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    The latest data out of Europe shows unemployment in the EU periphery significantly worsening, economic growth rates in Germany, France, Italy and Spai
    [See the full post at: Employment = Poverty and Inequality]


    unfortunate website, just lost many readers, can’t access the discussions. what a shame.


    Off topic OT

    unfortunate website, just lost many readers, can’t access the discussions. what a shame.

    This is a much better structured forum for discussion and most readers will soon get over the shock of the new.


    Hi All, I’ve made two posts and can’t find either of them. This may well be a better set up, but that doesn’t matter so long as people don’t know how it works – and it isn’t intuitive or else I’d be able to find my post in “Finance”, whatever that is since I can’t find that, either. Don’t have much time to dig around or I might find it.

    How about a main article tutorial that explains how to use the forums?

    TIA and keep up the good work.



    You must get into the forum if you want to see article/topic threads. The bottom bar link may not be working right now – we’re trying to fix that. The other way for now is to click on “posts in discussion” at the bottom of the article’s page. Once in the forum, click on recent topics or my topics to see your topic.


    Let’s keep cool, peoples… it’s very early days. Setting this up is not easy – even Apple and Microsoft work out their bugs in the marketplace – and a little patience will reward everyone – tyros and pros. Thank you to all who responded to my request for help.

    John Day

    Hey, where’s El Gallinazo and Greenpa and all the smart, clever folks?


    Would this wage deflation environment make Germany more vulnerable to imported oil price shocks, driving the cost of living past critical mass?


    Sorry but I do not find this new format to be user-friendly.



    It’s a learning curve, please persist. I am struggling a bit, but one of my invisible freinds is telling me this has a lot of potential, so – ONWARDS.


    I think that what’s missing from the old site is that there was only one forum so everyone hung out there. Now we are to “discuss this article.” Perhaps you could consider instituting a “General Forum” that we could have more wide ranging discussions in as in the the old format. Not dissing this, like the set-up of the site and articles but… as above.


    We can always change the format depending on feedback I suppose, have to ask Dan though. I personally like the idea of a general forum to chat on – a feature article and then turn off comments on commentaries.


    Hi VK, I think the trick is to make the forum intuitively accessible.

    Do that and things should go much more smoothly. How about a top tab named “Forum”?


    Everyone’s a critic. Including me.

    There is nothing I like about the redesign. Front page way to busy. SIMPLIFY.


    Firstly, congratulations on the new site. As a webmaster myself I know how much work it takes to set something like this up, and how there will always be those unhappy with what you do.

    I’d make a couple of suggestions. I tried the Wibiya toolbar, but removed it from my site, because at the end of the day, it didn’t add anything I couldn’t do by other means. The Share popup on pictures is obtrusive, a simple ‘Share This’ button on the page will do the same and allow a choice of social networking sites to share on.

    I like the general layout, and can see the thought that has gone into this, and I am enjoying exploring the new site.


    As VK said, we’ll look into all possibilities of getting more old site community feel back into comments.

    Meanwhile, AEP has a pretty good post on the Greek death spiral in comparison to Germany.

    This is what a death spiral looks like.

    It is what can happen if you join a fixed exchange system, then take out very large debts in what amounts to a foreign currency, and then have simultaneous monetary and fiscal contraction imposed upon you.

    Germany discovered this on the Gold Standard when it racked up external debt from 1925 to 1929 (owed to American bankers) in much the same way as Greece has done.

    When the music stopped – ie, when the Fed raised rates from 1928 onwards – Germany blew apart in much the same way as Greece is blowing apart. This is not a cultural or anthropological issue. It is the mechanical consequence of capital flows into a country that cannot handle it, as Germany could not handle it in the late 1920s.

    By the way, Greeks work an average 42 hours a week, one of the highest in Europe. Just want to put the record straight on that.


    Supergravity post=196 wrote: Would this wage deflation environment make Germany more vulnerable to imported oil price shocks, driving the cost of living past critical mass?

    Yet another thing leaders of the developed world have failed to even consider, in public at least. People are being squeezed left and right because that’s what the system requires to grow, but that growth is its own worst nightmare.


    Sometimes one’s best efforts for improvement fail to retain the best of the past. No verdict yet, but I miss reading, posting with, and learning from many of the long-time, very adept posters here at TAE. Still I will be taking a look on occasion to see how things develop.
    2012 could well be a year of great changes, when much could be tossed around here at TAE such as new lifeboat ideas and personal resource notions.
    The long emergency continues…


    we want our el g and greenpa posts!

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