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    René Magritte The black flag 1937   One thing I am not is an expert on Venezuela. What I know is the country has the world’s largest oil reserves
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    It would be nice if there was punishment, on this earth, for everybody that causes and is responsible for the death of other people.

    V. Arnold

    Thanks for that thread Ilargi.
    It’s doubtful the U.S. will directly attack Venezuela because they have the latest S-300 AA batteries.
    They also have roughly 30 SU-30 4th generation fighters. The U.S. has never been in combat against that plane.
    The extent of Russian and Chinese intervention is also not clear.
    Damn the U.S. and its twisted, violent, ideologies…


    If this whole thing has been prepared months ahead, then they have been doing a really bad job – the “military coup” this week was over in 24 hours, and the “diplomats” in their vast ugly embassy building will be cut off without electricity and water. Venezuela exports their heavy crude to the US, so stopping that would cause refining chaos in the south of the US.

    Venezuela has NEVER been a socialist country (except in comparison with the ultra-capitalist single party with two factions), but it does have a super-rich elite class with big interests in land and finance., which they use to hurt the people. Chavez and Maduro have strong backing from the military, the courts and the people. The nonsense about one million percent inflation has been around for over a year, and Maduro is still well-liked. How long would Amerikans put up with queuing for 5 hours for bread without rioting?

    Putin picks his causes carefully, but I wish he would stand up more forcefully in this case.

    V. Arnold


    Putin picks his causes carefully, but I wish he would stand up more forcefully in this case.

    Putin has already said he backs Maduro, as does China. Putin, judging by Russia’s actions in Syria, is a man of few words; but, consistently does what he says he will do.
    I’m hopeful there is much going on under the surface; we’ll see…

    V. Arnold

    I am reminded of the U.S. losing a stealth Nighthawk F-117 over Yugslavia during the Kosovo war.
    It was to a system from 1961.
    The S-300VM (which is what Venezuela has) is the latest technology.
    V also has the newest BUK systems as well.
    I’m of a mind the U.S. knows full well those capabilities; they may try a few Tomahawks, but won’t risk F-22 or B-2’s thus vastly limiting options.
    The linked article I largely agree with;

    V. Arnold

    René Magritte The black flag 1937

    1937! Looking at this from 2019; it would seem to be precient, to say the least.
    Wow factor is definately in play…

    Dr. D

    Gosh, it almost looks like the corporations and state are permitting fake accounts that have specific calls to violent crime, ie. multiple felonies? Isn’t that against social media policy? I mean, except when you do it against Kentucky schoolchildren?

    Good thing such methods are totally never done domestically.

    Agree Palloy, this is the worst, most ham-fisted job ever. Almost suspiciously bad. Rush job? Diversion? Or are they really a bunch of clowns? And Socialism was gutting the PDVSA, just as it was helping the people, but not all people’s patterns fall so easily on a left-right line. China, for instance. I’d bet 2/3s of Venezuela’s problems were created, or more like exaggerated by deep state market-rigging to harm and antagonize them, which is pretty-well researched and can be found on wikipedia. Surely they’re not shy in admitting they invent candidates, rig elections, and cut off funds, totally illegally of course, almost certainly also a legal act of war/blockade/embargo. But like I say, when nobody’s followed the law in 100 years, these things get hard to tell.

    christopher cobb

    Jim W

    I’m also blown away by the haunting power of the images in Magritte’s painting…like a flock of mechanical Black Swans. Could Venezuela be ground zero for the next major global Black Swan?

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