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    Hi All,

    This is the history they don’t teach you… the history that makes history really interesting… The history that the former New York State Teacher of the Year (3 times!) unearthed after successfully inspiring the “dumb class” to successfully compete with the children of the [D]elites – and caught nothing but grief for the effort.

    John Taylor Gatto Biograqphy

    The Ultimate History Lesson:

    The Ultimate history Lesson Commentary:

    I’ve watched the entire video and found it to be incredible and extremely well referenced.

    Gatto explains the philosophers, beginning with Plato right up through Calvin and Darwin, that enables a group of human predators to believe they can commit “justifiable” sin upon the rest of “dangerous” society (that’s you and I and 95%+ of the population).

    You’ll learn that Darwin taught there was a hierarchy within humanity, with his “race” sitting at the top and the other “races” (I think he developed 56 different “races” – not what we call races today, though).

    All you Irish will like to know that the Irish were at the lowest rung of “human evolution” and that his superior English race should not reproduce with such or else humanity will descend into the abyss (Descent of Man).

    You will learn that flees must have their spirit broken before they can be controlled and that rulers of past millenia surely knew this since they trained fleas. Gatto realized he had been hired to be the cover the can that would “break the fleas” before they could be properly controlled.

    You will learn that the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundation created the teacher pension… so long as the teachers taught their approved curriculum.

    You’ll learn that Carnegie, a devout atheist, bought massive amounts of organs and gave them to Protestant churches.

    You’ll learn why “school” was engineered to extend childhood and why the free spirit inherent in childhood posed a threat to the ruling “justified sinners.”

    It is a compelling presentation. While I have only listened to about 60 minutes of the podcast commentary, it has been excellent as well.

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