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    George Bellows The Lone Tenement 1909     Our resident physician John Day in Texas comes with an update on his situation. It seems his clini
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    Thanks for sharing your story John Day. I am inspired by your “process” as you have moved through this situation mindfully – with dignity and GRACE. Equanimity in thought, word, and deed. Is there any opportunity to support you into the next phase of your life?

    My Heart is troubled for all those who are being forced out in this first wave of mandates/complications related to the mandates. These principled, experienced, LOVING people are invaluable, they are the essential glue holding most organizations/enterprises together. The loss will be felt immediately. If you thought the quality and level of service “out there” was poor/failing – just wait.

    TPTB will keep rolling over us because they can.


    Revolution from the top.
    SNOBS are fearful of the changes that they have caused with their Social and Economic Engineering


    Until the COV-19 ‘Pandemic’ hit I had not grasped how much Med. Docs (generalists / specialists in private practice / working in public or semi-so institutions, as non-practicing qualified persons in research, advisory bodies, etc.) were dependent on, and subservient to, ’upper’, mostly ‘Gvmt’- level institutions (which are infiltrated / controlled by Big Corps.)

    The power wielded by e.g. the CDC, the NIH (GB), SwissMedic (CH), surprised me.

    —> Imho it is recent, the ex. of Swine Flu 2009 shows that the previous attempt by Big Pharma (plus others..) to impose ‘universal’ vaxxes etc. did not succeed, somehow they were opposed, resisted, and their plan(s) rejected by these bodies/the Docs in function of rules, regs, laid-down approval procedures, etc.

    This article, in J of Medic Ethics, as written by a ‘trainee’ doc, so quite ‘personal’, deserves a read, as part of the bigger picture…

    A long shadow: Nazi doctors, moral vulnerability and contemporary medical culture.

    All the best to Dr. Day. What has shocked me the most in the COV-19 saga is that meds that are effective are withheld, verboten!, second, vaxxing children… what of Hippocrates?


    Short vid. collection of TV NEWS sponsored by Pfizer.


    Thank you, Dr. John Day. You have shown the noblest way forward. It is not easy to leave a life behind when you know it is forced on you.

    I liked your points on karma, I always say karma can be a bitch when it strikes back. 🙂

    I think they are confusing Hippocrates with hypocrite 😉

    Dr D Rich

    Dear John Day,
    Welcome to the club.
    I gotta few comments and questions.

    “…nice and very well-mannered youngish man, who is currently Director of Human Resources,”:
    Sounds like an administrative apparatchik neither nice nor well-mannered as a nice and well-mannered young man would have refused such an assignment that places the target, his elder, not his peer in the highest suicide risk category. I’d venture his niceness and good manners were affect incongruous with mood. I hope he shat his diaper.

    “…when the reason for my firing was changed from vaccine-mandate non-compliance, to all of the wrongs I have committed in the period of time since that mandate was announced.”:
    So Hounan Resources and the Clinic Administrators engaged in an enormous fraud unless you committed actionable wrongs under their employ and I doubt the latter for two reasons. You seem genuine and your fellow physicians pawned off the lousy duty of informing you on the dishonest boy from HR.

    ” It was a lousy spot for him to be put in, and he seemed uncomfortable having to put it into polite words…”
    Projection of your good traits onto this undeserving guy is unfair to him.

    “most people had their eyes down. A few coworkers looked me in the eyes, and I smiled with my eyes”

    Another reminder of physician’s lost authority and autonomy in their workplace notwithstanding the cowardice of fellow employees.

    “The clinic will still pay me for these last two weeks of October, but my patients who are scheduled will not get to see me for a last visit. I have been doing everything possible to avoid leaving loose ends, and to write thorough chart notes, so it will be easy for the next doctor. I have tried to make suggestions for which doctor or practitioner might best match the needs and personality of each patient. I passed my list to give to the Director of Adult Medicine, who has been working hard and well on this transition.  I am left to wonder why the clinic took surprise action to remove me from patient-care, while still paying my salary for two weeks. I suspect there was free-floating anxiety about what I might say or do. I had been informing people of the actual circumstances of my leaving, being fired for non-compliance with mandatory vaccination”

    In WA State a private physicians failure to coordinate the transfer of their patient’s care is presumptive evidence of unprofessional conduct. So your employer is engaged in gross and willful misconduct. I doubt their lawyers read the state law governing “physician behavior”. Your employer can’t possibly be acting in the best interest of your patients.

    Doc Robinson

    @ John Day

    Related to what Dr D Rich wrote above, these Texas Medical Board rules might apply to your situation:

    According to TMB Rules Chapter 165.5(a)(1-3): “When a physician retires, terminates employment, or otherwise leaves a medical practice, he or she is responsible for:

    Ensuring that patients receive reasonable notification;
    Ensuring that patients are given an opportunity to obtain copies of their records or arrange for the transfer of their medical records to another physician;
    Notifying the Texas Medical Board when he/she is terminating practice, retiring or relocating, and will no longer be available to patients;
    Specifying who has custodianship of the records; and
    Advising how copies of the medical records may be obtained.”

    “(2) Notification shall be accomplished by:

    (A) EITHER:
    (I) Posting such notice on the physician’s or practice website; OR
    (ii) Publishing a notice in the newspaper of greatest general circulation in each county in which the physician practices or practiced and in a local newspaper that serves the immediate practice area; AND
    (B) Placing written notice in the physician’s office; AND
    (C) Notifying patients seen in the last two years of the physician’s discontinuance of practice BY EITHER:
    (i) Sending a letter to each patient; OR
    (ii) Sending an email to each patient, in a manner that is compliant with state and federal law…

    Leaving a group practice

    These rule changes also apply when leaving a group practice, as the departing physician is responsible for providing proper notification. The physician must notify the TMB and his/her patients, and advise who has custodianship of the medical records and how a copy may be obtained.

    Those remaining in the practice must be careful not to interfere with the departing physician fulfilling these responsibilities. The TMB has rules prohibiting the practice or physician group from interfering. (2)

    Prohibition Against Interference 165.5(c)(1-2) rules state that:
    (1) Other licensed physicians remaining in the practice may not prevent the departing physician from posting notice and the sign;

    (2) A physician, physician group, or organization may not withhold information from a departing physician that is necessary for notification of patients… 2

    TMB updates rules for physicians who retire, close, or leave a practice


    “I continued to feel a weight of unease,

    saying “hi” to a few people and smiling with my eyes.

    A few coworkers looked me in the eyes, and I smiled with my eyes. I was comfortable in myself, and emanated that…”

    You are an inspiring human being- some might even say “one who has succeeded in living an inspired meaningful life”. Sage and Spirit.


    John Day you a showed grace in a terrible situation. Maybe this is the best we can all do under the circumstances. Thank you for sharing your story.
    Sounds like your clinic management would do whatever it takes not to have to “eat crow” and backtrack on letting you go with the cancellation of vax mandates in Texas.


    Brother John Day, I’ve held my share of the shitty ends of stick but you presented yourself with, poise, compassion and love. You’ve ‘done good’. You probably saved more lives with your promotion of D3 so many months ago and I may be one of them. I’m heading for 66 years and have been outside in agricultural for most of them. I took your advice on D3 way back when. I tested 52 this past August and I can’t imagine where my Vitamin D level was before your advice. You will miss your patients and coworkers for awhile and they you and then balance will come. You will have plenty of visitors, emails and calls. Brotherly love man.


    It’s not stated explicitly but the reality now is my govt wants me dead. They won’t allow for me to function economically within their system and won’t allow for another system not their own. I’m in the same category as a Bikie gang member. All my loot is earned illegally it seems. Incarceration or welfare state dependence. So so weird to live under a comply or die regime.
    If I roll with this and just accept homelessness what of my family? Not an option. Option available is live as a criminal. Lie (live truthfully), steal (work for trade, favour or cash-while available), cheat (tell them I’m playing by their rules but make up my own)
    Fuck em basically

    Veracious Poet

    Today I went over, by phone, my lab results with my Kaiser primary DO…

    My cholesterol was rated @ 169, from a previous 193 two years ago.

    He stated “he” thinks anything above 100 is problematic, anything above 130 requires statins, which I refused before with the intention of lowering my # through lifestyle (which went to hell with the CCP bioweapon attack).

    Then I decided for the first time to ask about the IV koolaid (he’s never brought it up), to which he replied “I suggest you get it!”…

    I then mentioned if was aware of the horrible numbers coming out of Israel, UK et al. to which he replied he hasn’t seen them, but a patient mentioned it to him.

    I informed him about the utter failure/catastrophe of the numbers, He replied “That doesn’t sound right”, to which I replied that US numbers are a mismanaged mess. No response.

    Then I informed him about my fully vexed RN niece getting COVID & he said “Really? That’s unfortunate”.

    He finished the discussion with “In your case, I suggest you get the vax”…

    I’m afraid for every conscientious doctor like Dr. Day, there are thousands “Just following orders”.

    Anectdotal: A couple of months ago my Doc got covid (one of the nurses told me when I asked why he’d been out with a “health issue”). He was without a doubt fully vexxed too…



    Victorians (and NTers) are in a hideous situation. Are you close enough to the NSW border that you could manoeuvre yourself into the border bubble? Establish a ‘residence’ at a mate’s place or something and then cross into NSW based on that and set up a new base there? I realise that is very unpalatable from the point of view of being separated from your family and home base. However, might be better than living as a criminal or homeless and at least they could come to visit you.


    @DR D — In reply to your reply regarding bio-copper, I posted one yesterday, but it didn’t post. It was quite long and detailed, but I’m not sure that’s the best way for the points to be understood, so I’m going to try and be more concise by focusing on principles that I think are in play.

    1. You will reap what you sow, God is not mocked. I don’t post that principle because it is Biblical, I post it because it represents the cause and effect nature of EVERYTHING we experience. I also post it, because the author of that Scripture emphasized the importance of this principle by claiming to disregard it was a form of mockery of God HImself. So, I’d argue, we either discern and line up with “natural law” regarding human wellness, or we suffer the consequences, which often are no obvious, even in the short term sometimes. I discern and follow follow natural wellness law as my idea — it is why I do what I do. Yes, I cheat sometimes (eating too much organic watermelon licorice has been my insulin boosting sin of late), but I try to minimize the damage I cause based on the wellness principles I know (the licorice is at least organic, and not full of HFCS, glyphosate, and other toxins).

    2. The binary conditioning of “well” or “unwell” is false. It is a spectrum, and there is always movement along that spectrum, one way, or the other. I’d argue it is always better to conform to biochemical natural law, even if one condition or another never fully resolves. And one never knows if it could resolve or not unless one actually tries!

    3. Research reveals that there is 60x the iron as copper in the human body. 60x is a bigger difference than Shaquille O’Neal at his heaviest weight and a newborn.

    3. Non-ceruloplasmin-bound copper (non-Cp-Cu) toxicity is almost always present with iron overload in the tissues of the human body. Why? Because that non-Cp copper was supposed to be bound in Cp, but wasn’t, and ceruloplasmin-bound copper (Cp-Cu) expresses as ferro-oxidase, and ferro-oxidase, when it is present, is what facilitates the transfer of iron from the macrophages into transferrin. Therefore, what people call “copper toxicity” is pretty much basically also 60x iron overload in the macrophages/tissues. They are the same thing. So, when you blame copper for acne, how do you know that it isn’t the 60x iron that is contributing even more to the problem? In my reply yesterday, it took 30 seconds to pull up articles explaining how iron overload and anemia (the same thing, explained next) can drive acne.

    4. Anemia is a sign of iron overload in the tissues (where doctors don’t look for it). Anemia is low iron in the blood, with no regard for the tissues. Dr. Bruce Ames showed that iron in the tissues can be 10x that in the blood. Even so, your doctor doesn’t check it. Anemia due to chronic inflammation is known to exist, but assumed to be null. It is almost certainly near 100% of the problem, though. Why? Iron gets stuck in the macrophages due to low levels of Cp-Cu, which expresses as ferro-oxidase and allows the macrophages to offload its iron into transferrin, which then safely shuttles the newly made ferric iron back to the bone marrow to make more blood cells. Think endothelial reticulo system (it is the iron recycling system). When Cp-Cu (ferro-oxidase) is low, iron gets stuck in the macrophages. This eventually drives chronic inflammation, which then drives anemia due to chronic inflammation. The standard of care is MOAR IRON, WE DON’T NEED TO KNOW THE TISSUE IRON, WHO CARES!. More iron will not fix an iron overload condition in the macrophages due to bio-copper (Cp-Cu) deficiency, hence, exponentially growing chronic disease. In addition, pathogens feed on an iron buffet, so as the iron builds up, THE PATHOGENS BEGIN TO WAKE UP. They eat up acidic tissues, and then poop out acids that then taxes the body’s ability to manage the acids.

    So, when anemia is associated with some kind of disease, like it is in almost all cases!, know that what is really being revealed is that unobserved iron overload in the tissues is the root cause. The IRONy here is that this anemia obfuscation enables the WHO organization to claim that iron deficiency is the world’s biggest deficiency… even after loading the foods up with many times the iron content that used to be found in the foods of our ancestors. A small bowl of cereal often has more iron than our ancestors might eat in a day or two… and when was the last time you saw anyone eat a small bowl of cereal?

    5. High ferritin is not a sign of iron vitality, it is a sign of organ pathophysiology caused by reactive iron driving oxidative stress in the organs. Ferritin is synthesized inside the cell for operation inside the cell. It safely sequesters iron inside the cell. The only way it ends up in the serum, where doctors are trained to measure it, is if the ferritin is somehow triggered to dump the now reactive and toxic iron into the cell, and the ferritin container only gets dumped into the serum. The worst CovFeFe cases had skyrocketing ferritin levels. The reactive, oxidative stress inducing iron released into the cells is just what you’d expect to drive a cytokine storm. Corona Virus (aptly named, BTW, as the Royals are the ones running this operation along with the Rothschild, and perhaps others) appears to be bio-engineered to cause ferritin, and perhaps macrophages, to release its sequestered iron all at once, and this drives the various levels of inflammation depending on how much iron is released in this process. CovFeFe, INDEED! Calm before the cytokine storm, INDEED! The Money Power so love to mock us! Fe-ar — get it? Fe is the symbol for iron… which is used to drive our Fe-ar!

    6. The true cholesterol story is that oxidized LDL is bad news. Total cholesterol means little on its own… but order followers will follow orders… thinking is so much harder. Who cares if half of all people who die of heart disease have normal cholesterol levels… Pfffft, total cholesterol is the big bad because some “authority” said it! Even oxidized LDL is an effect. What is oxidizing LDL? Well, macrophages loaded with iron due to bio-copper deficiency are prime candidate! The macrophages eat the old LDL cholesterol, and tons of labile iron is lying in wait to oxidize it — if your bio-copper is low. These iron overloaded, oxidized LDL loaded macrophages morph into what are called “mast cells,” and guess what sticks to the arteries around your heart? Yummy, yummy!

    7. Read Daniel 2:43. The Rothschilds have. And they financed it into reality beginning in 1941. Metallic iron filings were “fortified” into the food supply under the cover of WWII. This was the beginning of the fulfillment of that prophecy. Now, think how their perverted minds view that Scripture… they obviously think GOD WANTS US TO BE IRON TOXIC, AND THAT GOD IS OK WITH THEM USING IRON OVERLOAD TO DEGENERACIDE US. This is how I knew to search iron in relation to corona virus early on. I know they are attacking our iron overload status. Now read the next verse, 44. The Money Power Monopolists are RIGHT NOW working to set up THEIR PERVERSE VERSION OF GOD’S KINGDOM, WHICH THEMSELVES AS THE MESSIANIC BLOODLINE RULERS, the winner of God’s bloodline purification game (in their minds).

    IOW, your either deal with your likely iron overload condition now, OR ELSE THEY WILL ORCHESTRATE A WAY TO UNLEASH IT IN A WAY THAT HURTS YOU BADLY.

    8. Ferro-oxidase, aka, ceruloplasmin-bound copper, is part of the solution. Elevating this will increase iron recycling, and empty the macrophages of the iron stuck in their lysosomes (stomachs). I also donate blood every 2-3 months… this forces my body to pull from iron stores to rebuild up the blood I lost in the blood draw. This reduces my iron overload condition.

    9. Robert de Rothschild publicly posted on a graphene oxide youtube video about how graphene oxide kills macrophages (loaded with iron and oxidized LDL), and blamed vaxxers for wallowing in their ignorance because the information is freely available… again, THEY KNOW WHERE THE ACTION IS… THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE ATTACKING…

    Graphene Oxide Interactions with Innate Immune Cells… —

    Find the comment by Eternal Blossom, and the first reply is by Robert de Rothschild. I’m sure you will recognize the acerbic spirit behind the comment, and not it is pretty much exactly the spirit behind the Rothschild quotes I quoted here.

    The role of iron in the pathogenesis of COVID-19 —

    “Linking obesity with both tissue iron overload and iron deficient anemia may seem counterintuitive; however, this can be understood by parsing out systemic and cell autonomous regulation of iron storage as detailed below.”

    Iron homeostasis: a new job for macrophages in adipose tissue? —

    Why is obesity linked so closely to bad CovFeFe outcomes? Adipose tissue acts a repository for overloaded iron tissues!!! It is a sign of iron overload where the doctors never look for it — in the tissues!


    So, what you do with this information is your business. I would think any rational person would value learning the causes of bad outcomes, and then taking measures to improve the causes to generate better outcomes. But that pesky free will — or absence of it! I just want to make sure people get the information so that they can benefit from it IF they are sick of the lies and want to move closer to the truth. Iron plays a role in driving Fe-ar and anxiety, too. It triggers the NLRP3 “fear sensor” inflammazone protein inside the cell — imagine Fe-ar emanating from INSIDE EACH OF YOUR CELLS! This is what iron overload does. I believe they Money Power are using it to create people who can’t “cleave,” which is the Biblical word for a proper, loving, caring, empathetic marital relationship. They are engineering the spirit of narcissism, or as the Bible calls it, the spirit of the anti-christ that is said to flourish in the end times (which the Money Power define as right about now).

    When I see iron fortified foods, I literally see “spirit of the anti-christ” “anti-nutrition.”

    I hope I’m wrong, but the evidence indicates my discernment is not wrong.

    Bio-copper is the solution to energy production, and iron recycling. Non-bio-copper’s BEST USE is to be bound up and converted into bio-copper, NOT detoxed. In some cases, detox might be necessary, but don’t assume it. And if it is necessary, MINIMIZE it. As sooon as the toxic copper can be lassoed into ceruloplasmin-bound copper, focus your energy there.

    Don’t assume the newborn is causing all the problems, when Shaq is glaring at you with a mean scowl. And if the problem mostly is Shaq, then ceruloplasmin-bound copper is the Michael Jordan response — and nothing else comes close.

    PS — even my abbreviated versions are long. Sometimes moving towards the truth can’t be done in sound bites.

    Bill Roope

    It’s even worse how America treats its children.

    White House Details Plan To “Quickly” Vaccinate 28 Million Children Age 5-11.

    To me, this is totally insane and evil. Children have basically zero risk from the Covid virus.
    Children have a definite risk of death of death or disability from the vax.

    Using old people like me as lab rats is bad, but people my age and older only have a few years to lose.
    Using children as lab rats is unforgivable.

    And, what is even more horrible, is that the pharmaceutical companies that destroy a child’s heath and leave him or her damaged for a long lifetime will be able profit by selling vastly overpriced medicines to treat the very disabilities they caused.

    It’s very strange to be living in a dystopian nightmare straight out of the SF I read when I was much younger.


    TamHob. All options on the table but for now my wife has chosen vexation (it actually stresses the shit out of her). This gives me wriggle room. I’m off-grid and have wood, water, soil, food plants comprising 40-60% of our diet if pushed. If the energy supply starts to crunch hard we are all in the shut together at which point things get interesting. My skills and knowledge may be of considerable use locally. Until then it is duck and weave. I’m 50 in a few weeks and apart from some shitty shoulder issues can hang in for the 3 score and 10 I’m worth.
    Just feels like preparing just got super real. So prep it is.


    That last 40% in diet supply could come from Kangaroos 🦘 we have at least 50 rove through our property twice per day. Only problem is European invaders class imported ruminants as edible and consider everything local and indigenous as illegal until NAC wallstreet reclassifies as packages assets. Then valuable but off limits.
    Like I said “Thief” is now my caste.


    I posted a reply to Mr. Poet, the system says it was posted, but I don’t see it… odd. TG/HDL is what you want to look at Poet, not total cholesterol. My total cholesterol is about 220 (I literally ingest about 2 pints of organic, minimally processed cream a week, and have done for about 2 years now), and my TG/HDL is below 0.8 (testing limitation can’t go lower). I laughed at the MPH tech who took my blood and told me it was high, explained TG/HDL was a much more relevant gauge. Her response caught me off guard — “yeah, they are trying to kill us.” lol “We have one that can see…” Degeneracide, though. Passive aggressive degeneracide.

    Dr. Day,

    Doesn’t your HR department have a policy of giving warnings before termination? Or do they routinely fire people on the first perceived offense? If they have no policy, well… Got discrimination? The path sure is set for it.

    Sounds like they just wanted to get rid of you as a non-subservient truth teller, and the reason really wasn’t that big a deal.


    Peggy Hall, people! Read Title VII, people! Know your rights, then stand by them and defend them!

    Make sure your HR has read Title VII! It doesn’t say what most ASSume it says… it is very EMPLOYEE FRIENDLY!

    V. Arnold


    It was bad enough today when I read about the Biden collective going after the elementary school kids of America. Which, by the way, is also happening here in Quebec and no one is questioning this, no one is protesting this. Now, after reading Dr Day’s piece I see them going after the best of us and I think these mother fuckers will not prevail, they can not, they must not.

    John Day

    Thank You All. I have carefully and thoughtfully read each comment, wishing me well and presenting helpful information. Thank you.
    I had a nice long meeting of minds and, it seems, souls, this morning. A good guy, who could fit right in here, who I have worked with before wanted me to meet the CEO/founder of a smallish specialty medical service provider company that has done well for almost 20 years by focusing on the care of medically ill mentally ill people, a population that is hospitalized a lot, but shrinks don’t treat medical problems, and medical docs don’t have time for schizophrenics. It was really nice. We gave hugs after a couple of hours of speaking each other’s thoughts. We may be able to do things together starting early next year. My friend and I then had lunch for another hour and a half.

    I’m processing a lot, and I am suddenly having time to have extended, serious conversations with friends of similar mind. That’s not slacking-off, I think.
    Yesterday and today I have been attending to necessary and long-put-off things, I have such a backlog. It looks like I’ll be “networking” in person more, which will be welcome.

    The youngish HR guy ahs been helpful to me today. He was recently thrust into that spot when the previous lady retired. He wants to go back to doing more tech stuff. He’s a bit socially shy, reserved, careful. It’s mostly not doctors making these decisions but “the board” and “administration”. Anonymous power.

    I learned in med school that iron supplementation led to the deaths of lots of poor anemic African children because the free iron in their bloodstreams allowed bacteria to grow in their bloodstreams, and they died of sepsis, from small would infections that did not do that when they were a little anemic.
    I quite eating mammals in the 1970s and quite eating other critters in 2001.

    Get a CT coronary artery calcium score for about $75 if you are over 50. In Texas you don’t even need a doctor’s order. It is very good risk stratification for heart disease. If you have a good CT calcium score you don’t need to take statins for your cholesterol profile. Yep, LDL is the main thing, but the cholesterol hypothesis has always been weak. I knew that before I started med school in 1982, from a physiology prof, and it’s still the same.
    The thing is that there are products to sell, statins.

    V. Arnold

    All You Fascists
    Words and Music by Woody Guthrie, Derivative by Billy Bragg
    I’m gonna tell you fascists
    You may be surprised
    The people in this world
    Are getting organized
    You’re bound to lose
    You fascists bound to lose

    Race hatred cannot stop us
    This one thing we know
    Your poll tax and Jim Crow
    And greed has got to go
    You’re bound to lose
    You fascists bound to lose.

    All of you fascists bound to lose:
    I said, all of you fascists bound to lose:
    Yes sir, all of you fascists bound to lose:
    You’re bound to lose! You fascists:
    Bound to lose!

    People of every color
    Marching side to side
    Marching ‘cross these fields
    Where a million fascists dies
    You’re bound to lose
    You fascists bound to lose!

    I’m going into this battle
    And take my union gun
    We’ll end this world of slavery
    Before this battle’s won
    You’re bound to lose
    You fascists bound to lose!

    © Copyright Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc. & BMG Songs (BMI)

    V. Arnold

    @ Dr. Day
    In our present times the best quality a human can display is integrity, IMO…
    You sir, are a man of integrity and can ride shotgun on my stage anytime…


    It’s been long while since I was interested iron. But all this talk of bloodlines and iron jogged some memories. I remember my youngest, quite the hellion, used to come home with his cheeks pack with pebbles. I read somewhere it was associated with iron deficiency. But health issues my wife was having back in the day really peaked my interest.

    IN 1952, EUGENE D. WEINBERG was a gifted microbial researcher with a healthy curiosity and a sick wife. Diagnosed with a mild infection, his wife was prescribed tetracycline, an antibiotic….
    ….Weinberg went on to prove that access to iron helps nearly all bacteria multiply almost unimpeded. From that point on, he dedicated his life’s work to understanding the negative effect that the ingestion of excess iron can have on humans and the relationship other life-forms have to it.

    In the book, “Survival of the Sickest”, the first chapter is devoted to hemochromatosis. This Atlantic article is an abbreviated version.

    I like the way Dr. D framed it last night.

    This is really a fine introduction into how complicated simple things can be.

    Wonder if the bloodsucking Rothchilds are also bloodletters?

    Veracious Poet

    Thanks Dr. Day for the tip on the CT coronary artery calcium score scenario 🙂



    @Oxy, I see you are a Man with a Plan. But yes, it is very sobering to realise that your government actively hates you and is at the least indifferent to your death, and so does a reasonably large proportion of your fellow citizens. Woolworths and Coles have gone to the dark side too, which is somewhat inconvenient though I have access to quite a few very large markets and have been madly planting seed potatoes in every neglected patch around town. I do get the feeling that the Powers That Be are warming up to push Aus and NZ off the lifeboat in preparation for a Greek/Italian style asset stripping and who knows what happens if the US situation goes up in flames.

    Re meat sources: feral pig, goat, deer and rabbit also seem to be quite available in the hills around us with only a little effort to attract them in. I have been eyeing a couple of rabbit warrens on our property and wondering if I can tame down a feral goat for milking purposes (or maybe trap one which is about to kid). Pig is particularly attractive from a fat sources perspective, otherwise it’s very expensive olive oil from the farmers’ market.


    @Ilargi, thanks for the video referencing the iron toxicity book. I will see if I can pick that one up cheaply. It is rare for people to pick this information up and run with it, but something came together for you and you “get it” — cool! Another book on the toxicity of Iron: The Most Toxic Metal by Dr. Moon. I don’t have it, but Morley Robbins raves about it, and I need to look into picking that one up, too.
    What most people miss is the critical importance of ferro-oxidase (aka, ferroxidase, FOX) to iron recycling in the human body. Dumping iron is good, but it is best done when the body is loaded with ferro-oxidase so that the body’s internal recycling process doesn’t get stuck at the macrophage level.

    Iron Physiology —

    Fe(2+) –> Fe(3+) === bio-copper reliant… low bio-copper, this conversion breaks down, forcing the body to adapt. At 9:00 in, the presenter shows Fe(2+) being released from the macrophage — I think he’s wrong. I believe a conversion to Fe(3+) has to take place by ferro-oxidase (Cp-Cu), and the transferrin only carries Fe(3+), so he can’t just assume the Fe(2+) is free to flow back to the bone marrow. I think he’s wrong there.

    Any time iron is converted from the ferrous (2+) form to the ferric form (3+), it is ferro-oxidase that does the work. Ferro-oxidase is simply an expression of ceruloplasmin-bound copper — this process is copper dependent! Hephaestin is just another name for an expression of ceruloplasmin-bound copper. Zyklopen is just another name for an expression of ceruloplasmin-bound copper.

    When ferrous iron can’t be oxidized into ferric iron, iron builds up in the macrophages, which builds up in the tissues. There is a reason the Rothschild character highlighted copper, copper, copper as THE nutrient the Blue Bloods consider to be KEY to their evolution over us rabble-types.

    Note that transferrin carries FERRIC iron, NOT ferrous iron, and it is some form of ceruloplasmin-bound copper that oxidizes ferrous iron to ferric iron so that the iron can be transported safely to the bone marrow to make more blood. If this “flip” doesn’t occur due to lower bio-copper levels, THE IRON GETS STUCK AND BUILDS UP!

    Note that hemoglobin uses ferrous (2+) iron, and it is the ferrous iron that the macrophages eat up when the blood cells die. It has required ferro-oxidase to flip that to ferric iron so that transferrin can carry the iron in the macrophages back to the bone marrow.

    Note what Robert de Rothschild targeted with his blame comment — a video where graphene oxide is shown to BLOW UP MACROPHAGES… you know, where all the iron is stuck in those with “blue blood” depletion (aka, iron overload)! That wasn’t an accident… they are targeting that iron in those macrophages, and they almost certainly rationalized the belief that God wants them to do it (Daniel 2:43)!

    Also note that it is ascorbic acid which increases iron absorption. For those who want to take high levels of ascorbic acid, maybe they should consider doing so away from high iron meals, and I hope everyone has sworn of metallic iron fortified phoods.



    It’s not stated explicitly but the reality now is my govt wants me dead. They won’t allow for me to function economically within their system and won’t allow for another system not their own.

    They want and intend for us to obey, be enslaved, and/or be dead- literally dead or spiritually dead.

    Biden announced this on 9/9.

    Prepare and plan accordingly. Knowing they will gleefully starve, disown, deceive and murder every one of us who do not obey, and murder every one who does obey anyway- makes it very clear what we are up against.

    Firing Drs and healthcare workers? Increasing mass suffering ? Fuck them all back to hell where they can rot and contemplate their ignorant intentions for eons… Trust the Universe to restore balance and harmony. Trust your instincts to do the right thing.

    Peter 47

    I have a question for TheTrivium4T. How do you get more copper in your body to help get rid of the iron.?

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