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    Pavel Filonov The Kolkhoznik (Member of a Collective Farm) 1931   Those winds just keep on shifting, no matter that the western press either does
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    V. Arnold

    It’s a New World Order, Alright

    Indeed it is! And the world sees it in their face.
    The destruction of the Saudi oil refinery illustrates a grim reality for the U.S.; the utter failure of US anti-aircraft batteries to stop the Houthis’ low tech attack.
    A key point here is that the U.S. has spent decades and trillions of dollars on offensive weaponry while Russia has spent that time optimizing its air defenses into the worlds best. All drone attacks against Russian air bases in Syria have failed with one very minor exception. Their Pantsir S-1 is a brilliant and successful defense against exactly what SA failed to stop.
    The link is worth a read;

    American Military Doctrine Backfires, Hyped and Extortionate US Air Defenses are Pathetic


    US satellite photos taken today show approximately nineteen hits at Abqaiq. The strikes on empty storage tanks were with military precision all from one direction.
    Brent Oil futures have jumped the highest since 1991.

    This is the biggest fiasco since Pearl Harbor. The USA and Saudi Arabia failed totally to protect a vital national resource. They didn’t even detect the attack. Worse, a military response against Iran guarantees the shut off of oil from the gulf. I doubt it was a nation state since the attack will dump the world economy into a depression. This is beyond the Houthis. That leaves a Shiite non-state proxy forces. If they did it once, they can do it again. An attack against Hezbollah or the Shiite militias in Iraq will be ineffective and will start a regional war. This has to give any rational Israeli pause. The only way out is peace. This could end of the American Empire.

    V. Arnold

    This could end of the American Empire.

    This is but the latest failure of the MIC; American Empire is past tense and has been for some time now. The emergence of multi-polarity will strengthen; further neutralizing Empires’ (USA) reach, IMO.
    My grave concern is how the U.S. plans to deal with this strategic shift…

    Dr. D

    The Saker said the same thing here:

    The West has fallen (that was reported) what he doesn’t say is that that’s because we’re essentially no longer the “West”, and no longer have freedom, democracy, capitalism, justice, or any of the other Enlightenment values. So no one will fight for these villains, and also handing power to idiot sons of an idiot-son while the smart and dynamic are artificially held down for 70 years means nothing is getting done.

    Anyway, Cheeto only put down the Bush mafia a few months ago and is still fighting for his life against the CIA-Clinton-DS mafia. He can’t also take on Israel, but already has by making his wedge against them be Mossad’s boy Epstein. So he has to feed them on, which can work since when he feeds Bibi rope, the world realizes what a maniac he and these guys are. How do you destroy someone? Give them everything they ask for and everything they want. “Whom the Gods would destroy…” That’s classic Ayn Rand, btw, it’s called ‘giving them enough rope to hang themselves.” In this case it’s more like, “if you can’t pull then push,” a Judo move they talk about with Putin sometimes. He can’t put down Israel’s wiretapping of all D.C. using Stingray cell phone interception right this minute, and he needs Israel off his back til he puts down Comey, McCabe, Brennan, etc. So why not give them everything and expose them instead?

    Problem is, with all the endless stalling, he may not get around to double-crossing them in enough time to really get them back under control. Then Bibi and the boyz escape to make more endless trouble later. Likely, but you can only do what you can do. If they want this done, stop obstructing justice from crimes back home and he can speed up the schedule.

    Speaking of, betting RBG is feeling sickly again since the Kavanagh has nada to do with him or nuttin’, but to make sure NO ONE, EVER, however patriotic, nor however so bad, will EVER attempt to become a Supreme Court Justice again. They’ll force him to look in the dregs, the bottom of the barrel. You know, by peevishly preventing any and all democracy, ever and forever again, because they cannot, will not, never ever cede control when it’s not “her turn.” Nevertheless, the country will continue merrily on. As above, the people now see how crazy they are, and the people don’t like outlawing comedians, chicken sandwiches, good times, and democracy.

    Better than an open civil war, which is what they had planned, and between Beta and the Boyz call to confiscate door to door and ‘round up all Republicans, you can see that was a definite, certain, open plan: arrest and re-educate all the opposition, and kill perhaps 30 Million, just like ol’ Bill Ayers said, the sage and grandfather of the Left. But hey, how are you going to be a good communist with low numbers like that? Surely you want at least 45 Million dead or you can’t call yourself a revolutionary not hardly.

    Hey, remember, the CIA/Defense research guys who said exactly that only two years ago? Yeah, that sure was funny good times.

    But don’t worry. I’m just crazy because I’m literate and can read and understand think-tank white papers, and read openly published books and political speeches. Back to sleep, citizen! It’s all a coincidence.

    John Day

    OK, I’ll give y’all Gilad Atzmon’s “End of Israel” article that I held back yesterday, because I see you have been paying attention to what I post. Bibi can lose. This could be the nudge.
    Thank you. I’m happy to be of service.

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