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    How many people plan to stay in their homes, no matter what Katrina-esque catastrophe comes their way? What preparations have you made for your particular circumstances?

    In a worst-case scenario, we could evacuate with our critters and a few days worth of supplies. This is obviously not our preference.

    There isn’t much that we couldn’t deal with onsite, one way or another. The main risks are earthquake, windstorm, and the usual (and unusual) ones that everyone faces like fire, toxic spill, zombie attack, etc.

    We have a small house on a large lot, with a variety of outbuildings.
    We can ‘camp out’ in our shop, shed, or barns if something happens to the house. We also have plenty of tarps & visqueen for dealing with leaks, broken windows, trees through the roof. A chainsaw in good working order, generator with stored gas, camp stove, wood stove, canned food, dehydrated food, first aid supplies, enough pet & livestock food for a month or more. We have rainwater catchment and there is a river close by if need be.

    Our area is semi-rural, and most of our neighbors are savvy and watchful. Most are armed as well, and we keep an eye on each other.
    I can’t imagine any ‘official’ agency being able to take better care of us, and plan to keep it that way.


    Good for you!
    I hope that your are growing beans.
    They are easy and are very tradable/salable.

    Lucas Durand

    I plan to stay at home too.

    I’m in a pretty good spot and I don’t see the point in going anywhere unless forced to do so – although it doesn’t hurt to have a B.O.B. packed and ready.

    I’m sure we’ll take in some friends and family – presently my family and I are the strange ones as our paths diverge from the mainstream lifestyles… But I laugh (nervously) when I think that someday it’s possible we may be the ones everyone is looking to for help.


    Great question,

    In my thinking on this topic I have considered that the local native peoples of my area used to have two main camps one for summer and one for winter. So perhaps having a second way to living is a good back up? Having a more solid home and a back up mobile/tent/dome dwelling for when we need to move perhaps for a while?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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