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    Dorothea Lange Farm family fleeing OK drought for CA, car broken down, abandoned Aug 1936   Since the new year will bring yuuge and bigly changes
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    Please forgive me for suspecting that “climate change” has dropped out of the discourse because of the cold weather in Europe, Northern Asia and North America.

    Here is what Martin Armstrong had to say:

    Global Warming – Ice Age – Hit Europe

    It seems that the end of el Ninõ has put paid to the warmest year evah

    Global Satellites: 2016 not Statistically Warmer than 1998

    Of course the promoters don’t readily give and Australia’s newspapers are presenting a totally false picture. !939 was far warmer here than 2016

    2016 the planet’s warmest year
    Australia experienced its fourth-warmest year on record in 2016, and the globes warmest for the third year running. Courtesy: Bureau of Meteorology

    Ken Barrows

    If you accept this graph as accurate, I don’t see the conclusion as in doubt. It’s all in the data, in the final analysis:


    My Facebook account says:

    For security reasons your account is temporarily locked
    If this account reflects your real name and personal information, please help us verify it.

    See, I don’t mind transferring to a company account or something like that, it’s just that so far FB says that means losing all of one’s history. Why would I want that? Let them solve that issue.

    The Tae Page account was set up -not by me- in a somewhat clumsy way back in 2009, I know. But why it was done the way it was, I have no idea.


    One of the best pieces on the M5S I ever read.

    The M5S has managed to do several important things.

    First, it has broken the hold of identity politics in Italy – historically everybody who bothered to vote did so as a “Leftist”, a “Rightist”, a “Catholic”, a “Communist” etc. The problem with such identities being that they always hark back to something in the past and make it impossible to grasp a changing world.

    Second, I believe Italy is the only European country currently where there is a strong, radical opposition movement which is not tied down to fear of immigrants and to dreams of a return to national industrial glory. Though the movement seems over-optimistic on some issues, it still has an idea of transition which no other political movement has.

    Then of course the M5S has many problems – for example its ultra-democratic system for choosing candidates allows basically anyone with a few friends to click them into a comfortable job in Parliament; and their insistence on corruption and legality means that as soon as one member of the party gets into any kind of trouble (as any administrator sooner or later will), he has to leave.

    Another note – Italy is not only affected by corruption, defined as illegal activity. After the great trials of 1991 which struck illegal corruption, the whole system was overhauled to ensure the possibility of legal corruption through the creation of a network of part-public, part-private businesses, where huge public contracts were guaranteed by the public administrations, which also took on any losses, while all the profits went to private actors – largely a coalition between Fiat subsidiaries and the large industrial cooperatives stemming from the former Communist Party. All basically quite legal…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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