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    Pablo Picasso Acrobat 1930   • The Nuts And Bolts Of Replacing Candidate Biden, Before/After Convention (ZH) • Biden Age a ‘Legitimate Issue’ – H
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    Dr D Rich

    Deflection is the game.

    Deflect from Biden to Trump when convenient to do so.

    Deflect to China when the heat should be on The Jewish State and The Failed State led by a Jewish height-impaired actor.

    Deflect from Ritter’s complete lack of credibility and free pass from ?ZOG? when Marine Intel has yet to explain his virtual silence on his associate Lira. Ritter’s impunity versus Lira’s lack thereof.

    Deflection, just another form of projective identification


    Wow, logic and reason from Europe, it’s been a while! And it comes from “garden v jungle” Borrell, who’s unexpectedly proven one of the only sane European voices over Gaza.

    He’s only saying what he has been told to say, the man is a corporate whore, he answers to his owners. He is now being told to speak a different line, his owners have coordinated his speach with their other whores, for example David Cameron of UK Brexit said the same thing today, as if brexit never happened!

    What a coincidence, it is like Covid all over again.


    “If the border can be shut down when more than 5,000 illegal immigrants cross per day, then why can’t it be shut down immediately, right now?”

    Because the owners do not want that to happen. The politicians can get anything passed within hours if the owners want it, but when the owners don’t want it, then there are all sorts of problems that instantly arise to prevent any progress. The Americans believe in this fuck-you democracy, they believe things will change if Trump gets into power, it is kind of cute.

    But the rest of the world sees it as a joke. Even my sister, the most establishment person you can ever meet, stated quite forcefully to me that America is not a democracy; wow, I was more than a little shocked.


    Dr D Rich said

    Deflect from Ritter’s complete lack of credibility and free pass from ?ZOG? when Marine Intel has yet to explain his virtual silence on his associate Lira. Ritter’s impunity versus Lira’s lack thereof.

    Spot on. Believe those ex-MIC people at your own risk. I see them as being employed to stir the pot, persuade the people watching that there is nothing to worry about because your side is going to win in the end; similar to Dr D’s white hat movie theme where the white hats come to the rescue and we all live happily ever after, so when in history has that ever happened?

    It is all bullshit, these people know nothing about what is happening in Ukraine or Gaza, they are just given briefings by the usual MIC agencies and then they reguritate those stories on various outlets. They are false prophets and they are employed to manipulate your emotions and your expectations. I guess they are also very cheap as they are on all sorts of outlets.


    Today we make [Russian President] Vladimir Putin regret the day he questioned America’s resolve, and we make clear to others, like China’s President Xi [Jinping], not to test our determination,” Schumer said

    Yet another bad Jew making American enemies of the rest of the world. I am still waiting to see just one good Jewish actor, just one, some good Jewish politician or government employee calling for peace in Gaza. Nah, not happening, they are all scum bags and are all pulling the USA under. And here I am in China listening to this shite from the USA, wondering whether the USA is going to start a Gaza in Taiwan.


    And we realized, if this could happen in Texas, the energy capital of the world, then the electric grid is really being undermined.

    Putting all your eggs in one basket has long been known to be a bad idea, yet the owners are insisting that this is what us plebs should do. Can you see a problem here? All eggs in one basket? Come on, we know this is a stupid thing to do, we even have idioms passed down from our ancestors telling us that this is a bad idea, yet the owners are insisting on this plan. I wonder why?


    Lent starts today.

    What are you prepared to sacrifice for a just and peaceful world?


    Would you be willing to hold this thought in your mind until March 31, 2024?

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    Dr. D

    Picasso good for the day, a man with his head up his —s

    “How Tech Giants Turned Ukraine Into an AI War Lab” –Time

    Well, that sure explains why we’re losing faster than we’ve ever lost before! In Vietnam we lost only 10,000 men a year, but now with computer we can lose twice that many in half the time! And at 10x the cost!! Shut up and take my money, Congress says!

    “If we don’t fund Ukraine we could lose this war!” Congress says. What is this “We” stuff? When did I sign on to this war you said we’re not having? Remember Ukraine is a sovereign country and we have nothing to do with it, you said.

    So how are “WE” going to lose? “THEY” are going to lose and newsflash: “WE” don’t care. I hope they do. If “We” had debated and signed a declaration of war that would be different, now wouldn’t it?

    One thing I was going to add from yesterday, is one thing we ABSOLUTELY don’t want is a Trump with no counterpoint and no one opposing him. Of course. But I never mention it as that seems the least likely event in the universe. No, even if you’re Pro MAGA, pro GOP, pro-Conservative, you would never do that. Nor is it likely, as the Right can’t agree with each other on anything and are always arguing. So we’re perfectly safe on that front.

    Someone pointed out the $60B isn’t for Ukraine. It’s for the Democrats Hail Mary to beat Donald Trump. That is correct. That’s why they don’t care what has to happen to pass it, and will flip any GOP congressmen who were hidden before now.

    “CPI Prints Hotter than Expected in January as SuperCore Soared”

    No Powell pivot. As expected. And Inflation 18% since Biden? Try 180%. Gas was $1.40 now $3.80 Houses were $200k and almost unaffordable, now they are +$400k and there isn’t a zip code nationwide that can buy a house on that zip code’s income. Not one. Youth Vote! Go Millennials! Vote the Blue!

    “Democrats panic as youth vote all in for Trump” – Tim Pool. Oh no brother. No, no, no. That’s not all:

    NeoCons QUIT GOP because Trump Antiwar” – Tim Pool

    But like they say, to keep them from releasing the next smallpox again, they are soft strangling them without any dramatic Pearl Harbor events. Attrition. Powell just needs rates 1% higher than Europe. The End. He can keep that up forever, LeGuard has no room and no time. She raised but it’s not helping them. But, they have to run through all their financial ammunition, same as Ukraine, and they are. We’re still healthy and rested. Obviously, like Russia vs Ukraine, Europe is desperate to antagonize us into an emotional action. It’s ours to lose; we are our only enemy right now. That’s the trans, war, border, congress, every other antagonizing event, none of which matter that much, and all we can reverse. It’s just rope-a-dope, we’re Muhammad Ali taking punches til the 8th round. And we can, we can keep this up all day. While Europe is very, very tired.

    If this keeps up, they’ll have to find an ethnic group to take the major blame and then skedaddle.

    “Over 70% Of Service Members Say They Felt ‘Coerced’ Into Taking COVID-19 Vaccine: Survey

    Uhhhh, whut? They discharged people who didn’t take it. That’s 100% the definition of “Coersion.” Ohhhh, 30% of the military WANTED to take it anyway. That’s why.

    “Diversity Training Increases Prejudice An “Activates Bigotry” Among Participants, New Study Says

    That’s my experience. It teaches people to see only race where they saw only a person before. Race is then 1) Primary, the essential definition of what it means to be “racist” and 2) They make the logical fallacies of attributing the individual from the collective, which is why racism is illogical and well, stupid actually. Lowbrow, doesn’t work.

    “VP Kamala Harris Says “I Am Ready To Serve” As Biden’s Brain Comes Under Scrutiny”

    She says she’s been on her knees practicing. She’s been giving good service a long time and doesn’t see the problem.

    “Not A Single Child Tested Proficient In Math In 67 Illinois Schools

    #Helping. Sooooo….what was the combined cost of this complete failure of every school you had control of? And, um, why is every other school in the nation able to do this without much problem? For 100 years. Writing on $1 horn boards with a chicken feather?

    There is only one conclusion: We Cannot Go Back to What Worked. That’s all I know! If we did, everybody knows we’d have to drive chariots, thatch our roofs with straw, and milk camels. Oh wait, I mean, we’d have to re-install segregation and slavery, isn’t that how the argument goes? If we do what works, we have to remove electric lights and use candles again? I could keep on this all day as the entire non sequitur never seems to reach the noggin, even if I make up new examples for hours. “Join our school! Get a free tiger skin as a uniform!” “Where the caves are always warm.”

    I could teach your kids to graduate to college by 8th grade with a “Pencil”. That’s slow of me, Socrates didn’t need even that.

    They’re the opposite. They graduate college but have 4th grade proficiency. I worked with one once, supposedly “typing” the paper, “printing it”, and lassoed him back in to fix his work. Yup, college at literal 4th grade level. What were his 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade teachers thinking? It’s way harder to fix now. When we started you were only half a year behind, and now you’re 7 ½ years behind. Addition: he was black. Ohhhh. Well I’m sure THAT won’t cause any difficulties! You’re really REALLY helping now! Making sure black children can’t read. Uh-huh, that don’t say “Plantation Owner” or nothin’ does it?

    And the other part? How the f– long can this go on? We’re at 20, 30, 40, 50 years of this now? Everyone knew it was wrong and had bad tests, results, and economy of tax dollars in 1974. We will NEVER turn around! I will DIE on this hill and take EVERY ONE OF YOU WITH ME!!!! Bwahahahaahaha!

    But I have a solution: More money. More government. More helping. Less parent oversight. Yesssss. And definitely more cell phones and pron in classroom.

    “”Whites Are Psychopathic”: UC Speaker Uses Black History Month To Launch Into Racist Attacks

    Boy that DEI sure is working! Everyone I know feels super-included now, and safe to be diverse.

    “Clinton said. “It’s like, the stuff of, you know, human experience, character, wisdom.”

    Uh, maybe don’t go with that. Go with an Ice Cream recipe??

    “Biden And Trump Trying To Hide Their Age – Mitt Romney (RT)

    Ah but Mitt Romney was incompetent from an early age. He beat them way back when.

    Anyway: discussion of “The Olds” means when they bait-n-swap Joe out, the new candidate they’ll cram down our throats without democracy is younger. That doesn’t reduce the field much. But thanks for the warning.

    “• Can Biden Be Removed Under the 25th Amendment? Don’t Bet on It (Turley)

    That’s how it should be. Thank you. If he is no good, CONGRESS can remove him with impeachment. In about 4 days. There are no rules, no standards, no consequences. He doesn’t HAVE to have committed bribery, because whatcha gonna do about it? The only standard is “precedent” and they should have done it for Wilson, who was complete drooling incompos mentis from a stroke and his wife was running the country. We didn’t need a 25th although that clears some things up. CONGRESS runs the country. They can do whatever they want.

    So the irony is they CAN remove him under impeachment in hours. But CAN’T remove him under the 25th, which is what it was for. You’re all geniuses. #Helping.

    ““If the border can be shut down when more than 5,000 illegal immigrants cross per day, then why can’t it be shut down immediately, right now?”

    ‘Cause that would be #Logic and #Reason, and #Logos is our only enemy. God himself.

    “House Speaker Says Will Not Take Up Senate’s $95B Ukraine-Israel Aid Bill (Sp.)

    Well he’s good for something, sorta.

    “Putin and Xi Will Regret Challenging America – Schumer (RT)

    Hahahahahaahahhahahaahahahahahahahahh! What?

    We found out 70% of Congress works for Israel, and the new Israeli project “The Israel of Europe”, called “Ukraine”. So few? Better than I imagined, but they have been chipping away for a few years. That’s what happens when you give $60B to bribe yourself. “Do I accept this bribe from me? Why yes! Don’t mind if I do!”

    ““..Carlson could face sanctions for giving the interview.”

    Yes, for the interview the BBC requested, ABC, NPR, 60 Minutes, London Times, NY Times, LA Times, Die Walt, Figaro, Le Monde, all requested. Should have published it in “Mad Magazine”.

    “Putin is completely adequate” –Arestovych

    He’s getting campaign slogans from the Biden camp. “Vote “completely adequate” today!” (Actually, we would love to go up 4-5 levels to “adequate”.)

    ““its recipes that are divorced from reality and one-sided solutions that ignore the specifics of either countries or the region as a whole.”

    That’s been since 1970. How long can this go on?

    “— is considered one of the Republicans’ best hopes of scoring damning new details confirming the president’s ties to his relatives’ China”

    Why would we need anything new? We haven’t done anything with the 300-page tome we already have. “Oh well $30 Million in bribery is not enough we need to see some REAL bribery.” Yup. That’s what’s being said and believed right now.

    “Europe is way worse because aside from whatever oil is left in the North Sea (not much), Europe has no oil. Europe’s largest gas field — Groningen in the Netherlands — is scheduled to cease operations”

    This is Cortez burning the ships behind him. Now you MUST attack and conquer Russia or die trying.

    Well…that was easy. Failure is always an option.

    ““And we realized, if this could happen in Texas, the energy capital of the world,”

    Again, Texas is the greenest state in the Union, producing the most power.

    ““The energy grid is a civilizational life support system, and without it, modern society collapses very quickly,” he said.”

    That’s true. However, they are also OUTLAWING all self-power, even down to wood stoves. This is beyond that they are higher-priced and naturally phase themselves out over time. Hand pumps, zoned houses, etc.

    NYC New Amsterdam. They sure are busy. What’s it all for? Are people happier now? No? Less happier every year since they landed? Yup, that’s “Progress.”

    Aspnaz, we JUST named one 12 hours ago, Max Blumenthal, along with ALL Haaretz, top paper in Israel. Jimmy Dore is hosting guest Jews here’s an epic video on this ABOUT the Jewish tunnels in the Synagogue
    How about a Rabbi? who discusses why Israel has nothing to do with Jewish goals and is an un-Torah impulse.

    But it won’t matter. Every Jew could come out against and he’s still round up all the Jews. ‘Cause hate, amirite?

    Never get between a man and his hate. I’m hating something, don’t interrupt me with facts.

    “I don’t have to outrun the bear, I only need to outrun YOU.” So they toss these poor saps as fresh meat to the hating crowd and escape. 500 years in a row. And YOU’RE HELPING. If someone committed an ACTUAL CRIME, we prosecute them, regardless of who they are or what hats they wear. If not, we let them go. Do you have a Specific Crime you would like to discuss? Or just handwave the planet?

    New catchphrase: “I don’t need to feed the bear, I only need to feed the trolls.” Ugh.


    The Art of Diplomacy

    It takes into account the interests of the many.



    Open Border
    better ideas must include control

    Two doors.
    Enter and exit.
    scarce resources
    Debt collectors/leveraged
    catastrophic situations
    US Pushing Israel and Palestine Towards Catastrophe – Russian FM Lavrov
    On the Move, once again.

    Cartoon of, (Moses ), Uncle Sam parting the ocean for Jewish immigrants
    Adjust your Expectations

    Think About It

    Think About It
    Steven Pinker, author and Harvard psychology professor, wrote in a review of the book that “energy is our primary defense against poverty, disorder, hunger, and death.”
    Love …. Peace not War


    I’ve commented before that high end AI will be like gasoline/rocket fuel when poured on the current Propaganda Machine.

    AI and the new kind of propaganda
    Some dystopian nightmare fuel

    by Johan Eddebo

    “there are currently massive efforts in the background and below the surface, all across the playing field, towards implementing big data and AI technology for not only the purposes of classical, increasingly obsolete propaganda or simple surveillance. No, this time, we’re exploring entirely novel methods of behavioural modification and narrative control intended to GET OUT AHEAD of the crystallization of discourses and even the formation of identities and worldviews.

    They want to control the formation and reproduction of “social imaginaries”.

    In my neighborhood they are known as ‘Memes’

    The Satanist Cabal is just catching up to it’s danger.

    Take a “projection meme”

    Very effective





    Gender Stereotype Meme-ing

    Thin ice there Captain:



    Humor is deadly to Social Imaginaries

    It’s great for Memes!

    You can sell lots of over priced crap with it



    Memes are also awesome for changing your form of government

    Go Oliver!



    New York Shity subway

    Not Safe





    Moscow Subway



    John Day

    Infamy or Honor

    Dr. Jane Orient: “Rooting Out the Censorship-Industrial Complex is Essential for Our Survival as a Free Sovereign Nation”
    As the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) files an amicus curiae brief in the U.S. Supreme Court in a major case focused on government collusion with Big Tech to censor Americans’ free speech, the group’s executive director tells Lumen-News the case’s outcome is monumental “for our survival as a free sovereign nation.”
    On Wednesday, AAPS filed its brief against the Biden administration’s argument in the case of Murthy v. Missouri, in which the state attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, and other private parties, argued the administration violated the First Amendment’s right to free speech.
    The parties asserted the Biden administration colluded with social media platform giants to censor posts and video that contained opinion opposed to that of the government regarding COVID-19 public health policy and the related vaccines.
    AAPS Executive Director Jane Orient, M.D. said that while many Americans perceive the COVID pandemic to be “over,” the devastating consequences of how the pandemic was handled remains a serious concern for the future. “Covid may be a generally mild endemic disease, but it is not over,” Orient told Lumen-News. “Frequent ‘booster’ shots are still recommended annually, like flu shots, and there is already talk of Disease X.”
    During a session in January at the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2024, World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, when discussing “Disease X”, “You may even call COVID as the first ‘Disease X,’ and it may happen again.”…
    ..“The Surgeon General of Florida, our third largest state, cannot obtain answers from the Biden Administration about safety concerns with Covid vaccines,” Andrew Schlafly, general counsel of AAPS, said in the AAPS press release. “Instead of censoring issues raised about the Covid vaccines on social media, the Biden Administration officials should be providing answers to the questions raised.” “When the federal government tells social media platforms to take action against postings, then our basic free speech rights are gravely endangered,” he added.

    Meryl Nass MD, GOP lawmakers argue pandemic treaty threatens US sovereignty (They may be barking up the wrong tree, but at least they are barking now.)
    The World Health Organization is rushing to finalize a treaty to prevent and combat future pandemics, but some House Republicans say the U.S. should not be a part of the global accord, arguing that the health group is infringing on the rights of American taxpayers.
    They’re concerned that the treaty will result in U.S. taxpayer dollars going toward abortion. They’re also concerned about threats to U.S. intellectual property rights…
    ..Proponents of the treaty say banding together to prepare for the next pandemic is essential, but a group of conservative lawmakers and advocates that gathered Monday on Capitol Hill said the accord is a “global power grab” that uses public health as a method of spreading progressive values…
    ..The World Health Organization has spent months working to create the world’s first pandemic treaty, an international accord meant to help countries better prepare and respond to future disease outbreaks. WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has described it as “a legally binding pact between countries working together.” Countries hope to finalize the agreement ahead of the annual World Health Assembly in Geneva at the end of May.
    The treaty aims to help countries around the world prepare for “Disease X,” the next global disease outbreak…
    ..“This is about a common enemy, and without a shared response, starting with preparedness, we will face the same problem as COVID,” Ghebreyesus said while speaking on a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January.
    But a growing coalition of Republicans on Capitol Hill, as well as supporters of former President Donald Trump, have been rallying against the treaty. During a news conference Monday on Capitol Hill, Reps. Christopher H. Smith, R-N.J., and Wenstrup argued the treaty is too political and relies too heavily on financial support from U.S. taxpayers. Tony Perkins, president of the conservative Family Research Council, called the draft “a global power grab” that forces progressive social policies on countries. The agreement calls for the continuation of essential health services, which include abortion.

    A Midwestern Doctor , How We Can Stop The WHO’s Horrific Pandemic Treaty
    Reviewing exactly what is inside the worst treaty of our lifetime and the heroic efforts that are stopping it.
    Story at a Glance:
    • “Preventing” pandemics is one of the most lucrative areas in medicine. Unfortunately, despite all the money this industry has received, it has only made the problem worse. This is because most pandemics are the result of lab leaks from “preventative” research, and because whenever an effective solution is discovered for a pandemic, it gets suppressed by the industry since so many business interests depend upon profiting off of an “unsolvable emergency.”
    • The way COVID-19 was handled was so egregious that it woke much of the public up to this grift. Because of that, the pandemic-industrial complex is now facing an existential risk to its business model (since much of the general population no longer is willing to go along with it).
    • To solve this problem, a covert WHO treaty has been put together behind the scenes which gives these international health agencies absolute control over anything related to an alleged “health emergency,” and in turn enshrines each awful policy which was conducted throughout COVID-19 (e.g., mass censorship or the promotion of dangerous and experimental vaccines).
    • A grass roots activist movement has accomplished something remarkable—despite the fact every single large organization has pushed the pandemic treaty through, in only a few short months, those activists have begun to derail it. I believe stopping this power grab is one of the most important issues of our time…
    ..This medical monopoly is being established by giving the WHO (rather than your doctor) the authority to choose what responses are adopted to manage a pandemic—which will inevitably lead to the (lucrative) experimental pharmaceuticals being mandated while the competing ones (e.g., repurposed pharmaceutical drugs) are prohibited…
    ..Since there are so many abhorrent agendas being pushed forward within the pandemic treaty, the treaty could never be approved without “undemocratic” tactics being employed to push it through…
    ..Tactics being used to conceal what is in the treaty include:
    • Having the treaty documents contradict each other (e.g., in one place it says the WHO can’t do something, while in another place which supersedes the previous one it says it can). This allows the treaty advocates to point to the first instance but not the second and hence falsely suggest the treaty does not also contain its reprehensible provisions.
    • Having the WHO’s plan be extremely difficult to understand, as it involves two separate legal documents (a treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations) that need to be pieced together. Much of the language within each is complex and contradictory so most people (myself included) will struggle to make sense of what they actually mean and which statement takes priority under which situation.
    • Continually change the name of the treaty with each draft so it’s difficult for independent researchers to even find the right document (most recently, the treaty was referred to as the “pandemic agreement”).
    • Not allowing the public to see what is within the current version of the amendments until shortly before it will be voted on in May…
    ..One of major debates in international law is the question of exactly when an international treaty supersedes national (or state) law. Since the underlying purpose of the WHO’s pandemic treaty is to provide a mechanism to bypass populist resistance against the WHO’s edicts, the treaty is attempting to supersede local law, and as the previous section shows, do so in secret so local legislators don’t realize what has been agreed to until the treaty’s “emergency” pandemic provisions kick in…
    ..A rational examination of the texts in question shows that:
    1. The documents propose a transfer of decision-making power to the WHO regarding basic aspects of societal function, which countries undertake to enact.
    2. The WHO Director General will have sole authority to decide when and where they are applied [remember that they apply to both “pandemics” and “other health hazards”].
    3. The proposals are intended to be binding under international law.
    Note: these powers include controlling where people can travel, forcing them to quarantine, implementing contact tracing, and mandating treatment or vaccination. Furthermore, many of the treaty’s provisions also violate existing laws (e.g., mass surveillance which violates basic medical privacy protections, taking away intellectual property rights from members of signatory nations, and as mentioned before, encouraging GoF research which violates the 1972 Biological Weapons Treaty)…
    ..The WHO has failed to reveal anything about the proposed amendments to its international health regulations since November 2022, even though they have been continuously negotiated since then. Likewise this means the WHO is not followed its existing rules which had require public drafts of the new amendments to be viewable four months prior to being voted on…
    ..I sincerely believe very few people would support the pandemic treaty if they actually understood what was in it, and it was for that reason that I spent almost a month reading through over a thousand pages of Meryl’s work to put this series together.
    Note: Meryl also wrote a 1000 word (easily shareable) summary of the treaty here:
    ..The pandemic treaty will be voted on at the World Health Assembly in May 2024. Because of this, we have about two months left to hit the critical mass to stop this (and have that vote fail)…
    ..There are two entirely different things the WHO is trying to push through. One is the treaty itself, while the other is a new set of International Health Regulations. It is very possible the WHO will have to let go of the treaty (due to the pushback it has received) but use that confusion to covertly pass those disastrous regulations…
    ..Technically, for a treaty to be enacted in the United States, it needs to be debated in the Senate. Since that exposure would quickly turn the public against the treaty (as it is so indefensible it can only be passed in secret), the current presidential administration has been trying to bypass that step (as the State department has some latitude to decide if it wants to skip the Senate’s advise and consent process). Because of this, one of the most viable ways to stop it is by forcing a debate in the Senate (which senators like Rand Paul are already trying to do). However, a bill Senator Ron Johnson introduced that would have required the treaty to be reviewed by the Senate barely failed early last year on a strict party line vote…
    ..The same people who clearly did the worse possible job of handling the pandemic (demonstrated by the fact we fared far worse than Africa which did almost nothing to mitigate COVID-19) are demanding that “failure” justifies giving them the complete authority to do whatever they want during the next pandemic.
    I interpret this to mean that they are actually paper tigers and are in an extremely precarious situation which is requiring them to take extremely audacious steps to protect their racket and not be held accountable for their crimes against humanity…
    ..In turn, I would argue we are at a moment in history where we could easily go down two different paths with profound implications for generations to come—our society may end up becoming becoming enslaved to the pandemic-industrial complex but we also have a once in a lifetime opportunity it to break up a predatory industry which has victimized generations of human beings around the world in its relentless pursuit of power and profit.

    John Day

    Meryl Nass MD, Maybe 5% of the WHO Pandemic Treaty and IHR amendment negotiations are about a trade agreement.
    The other 95% are about global control of information, pandemics and medicine through the WHO
    Don’t let yourself be confused. I wish I didn’t need to make this clarification, but many have asked me to do so.

    The World’s Gyre, Alastair Crooke , Thanks Eleni
    The U.S. is edging closer to war with Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Forces, a state security agency composed of armed groups, some of which are close to Iran, but which for the main are Iraqi nationalists. The U.S. carried out a drone strike in Baghdad, Wednesday that killed three members of the Kataeb Hizbullah forces, including a senior commander. One of the assassinated, al-Saadi, is the most senior figure to have been assassinated in Iraq since the 2020 drone strike that killed senior Iraqi Commander al-Muhandis and Qassem Soleimani.
    The target is puzzling as Kataeb more than a week ago suspended its military operations against the U.S. (at the request of the Iraqi government). The stand down was widely published. So why was this senior figure assassinated?
    Tectonic twitches often are sparked by a single egregious action: the one final grain of sand which – on top of the others – triggers the slide, capsizing the sandpile. Iraqis are angry. They feel that the U.S. wantonly violates their sovereignty – showing contempt and disdain for Iraq, a once great civilisation, now brought low in the wake of U.S. wars. Swift and collective retaliation has been promised.
    One act, and a gyre can begin. The Iraqi government may not be able to hold the line…
    ..The Houthis and AnsarAllah have become heroes across the Islamic World. Look at social media. The Houthis are now the ‘stuff of myth’: Standing up for Palestinians whilst others don’t. A following is taking hold. AnsarAllah’s ‘heroic’ stance may lead to the ousting of western proxies, and so to dominate that ‘rest of Yemen’ they presently do not control. It seizes too, the Islamic world imagination (to the concern of the Arab Establishment)…
    ..Nothing changed by way of U.S. policies. It was the same old western bromides from decades ago: financial threats, bombing and violence. And the insistence on one mandatory ‘stand with Israel’ narrative (with no discussion).
    The rest of the world has grown tired of it; even defiant towards it.
    So to put it bluntly: Israel has now come face-to-face with the (self-destructive) inconsistency within Zionism: How to maintain special rights for Jews on territory in which there is an approximately equal number of non-Jews? The old answer has been discredited.
    The Israeli Right argues that Israel then must go for broke: All or nothing. Take the risk of wider war (in which Israel, may or may not, be ‘victorious’); tell Arabs to move elsewhere; or abandon Zionism and themselves move on.
    The Biden Administration, rather than help Israel look truth in the eye, has discarded the task of obliging Israel to face up to the contradictions in Zionism, in favour of restoring the broken status quo ante…
    ..The trifecta of U.S. failed responses paradoxically has nonetheless facilitated Israel’s slide to the Right (as evidenced by all recent polling). And has – absent a hostage deal; absent a Saudi credible ‘dangle’; or any credible path to a Palestinian State – precisely opened the path for the Netanyahu government to pursue his maximalist exit from collapsed deterrence through securing a ‘grand victory’ over the Palestinian resistance, Hizbullah, and even – he hopes – Iran.
    None of these objectives can be achieved without U.S. help. Yet, where is Biden’s limit?

    The World’s Gyre

    The Holocaust, at the Heart of the Gaza Genocide , Thanks Eleni.
    Since the establishment of a Zionist home in Palestine in the early 20th century, Jewish settlers have massacred tens of thousands of Palestinians – mainly women, children and the elderly – whose lands and homes they have plundered and robbed with impunity.[1][2][3]
    Never in the history of mankind has a race of people gone so quickly from being exceptional victims to exceptional murderers determined to exterminate the Palestinians under the pretext of recreating their homeland, the biblical Israel.
    But Palestine was never the homeland of the Jews. Biblical accounts are not supported by historical or archaeological discoveries.[4] “It’s a romantic fantasy,”[5] admits Jewish historian Norman F. Cantor in his book on Jewish history, The Sacred Chain. “The whole notion of Israel and its history is a literary fiction,” says Professor Thomas Thompson in his book The Mythic Past: Biblical Archeology and the Myth of Israel.

    Paul Craig Roberts, Israel’s Ever-widening War
    Rafah is the town that borders Egypt and the Sinai desert, where one million Palestinian refugees have fled to escape the merciless Israeli attacks against them. More than 100,000 Palestinian civilians, including 70,000 Palestinian women and children, have already been killed and wounded. Most of these poor refugees are literally starving to death because of the 3-month long Israeli blockade of water, food, electricity, and medicine to Gaza.
    If Israel launches this attack on Rafah, with the aim of driving one million Palestinians into the desert — and killing all those who refuse to leave Gaza– Egypt warns that a regional war will likely result, one which could conceivably become a World War.
    Biden could prevent this with a single phone call. If the US cut off all military and financial aid to Israel, the Israelis could not continue to prosecute its genocidal ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from Gaza. However, just the opposite seems to be happening, with the full support and complicity of the United States…
    ..The Israeli offensive has left 85% of Gaza’s population internally displaced amid acute shortages of food, clean water, and medicine, while 60% of the enclave’s infrastructure was damaged or destroyed, according to the UN.
    And the Great Moral Western Democracies continue to support the Israeli Genocide of the Palestinians even as Egypt warns of a widening war.

    Israel’s Ever-widening War

    John Day


    John Day

    Mike Whitney, Bibi’s Endgame: A Ghastly Humanitarian Crisis Followed by Forced Expulsion
    On Friday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the Israeli military to prepare a plan for the forced expulsion of Palestinians located in Rafah, the southernmost city in Gaza where over 1.3 million displaced civilians have taken refuge in tent cities. The announcement was met with howls of protest from political leaders and human rights groups around the world who understand that Israel is now implementing the final phase of its ethnic cleansing operation which began on October 7. Despite the public outcry and mounting opposition, Netanyahu is moving ahead with his plan to drive the non-Jewish population from their historic homeland in order to establish a permanent Jewish majority on Palestinian territory…
    ..The reason Israel continues to kill non-combatants who are in-no-way connected to Hamas, is because it convinces everyone else that the bombing is “indiscriminate” which, in turn, suggests that the perpetrator is a deranged madman driven by irrational hatred.
    This is how one terrorizes the public into doing whatever is demanded of them. We expect that much of Israel’s current pysops in Gaza was meticulously worked out with a battery of behavioral psychologists long before the first bomb was dropped, perhaps, years before the Hamas attack on October 7.
    It’s also worth noting, that Israel’s unexpected blitz on Rafah comes on the heels of explicit promises from senior-level Israeli officials that Palestinians who willingly left their homes in the North would find safety in the South.
    Now these same people are being pelted with bombs and pushed into the desert where their prospects for survival are dismal at best.

    Bibi’s Endgame: A Ghastly Humanitarian Crisis Followed by Forced Expulsion

    Patrick Lawrence: The Crisis at The New York Times
    It has been evident to many of us since the genocide in Gaza began Oct. 7 that Israel risked asking too much of those inclined to take its side. The Zionist state would ask what many people cannot give: It would ask them to surrender their consciences, their idea of moral order, altogether their native decency as it murders, starves and disperses a population of 2.3 million while making their land uninhabitable.
    The Israelis took this risk and they have lost. We are now able to watch videos of Israeli soldiers celebrating as they murder Palestinian mothers and children, as they dance and sing while detonating entire neighborhoods, as they mock Palestinians in a carnival of racist depravity one would have thought beyond what is worst in humanity—and certainly beyond what any Jew would do to another human being…
    ..Since late last year The Grayzone has exhaustively investigated The Times’s “investigations” of Hamas’s supposed savagery and Israel’s supposed innocence…
    ..What we find as we read The Times’s daily report from Israel, and from Gaza when its correspondents unwisely accept invitations to embed with the IDF, is a newspaper unwilling to question either its longstanding fidelity to Israel or its service to American power…
    ..There is also the question of humanization and dehumanization. We have read very numerous and intimately detailed Times stories of Israelis attacked last Oct. 7—individuation being essential to shaping this kind of coverage—while Palestinians are an indistinct blur so far as Times correspondents report on them. The Times has fully indulged the pretense that history began on Oct. 7, erasing the previous 76 years or the previous century, depending on how one counts—the history, this is to say, wherein the Palestinian story is told. There is no Palestinian story in pages of The New York Times…
    ..There is one feature of The Times’s coverage that must be singled out, as it is very key to the whole of it. This concerns the question of evidence. Almost all of the reportage coming out of Israel, and on rare occasions Gaza, relies on evidence Times correspondents have obtained from the Israeli military, Israeli government officials, the Israeli police, or those representing some other part of the Israeli power structure…
    ..“According to Israeli officials,” “Israeli military sources said,” etc. is all readers get. On goes the report from there, in which evidence or “evidence” the Israelis have supplied is presented at face value…
    ..Jeffrey Gettleman seems to have been other than careful in his reporting after he transited from Ukraine to Israel immediately after the events of Oct. 7… The Israelis began alleging that Hamas militias were guilty of rape and sexual violence during their Oct. 7 incursion into southern Israel more or less immediately after the events of that day. They claimed to be developing “considerable evidence”—Gettleman’s phrase in his initial report, on Dec. 4—from witnesses, photographs, and emergency medical teams. In the same piece, Gettleman quoted a police official saying that women and men numbering in the dozens had been raped on Oct. 7…
    ..“Extensive witness testimony and documentary evidence of killings, including videos posted by Hamas fighters themselves,” Gettleman wrote, “support the allegations.” …
    .. How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on Oct.7.” It took as its central figure “the woman in the black dress.” This refers to a corpse found and videoed on the side of a road on Oct. 8. “In a grainy video,” Gettleman writes, “you can see her, lying on her back, dress torn, legs spread, vagina exposed. Her face is burned beyond recognition and her right hand covers her eyes.”
    Gettleman reports this woman’s identity as Gal Abdush, a 34–year-old mother of two who was partying with her husband along the Gaza border in the early hours of Oct. 7 and was later murdered, as was her husband…
    ..Based largely on the video evidence—which was verified by The New York Times—Israeli police officials said they believed that Ms. Abdush was raped, and she has become a symbol of the horrors visited upon Israeli women and girls during the Oct. 7 attacks…
    ..The Times “verified” the video, did it? In what way this? What did it verify, exactly? That the video existed? Is Gettleman suggesting that The Times verified from the video that Abdush was raped? No video of a dead body could verify this…
    ..This video has a strange story, to stay with it briefly. Gettleman wrote that it “went viral,” but it is nowhere to be found on the internet, and nobody recalls referring to Abdush as “the woman in the black dress.” There is also a chronology question attaching to this video, as a Jan. 3 report in Mondoweiss analyzes. Gettleman recounts the last text message, with time-stamp, Gal Abdush sent to her family. During this time Abdush’s husband, Nagy, was with her and sent his own texts to the family, also time-stamped. Four minutes elapsed between Gal Abdush’s last message and the time Nagy Abdush messaged the family to report his wife’s death—a message Gttleman did not mention. Nagy Abdush made no reference to rape. He sent his own final message 44 minutes later – a message Gettleman’s report does mention.
    Did one or more Hamas militiaman rape a woman in the presence of her husband, then, in one or another sequence, murder her and burn her, then murder the husband—all not in 44 minutes, as the Gettleman piece implies, but in four? Since Gettleman published, Abdush’s family, evidently irate, has accused him of distorting the evidence and manipulating them in the course of his reporting. “She was not raped,” Mira Alter, Gal Abdush’s sister, wrote on social media a few days after Gettleman published. “There was no proof that there was rape. It was only a video.”…
    ..There is a witness who told Gettleman he saw two teenage girls lying naked and alone on the floor of a house, one of them with semen all over her back, while it was later proven they were burned so badly they were hard to identify and they were found not alone but in the embrace of their also-burned mother…
    ..I rarely urge readers of this column to read The New York Times—some, indeed, write to thank me for reading it so they don’t have to do so. On this occasion I think reading the Gettleman pieces is a good idea—but only back-to-back with The Grayzone’s work.

    John Day

    Last week, special counsel Robert Hur released a bombshell report, declining to press charges against US President Joe Biden partially because his report said, the president would appear to the jury as an “elderly man with a poor memory” and therefore would have trouble convincing the jury of his intent.
    The report also noted that he forgot when his term as Vice President ended and started, and couldn’t remember what year his son died.
    Biden attempted to quell concerns about his age by calling a press conference addressing the report but proceeded to confuse Mexico and Egypt while speaking to reporters…
    ..On Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris told a US media outlet she is “ready to serve” while slamming the report as “wrong” and “politically motivated.”…
    ..Lazare argued that is impossible for the Biden campaign. “Biden cannot go on that kind of tour,” he said. “He can’t sit down with Hannity or go on Fox News or do anything like that because he’ll only make things worse.[…] It’ll become completely clear that he doesn’t know what’s going on around him.”

    ​ The Nuts And Bolts Of Replacing Candidate Biden, Before Or After The Convention
    ​ While a Biden pre-convention withdrawal would make for quite a spectacle, things would really get wild if Biden were to be nominated at the convention only to subsequently die, resign or be disabled. In that scenario, party rules direct the party chair to “confer with the Democratic leadership of the … Congress and the Democratic Governors Association” and then report to the approximately 450-member Democratic National Committee, which would then choose a new nominee.
    ​ The chaos wouldn’t be confined to the Democratic Party: States would be forced to scramble to produce new ballots. Ballots for overseas military service members are shipped just a couple weeks after the late-August Democratic convention, and in-person voting kicks off on Sept. 20 in Minnesota and South Dakota.
    ​ None of this is to say that Biden won’t keep mumbling, shuffling, blank-staring and gaffing his way all the way to the Nov 5 general election finish line. However, after last week, fewer people are willing to wager that Biden will be the Democratic nominee​.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin, like Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, is “anathema to Davos globalists”, Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel told Sputnik, stressing that the timing of Putin-Carlson interview was perfect…
    …”I also think the contrast between Putin’s measured and thoughtful perspectives, having been a world leader for a quarter century with the lack of gravitas — to put it politely of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and many others in both parties who are surface-level, donor-captured, soundbite specialists was stunning. This contrast was remarkable considering Biden’s post-interview meltdown before what remains of the ‘press’,” Ortel continued.
    The Wall Street analyst noted that judging from viewership statistics, the corporate — and political donor-controlled — media is destroying itself.
    He stressed that “no political interview has garnered nearly as much coverage as Putin’s recent sit down with Tucker,” adding that he expects “it will, in the end, change the thinking of most open minds.”–wall-street-analyst-1116731246.html

    Moon of Alabama, Ukraine SitRep: A Collapse Is Coming – And Then?
    In the last Ukraine situation report I discussed the choice of General Oleksandr Syrski as the new Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He is likely to support the more aggressive choices the Ukrainian president Zelenski will make.
    For mostly public relation reasons Zelenski demands constant attacks on Russian forces and no retreat of Ukrainian forces until absolutely necessary. Syrski is willing to deliver on that even as history says that he is unlikely to be successful…
    ..The new Ukrainian mobilization law, which is supposed to refill the army with fresh bodies, is still creeping through the Ukrainian parliament. It will likely come into force only by April. The first new troops conscripted under it will take until July to be combat capable.
    But even if the existing Ukrainian forces can hold out that long they still will lack the ammunition to hit back at Russian efforts. Even if the U.S. agrees soon to spend more money on Ukraine, which seems unlikely, it would take many months to refill the Ukrainian arsenals.
    For all these reasons I expect that the Ukrainian frontline will break rather sooner – within weeks – than later – i.e. within months.

    John Day

    In his speech at a rally in South Carolina, Donald Trump appeared to double down on his previous insistence that all NATO members should follow the bloc’s guidelines and spend at least two percent of their respective gross domestic products on defense.
    “One of the presidents of a big country stood up and said, ‘Well, sir, if we don’t pay, and we’re attacked by Russia, will you protect us?’ I said, ‘You didn’t pay, you’re delinquent?'” Trump said as he recalled an exchange that allegedly took place at some NATO meeting. “No, I would not protect you. In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever the hell they want.”
    Trump’s statement, however, does not mean that the United States would not honor its obligations under NATO’s charter, argued Earl Rasmussen, retired lieutenant colonel of the US Army and an international consultant.—expert-1116744370.html

    Gilbert Doctorow, Will NATO be dismantled? Interview on India’s WION television channel
    I tried to make plain in the interview that Trump is intent on the break-up of NATO for reasons that make sense to those of us who had the good fortune to listen a couple of years ago to the late Russian politician, founder and long-time chairman of the center-right LDPR party. Vladimir Zhirinovsky explained at the time why and how Russia, with a defense budget ten times smaller than the US, could pull ahead of the US in developing and deploying state of the art strategic nuclear weapons systems…
    ..Zhirinovsky told us the reason. With its vast network of overseas military bases built to ensure U.S. global hegemony, the U.S. military budget of 800 billion to 1 trillion dollars, as he said with a bit of humor, ‘goes to buy toilet paper’ for those bases and to fight hot wars in places that have no strategic value to the States instead of developing and fielding weapons systems to match its peers Russia and China.
    One might look still further and remark on the corruption in the U.S. military procurement system from interaction with private for-profit manufacturers who lobby Congress on their own behalf using retired generals and Pentagon officials. But that source of reduced efficiency in spending is a topic for another day…
    ..In this interview I argue that the greatest contribution to Russian-American relations is being made by Trump precisely now when he is acting as a private person to influence Congress to stop funding the war. Once in office, he will be subject to constraints imposed by those elites whom Putin mentioned in his recent interview with Tucker Carlson.

    Elections in Pakistan. Victory of Imran Khan’s PTI Party , Junaid S. Ahmad Thanks Eleni.
    The elections in Pakistan today were much freer and fairer than I had expected. Hence, the preliminary results simply reflected the obvious for most of us: former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s political party, PTI (the movement for justice) – facing ruthless repression over the past year – have swept the elections in every single province of the country.
    Khan, surviving two assasination attempts and languishing in a supermax dungeon since last August, is more popular than ever. Among the youth, Gallup Pakistan surveys have consistently reported around 80-90 percent support for Khan and his party.
    The tyranny of the generals in the military high command along with the kleptocratic and dynastic political parties entailed even the suppression of PTI’s symbol (a cricket bat) and virtually a ban, with horrific consequences if violated, on candidates running on a PTI ticket. Thus, all of these candidates ran as independents…
    ..There is one sign of both hope and danger. For the first time in Pakistan’s history, the normally unified and disciplined armed forces are now experiencing deep divisions. The majority of military officers and and 95 percent of soldiers are repulsed by the behavior of Wasington’s minions in the top brass. To the surprise of many of us, these divisions also exist within the intelligence agencies. We are witnessing in an unprecedented way a refusenik impulse within the military. Not to sound like the bogus alarmism we’re used to from Washington think tanks, it’s still worth remembering that Pakistan is a country of 240 million, nuclear-armed.

    Elections in Pakistan. Victory of Imran Khan’s PTI Party

    John Day

    Quoth Aspnaz:
    “Yet another bad Jew making American enemies of the rest of the world. I am still waiting to see just one good Jewish actor, just one, some good Jewish politician or government employee calling for peace in Gaza.”

    Bernie Sanders, Senate Speech yesterday:

    Mr. President, I’d like to take a few minutes to discuss a matter of enormous consequence that is not being adequately covered in the mainstream media nor here in the Senate.

    And that is that right now, today, in Gaza, we are witnessing one of the worst humanitarian disasters in modern history. It is unfolding before our very eyes and we must not run away from that reality.

    And I am very sorry to say but we in the United States are deeply complicit in what is happening in Gaza. What we do in Congress right now could well determine whether tens of thousands of people live or die.

    Let us very briefly review what has happened in the last four months.

    On October 7th, Hamas launched a horrific terrorist attack that killed 1,200 innocent Israelis and took more than 230 hostages and more than 100 of those hostages still remain in captivity today.

    That is what started this war. And as I have said many times, Israel has the right to defend itself against Hamas terrorism. But it does not have the right to go to war against the entire Palestinian people. And that, tragically, is what we are seeing.

    As of today, Israel’s military campaign has killed more than 27,000 Palestinains and injured some 68,000; two-thirds of whom are women and children.

    Unbelievably, 1.7 million people have been driven from their homes; nearly 80% of the population. That is more than twice the population of my own state of Vermont.

    These people displaced have no understanding as to where they will go tomorrow or whether in fact they will ever return to their communities. That is where they are now. Pushed out of their homes, hungry, desperate, no understanding of where they will be in the future.

    The devastation caused by Israeli bombardments is unprecedented in modern history. Some 70 percent of the housing units have been damaged or destroyed.

    The Israeli bombing attacks have destroyed most of the infrastructure in Gaza. There is no electricity there and very little clean water.

    There are virtually no places where people can buy bread or other basic necessities as most of the bakers have been destroyed or shut down.

    Raw sewage is now running into the streets and communication is very difficult because there is little or no cell phone service.

    Despite the tens of thousands of Palestinians who have been injured, there are no fully functional hospitals in Gaza and just one in three is operational at all.

    Amid repeated attacks on health care facilities, doctors and nurses – with extraordinary courage – are bravely working to save lives, even with inadequate and sporadic electricity or basic medical supplies.

    Israel bombing and the onerous restrictions placed on aid entering Gza means that only a tiny fraction of the food, water, medicine, and fuel that is needed can get into Gaza. And even when supplies get across the border, very little of that aid can reach beyond the immediate area around the Rafah crossing from Egypt.

    Mr. President, let us take a deep breath and understand what all of this means for the men, women, and children who are in Gaza today, right now.

    Not only have they been driven from their homes, not only have those homes been damaged or destroyed, not only are they unable to access the medical care or the clean water they need, but – unbelievably, horrifyingly, hundreds of thousands of children today in Gaza face starvation.

    Let me repeat: hundreds of thousands of children face starvation.

    The United Nations says that 1 in 10 children under the age of 5 in Gaza is already malnourished, and the entire population is at imminent risk of famine.

    What every physician knows is that malnutrition in small children causes permanent physical and cognitive damage. It stays with them for their entire lives.

    In other words, even if the world ended today, large numbers of children in Gaza will have suffered physically from what has happened for the rest of their lives.

    And that’s not to mention the extraordinary psychological damage that these kids have gone through.

    Can you imagine what it means to be 5 years old, seeing buildings collapsing, people dying, suffering from hunger and thirst?

    That’s what these kids are going through today.

    Mr. President, if nothing changes, we will soon have hundreds of thousands of children literally starving to death before our very eyes.

    And, believe it or not, the situation could become even worse.

    Right now, 1.4 million people – more than half of the population of Gaza – are squeezed into the area around Rafah right up against the Egyptian border.

    Rafah was a town of just 250,000 people before the war.

    Now, there are 1.4 million people there – more than five times the original population. These people are packed into crowded UN shelters or sleeping out in tents. It is a daily struggle for them to find food or water.

    And in the midst of all of this horror and suffering, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the leader of Israel’s extreme right-wing government, has announced that Israel will soon launch a major ground offensive against Rafah – where 1.4 million people are located.

    What that means is that Netanyahu will soon be forcing these people – already living in extreme desperation – to evacuate once again.

    And nobody has any idea as to where they will go.

    These families – already exhausted, traumatized, and hungry – will once again be displaced, with no plan as to how they will survive.

    Mr. President, I struggle to find words for this cruelty.

    And let me state once again that what is happening in Gaza now is funded by U.S. taxpayer dollars.

    These are our bombs and our military equipment that is being used. We are complicit. This is not just an Israeli war. It is an American war.

    Mr. President, Prime Minister Netanyahu says all of this is necessary.

    He says that Israel will only accept “total victory” in this campaign.

    Yet asked recently what “total victory” would look like, he said – chillingly – that it is like smashing a glass “into small pieces, and then you continue to smash it into even smaller pieces, and you continue hitting them.”

    The question that we must ask ourselves is: how many more children and innocent people will be smashed by Netanyahu in the process? And why is the United States helping to fund this humanitarian disaster?

    It is quite clear that, beyond total destruction of Gaza, Netanyahu has no plan.

    This week, President Biden acknowledged the severity of this crisis. He said that Israel’s response in Gaza “has been over the top,” and added that “there are a lot of innocent people who are starving. There are a lot of innocent people who are in trouble and dying. And it’s got to stop.”

    The President is absolutely right. It does have to stop. But if that is the case, then why in God’s name are we now contemplating legislation that provides $10 billion to the Israeli war machine to continue Netanyahu’s war?

    President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken have been trying to negotiate an agreement where Israel pauses its military operation, Hamas releases the remaining hostages, and massive humanitarian aid comes in to help desperate people.

    We all hope this deal comes together.

    But Netanyahu is resisting this proposal. In my view, he is trying to prolong the war to cling to power. Most Israelis rightly blame him for creating this crisis and want him out.

    But if Netanyahu prolongs the war, he can avoid accountability for his disastrous leadership.

    And that is why Netanyahu is ignoring almost everything that President Biden and Secretary Blinken are saying.

    He, this week, dismissed the hostage deal as “delusional” and brushed aside U.S. concerns about expanding the ground offensive to southern Gaza.

    There is a simple question that must be asked: how does it happen that, despite waging an horrific war which has caused massive suffering; despite ignoring the wishes of the President of the United States and, in fact, virtually the entire world community; how does it happen that the U.S. Congress is about to send another $10 billion of unrestricted military aid to Israel – no strings attached?

    It is beyond comprehension to me that Congress would reward Netanyahu, even while he ignores everything the President of the United States says.

    Netanyahu is the leader of the most right-wing government in Israel’s history, a man who has dedicated his political career to killing the prospects of a two-state solution.

    And yet, this bill will give him a blank check, paid for by the American taxpayer.

    It’s hard to believe, but that is exactly what this bill will do.

    And what’s even harder to understand is that, in the midst of this almost unprecedented humanitarian crisis, this legislation before us actually contains a prohibition on funding for UNRWA, the largest UN agency operating in Gaza and the backbone of the humanitarian aid operation. UNWRA is the organization that actually gets food across Gaza.

    Israel’s allegations against the agency are serious, and they are being investigated seriously.

    But you don’t starve two million people because of the alleged actions of twelve UNRWA employees.

    Mr. President, the whole world is watching. Netanyahu is starving hundreds of thousands of children. We in America cannot be complicit in this atrocity.

    As long as this bill contains money to fund Netanyahu’s cruel war, it must be defeated.

    Thank you, Mr. President, I yield the floor.


    Bill giving illegal immigrants the right to vote

    That is preposterous. I know of someone who is likely undocumented, has been in the US for 32 years, since age 15 — he came alone from Honduras. In the intervening years he has worked hard, run small businesses, married a divorcee stay-at-home mom with two daughters who received no child support and has supported her and the girls. Now, his mother in Honduras, whom he hasn’t seen since age 15, living in the home he bought for her, is ill and he is selling all of his US possessions — including business, home, vehicles, tools — to return to Honduras to visit his mother, then will go to Mexico to wait out the requisite 2 years so that he can apply for a green card based on his marriage to someone in the US with legal status. (His wife plans to join him in Mexico for this duration.) This man, who has contributed positively to the US economy and social fabric for 32 years, after all of these steps, will still not have attained the right to vote, as he will not be a US citizen.

    And people walking across the border, should this bill be passed, would be granted a huge shortcut to citizenship? Are the writers of this bill insane? I do not advocate for people to enter the country illegally, however, when they do AND they work hard and positively contribute over the course of years, I don’t have a problem with there being paths open to them to legal status, even citizenship, if they desire it. However, it is imperative that illegal immigration not be encouraged, nor rewarded. A path to legal status should exist…but it does not need to be an easy path. Valid contribution to society should be rewarded…but not following the rules cannot be encouraged, and even for those who have proven their worth, not following rules means that there are annoying hoops to jump through. (Such as: selling everything and waiting two years outside of the country.)


    Russian Special forces “AKHMAT” is a symbol of their unity

    Russia Band of Brothers stand united to defend their Homeland

    ….unlike Duh’merica


    “Not A Single Child Tested Proficient In Math In 67 Illinois Schools”
    So…most kids used to test as proficient, but now do not? We have yearly test scores — perhaps we should go back and analyze the trends and what else was going on culturally and see if there are any obvious correlation — such as “online school” during a pandemic, the introduction of the iPhone and Android smartphones,GMOs, cell phone towers, increases in the vaccine schedule, etc. It doesn’t fly that kids are simply stupider, or teachers don’t care anymore — something has changed. What is it?

    D Benton Smith

    Because I rather unmercifully forced @aspnaz to see that his logic was faulty he thinks that I have insulted him personally (since there is no other defense possible), and so responds in a deeply personalized way that has descended to the level of epithet you would expect to hear from an angry kid in a sandbox.

    I apologize to aspnaz for pushing the issue that hard, but at the same time I insist that we do not get distracted by that unfortunate display so much that we lose sight of the FACT which triggered the whole piss-fight in the first place.

    To wit, ““Given the irrefutably documented fact that a strikingly disproportionate number of the Bad Guys are hereditary Jews, then WHY is that the case? What sets those individuals apart from the others”

    In other words, just because it’s “The Jews!” does not even remotely mean that it’s ONLY the Jews or even primarily the Jews. Pinning everything on a flunky (in this case the Jews) is the CLASSIC way of escaping justice.

    Don’t let them get away with it this time. Who are they? I suggest digging into the DIFFERENCE between good Jews and bad ones. Who are the bad ones working for that the good ones are not?

    And just ENOUGH already with the nonsense about Semitic surnames being the root of all evil.

    (sorry about the Yiddish style humor in that last sentence. I just couldn’t resist the cheap shot at the Jew haters around here.)

    Figmund Sreud

    Johnson, Every, Rickards, Murphy. Hoots of laughter from this ZeroHedge debate! Quite long…



    A couple of thoughts:

    Maybe corporal punishment needs to be brought back in society. Bring in the experts from Singapore and Malaysia, in my opinion a brine soaked rattan cane to the bare bottoms would clean the riffraff from the subways in no time.

    Re: Illinois school results, when the majority of the student body believes being on time and math is racist,
    what can society do?


    That is 3 steps. Step 1 performance data is some detail. Step 2 the rest of the world in some detail. Step 3 compare 1 and 2. I will poke at step 1 and see what is [still] available.



    Waiting for next Passover


    “…. something has changed. What is it?”

    What has not changed?

    When I was young, the message was “go to university” to get out of poverty.
    My children listened and went to university. Now, they are saying to the grand kids, “learn a trade”.
    Meanwhile, me, as the wise grand, that nobody listen to, I say,
    ” Find something that you want to do, (learn), what other people cannot do or want to do it and do it well, so that you can earn/make enough income to put food on the table.”

    Nearly half a million Israelis left occupied Palestine since October 7
    Al Mayadeen English
    Source: Al Mayadeen
    6 Dec 2023
    On the Move, once again.

    Cartoon of, (Moses ), Uncle Sam parting the ocean for Jewish immigrants

    D Benton Smith

    This is probably as good a time as any to just lay everything out on the table, acknowledge that we have a critically important and verified FACT that has to be dealt with, and proceed to deal with it.

    And yes, it has to do with the Jews, but before going any further with that I want to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that the credit goes to @CelticBiker for throwing a brick through our Overton Window. He said the quiet part out loud, as the saying goes, (maybe a little too loud on some occasions) and got us all to talking (or yelling, as the case may be).

    Without dancing around the bush overly long let’s just state the most obvious fact first. The ongoing and intensifying crisis in the world has got something very seriously to do with Jews. Precisely what it has to do with them is ain’t exactly clear, but no matter which critical systems failure you care to investigate you will find a cluster of Jewish persons at or near the top of its power structure and that cluster of fuckers will be up to no good in a serious way.

    The question is, “WHY is that so?”, and the IMPORTANCE of that questions is that your life and the survival of our viable civilization depends on finding and handling the answer to it. Knowing that it is so is not enough. We have to know WHY if we’re going to have any hope of handling it. When clutching a tiger by the tail it is of crucial importance to know everything there is to know about tigers and how to let go of them, and learn it quickly.

    The patently obvious pattern of Jewish involvement in dynastic empires extends far back into the dim recesses of history, so don’t expect a short journey in sussing it all out, but suss it we must. It’s not as if there was some other game in town, or something more important for us to take care of.

    Spending time, treasure or effort on anything other than coming to grips with this (except one’s immediate corporeal and spiritual necessities) would be a very poor and highly advised against investment of limited resources.

    As always, everyone is free to deny or ignore this issue if they so choose. Blessed are they who keep their eyes shut, for they will not see what hits them.

    Selidovo Strike: A Military Training Ground Turns into a Battlefield
    In a particularly devastating incident, Russian forces struck a Ukrainian military training ground in Selidovo, Donetsk People’s Republic. The attack reportedly caused casualties among Ukrainian troops. Former Ukrainian parliamentarian Igor Mosiychuk confirmed the incident on his Telegram channel, stating that some soldiers were killed and injured, but refrained from providing exact numbers. An unofficial Telegram channel associated with Ukraine’s 35th brigade suggested that the losses could be around 200 troops.

    Two strikes hit Selidovo in Donetsk Region at night: three people were killed, 12 injured

    The first missile hit a 5-story building, completely destroying 12 apartments in one of the entrances. The second strike damaged one of the buildings of a local hospital. About 100 patients were evacuated to hospitals in Pokrovsk and Mirnograd.

    John Day

    Even “Khazerian Mafia” and “Revisionist Zionists” are not identical.
    The word is not the thing.
    We should all keep on the scent of the trail of sociopathic criminal “elites”.
    They share behaviors and proclivities, love secrecy and obscuration, and they know each other, and they know us…


    Never get between a man and his hate. I’m hating something, don’t interrupt me with facts.

    Yes Dr D… the resident Jew apologist.

    Never get between Jews hating, murdering and genociding millions of humans-
    Fuck you scumbag.

    just because it’s “The Jews!” does not even remotely mean that it’s ONLY the Jews or even primarily the Jews.

    Clearly the Jewish state of Israel, of the Jew religion, for the Jew race, on stolen lands slowly and effectively murdering 2 million humans has nothing to do with Jews. Amirite?

    Dr Dick and Altar boy – who are the actual murdering haters ? In your retarded logic it is not Jews ?

    Harsh words of reality are worse than Jew’scum committing genocide? Fuck you both with razor wire.

    Pharma Jews-

    Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla-

    Moderna CEO, Stephane Bancel-

    AstraZeneca CEO, Pascal Soriot-

    Johnson/Johnson CEO, Alex Gorsky-

    SputnikV CEO, Alex Gamalay-

    Keep apologizing for Jew crimes against humanity and Jews genociding Palestinians in concentration camps.

    Correct- not all Jews are scum- look in the mirror assholes.

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