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Where are you going, America?

I don’t like to discuss politics too much. There are not enough smart, kind and honest people in politics wherever I look in the world for me to want to have anything to do with that game. I’d just spend all my time wondering what kind of mindset it takes to want to tell other people what to do, and be in control of the millions, billions and trillions of dollars that are taken from these people on a daily, yearly, basis.

Not that all of them politicians are bad, but those who have genuinely good intentions get drowned out, within seconds, by the ones for whom the need to have power over others is more important than anything else. And as I said, on the whole they’re not very smart. It’s for instance a very bad idea to let you countries’ economic policies be decided by the very people who make the decisions today.

They have no clue what they’re talking about. So they get advisors who they feel do know, and these advisors all come from the same small niche of society that steer everybody’s hard-earned cash towards that same small niche of society. 99% of economists are religious nuts who do even the Roman Catholic church one better because they chart graphs to ‘prove’ their beliefs are true -or even provable-.

They adapt the world to their theories, not the other way around, as physicists do. They pretend their field is a science, but, other than the graphs, it has none of the characteristics of a science. Falsifiability is not a term one can let loose on economics; within minutes, there’d be nothing left.

The other advisors politicians have when it comes to economic policies are bankers, who are convinced banks are the most important institutions and edifices in the world, just like priests and vicars would have described their churches and cathedrals not long ago. That is why last week we saw a spending bill being shoved through US Congress and Senate that includes parts openly written by Citigroup lobbyists, and which puts the risk of over $300 trillion in derivatives on American taxpayers’ shoulders.

America is a democracy in name only. And I often ask myself why Americans take that lying down. Why they think they don’t have to fight for their rights and their freedoms the way the founders did. Do they think they’re special, are they so full of themselves, and full of ‘it’, that they think it’s okay to let their rights being taken away from them, and their children, the same rights so many Americans died for in earlier days?

When you try and see things that way, what else do present day US citizens deserve than what’s coming to them? You can’t have freedom, and you can’t have rights, if you’re not willing to fight for them. And that doesn’t mean sending a bunch of your low-down poorest young people to some faraway desert, it means keeping in touch with what’s happening in your own town and county and state and country. And raising your voice if you don’t like what you see.

There’s a Senate report – many years too late – that confirms the CIA and other parties tortured often innocent people in the name of the United States, and that means you, in incredibly cruel ways reminiscent perhaps most of Medieval times or even before that, before man allegedly became civilized, but for which, by the looks of it, nobody will to be prosecuted in the US.

Letting people die of torture, and then afterwards finding out it was just another case of mistaken identity, has become acceptable in America. Congratulations. We’ve come a long way.

There’s the incredible story of the Ukraine, in which the Senate just days ago called for more economic sanctions vs Russia, and full-blown lethal military aid for Ukraine, where US patsies have taken over even more government positions by being handed hundreds of millions of dollars and fresh Kiev passports, and where now Russia will be forced to counteract, against its will.

Why do Americans allow for that to happen in their name? Don’t they care what other people in the world, in which they’re hugely outnumbered, since less than 1 in 20 is American, think about them? Don’t they care about the effect of harassing others incessantly for the purpose of enriching US companies?

Or do Americans think their superior weaponry allows them to do whatever they want to whoever they want to do it to? Somehow, that, too, is reminiscent of the Middle Ages. America hasn’t won an actual war since 1945, because bigger armies don’t win wars anymore. Having the biggest guns doesn’t either. Nuclear weapons are too destructive for that.

Ron Paul seems to be the only US politician who has any idea of what the US should stand for, who understands that empire building is a really bad idea with all the nukes around, and that coalition building and friendship with other peoples and nations is a much better way to keep Americans safe and -relatively – prosperous. And Ron Paul is getting on; who’ll stand up in his place?

But the biggest issues for Americans are not abroad, they’re right at home. As evidenced by Ferguson, by Eric Garner, and by the mass demonstrations in the past days. The problem is, since the 1960s people have turned their focus so much towards money and so far away from their personal rights and freedoms, and those of others, that one or two or ten demonstrations won’t make a difference anymore.

I was watching something on the 1964 Klan killing of three civil rights workers in the town of Philadelphia, Mississippi the other day, of Dr. King’s role, of how the entire town knew who was guilty but shut up. And I wondered what exactly America has achieved since then, what has changed and what is better 50 years on.

And sure enough I found my answer, in a graph of all places. It this doesn’t hurt your sense of justice, and your sense of pride to be an American, I don’t know what would. Nor do I understand, if you choose to keep silent, where you think this will lead in the future. What can you possibly say when you let these numbers sink in?

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    DPC Mott Street, Chinatown, New York 1900 Where are you going, America? I don’t like to discuss politics too much. There are not enough smart, kind an
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    We thought we had fought the world to make it safe for us, and all we had really done was try to homogenize it for our culture of consumerism. By our cars and our roads they knew us, pouring concrete and asphalt the world over. The 50’s saw even Afgahnistan and Iran temporarily made over in our image.

    Ken Barrows

    Make that last graph for heads of households under 40 and you might see negative numbers.


    On the plus side it’s hard to imagine any nation who would have been better given the financial and military power that the US was after WWII . Now however things have taken a more ugly turn. As far as American citizens they are as enamored with empire as any citizenry would be. Especially since American exceptionalism is a quasi official religious belief and this summary does not give the very particular form of Christian God ordained/God approved American destiny its full due.

    The freedom which really counts in America is the freedom wealth can buy.

    The underclass was baked into America at its founding as you can’t get more under than chattel slave. Race is still class and that’s as it should be in the view of a huge majority of white Americans. There is hardly room here but it can be said that slavery was a necessary requirement for Americas freedom. One can start here on that.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Q: “Why do Americans allow for that to happen in their name?”

    A: Because of an increasingly brutal, militarized police state that operates with impunity. That police state now exists to protect and serve the criminal government, not the taxpayers who’ve been extorted to pay their wages. When the cops have all become criminals, who you gonna call when Eric Holder permits them to confiscate everything you own, including your life?

    A lot of us frogs sat in the slowly-heated pot expressing every sort of complaint, letter to our Congress-traitor, and “ballot” against the abusers along the way. But not until the first few frogs died did we start to prepare to resist. I can’t imagine what you had in mind that we should have done when you accuse us of doing nothing while this crap was escalating, but writing articles is almost as ineffective at overcoming entrenched tyranny as voting is. You and Karl Denninger are in good company blaming this shit on us, but try hard to remember where the blame really lies. Try to remember that we got fooled by a false flag on 9/11, that most of our countrymen still can’t fathom the enormity of that fact, that the U.S. has been transformed into the war-muscle behind re-shaping the world according to Zionist and New-World-Order nazi goals, and that our mainstream media and our politicians (Obama) consistently and systematically lied to us.

    This is not your mother’s world. Things have changed radically and rapidly. Institutions habitually trusted for generations (e.g. MSM, banks) have become untrustworthy, and have managed to keep their transition into crime and treason a secret.

    At ZeroHedge some months ago, somebody else enunciated the same attack on Americans for “permitting” and “enabling” criminal government, criminal banking and criminal corporations. He upbraided Americans for failing to adequately stop it. Another commenter appropriately replied, “Lead the way.”

    When you’re about to load up your long rifle and go to work, Ilargi, let us know. You’ll find yourself suddenly in good company. But until then, continue bitching with the rest of us. There is NO WAY TO REGAIN FREEDOM EXCEPT THROUGH FORCE. That’s unfortunately a time-tested, immutable fact of life. The parasites never pack up and leave the body after having been alerted that they’re unwanted.

    The day will come in the U.S. when people call 911 and wait in ambush for the cops who respond. You’ll see. Perhaps that’s what you’re trying to shame us into doing, but that sort of thing can’t be expected from an entire population when a “recovery” is in full swing and we’re distracted by fantasy narratives about “terrorists” and “exceptionalism.” There are a relative few in every country who will lead the way, but the time for that has quite simply not yet arrived. It certainly does appear to be coming, though.


    Michael Brown should not have died. Do I think he was a thug? Yep. Do I think that he turned around and started coming back on the cop? Probably, judging from the attitude he exhibited towards the store owner and while struggling with the officer in the car. But he didn’t deserve to die. If the police feel they have to stop someone, can’t they just shoot once in the leg? I mean, why do they have to kill someone? A lot of people are unnecessarily dying because of cops (I’ve lost track of the number of people dead because of tasering in my city).

    Most blacks don’t buy into our culture, and I don’t blame them. We’re not so friggin’ great, not by a long shot. They were brought here for the same old reason: to get something for nothing, free labor. Something for nothing permeates America. It is most what the country stands for.

    But TPTB like to stir up trouble between the races. It’s a way of control. I was reading a good article on a southern union back in the 40’s or something, and how the management thought the blacks and whites were getting too chummy, too solid a group, especially when asking for wage increases, so they stirred up trouble. Hard to get solidarity when you’re fighting each other.

    Left and right? It doesn’t exist. The elite, the cartels act as one. Until we, the common folk, start acting as one, nothing will change. As long as they’ve got us fighting, we won’t be joining hands.

    Blacks (and a lot of whites and others) have become too dependent on Mother Government. I know a LOT about dependency. It is something I have witnessed close up. It kills people, it strips their soul. And no amount of no-money-down mortgages, EBT cards, free cell phones or welfare is going to solve that problem. Bought is bought. Something for nothing here too, and yet they pay dearly for it.

    So most blacks vote left, liberal whites too, conservative whites vote right, third parties are crushed, and everything keeps on going around in circles. But we keep failing to see that there is no difference between the two parties, none, not really. The elite keep getting wealthier, and we keep fighting, and we even fight on their behalf.

    Add in propaganda, our let’s-see-how-dumb-we-can-make-them education system, our lying media……………….you can’t make it up. It’s a full-blown hornet’s nest.


    Ilargi, it’s impossible to even have a civilized conversation about politics in the United States anymore. Americans of all political stripes have been fed a steady stream of propaganda for too long, and not just from the MSM. People hold all sorts of contradictory positions, all based on conflicting ideologies. The so called right is full of people who simultaneously describe themselves as religious, but who now try to justify torture because their guys Cheney and Rumsfeld supported it. They embrace Ayn Rand, even though she detested their religion as a sign of weakness. The so called left tries to sound as progressive as possible, but without actually adopting any progressive policies, and has now wholeheartedly embraced war and empire. There is no rule of law anymore. The ruling elite is exempt from enforcement. On the flip side, everything has now been criminalized, so anyone who crosses a prosecutor may spend years in prison for no good reason. It’s all arbitrary. There is no common culture anymore, so the idea that the people can collectively rise up and reclaim their democracy is laughable. You think that white folk and black folk in Ferguson are going to join forces to demilitarize the police? Ha! You think that poor white folk and Hispanic folk are going to find common ground in anything with all the pent up resentment against illegal aliens? Ha! All of the groups in the U.S. that should be coming together have been thoroughly divided so they are not a threat to anyone. The only way out of this mess is through the rise of secessionist movements. Their is no way to change the whole because there is no common ground, no common culture, to appeal to. The only way is to retreat at the local level to start rebuilding communities.


    From what I see here in Oakland CA are a lot of very angry young people. They are uniting about Black Lives Matter. They are training themselves in a kind of urban guerilla warfare. The cops take a crowd of about 1000 and think that by funneling and “kettling” them into smaller groups of 200 or so they will break the movement, but it’s wack-a-mole. They pop up and out maneuver the loaded down police with their flack suites, tear gas and rubber bullets. These aren’t just black hoodied young men but also vibrant young women. These are not just white college students, there are also many young black faces. If they are not students, they are likely unemployed and have time to discuss tactics.

    Now strategy – that is another question, but something is cooking here. All it takes is a lit match.

    Also of interest is that one of the games younger people are playing is not Dungeons and Dragons, but one about the French Revolution where the object, I think, is to collect heads. One unintended consequence of the World Depression we are in, is that it is giving time to all those young idle hands to find – hopefully – some solutions.

    No one really expects national govt to solve anything. Local solutions could only too easily look like what our Storm Troopers are instructed to relocate into detention centers. Hopefully the economic collapse will defund the police, bu too likely it will be medical care and disability and social programs that will be gutted.

    V. Arnold

    Quo Vadis? I think it’s pretty clear, in general, where the U.S. is heading.
    There is no one point to go back to; but over time the U.S. citizens have allowed their country to arrive at this juncture. They vote the same corrupt bastards into power year after year after year. They voted Obama into office and then are shocked, shocked, by his actions. As with most things; the truth was there if one really cared to find it. Obviously they wanted to believe the hype. Beware belief; it will fuck you every time.
    To deny this is to deny we were ever a democracy. At 70 years old I can say, for a fact, I’ve been spoon fed propaganda from day one. I woke up to that somewhere around the age of 14.
    What happened to the rest of the population? Are we innocent victims? Do we hold no responsibility for our predicament?
    Ilargi knows and speaks truth to power. And denial, being an apologist for U.S. citizens, will obviate change.


    V. Arnold – yes, it is the citizens who are to blame, although I agree with what Diogenes said, that “our mainstream media and our politicians (Obama) consistently and systematically lied to us”. We obviously have not been paying attention and “trusted” them when we shouldn’t have. Once, through lies and propaganda, you gain a peoples’ trust, it takes considerable corruption before they start to question what you’re doing. By this time, the cupboard is bare.

    Was reading something written by Milton Friedman; he said that people never like blaming themselves. He said it is never the Fed or Congress’ fault, not really. It is the people’s fault because they are not paying attention, or they don’t want to stop the government because they are benefiting personally. It’s probably a sure bet that if you’re in the top 20% of the population, in the stock market and have other assets, you’re hardly going to complain. In fact, you’re probably going to be quite vocal against any change and actually defend the government. For every loser, there is a winner.

    It IS the citizens’ fault. The ones who are doing well somehow stupidly think they’ll be spared.

    “…noted Australian academic and activist Alex Carey (1922 – 1988) explained the three most important 20th century developments – “The growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.”

    Democracy is dead. Corporate power is alive and well.

    Golden Oxen

    What a fascinating photograph of Chinatown, photography is art. Don’t miss the blow up version of this photo.

    What an article, sure made me wish I had done more to stop it. Ashamed at myself and most everyone else for not doing more.

    What an exceptional group of comments, so thought provoking and written with such depth and perspective.

    Thanks Everybody, TAE at it’s finest.

    V. Arnold

    @ venuspluto67

    There you go…
    As there is no attribution, I’ll assume that is your work.
    Cheers to you and your poetic excellence…

    V. Arnold

    @ Raleigh

    They’ve always lied to “us”.
    When was it ever not so?
    Grow up and see, look at what is real.
    If one cannot do that; then what is the point?
    You’re still under the spell…



    … $300 trillion in derivatives on American taxpayers’ shoulders.

    The bankers don’t have the money to pay so they think that the people have the money to pay

    The people dont even have enough money to pay for the premiums on $300 trillion in derivatives

    Some American travelers put a Canadian flag on their backpack

    and they think that nobody can recognize them as Americans


    Zinn’s people’s history of america shows that usa demcracy was always a con with foundig fathers rich, indians slaughtered, slaves and indetred servants separated from their common interests. Workers rights, farmers rights suppressed by military, pinkerton security. Wars were started to suppress socialistmovement ad will be again. Protests lke occupy were very mild. General strikes, peoples committees takng over neighborhoods has happened and socialists were exected on trumped up murder charges. Obama is using all the laws on the books. Dissent is illegal since prez Wilson.

    I am reading toynbee. He talks a lot about rome. Civil war was brutal, nonviolence and martyrdom won where violent resistance could not. One thinks of poor Manning or of Snowden. Must we burn ourselves like Buddhist monks en asse beforw the white house? Obviously 911 provoked violence. Rome jad many cultures, many slaves, uprooted peoples. We are not suffering enough yet. Food, heating, housing is available. When the situation changes people will be desperate enough to stand up to evil, becoming martyrs. Suicide bombers is the muslim way. Buddhism is different. Christians would perhapsdeny miltary service or allegance to a torture regime, deny taxes perhaps, or not vote or start preaching from all the pulpits that mass murder by military in our name is sin, that bankster theft is felony. Boycott the banks,the govt., the military, etc. Our problem is believing in the state, science, economics over something deeper. This system can outlast us as we are trapped. Basic values are economic. We have to work, are enticed into consumerism. We participate very well every day in all aspects only awareness differs as in matrix film. In buddhism atttude of detachment allows us to gain distance. Anger and hatred poisons us in any case. Blind participation in the system, rat race, makes us tools. Be conscious. Participate consciously every day.


    Today we milked the cows twice. Hopefully tomorrow we will do the same. In answer to the astute observations above, I suggest: Do not oppose those with all the money and all the guns, instead, find a moral way to be necessary to them, and they will pay you money they can’t afford. Feed all the people. Give them a ride. Help them with their health. Fix their front porch. Let the bitter blade of our unstoppable revolution be the kindness we show one another.


    Hi Ilargi,
    As someone who has interacted with literally thousands of people and who has had material exposing this fraud downloaded around 40-50,000 times, I have an idea why people allow this crap to go on.
    My observations are entirely consistent with what George Orwell called “crimestop.”
    crimestop – Orwell’s definition: “The faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. In short….protective stupidity.”
    Now, before proceeding, I must comment that I believe you know exactly why, even if subconsciously, these difficult issue trigger crimestop in people because I believe you are a victim of it, too.
    Every debt based monetary system is prima facie fraud. I’ve proven this repreatedly using 5th grade math – and this is FACT is more important than anything I’ve ever seen you discuss on these forums.
    It is – whether you admit it or not.
    You want to believe the false narratives painting over this fact – politicians are dumb, bankers don’t know what they are doing, yadda, yadda, yadda… all narratives financed by the Debt Money Monopolists.
    Once you figure out why YOU can’t handle THIS TRUTH, then you will know why others can’t handle the TRUTH you espouse above. Once you solve your blind spot, then maybe you can help others solve their blind spots.
    As for debt money being prima facie fraud…

    If I loan you $20 Trivium dollars at 5% interest, in one year you owe me $21 due to double entry bookkeeping adjustments that add $1 interest liability to your balance sheet and $1 interest to my balance sheet. YOUR COLLATERAL FOR THE LOAN IS NOW 100% UNDER MY COMPLETE CONTROL. You have NO CONTROL as to whether the loan is payable or not – NONE. You are my servant. Now, in this little scenario, you are government and society and I am THE DEBT MONEY MONOPOLIST CARTEL.

    Now, I fully expect you to ignore this post, just like you’ve ignored it every other time I’ve posted it.
    Ignoring is one method used by people to avoid hard truths.
    I would also add that “American” doesn’t exist. Individuals exist. Everyone is different. Some of us Americans are talking to everyone we can about the ENGINE OF THIS DEBT MONEY TYRANNY. Some of us have dropped off a thousand fliers on people’s doorstep trying to “wake them up.” Some do banner hangs.
    In other words, people are selfish and don’t want the responsibility of dealing with hard truths so their subconscious triggers “crimestop.”
    You will almost assuredly do it with post – AGAIN!
    You won’t walk through the 5th grade math that proves our monetary system is prima facie EVIL and responsible for IMPOVERISHING BILLIONS and STARVING 10s OF MILLIONS annually BECAUSE THAT’S A HARD **REALITY**.
    I’ll believe you’ve overcome your crimestop once you post an article explaining how the Debt Money Tyranny system is a fraudulent system – how it forces humanity to rent its money supply from the criminals who set it up and how one person’s monetary wealth is another person’s inextinguishable debt BY ARBITRARY AND CRIMINAL DEFINITION.
    Oh, and America is not supposed to be a democracy. Please stop repeating that false conception propaganda. America is supposed to be Constitutional Republic with democratically elected officials WHO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION. America is not supposed to be a democracy where PEOPLE ARE ELECTED TO DESTROY THE CONSTITUTION!
    So, if you want to know why Americans allow this crap, look in the mirror and find out why you allow a prima facie fraudulent debt based monetary to ruin the planet for the common person WITHOUT EXPOSING THE FRAUD!
    Then, and only then, will you have answered your own question.
    Expose the whole fraud – don’t dance around the edges!

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