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    So if there were no previous Covid inflections among either thr vaxed or unvaxed (I.e no previous natural immunity). Then the vaxed immune systems, at worst, are 50% of their unvaxed counterparts. Or am I trying to unpack too much from the data?


    Yeah. It’s over. How long before the covidians [this was spelllchecked to “civilians”] know it is over?
    In the meantime, they are being offered any old “boosters” that -shall I say- muddy the waters of the phase three trials? This is a blatant attempt to fudge everything having to do with the liability when it comes clean that these “vaccines” weren’t “vaccines” at all, but therapeutics.
    No EUA. It’s easy to see why they can do nothing but double down. No laws, though- just rules. No wonder judges back off.
    I loved Luongo‘s take that the Davos crowd pushed too soon.
    We can only hope.


    TDub, of course one strategy is to keep taking zinc, but to take it with the right amount of copper to keep them in the right proportion.

    Another alternative is to save the zinc for when you start feeling symptoms, and then to take it with quercetin and lecithin (quercetin to help the zinc enter the cells where it can interfere with viral replication, and lecithin to increase the absorption of quercetin).

    Having the extra zinc in your system doesn’t really help if the zinc cannot get into the cells.


    Trivium, Dr D, thanks for the advice on copper and general health items

    I feel lucky to have stumbled upon this community. Cheers to Raul for working to keep us informed and providing a platform for us to connect.

    Doc Robinson

    chooch: “So if there were no previous Covid inflections among either thr vaxed or unvaxed (I.e no previous natural immunity). Then the vaxed immune systems, at worst, are 50% of their unvaxed counterparts. Or am I trying to unpack too much from the data?”

    I’m not following how that could be concluded, so perhaps you are trying to unpack too much from that data. I do agree with your earlier conclusion that “the vaxed are spreading the disease.”


    @ John Day,

    The heaviness you describe sounds much like grief. How could one not grieve when leaving a loved, longtime job and co-workers, leaving either voluntarily or involuntarily. Best wishes for your future which is out there even if the horizon is cloudy right now.


    So many shared stories of personal hardship but at the same time there are such uplifting stories of how people continue to live with meaning and integrity in spite of hardship.

    Where are things at? Comments on Zerohedge reflect an opinion I share: there are too few vax refusers to make a significant impact. It will be interesting to see the response to backing kids, but I won’t be surprised if this too rolls out without a hitch, based on some parents I know. Small numbers of refusers will be much easier to isolate and be discriminated against. Breakouts among the fully-Vaxed will be blamed on the unvaxed, I’m predicting.


    All the best to you, Dr Day. May you find peace in your vegetable garden until this mass hypnosis lifts.


    Respect to you John Day for remaining unbowed. My wife (registered nurse in Ontario) and myself (federal government employee) are on the same path. Her slightly ahead of you, and myself about a month behind I expect.

    That being said, I do see some reason for optimism. Firstly, in conversations I have had with colleagues at work where I see pushback which will result in a loss of perhaps 10-20% of employees, but those 10-20% are responsible for 50% plus of the “work”. I had a one-on-one workload meeting today with my supervisor where I disclosed my “unvaccinated” status voluntarily for the first time, declared my intention to remain so, and there was a clear sense of nervousness.

    Secondly, in conversations with other parents of children in the 5-12 age bracket who are next up in short order when Health Canada says good to go with the Pfizer mRNA shot. The majority indicate a hard no. We shall see the firmness of their resolve a few months from now when a mandate comes down…get the jab or no school.


    I had a Zoom call this morning with two old friends that I have not seen in 15 years. The three of us have always been at odds over various matters. Lots of banter, debate, teasing and trash talking — typically about political matters, but sometimes it seems like we would go out of our way just to find something to argue about.

    So I figured the vaccine issue was bound to come up.

    When it did, I explained that there are no vaccine mandates in Korea because of the high voluntary compliance rate. I also explained that the health authorities here announced that everything would go back to normal once we hit the 85% target. So then they asked: “Are you in the 85%? Or the 15%?” At this point I had not figured out what camp they would fall into, so I said “I’m one of those 15% holdouts.”

    And that got them fired up.

    “What’s wrong with you?”
    “Don’t you want inflammation of your endothelial lining?”
    “Don’t you want the prions?”
    “Don’t you want the micro-clotting?”
    “Don’t you want the myocarditis?”

    And when I mentioned my three year supply the Ivermectin, we all started whinnying with laughter.

    I was a bit surprised that they were as up to speed on the data as they were. This is the first time in as long as I can remember that we all agreed on such a hot button topic.

    The agreement ended when the subject turned to Bitcoin . . . and then we were back to our old selves.


    @Ilargi, thanks for all that you do.

    I have not gone for the pinephone yet. It is still in too primitive and buggy a format so I have decided to give it a miss for now. Perhaps the gnu smartphone will evolve enough in time to let end-users decide on the amount of tracking and surveillance without compromising too much on build quality and functionality. I am limiting my android use for now and will rely more on my linux desktop in the meantime.

    I have just about been keeping up with your debt rattles and articles. Good observations as always and it is helpful being kept informed with a satirical smile and mindset. Without good stewards like yourself we would all be lost at sea.

    And yes, “Mistakes” … I don’t think so either!

    Day, I am saddened to hear how your practice has ended.

    I used to spend a great deal of my time gardening and growing plants when I was younger living at home with my parents. Despite being a city dweller my whole life, my upbringing gave me plenty of experience in a rural setting. It is not glamorous (indeed, who enjoys getting up at 5am in the wet cold to work in the elements?) A connection to nature keeps us rooted in humility and bestows upon us meaning (along with food and other resources). I wish you well in the coming months and pray for us all to weather the ensuing storm with a level head and courage.

    , thank you for your diligent efforts. Wow, plan B in the UK. Who would have seen that one coming? Brace indeed. It is going to be a long winter.

    @Trivium, thank you for sharing your knowledge on all matters of the occult and hidden in matters of health. It is said that conspiracy can only operate under cover of darkness. That being said; let there be light.

    @Doc Robinson @ Chooch – you are consistently delivering the facts, straight up. Continually grateful for your contributions.

    @Voracious, what a horrific predicament you and your mother are in. Yes, the destruction of our societal institutions represents a great loss for all. Those that are presently vulnerable represent the canary in the cold mine. There are those with apathy towards this emerging trend being superficial with their empathetic responses.. It is sad to see. I do not envy those with narcissistic tendencies as when the levee breaks they will not be spared.

    Best wishes to all


    I found out more about my cousin. He survived. It took a while to work it’s way through the grapevine — apparently the incident happened a few weeks ago.
    All of my family is “conservative”…except for me. (Well…there are a few cousins that I seldom see who might have strayed from conservatism…but I can only guess.)
    I had forgotten – my cousin was born with an enlarged heart. (If it seems odd to have forgotten this about a cousin, well, I have over 40 first cousins…some are half, some are step, some full, some adopted, some are biological 2nd cousins but 1st cousins through adoption…I’m not close with most of them, but have met them all on various occasions. I come from a big Mormon family.)

    However, this cousin received appropriate care early in life, and has lived a “normal” life. He is a self employed landscaper (not a desk job.). So, he and his wife already knew that they had antibodies to Covid. But towards the end of August they felt obliged to get the Covid vaccine. This was the first jab, not sure which one. 10 days later his wife awoke in the middle of the night and found her husband in bed next to her, not breathing. EMTs came, used a defibrillator 5 times, and the fifth time took. Several surgeries and a million dollars in hospital bills later he is alive, still himself, with a pacemaker, a defibrillator, and an injunction from his doctor to not get any more Covid vaccines. Now, he and his wife are trying to figure out how to pay $15,000 in medical insurance copays.



    @ John Day
    Your day sounds resolutely bittersweet. Thank you for sharing. There is beauty in shared humanity.


    Be careful with zinc, but do consider it

    Why does one need to be careful with Zinc?



    Taking too much zinc will deplete your copper over time. No problem taking zinc as long as you take copper with it. I think I recall the ratio is 60:1. There are videos over at Youtube that address this topic.


    Ok, thanks!


    @Willem83 — Zinc stimulates metallothionein, which binds up copper 1000x more than zinc (so the zinc+metallothionein axis persists). “Binds up” == NOT available to bind with ceruloplasmin.
    Taking copper will help — at least you will be providing the copper to which the metallothionein can bind so it would appear less likely to pull the “GOLD STANDARD” ceruloplasmin-bound copper out of your system.
    Zinc over the short term, even taken alone, probably is big deal — OVER THE SHORT TERM.
    Those taking it for years as a prophylactic are courting some bad things they don’t understand. Ramp up the FLCCC protocol at first instance of thining one is sick, and then end it when it makes sense to end it. Adding some copper to the protocol probably won’t gum it up, so that’s probably a value add worth the effort.
    DEFEND your ceruloplasmin-bound copper like your mental state, quality of life, and life depend on it, because they all do.

    Morley Robbins – My Theory Of Everything (Iron Overload / Copper Deficiency) — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq94ROB5qEs

    Iron Homeostasis and the Inflammatory Response — https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3108097/

    “Linking obesity with both tissue iron overload and iron deficient anemia may seem counterintuitive; however, this can be understood by parsing out systemic and cell autonomous regulation of iron storage as detailed below.”
    Iron homeostasis: a new job for macrophages in adipose tissue? — https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/articles/PMC4315734/

    ^^^ is almost certainly why obese is so closely correlated with CovFeFe bad outcomes.
    If you want to know why so many people have a really hard time getting rid of visceral fat, iron overload is a likely reason. The body is smart — it keeps the toxic iron overload AWAY FROM YOUR ORGANS, but that often means it ends up in you fat. And the body isn’t dumb — it will fight to maintain this separation from your organs to keep a person from ignorantly killing themselves… or at least delaying it.


    @Windlesham — does Canada have a version of Title VII that respects religious freedom? Read Title VII, if for no other reason than to stand in awe at the gap between the US law itself, and how the US rabble act in accordance with their imagination of what the law is. Canada might have something similar.
    LEARN YOUR RIGHTS, AND THEN STAND BY THEM! They are nothing if people don’t do this! This is the potential solution for many. Youtube Peggy Hall and see if she has an Canada related content. She’s in BEAST MODE — a true hero for humanity…


    Trying to post this again so that it is actually visible… in two parts… Part 1/2:

    @Veracious Poet, >>My cholesterol was rated @ 169, from a previous 193 two years ago.<<

    Total cholesterol is basically meaningless. Just look into it — it is a joke. Something like half of all cardiac death victims have normal cholesterol. What you really want to know is whether your LDL cholesterol is oxidized. That is a decent marker for systemic inflammation, but not readily tested directly.

    A decent proxy for oxidized LDL, and systemic inflammation, is TG/HDL. What is your ratio? No need to report here, but less than 1,0 is what you want. World class athletes on Dr. Barry Sears’ Zone Diet are in the 0,5 range. 2.0 is pushing it. 3.0 or above is like being a chronic disease magnet. My friend was a whopping 14 — and he though he ate healthy! A type O blood type eating rare fish and lots of beans, rice, and high carbs. Thought he was healthy because he was mostly “vegan.” He was a train wreck. He cut out the junk food, and was able to drive his 14 down to 4 in just six months. That’s excellent, but he still has some work to do.

    How does LDL get oxidized? Macrophages eat both old blood cells and old LDL. The iron will get stuck in the macrophage if ferro-oxidase doesn’t flip the ferrous iron to ferric iron so transferrin can haul it back safely to the bone marrow. I hypothesize that iron overloaded macrophages oxidize the LDL when both are mixed inside the macrophages. Note that this combination can turn into a mast cell and plaster itself along one’s arteries, too. In short, STOP eating iron fortified foods. Your body did not evolved to eat metallic iron filings.


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