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    Reading this article, there was an ad in the box on the right, for Billy Graham, saying he believes in America because of Jesus Christ, and if you agree, click, and donate, I presume.

    Well, if He is out there, He better show up quick, ’cause if we deforest the Amazon, it’s going to get real hot on this planet, too hot to sustain humanity very likely. If He shows up after that, or like, right at the end of our destruction of the biosphere, I for one would be like, Where the F*** were ya, A**! What the F*** was the point of that! (BTW – Billy Graham can kiss mine, the warmonger apologist for the American Dream that he always has been.)

    It’s not Prez Rousseff’s monster. The monster is deep in the core of the Western psyche, and really the whole species at this point, that we are separate from the earth, that culture trumps nature. She’s just doing what we’ve been modelling here in America – consume, consume, consume. What really is going to stop THAT monster? Jesus? I doubt it. Maybe, maybe, total economic meltdown. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate paradox, the loss of everything we have known, to save us?

    Armed rebellion at this point, as some of the preceding comments allude to, is moot, as the guns are about 99% on the side of defilers, of the separate, rabid consumers of the earth.


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    It could well be argued that Americans are the most cold blooded killers the earth has ever known. We wage wars while accepting tax cuts, to make our children and grandchildren pay for it. We consume obliviously, insatiably while our government practices rape, pillage, plunder and dominate tactics in “lesser” nations. We yawn when we hear our President sits down every Tuesday with his advisors to decide who is going to die. We drop bombs from drones on kids sitting around a bonfire in Yemen, ho hum, and then are outraged, OUTRAGED! when some young person shoots some people in a theatre, here in the states. How dare he!?! How dare any of us, living the American dream, striving without limit, at the expense of the weak and the vulnerable globally, as if God bestowed our affluence? What is this Holmes but reflecting US back at ourselves?

    He is a cold blooded killer. A kind of American Icon in shadow.


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    “When people have no money, no credit cards, nothing to eat, then they will wake up.”


    Maybe. Some of them. Many others just might continue to look to the government to protect us, by way of total control. Others might just lay down and die. A few saw it coming, and took steps to prepare. Will they cherished, or will they be perversely blamed in the way of making scapegoats, for “causing” the problems?

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    The astounding thing is, It’s like they think they will be immune from the violence. Hardly. If Civilization breaks down, by way of a liquidity freeze, all those protectors with those big guns are going to turn those guns on their paymasters.

    But what is most astounding is, here in America, we know now they have been stealing from us to the tune of trillions, above and beyond what they have demanded outright, like thief’s in the night. And America has reacted to the same degree they have reacted to the Hegemon Obama eviscerating the Constitution, claiming Absolute Power, and preparing for a full-on federal takeover of America by way of Martial Law. 450 million hollow point rounds for DHS? Ho hum.


    in reply to: Libor was a criminal conspiracy from the start #4569

    I say, we let out all those in jail for petty marijuana offenses, and then there will be plenty of room for real criminals. More than enough. And if that doesn’t happen, if there is no law, if there is no means to make these people accountable, then people have no choice but to seek justice in the way they see fit, or there will be none, and this will continue, again, and again and again.

    Of course, if there’s a global liquidity freeze, like it looks like there will be, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to be a banker. Because justice then isn’t going to look like a cage.


    in reply to: Peak Oil: A Dialogue with George Monbiot #4537

    I found that comment from Monbiot to be curt, condescending and obtuse. He must be catching it from all sides. He should probably think more about the data, before he makes his pronouncements. It’s like, because his conclusion is right, he thinks it doesn’t really matter how he arrived there. It’s like the story of Authority these days, unveiling itself all over the place to be just not that astute.


    in reply to: Cuckoo in the Coal Mine #4389

    Whenever I bring it up anywhere, I get the fish eyes in response, the tell-tale sign the person I’m talking to is still swimming in the miasma of progress and growth, and I’m about to get eaten. That, or the repetitive head nod that says, I’m entertaining you right now, but you are NUTS. I don’t bother much anymore.

    I brought up Greece recently to my neighbor, who used to work for an environmental org. She replied by talking about how busy she was…last week. I said to my father, I’ve been a little pre-occupied with global economic meltdown. He shouted at me, “What the hell difference does that make to you!?” I said, I live on planet earth.

    But I hear all kinds of talk about Jesus’ return, aliens, and reptilian Illuminati overlords. Thought experiment: if 85-90% of humanity is wiped out in a generation because of war, pestilence, famine, cannibalism, nuclear meltdown, climate change, global economic collapse, with no sign of Jesus, aliens, or reptilian illuminati, are we still going to be talking about economic growth?


    in reply to: The Orkin Man: Which Side Are You On? #4153

    I don’t much quibble with your vision of what’s coming. All this moral hand-wringing is going to seem quaint, if there are cannibals, fascists and dime-a-dozen bad dudes roaming the street. Character and integrity are required to deal with such things, not wrangling about morals or ethics. As to taking sides, I’m not on any effin side, that’s just more bs Western oppositional dualism, one or the other unto death. As to not gettin’ executed because I won’t offer up unquestioning allegiance to anyone, ever, that’s going to take some savvy maneuvering, but I’ve been preparing for that as long as I can remember.


    in reply to: The Orkin Man: Which Side Are You On? #4091

    So I guess my question is, if I live in the city, and my entire yard is a garden, and I know what wild foods there are and where, and I can build things, but I wear glasses, and I’m intelligent enough to know that I saw this coming, and have spent the last four years thinking and writing about it, which goon squad, or cannibals, do I have to be wary of?


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