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    Hi Nassim,

    Your account reminds me of a “Explanation of the way of things.”by a “for real” spook I ran into on-line a bunch of years ago.[I only made the connection that he was for real after the events of the outing of Valori Plame…He had mentioned almost in passing,of her cover company being a front for Langley…funny,what you used to run into online 15-20 years ago…[!].

    Anyway,the gist of the discussion was how each society”resets” itself in such a way to allow for the advancement of the human animal as a whole,how does the cream rise in a static, conservative,class-oriented/dominated society?…[He said that a major topic that had confounded many of the elite who had studied the matter]How can you maintain control of resource base for “the right sort”,when, the very bright,motivated and most able of the society are from there other side?.Backing a revolution was one way…

    War,as a method,was discussed as simply a way of shaking up the status quo,so to speak…a shaking of the dice by those who wield true power…to see how the new methods and ideas can shape the reality [we,the great un-washed masses] all live in…a game,by those who can cause such events.Read carefully the accounts of the second world war and you can guess the unseen players by their shadows.

    The most telling thing I remember of that discussion,was the realization that …TOTAL WAR…Like WW2,was never going to happen again….because the elites realized That nuclear weapons,if used widely,would most likely smoke them too,and end the game for everyone…..Low level brushfire wars over resource control are “acceptable”.

    The last few years have seen a upsurge of “Diplomacy by other means”…resulting in side effects that we all are noticing.Things like the militarization of the police.The human wreckage…the horrible cost to the occupier and the occupied…is”acceptable”.

    I cannot help but wonder ,as the drones begin to fill our own skies, how much collateral damage will become “acceptable”.

    If you look at the “Modern” history of the world,you see war and famine,revolution,anarchy and chaos,hitting just about everywhere,when the elite’s children lose touch with their poor cousins,and forget hunger…Then maybe someone, a ways up the food chain,sees there is no chance for their own advancement,unless a whole bunch of the top dogs lose their share.Revolutions are rarely started by the desperately poor[they are busy trying to stay alive],but someone who thinks that they know where a lever is that can move the mountain that is a society.

    They might have stamped out the hot little spark that was “Occupies”but even so,the huge,fire-suppressed pile of tinder is still there,still waiting patiently,for the next hot little spark.[I recall it took 4-5 years before the ‘nam demonstrations really got legs]

    I watch the jockeying,and moment,statements,and such,of the politicians…the deadening reality that “is” for those still seeking some kind of life for themselves, after the disintegrating economy grinds them up and disposes of their job,and their life…and wonder.

    How long have we got?…

    I have the gut-feeling that we are close to some kind of inflection point,a place we can say”It.Changed.Here”.

    Couple of things on the horizon, coming closer, I think.

    I have noticed,War,as a method of determining the outcome of American overseas policy,is a slow to start…then terrifyingly fast,once the orders are given.No-one is paying much attention to Iran right now,as the most bellicose mouths have been silenced,more or less..but the quiet preparations for a major confrontation with the USA have been made..”legal” declarations by their parliament of the intent to close the Straits of Hormuz,due to outside influences,as well as other “players”in the area,moving in to position,”Assets”.Some in public…and I imagine some very quietly.

    Very little would be needed to set the whole area aflame,with Israels focused on turning Iran’s society back 200 years technology-wise,and removing the most creditable threat to their total military control,and our desire to nip off the bottom 1/10th of the their territory next to Iraq [Where the oil is].

    I am hoping it stays quiet till after the elections,as I don’t think O-man wants to try and defend himself from the charge of provoking a war to ensure his re-election…Which I am sure The repugs would make….

    But I am sure that would be a great cover for the huge “Reset””The system” is getting redey for

    As far as the bank fraudsters…

    All those who say that its too difficult to get your [substantial]assets in a “safe”place…

    Take heart.You wont have to worry much longer about them as they will disappear in a cloud of electrons…soon

    Buy “things” of true value. A farm w/water& gear.Gold,silver,Cash…seedbanks…BIG propane tanks topped off w/cars& generators,and tools-equipt designed for off-grid.What would 2000 ,340watt solar panels be worth after a collapse?Your life?Your families life?If you have the power,guess what?you ARE the power in your community.And that is the real focus you must aim for…how can you provide for your community,because its those folks who look out after their own ,in a community,that will prosper in the future

    Yes,its a pain to do the paperwork.Be careful,but if you want to keep you stash,you had better get your ass[ets] under your direct control Now,boys and girls.The system still works can get on a phone and order whatever you think will do you and your tribe “Good” now.Next month?who knows…your starting to see lots of big names[Knight ring a bell?] getting taken out back and shot now…

    I think its time to head back outside and start watering the gardens,there is always things I should be doing in sweet summer weather.

    Bee good,or
    Bee careful,


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