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Debunking Gonzalo Lira and Hyperinflation

Howard Hollem Primary Colors February 1943 “War production workers at the Heil Co. making gasoline trailer tanks for the Army Air Corps, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Elizabeth Little, age 30, mother of two, spraying small parts. Her husband runs a farm” Ilargi: When I first saw the Gonzalo Lira pieces, it took me less than five minutes to delete them. Their basis is simply too slim: if A happens, than B. C and D must also happen. Yeah, but what if A

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The Future Belongs to the Adaptable

Detroit Publishing Co. Always the First with the Big News 1908 “Smallest news & post card stand in New Orleans, 103 Royal Street” Stoneleigh: As our readers know, we do not provide investment advice. We do not exist to help people make money in the markets, but to help them avoid losing what they have in a deflationary crisis, at a time when almost everyone will lose a great deal. Our position is that being in cash on the sidelines