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    LOOK Detroit’s 1960 look. Sneak preview of the new models. Dodge Polara 1959 Remember the referendum in April in which voters in the Netherlands rejec
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    V. Arnold

    I should hope that the world’s economic model is coming undone. It is directly responsible for the greatest impoverishment in history of 1st world countrie’s citizens; and the utter exploitation of third world countries; especially if they hold valuable natural resources; predominately oil, gas, and rare earth minerals; coal, not so much.
    The corruption is arguably the worst in history because the shear numbers and the fact it affects the entire planet.

    V. Arnold

    By the way, the edit feature doesn’t work anymore.


    Amusement for today, thanks to NYT:

    An authoritative statement that “we should do something”. No suggestion of any kind as to what, however. First step? No clue.

    Evolution is going to happen, regardless.


    “Since they were going to get rid of him anyway, he decided to leave them the perfect parting gift, the ultimate poisoned chalice.”

    Shrinking identity groups, sharks starting to attack each other. Not the kind of chaos THEY like but it is going to be great entertainment.


    This time there are many people crying, “The sky is falling”


    jal is back, glad we solved that

    V. Arnold, whaddaya mean? Anyone else notice that, the Edit function not working?

    Dr. Diablo

    My edit will reliably work the 1st time but not thereafter on Firefox.

    Edit is working (1st time) right now.


    No idea what causes that. Get it right first -or even second- time around?!

    V. Arnold

    Very consistently for over a week, when I try to use the edit function “it” asks me to ptove I’m not a robot and wants e-mail and explaination and then fails to post my edit.
    This just started in the last week; no F**kin idea.


    When things start to unravel, they tend to do so in parallel. Here is a small article in French.

    Apparently, when there was that big shootup in the Bataclan Disco in Paris – in which a huge number of people were allegedly killed – the army and gendarmerie were watching and did not intervene. This went out on Belgian TV in an interview with someone close to the French minister of defence.

    There were 6 armed French soldiers across the street from the incident.

    Des militaires étaient en faction devant le Bataclan et ne sont pas intervenus


    V. Arnold, Diablo et al, this has something to do with the fact that we moved to https (secure), but I don’t know what exactly. We’ll look into it. Another thing I’ve noticed is that Statcounter has become erratic, mostly counting only a fraction of actual visits and page views.


    >>Europe’s powers-that-be are in for troubled times.<<
    The Debt-Money Monopolist “powers that be” are quite fine, thank you very much. They aren’t in trouble, ORDINARY PEOPLE are in trouble. BIG TROUBLE. But let’s play pretend and say the few people controlling trillions of credit money are in trouble while the masses that hold the trillions in inextinguishable debt associated with that credit money are somehow putting it “the man.”
    We haven’t done jack diddly squat until the Debt-Money Monopolists are on trial for treason and the Money Power has been returned to an educated population.
    Therein lies the rub… that education only occurs in the comments section of the blogs… and ordinary people are dog trained to not use their own minds to evaluate the validity of what other ordinary people say – even if proven beyond any and all doubt to the doubt Steve Keen runs away protecting his Sith Lords in the Banking Clan.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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