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    madamski cafone

    Times like this, when it appears to be time to take a stand, it helps to cut loose:

    Happy Feet

    madamski cafone

    I think that posting difficulties & site access issues have three primary sources: ye olde Big Brotherism trying to slow-frog-boil us into perfect propagandaic submission, hostile entities both criminal and national exploiting a now ridiculously vulnerable internet, and the always reliable principle called Everything in Euromerica Is Turning to Shit. All 3 with, of course, the inescapable covid overlay:

    IT Staffing Shortages

    The article doesn’t mention covid, but covid obviously hammered code-hamster cubicle farms, and for many of them geeks, life without the office society is mighty bleak. Stuck between work from home office hours and Netflix binges is not healthy for young persons or anyone.

    TAE Summary

    In my town we had an infestation of rats and we wanted to control them. Some suggested rat traps or poison but others suggested we introduce coyotes. The mayor has a coyote pelt farm and could supply coyotes for a nominal fee so the coyote plan won. Now and then the rats mutate. Before we introduced coyotes there might have been a mutant rat that coyotes didn’t like but they lived with all the rats and never became the dominant strain. But after we introduced the coyotes the mutant rats that the coyotes didn’t like quickly became the dominant strain since coyotes ate the other rats. When people complained about the resurgence of rats the mayor hired a rat expert who said it was a function of the number of rats in the city and had nothing to do with introduction of coyotes. The mayor is starting a coyote breeding project at his farm to get a coyote that will like the mutant rats. In the mean time the coyotes have been eating peoples’ pet cats and small dogs. Toddlers are no longer allowed outside.

    those darned kids

    shoot, that’s easy to fix – just get a roadrunner.

    madamski cafone

    tdk: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    JMG linked to this piece this week:
    Dr D may feel like he’s been plagiarised, but excellent reading.. highly recommended.
    – that opening quote of Schmitt’s is what we observe: the technocratic society we live in is inherently unstable in that it can disrupt effortlessly, but as it lacks the countervailing stabiliser of social conservatism it’s incapable of equilibrium. The constant lurch from crisis to crisis we are experiencing is not just an unlucky series of bad days, but a fundamental bug of our technocratic reality. We will never see the end of it unless/until we find a new way of social governance/government. That’s the stuff of revolutions and collapse – buckle up!

    madamski cafone

    Boogaloo’s description of ADE is jaw-droppingly perfect. Clear as a Richard Feynman lecture.

    You win a prize. Is it going to be door number one?

    Or door number two?

    NIcole Foss, the Great Explainer, would be impressed, I think.

    madamski cafone


    I’ve shared it with most everyone I care about.


    As far as realistic danger from Covid…
    It seems to me that the problem from the vaccines spurring variants that are more dangerous than original covid, a la Marek’s disease, is potentially quite a conundrum. See, it is all well and good to have already survived Covid — I’ll be fine. If my kids at least got memory T cells and memory B cells from their exposure last year, they should be fine too. However, the problem is the upcoming generation — if contracting Covid were to become generally dangerous — say, 10% case fatality, even in the young — then we’ve got a problem. We don’t have enough safety data yet on ANY of the vaccines, and the currently in use vaccines against covid all have problems and are leaky — so we really wouldn’t want to be giving them to children. But if we ended up with a truly dangerous variant, we are faced with leaky vaccines and the alternative is to try to survive it on one’s own…and we do not yet have the technology to create a vaccine against a corona virus that will not cause ADE or that provides sterilizing immunity. Suppose the virus got around ivermectin as well. Then we’d really be up a creek.

    These vaccines are a very bad idea on so many fronts.

    @ deflationista

    Correlation is not causation. However…there IS correlation…and correlation is a good place to start an analysis (just not usually a good place to end.)

    Pfizer/BioNTech, Phase 3 trial begain July 27, 2020
    “A breakdown of the diversity of clinical trial participants can be found here from approximately 150 clinical trials sites in United States, Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil and Argentina”

    Moderna phase 3 trial began July 27, 2020
    studies were done in the US:

    Oxford/AZ phase 3 trial began May 2020
    studies in Brazil, Arizona (USA), UK:,,

    Janssen phase 3 trial began Sep 23, 2020
    studies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, South Africa and the United States:

    Covaxin phase 3 trial began Nov 16, 2020
    Studies done in India:

    Sinopharm phase 3 trial begun in Peru, was going on in Oct 2020:

    (If these aren’t in order, well, I never did learn the correct order to the Greek alphabet, much to my current chagrin.)

    Alpha: Britain, Sep 2020
    Beta: South Africa, Sep 2020
    Gamma: Brazil, 6 January 2021
    Delta: India, Dec 2020
    Epsilon: USA (SoCal), “late 2020”
    Iota: USA (NYC), Nov 2020
    Kappa: India, Oct 2020
    Lambda: Peru, Dec 2020
    Theta: Philippines, Feb 18, 2021

    Note: EVERY single location where one of these significant variants has emerged prior to the start of the vaccination campaigns was a location where phase 3 clinical trials were done for a Covid vaccine.
    In the case of the Philippines, interestingly Theta appeared right around the same time that phase 3 clinical trials begain in that country for both the Sinovac and Janssen vaccines. (

    TAE Summary

    My previous comment was maybe too cryptic and should have been titled: A Parable on Virus Mutation. It didn’t actually happen, at least not with the rats and coyotes.

    V. Arnold

    I’m fed up with trying to post…
    Fix it or I’m out of here!

    V. Arnold

    An article here in Thailand by a Thai doctor, has stated that the research claiming Ivermectine is effective in treating Covid is all fake. The article was mostly in Thai so my wife had to translate for me…
    Bloody amazing!
    I referred my wife to what’s been going on with Covid in India and their impressive results with Ivermectine.
    I further explained that there is effectively a news blackout re: IVM and its effectiveness with covid…
    The galoots just won’t give up their lies and deceit…

    Sorry, in a foul mood trying to post the above…many times…now it works, this is a new experience for me and my patience is shot…


    Go to supermarket.
    NZ be like, Level 4 – have to wear mask.
    Wear motorcycle neck sock, pulled up over my nose.
    Entertain self making loud Darth Vader noises all the way around…. Tssss,.! Poooooohh..!
    Disturb a couple of folk.
    Leave, feeling fulfilled..

    a kullervo

    Iacta alea est

    We’ve gone too far, we can’t rewind…

    … consider radical acceptance if attaining ataraxia is in your prospects.

    those darned kids

    phoenix: great work.
    tae sum: the parable was quite good. no title necessary.


    Remember when …..
    Russia was the foreigners in Afghanistan
    and the USA did everything they could to help the Afghans to fight the foreign invaders.

    Now the USA has nightmares that Russia, with China were doing the same thing to the USA.
    All of the USA intelligent never forsaw that their puppet gov. and their 300,000 trained military would not fight for the USA.
    Killer weapon – spittle

    Don’t piss off the waitress or she might spit in your soup.
    Bring the troops home.
    The vaccine works.
    The number of LCH getting an outbreak of covid keeps increasing. The health authorities just announced that its now at 11 home infected. Imagine …. how bad it would be if the vaccine did not work.

    There is one new assisted living outbreak at Nicola Meadows in Interior Health, for a total of 11 active outbreaks in assisted living and long-term care. Of those, eight are in Interior Health, two in Fraser Health and one in the Island Health region.



    Rest assured, no matter what the Anti-common sense community says, the double whammy, triple throw down Piranha Variant will be set to run rampantly roughshod over the universe in late spring next year, making mail in ballots mandatory in the mid term election. The cure will be discovered the day after.


    We’ve all seen bottles of hand sanitiser and kitchen cleansers and the like proclaiming that they “kill 99% of all germs.” It seems to be general knowledge now (at last) that this means 1% of the germs are not killed, and it is these tough ones that prosper and breed. Human action promotes selective breeding for sanitiser resistance. Our profligate misues of antibiotics in the food chain is destroying the effectiveness of antibiotics for human health purposes.

    So yes, why should this virus behave any differently?


    I remember about a year ago when Canberra underwent its first period of restrictions (I refuse to use the L-word), hearing on the radio a presenter saying how eagerly she was looking forward to the arrival of the vaccines so that she and everyone else could be liberated.

    Another reason for the maintenance of the vaccination program is that the public need HOPE. We’re all weary of the plague and its management, and to take away hope of relief from the public is a big ask. The vaccination crew are selling hope as much as anything else.

    I have read somewhere that the delta variant is virulent enough so that Dr Kory has become infected, and he is finding that IVM has reduced effectiveness. What then lies ahead with, say, the lambda variant? Or later on the omega?


    Could I ask everyone posting here, would you please not just post a link to something or other, but at the same time provide a brief summary of what it’s about?

    I’m finding it takes me longer and longer to peruse TAE’s (important) daily digests, I have other things to do during the day (like planting several rows of silver beet yesterday), and I need to estimate where my time is best spent. Summaries, however brief, would be really, really useful.

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