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    Lucien Hervé The Accuser, Delhi, India 1955   Tomorrow we have the State of the Union. Donald Trump will be gloating from ear to ear, but he’ll b
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    Its all about bullies and victims
    Men better stop running for office.

    Women have found a sure way of winning elections

    That fantasy of restorative justice is particularly resonant amid still-cascading #metoo revelations of sexual abuses by those who’ve had too much power, in too many industries, for too long. “Let’s make a full-blown trend out of replacing predatory men with women who were long overdue to hold their jobs in the first place,” crowed one writer in Vogue. “It’s really the least the patriarchy can do.”

    It’s certainly true that the policies that are enacted depend on which women run and win — the country is full of Sarah Palins, not just Elizabeth Warrens.


    I’m curious as to where the notion might have come that the news media, any element of it print, broadcast, electronic, internet, can solve any problems. Reporting about issues accurately may lead to acknowledgement of some success or focus on the need for action by those with responsibility.

    The 24/7 news cycle which began with CNN in 1980 created a problem in that there just wasn’t that much real TV news. What we have is infotainment in many topics which has led to a churn that many profit from. Financial news is one area which feeds a great get rich world economy.

    That Trump uses this contentless area so well is not worthy of any applause. MBA types love the idea of disruption, more as opportunist pick pockets, than contributors to the advance of civilization.

    Spin is such a high art that virtually anything can be talked up as a positive, given the right future events.

    Important issues have histories and complexities that require thought and long term study. To convey that in any media requires work on the part of the compilers and the students of the issues. History and math are often required, plus technical vocabularies.

    Soap operas never quite solve the problems of the characters. As entertainment, fine, human civilization must do better than that. Simply pointing out which emperors have no clothes may be news, but that is not a solution.

    While many craft new system models, the necessity for real cooperation has not been reached because of shallowness all around.

    Name calling is not to my mind, a sign of knowledge or wisdom, though crowds respond.

    V. Arnold

    Ilargi; nice run down of the present realities of reportage’ in the U.S..
    Their demise pre-dates the invasion of Iraq; anybody with a fuctional brain knew WMD was a baldface lie.
    It’s been long said the U.S. could never be defeated by an outside power; but rather, only from within.
    And here we are; fast declining in fact; and it is seen by the rest of the world as well.
    I’m of a mind that the U.S. is finished as a unipolar world power. IMO, the only thing that will save her is to recognize and accept her true position gracefully; but, I fear she cannot do that…

    V. Arnold
    V. Arnold

    Sadly the above was the last political cartoon from The Nation newspaper here.
    The Thai word is cat’s egg. Very clever…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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