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    Paul Gauguin Apatarao 1893     I was working on something else, check back later, and then I saw this comment by Automatic Earth resident ph
    [See the full post at: Normalcy Migration]


    Denninger – must read:

    “They lied”


    Must watch for any medics out there:


    Holy shit!

    absolute galore

    Germ wrote:

    “Virus surge hits New England despite high vaccination rates”

    And yet the article says it is mostly the unvaxxed–without giving any numbers or percentages. I do not know what the quantity “largely”means. Virtually all? Most? More than 50 percent?

    They must know the answer to: how many vaxxed this week vs unvaxxed this week entered a hospital for Covid. How many died this week, vaxxed vs. unvaxxed. If the vaccines are working, the number of vaccinated in the results should be negligible, far less than the vaccinated percentage of the population. If it is about equal to the vax rate, that would indicate the vaccines have no effect. If more, that the vaccines enhance the illness.

    Nice too the way they get in the “kid’s healthj” apropos of nothing whatsoever.

    “I think it’s clearly frustrating for all of us,” said Michael Pieciak, the commissioner of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation who monitors COVID-19 statistics for the state. “We want kids to be safe in school, we want parents not to have to worry about their child’s education and health.”

    Even though parts of New England are seeing record case counts, hospitalizations and deaths that rival pre-vaccine peaks, largely among the unvaccinated, the region hasn’t seen the impact the delta variant wave has wrought on other parts of the country.

    What is the realtime data for this week?


    The AZ Legislature tacked a ban on mask mandates at schools into a funding bill.

    My daughter’s school district decided to follow the recommendations of the CDC rather than AZ law, and said that all must mask, but allowed parents to opt students out of the mandate. (Which I could not do because my ex is in the Covidian Cult and we have joint legal decision making — can’t do anything unless we both agree.)

    Last week, a judge ruled the AZ Legislature ban on school mask mandates unconstitutional — not because the AZ Legislature can’t make a law regarding masks in schools, but because the AZ Legislature didn’t follow AZ law in the bill as it was written.

    <<Cooper [the judge] cited two rules in the Arizona Constitution to support her ruling. One states that a bill can only tackle one thing, or one single subject, at a time. When it comes to the budget, the subject is clearly supposed to be how to spend taxpayer dollars, Cooper wrote. Another constitutional rule requires bills to be given a title that accurately reflects the content of the bill.

    <<In four budget bills, Republican state lawmakers violated at least one, or in one case, both of those rules, Cooper wrote.

    <<That one case included what Cooper described as an “array of provisions are in no way related to nor connected with one another or to an identifiable ‘budget procedure.’ ”

    <<The 55-page Senate bill included policies that stripped the Democratic secretary of state of the authority to defend, or choose not to defend, Arizona election law; a broad preemption of local COVID-19 mitigation requirements for private businesses; a special committee to receive reports from a widely criticized, GOP-led review of the 2020 election in Maricopa County; and time limits on a governor’s declaration of a public health emergency.

    <<“The bill is classic logrolling – a medley of special interests cobbled together to force a vote for all or none,” Cooper wrote.

    <<She rejected arguments from the state’s attorney, who said the legislature has broad authority to interpret what policies fit under the title of a bill and what qualifies as the “single subject” a bill can deal with.>>

    I wish the lawmakers would just write and pass the bills. We need much of what was in those bills.

    In the meantime, my daughter’s school district has decided that staff, teachers, and students may no longer opt out of masks indoors, unless they have a specific disability. I’m glad my kids are teens, and not so young — I don’t think that the masks are as damaging to teens. My sister is sending her kids to a private school to avoid the masks (she is using home school scholarship money to do it.)

    The school district has decided that only people with certain disabilities are now able to opt out of wearing masks.

    <<While many WESD students, teachers and staff are currently wearing their face masks daily, the Governing Board reiterated the importance of universal mask wearing for the safety of the students, most of whom are not eligible for the vaccine at this time. Additionally, according to the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, if students are all wearing masks, fewer must quarantine.>>

    They don’t mention the judge’s ruling last week. Instead, they want us to presume that it is so that fewer students must quarantine. But, seriously, I doubt that has *anything* to do with it — my daugher tells me that most of the students didn’t get opted out and are wearing masks. And most of the students wear them improperly. I’m getting so tired of this “pandemic theater.”


    The beautiful Paul Gauguin Apatarao piece was surely selected just for you – John Day. With GRATITUDE to you and Ilargi for many valuable contributions – and to the colorful COMMUNITY who gather here.

    John, you have the GIFT of inspiration. You inspire with Great HEART and share with Great LOVE. You insert yourself into the world with Great COURAGE. The piece above is a testimony to your deep connection to the things that have value, purpose, and meaning in your life. Thank you for always reflecting pure PRESENCE in our PRESENCE, and for sharing from the depths of your SOUL. You show us what’s possible.

    LIVING the IDEA is attainable, and beautiful; it requires effort, discernment, and sacrifice. The IDEA is a seed in the HEARTS of ALL. Now is the time to engage it.

    V. Arnold

    Keep on keeping on Dr. John…
    The galoots haven’t a chance against the likes of you…


    I’ll be migrating again. I’ve been unemployed for a while mostly by choice. I’ve been caring for my dying mother that passed away from cancer last year. I spent most of my life making sure that my parents were financially stable. My dad can take care for himself and my brother and sister will help him. I’m moving back where I was born, in El Salvador. The new Bitcoin law, that makes it legal tender over there, opens up a new universe of possibilities since I’m in the software business. I invite all of you to inform yourself regarding Bitcoin and the lightning network. This is providing liquidity to a society that has lived using mostly cash until now. There are lots of issues but the future IMO looks bright.

    Mr. House

    How ya gonna mine or spend your bitcoin when the power is out?



    Remember – one is considered unvaxxed until 14 days after the second jab.
    And in Israel until 14 days after the third booster.

    They are messing with the numbers


    The headline:

    “Pfizer Covid jab ‘90% effective against hospitalisation for at least 6 months’ ”

    The detail:

    “protection against infection nearly halves over the same period.”

    John Day

    The obituary of 37 year old Jessica Berg Wilson, mother of 2 daughters, who died of a COVID vaccine complication, after coercion to take it against her will and better judgment, is deeply wrenching to me. Thanks, Germ.

    Thanks Susmarie108. I seem smarter and wiser when it’s formatted nicely, like this, dontcha think?

    Thanks Ilargi for curating this site and seeking out such fine and original thought pieces.

    Thanks V.Arnold.:
    I’m not sure what contest the galoots and I are in, but maybe I’ll beat ’em real bad and they’ll regret it, … regret something

    Thanks ADE for proving me right. That’s enough, now.

    Hey, What’s Plan-B, Y’all?

    John Day

    I appreciate everything you write, Phoenixvoice.
    Yu might like Victoria, Texas a lot, especially when the hurricanes miss it.
    Nice place 99.99% of the time.
    Check it out when your kids reach majority and can travel with you freely.


    Migrating towards historical normalcy through productive useful contributions – sage advice.
    Glad to hear your successful experiments with shelling peas. If you discover any techniques that could be applied to shelling hazelnuts please don’t hesitate to share!

    Veracious Poet

    Thanks ADE for proving me right. That’s enough, now.

    So you’re sure ADE is kicking in now?

    And data to support that, yet?

    Thanks Dr. Day for being there, & encouraging this gathering of the sane remnant, as the eye of the insane-o-cane is approaching…


    Dr. John Day

    I have no plan B. I try to take it one day at a time but it is stressful being isolated and pissed. The corporate state scapegoating me for their screw-ups is hard. But, you make me proud and comforted to know that there are good people out there.


    How ya gonna mine or spend your bitcoin when the power is out?

    I don’t think the internet will permanently shut down. If it does, our problems are even bigger than I realized. Until it does, migrating to Bitcoin is one of the most important acts of resistance available to us. Decentralization is the only antidote to totalitarianism. It is the only way to vote against the Empire.


    << Decentralization is the only antidote to totalitarianism>>
    I couldn’t agree more.

    @ John Day
    When the fancy takes me, I’ll come visit Texas. No idea when.
    Drove through the TX panhandle on long trip with my family when I was 12. It was nighttime, pouring rain, lightning streaking out across the sky. Fantastic!


    Hey, What’s Plan-B, Y’all?

    I’ve just returned from a few days in the mountain.
    The campground are full of people getting away from their lives and enjoying nature with all of modern facilities.
    (full cooler, gas, electricity, communications)
    Nights were cold, and near freezing.
    Colors were beautiful.
    Plump, healthy deers are being herded by the bucks.
    Mama bear and cubs rooting everywhere trying to put on one last store of energy before the first dump of snow.

    Trying to compete, to survive, with wildlife, without the tools of civilization, will end, as soon as the cooler is empty.

    Hey, What’s Plan-B, Y’all?
    You are plan A to Z.


    “I am referring to revolutionary changes which will allow a system of control which surpasses fiat on an infinite scale! Think of what such a system could be comprised of!
    All the rest of your comments are masturbatory in nature. Dream on about the utopia you will create in your mind…but be aware that it will matter little if you are unable to adapt and survive the coming changes!”
    ~Rothschild, circa 2011 disclosure…

    “Survival is an instinct in ALL animals and almost every lifeform. Even an amoeba will react to a rpobe!
    The fact that the present day humans have even lost this genetic survival aspect astounds even us. This has manifest two generations ago and is unprecedented! If individual humans have not shed this for whatever reason is irrelevant for the most part.”
    ~Rothschild, circa 2011 disclosure…

    “The fiat monitary system is concluded. Gold and Silver have important properties, but to measure their value in terms of paper fiat is absurd. The paper fiat has no value….do you not understand that?
    Anyway, the NEXT BIG THING is not fiat/money as you understand it. What is coming is a much more effective means of control as many are quickly learning.”
    ~Rothschild, circa 2011 disclosure…

    “Actually, religion has historically served a very useful purpose…very useful indeed!
    However, all good things must come to an end when something more effective is developed!
    Laughing out Loud!
    FIAT has also been a useful religion, but it, too, will shortly be replaced as the PRIMARY method of control.
    You appear to be an enlightened CHAP. What, pray tell, is the NEXT BIG THING in a post-fiat world?
    Laughing out Loud!
    It has been lost on many the significance of the (financial) attack upon GREECE, birthplace of WESTERN CIVILIZATION!
    Laughing out Loud!”
    ~Rothschild, circa 2011 disclosure…

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