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    René Magritte Mysteries of the horizon (a.k.a. The Masterpiece) 1955   Don’t know if you noticed, but the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki on July
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    V. Arnold

    A good summary Ilargi, most of which (99%) I agree with.
    Trump is a wild card; I have no idea what to expect…
    We’ll see…


    There are conflicting forces at play for sure. But Trump will insist the summit is a success. The US has already conceded on Syria, but I think he’ll be looking for more. There are so many issues where he can’t do anything without Putin. They should meet every two months, not every 17 or 18. That’s just dangerous.


    I don’t think that Trump know enough about military matters to be the “boss” of any millitary stuff.
    I think that the millitary establishment is manipulating Trump.
    All that Trump can do is agree with the decisions of his advisors.
    I don’t think that any one person has the necessary wisdom and knowledge to pick the right decissions.
    “Life” is more complicated than a game of ….???? ….

    Dr. D

    “Manipulating” means he doesn’t know; “Coordinating with” would mean he does know.

    Once you dig yourself a hole, every decision is a bad one that takes hard work and sacrifice.


    Building hotels is smarter than building bombs. The military-industrial-legislative complex Ike warned about has gotten bigger and more industries use the playbook. It is said Ike dropped legislative from his speech. The contractors make sure parts manufacture is spread out over many Congressional district to ensure opposition to suspension of manufacturing of big items.

    It would be nice to have a term other than “false flag” to characterize manipulation of events to get more money going your way. Deception and discernment are clearly necessary skills in life, it is a challenge to all relationships. We must attend to those who love or like us as to whether there has been a drift in sentiment or competitors for the same.

    Some just seem to need enemies for their meaning, purpose and direction. That can be a burden to all of us. The falseness or error runs deeper.

    For those who need real threats, consider human civilization’s lack of sustainability, climate extremes due to our built-enviroment/technosphere impacts and the changing position of our solar system in the cosmos, subjecting us to higher cosmic ray expose, as our quieting Sun and Earth protective shield continues to weaken. Watch Suspicious0bservers on YouTube for a daily global weather report that includes space weather. It only takes a few minutes each day, but orientation to the scientific contest will take time. A good dose of citizen science is pushing traditional theory. A similar approach would help with economics. Harder, since it isn’t truly science.

    Today’s video Suspicious0bservers June 29, 2018

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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