter, because they DO want to, and that’s what matters. The more time you waste explaining why you needn’t pay it any attention, then the more time that it has to close the small remaining gap and just gobble you up (speaking metaphorically once again, of course).”

    Consider this most basic of all basic duties of a protecting force like a Military or Defense Service. If there is an adversarial threat to security then any Military or Defense person worth a tinker’s damn is going to examine that threat to see if it is one, and if it is a threat to then figure it out and neutralize it. A true Defender does NOT ignore it or deny its very existence merely because the possibility makes them emotionally uncomfortable. (THAT sort of emotionally sensitive war monger should seek employment elsewhere, maybe a position with the Joint Chiefs of Staff perhaps, or NATO).

    But even a tough cagey old chieftain like Putin can blink when the factual reality . . . that is in plain sight for all to see. . . . is bad enough to shake one’s fundamental esteem for the species.

    But I would tell Putin this, just as I’m telling all of you geezers (and geezerettes) here on TAE: That ol’ Tiger is as real as real gets. My “tiger in the jungle” figure of speech is metaphorical, but that Cabal of people who are trying to turn you into a carcass are NOT. Tracking them down and neutralizing (nonviolently if possible) their capacity to do further harm is not misguided or inappropriate or mentally deranged in any way. It’s just common sense.

    Such pursuit is not an error. What it is, in the final analysis, is emergence from a state of denial into the state of consciousness . . . . in this case conscious acceptance of the fact that the destruction we see playing out planet-wide in lock step to a unified script and resulting in millions (so far) of dead people . . . . is simply real, that’s all.

    Once acceptance of reality is reached the sheer importance of the situation is staggering.

    That’s why even the tough guys usually blink.

    Time to open up the ol’ peepers. It’s time to finally move up out of denial, weep for the dead, and accept reality.

    Does it make any difference one way or another whether you choose to do that or not? I mean after all it’s just a sort of an “opinion” about what’s real and what’s not real, right?

    Well yes, in a manner of speaking, it is. One’s belief or disbelief in whether some aspect of reality exists or does not exist IS just a matter of opinion. That particular opinion, however, also happens to serve as one’s only grip on reality itself, so best not to disparage its importance to day-to-day existence.

    Also, consider the ramifications. The question is: are there organized, coordinated, collaborating individuals acting upon the explicitly planned out goal to proactively end the lives of billions of humans? Hmmm. Given the current circumstances that seems like a legitimate and pertinent question. Sure are a lot of dead people stacking up. Certainly worth conclusively finding out.

    So, yeah, it does sort of make a difference “one way or another” whether there is or is not such a collection of homicidal psychopaths intent upon stopping your clock. If there is NOT, then great! Toss another shrimp on the Barbie, grab a fresh brewski, sit back and catch the next episode of “Rings of Power”.

    But if there IS such a “tiger in the woods” however, (and there is) then you better know about it, because a tiger in the woods that one refuses to look for or even admit to exist as a possibility, is almost certainly going to succeed in eating its fill.

    Please note that at this stage no one is asking anyone to actually, tangibly, DO much of anything. Nobody really expects elusive Joe Public get up off his ass and tip his prudently hidden cards by VISIBLY revealing which side he favors. No civil war, no marching in the streets. No storming the castle with pitchforks, torches and AKs. No need to change ANYTHING, really, except one’s mind.

    Here is what individual need to do, and it is all that they need to do : Rather than denying the truth, accept the truth. That’s it and that’s all. It’s a solo flight in a one-seater. Everything is entirely up to you.

    Despite all the theatricality and breathless hyperbole to the contrary, the actual situation, to a very large extent, is just a state of mind, because once everyone knows and acknowledges factual reality then all will be well.
    People can choose, if they so choose, to rule this world with truth, which is a metaphysical or even spiritual endeavor at its core. Or they can choose to not do that, and just let it roll, in which case material physics and the forces of nature alone shall rule. And the tiger (and buzzards) will feast.


    …. engaged upon ending the lives of 7.5 billion human beings within less than the next 10 years.

    Not working
    You forgot to describe/explain ….supply lines, the harvesting, consumption, recycling, reusing, the warehousing and the infrastructures

    D Benton Smith


    I’m not sure that I understand your question/comment, but take it to mean my essay was a little lean on details. True, it is, but most of the chronic commentariat on TAE are already well informed on HOW the Cabal intend to achieve their objective of reducing the population to a small fraction of what it is now. Basically they are acting to destroy (both violently and otherwise) every part currently under their control of the enormous inter-dependent systems necessary to feeding, housing, moving, warming, informing and employing and protecting people . . . . down to a level where it (civilization) can only SUSTAIN a fraction of the current population. The others will simply die. They’re also using the parts they own and control to harm and destabilize the parts that they don’t own and control . . . . which strategy serves as a “force multiplier”.

    I hope this answers part of what you wanted. I’m happy to answer more if I better understood your query.


    Cognitive conditioning.


    Bridge players will appreciate this:

    Putin and his partner bid 4 hearts for a score of 420 not vulnerable.

    The US and UK, vulnerable, make a sacrifice bid of 5 clubs to prevent Putin and partner playing in 4 hearts.

    Putin doubles [for penalty], and he and his partner take US-UK down, five light, for a score of minus 1300.

    They declare to their supporters that they have been very successful because they got 5 tricks out of the possible 13.

    Whenever I watch an Andrei Martyanov analysis, he always tells me what I already know, that the western ‘leaders’ ae imbeciles who could not oragnise a drinking party at a brewery, and western economist do not know what they are talking about first thung about economics.

    We are still left with the unanswered question: Are they acting under orders, or are the ongoing catastrophes the product of pure incompetence -Dunning-Kruger and all that.

    I still believe, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, that the Central Banks run the show on behalf of their unseen, never mentioned owners.

    ‘The UST 10 year is now at 3.31% and back up +8 bps’

    99% of the populace remain clueless, as base rate increases push up mortgage rates and houses become both more unaffordable, because of costs, and more affordable, because of falling valuations.

    They’re still ripping up countryside around here to build more overpriced houses. Contracts agreed to months ago.

    Nice weather for garden work.

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