Jun 052024
Debt Rattle June 5 2024

Vincent van Gogh The good Samaritan (after Delacroix) 1890   • Trump Calls For Supreme Court To Intervene Before Sentencing (MN) • Dershowitz: Trump Could Fast-Track His Appeal To Supreme Court (ZH) • Republicans Vow To Scorch the Earth After Trump Conviction (RCW) • The Fake Conviction (Newt Gingrich) • Joe Biden’s Health Is About To Be Put To A Severe Test (Sadygzade) • Biden Does ‘We Gotta Secure The Border!’ Routine (ZH) • “A Blatant Lie” (Turley) • Freedom

Jun 042024
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Debt Rattle June 4 2024

Eugène Delacroix The Good Samaritan 1849   • Which Movie Will It Be? (Jim Kunstler) • The Trump Conviction Presents a Target-Rich Environment for Appeal (Turley) • Of Course They’ll Put Trump in Jail (Victoria Taft) • Rand Paul Warns Of “War In The Streets” Coming From Trump Verdict (MN) • Top Judge Blocks Complaints Against Trump Judge Aileen Cannon (ET) • Biden Denies ‘Pulling the Strings’ in Trump’s Criminal Conviction (ET) • Dear American (Paul Craig Roberts) • Jury

Jun 032024
Debt Rattle June 3 2024

Domenico Fetti The Good Samaritan c.1620   • Trump and ‘Our Democracy’: When A Political System Becomes A Meme (Johnston) • Trump Says He’s ‘OK’ With Serving Potential Jail Term (RT) • Maher: If Trump Goes To Jail There Will Be A Racial Civil War (MN) • Trump Campaign Raises Staggering $200 Million Since Thursday Conviction (ZH) • US Secret Service Reacts To Trump’s Criminal Conviction (ZH) • The Deepfake Privilege? (Turley) • ‘Leader of the Free World’ Permits Genocide

Jun 022024
Debt Rattle June 2 2024

John French Sloan East Entrance, City Hall, Philadelphia 1901   • Tyranny Is Upon Us: Law And Juries Are Weaponized (Paul Craig Roberts) • The Trump Trial Harkens Back to a Dark Period of American Law (Turley) • The Democrats Just Sealed Donald Trump’s Victory In November (Bridge) • DOJ: You Can’t Hear The Biden-Hur ‘Memory Interview’ Because of Deepfakes (Sp.) • Desperate, Lying Biden May Abuse AI to Pull the Ultimate Race Hoax (Sellers) • Artificial ‘N****R’ (Sellers) •

Jun 012024
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Debt Rattle June 1 2024

John French Sloan South Beach Bathers 1908   • Trump is Convicted: What Comes Next? (Turley) • “This Is A Scam”: Trump Rails Against Judge Following Guilty Verdict (ZH) • Questioning Trump’s Guilt Is ‘Dangerous’ – Biden (RT) • Reuters: Trump Supporters Want RIOTS, Violent Retribution After Verdict (MN) • Trump Raises $53 Million in 24 Hours After Conviction (Sp.)

May 312024
Debt Rattle May 31 2024

Ivan Aivazovsky Stormy Night at Sea 1850   • It’s Time For Russia To Drop A Nuclear Bomb (Dmitry Suslov) • The West is Hell-Bent on Provoking Russia Into Hot War (Pepe Escobar) • Biden Allows Ukraine To Use US Weapons To Attack Inside Russia (ZH) • US Leaders Pushing for Three-Front War When They Can’t Handle One (Sp.) • Le Pen: Backing of Ukraine Strikes Inside Russia Step Toward World War (Sp.) • US Preparing Major Propaganda Campaign Against

May 302024
Debt Rattle May 30 2024

Ivan Aivazovsky The Ninth Wave 1849   • This Is Insanity: Trump Case Judge Issues Unbelievable Jury Instructions (ZH) • Trump Tells Donors He’d Bomb Moscow and Beijing – WaPo (RT) • Et tu, Trump (Paul Craig Roberts) • ‘Lightweight’ Biden Officials Lack Gravitas to Negotiate with Russia (Sp.) • Ex-Ukrainian Prime Minister: Zelensky is Nothing But Impostor Since May 21 (Sp.) • Zelensky is ‘An Outlaw’ – Russian State Duma Chairman (RT) • Western Experts Realizing NATO Expansion Was

May 292024
Debt Rattle May 29 2024

Henri Matisse The pink studio 1911   • Biden Seeks War With Russia To Boost Approval Rating – Seymour Hersh (TASS) • NATO Training for Nuclear Strike on Russian Territory – Top Official (Sp.) • US Endgame in Ukraine — War Without End, Amen (Patrick Lawrence) • A Pervasive Fear Settled In: Dems Are Absolutely Freaking Out Over Biden (ZH) • Russia’s Unmatched EW Success Against Western Weapons in Ukraine (Sp.) • US Military Experts: NATO Can’t Take on Russia

May 282024
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Debt Rattle May 28 2024

Edward Hopper Second Story Sunlight 1960   • Saving our Democracy This Memorial Day (Jim Kunstler) • Why the Trump Trial Could End With a Hung Jury (Turley) • Trumpophobia Is Cresting With His Polls (Victor Davis Hanson) • NATO Falling Into ‘Wartime Ecstasy’ – Kremlin (RT) • ECB Tells Banks To ‘Get Out Of Russia’ (RT) • Russia Producing Shells at 25% Price of NATO Countries, 3x Faster (RT) • NATO To ‘Institutionalize’ Arms Support For Kiev At US

May 272024
Debt Rattle May 27 2024

Edward Hopper Summertime 1943   • Trump Vows to Stop ‘Biden’s March to WWIII’ (RT) • US Strike On Russian Targets Would Be ‘Start Of World War’ – Medvedev (RT) • Serbian President Vucic: World Heading For Greater Tragedy Than World War II (RT) • British PM Promises To Bring Back Conscription (RT) • Orban Foresees Dire Consequences If EU Militarism Continues Unchecked (Sp.) • No Country Can Survive Conflict With Russia Alone – Zelensky (RT) • US World’s Only