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    Salvador Dali Neo-Cubist Academy (Composition with Three Figures) 1926   No, I’m still not taking sides in the Brexit proceedings. I have no hors
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    The entire British political system is (and do throw in the Queen, as hard as you can). Just theater, that much is obvious now, if it wasn’t already.

    Ask the people in the street. They know. They figured it out a long time ago. There is no deal that can help the people. The rich and powerful rulers are fighting to get an advantage over each other.

    As usual, the victims will not be the rich.


    Time for the USA to make a deal. There is an offer on the table.
    Time for the USA to stop hurting the people in the street.


    …. but neglected the practical implications of changing 1000s of rules and regulations and treaties and laws.

    But that would require real work, skill and knowledge, not coasting on some self-serving algorithm while spewing forth anti-Logos to justify a political sinecure paycheck. Oh, and all those rules, regulations, treaties and laws were set up as a “mandate” FROM THE GET-GO to make a reversal nigh impossible. All of those legal documents should be safely ignored if initially made in bad faith. Perversion of Western legal systems has been perhaps the most toxic achievement of the Zioglobalist-neocon cabal.


    Wow, impressive bunch of responses so far. Best one appears to be about the US and Iran, though neither has anything to do with the topic of the article. Must be me.


    Last night I did an interview that turned out great, though I had no such expectations, with Michael Dowd, who with his wife Connie is putting together an extensive series of such interviews with many people like me on the topic of Post-Doom.

    Their take is: when did you first realize we are fcuked, how did you react then (grief, anger), what do you do about it now, and how do you see the future.

    They must have like 40-50 people on their list by now, from Steve Keen who I insisted upon, to Nicole, dear friends like Nate Hagens, Jim Kunstler and Dave Holmgren, plus scores of people I don’t know and/or never heard of.

    The way we set up TAE back in the day was Nicole did the talking, she’s very good at that. But since she’s longtime AWOL by now, maybe I should do more of that.

    Here’s a link to Micheal and Connie’s first few videos:


    UK Parliament just approved a bill to stop no-deal exit from EU.

    Next stop: Dominic Cummings. What’s he got left?

    Dr. D

    “Boris Johnson had secretly decided to suspend parliament nearly two weeks before asking the Queen,”

    Dumbest. Paper. Ever.

    YES he had decided to try that ahead of time, because it would have been a pretty workable idea. And yes, it is provocative. But what is “The Guardian” suggesting? Boris should have showed up for tea and suddenly said, “By Jove, Liz, I JUST thought of something! We should Prorogue Parliament! Whaddya say, old gal?”
    Um, no, FIRST because you have to HAVE a plan before you TRY a plan, and second, because he HAS TWO PLANS, because the Queen could have (and arguably should have) said no. Which means the P.M. has a number of plans to accomplish his, his voters and constituents’ goals, and is working them in order of likelihood.
    Genius, Guardian, just genius. Same paper that says Trump is an idiot, after winning on the same pass play 17 candidates in a row.

    And he dragged his feet on admitting it, as the surprise move would have the requisite impact, and therefore success, only if he did? …So you’re saying he’s a politician and Member of Parliament. Surprise.

    “Mr. Johnson as having a record that was “characterised by incontinent mendacity, an unwillingness or inability to speak the truth”.


    And it IS a deeply oppositional system, but it’s theirs.

    “it was for parliament, and ultimately the electorate, to hold the government accountable”

    And how exactly are they going to do that? They JUST HAD a vote. They JUST voted Leave. Parliament said “We don’t care what you vote, so suck it, peasants and non-Londoners” (but I repeat myself) So Parliament is a “self-regulating body” like Enron? Yeah, I know.

    “The idea that if the PM suspends parliament the court can’t get involved looses some ugly demons. If he can do it for 34 days, why not 34 weeks, or 34 months?”

    Um, I think because the Queen has to authorize it? And she did. She could (and maybe should) have said “three days” or even “three hours.” Or maybe you want to remove the Queen from even this power now? Ignore she existed?

    “There appears to be a contradiction in terms here,”

    Yes, there does. If I’ve read correctly, technically, Parliament DOESN’T EXIST for that period, and the Ministers are demoted to common citizens. That means they can’t sit even if they wanted, until the Queen’s time is up.
    However, unlike saying the Queen or the PM is the ruler, they’re not. As happened ‘back when, in ol’ 1215, ultimately they will have to work together, the Royal authority, the money power and the dual legislature/executive as Britain has it. So they’ll get their day all right. Atm, they’re in no danger of having a mock government of dictatorship. Yay. At the same time, they are PROVING they have a mock DEMOCRACY, that refuses to cede power to the winning side. Not entirely, perhaps, but disturbingly.

    But tune in tomorrow. Shocking to “The Guardian”, I know, but probably BoJo n Co have even THREE plans! Maybe as many as FOUR! Why? Because they’re all legal weasels who backstab each other for a living, and expect this sort of thing, this kind of self-defeating opposition, every minute from the time they enter ‘til they leave, and it rolls merrily on after their deaths for 1,000 years so far.

    YES, he has a plan C. However, as plans go, it must therefore be a less good one.


    That interview with Michael Dowd won’t likely come out for months, because they’re recording all these things in a short period of time only to have to edit them later, which takes much more time than the talking.

    Meanwhile, I am right now watching Dick Cavett in 1973 interviewing one of my all time favorite people:


    Meanwhile in the real world, Boris Johnson keeps on losing. There will be no no-deal Brexit, and there won’t be a snap election either. As per House votes, that is. Anything left up them there sleeves? See you tomorrow!


    Everyone I know is angry. Unless I live in bubble (and I try very hard to ensure I don’t), Labour will be wiped out in their traditional coalfield and industrial heartland safe seats because of this. I can only vote for the Brexit Party now. Boris and Farage just need a non-competition pact for a Brexit majority.

    V. Arnold

    Thank you for the Brando vid; I’d forgotten his commitment to the American Indian movement.
    Love the man; love his movies…
    Brando kept his integrity and both feet firmly grounded…
    Rare indeed for any human, much less an actor.
    He was so much more.


    V. Arnold,

    I’ve been sharing a lot of Brando and Ali videos lately with a dear friend in the US. Unfortunately, there is not an endless supply of those. And yes, both men were exceptional in their craft as well as their intelligence and courage. I don’t know if they ever met.

    V. Arnold

    And yes, both men were exceptional in their craft as well as their intelligence and courage.

    I could not agree more. I sure wouldn’t mind if you posted some Ali vids…

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