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Unknown GMC truck Associated Oil fuel tanker, San Francisco 1935

America has managed to construct an entirely one-dimensional political system. There’s no discernible difference left between left and right, other than in spin language pre-cooked for the sole purpose of faking the concept of elections. There’s very right and ultra right. America is living proof that once money is allowed into politics, the accumulation of it, and of the power it can buy, will and eventually must fully control a democratic system, which in the process, of necessity, suffocates and dies a painful death.

What once was a proud American democracy has been turned into a circus that rolls into town every four years, filled with clowns that pretend to fight each other with over the top grotesque contraptions, but sleep in the same bed once the show is over and the audience has gone home.

In Europe that process has not yet been completed, but with the inception of the EU it is well on its way. It is a predictable process, in that the concentration of power, and of money, is irreversible as long as it’s allowed to continue its course, and the system succeeds in making people believe they still have a say in their own lives. As long as that belief is in place, it’s just an ongoing – relatively – slow corrosion that sets in and then takes its time, but never stops.

Control of the media is an obvious key element of this process, and surprisingly easy to obtain; you’d be inclined to think people would fight harder for their access to real life information. They don’t. As I said two days ago in 2014: The Year Propaganda Came Of Age, that’s what the Ukraine situation has taught me. It’s shown me how far ahead we are, not just stateside, but all over Europe as well, in living up to George Orwell’s visions. As far as I’m concerned, if Eric Blair had named his book 2014, he’d have been dead on. 2014 was the year, much more than 1984. But I don’t blame him: how was he supposed to oversee that in 1948?

Ukraine was the epitomy: no questions asked, just neverending tons of innuendo written and spoken, and a case for which to date no proof has been provided has been firmly decided in the public mind. No due process, no innocent until proven guilty, not proper defense. Everybody has the right to a lawyer, but not in international politics. Or, apparently, in the eyes of western media and citizens.

Only today, Angela Merkel once again said something to the extent that Putin must get the Donbass ‘rebels’ to stop the fighting, while she knows full well they can’t and won’t, because they risk being ethnically cleansed if they would. 4500 of them were already killed by what was supposed to be their own government.

But the German people, like all other European peoples, swallow this nonsense whole. The only counterweight comes from German businesses that lose too much money in the sanctions that make no proper sense. And if the pressure from that side gets strong enough she’ll cave in, slowly, provided she can avoid losing face. That might be the biggest risk to US regime change plans in the new year.

And those plans deserve and need to be thwarted. As do the Troika schemes to throw Europe’s Mediterrenean region ever deeper into misery, austerity and ultimately debt slavery. The EU is a one dimensional one way street into a deep dark night, construction of which is overseen by people who work for their own personal interests, not that of their people. A nice idea gone terribly astray. Let’s make sure we finish it off in 2015, and give the Greeks and Italians back their honor and their dignity. And let’s keep our own dignity in the process.

As for the US, I got to tell you, I don’t know. Obama has been a miserable failure, perhaps because he was just trying to save his skin all along, or because he was like this all along, but he sure never brought much change. Or belief. Waiting in the wings we got Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, but they’re the exact same person. They’ll sell their grandmas for cheap if they think it’ll help them along.

America needs people who believe in something other than money or power, but anyone who’d try would be swept off the Christmas table with the other food scraps in no time, and be devoured by the dogs. I got some flack for saying on my Facebook page that the Ron Paul Institute published the propaganda article I mentioned before, but girl, Ron Paul is all you have left, like him or not.

Dr. Paul is the only one I know in America who has raised his voice against the US involvement in Ukraine, the only one in the entire west even, other than those of us in the blogosphere, or the alternative media if you will. And that’s insane. That’s utterly insane. We should not allow for our voices to be silenced the way they are, not just like Ron Paul, but worse than him. We don’t deserve to be marginalized anymore than Dr. Paul does; we’re smarter than the lot of them.

I guess that is what I think those of us who haven’t died yet should set out to do in 2015. Do what we’ve been doing, and do more of it. As Andy Warhol said: the only thing that counts is work. Big dreams or goals go only so far. They mean little if you don’t put in the work. And for this ‘alternative press’ we have going, from Zero Hedge all the way down to the Automatic Earth, with all the great people in between and around it, what matters is the work. No letting up; we have the same responsibility the illegal press had in Amsterdam and Paris in the 1940s – even if we can’t stand in the shadows of their courage -: to make sure people get information that does not stem from the matrix.

An article in the Guardian today said that 2014 was The Year The Internet Came Of Age. I think I’ll stick with my 2014: The Year Propaganda Came Of Age, but the combination of the two leads to interesting questions. Like: what role has the internet played in the rise of the propaganda that led to almost none of our so-called higher-educated people asking any questions about what really happened in Ukraine, or about so many other situations the ever more concentrated powers that rule us are involved in.

First of all, obviously, the financial world. Hardly anybody may understand what that is doing to us, to the world we live in, to the people we love and those who don’t know but we should still be holding out for (those underground press guys in WWII were risking their lives for people they didn’t know). Between us, we do understand a whole lot of what’s happening. We have no choice – or at least I don’t – but to keep going at it every single day and get it out there, and hope that a few more people every day will pick up on it. Not to make money for themselves – that’s the very disease that got us where we are -, but to be more human, and to try and lead a way forward. For now the internet allows us to do that. Let’s make the best of it while we can.

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    Unknown GMC truck Associated Oil fuel tanker, San Francisco 1935 America has managed to construct an entirely one-dimensional political system. There’
    [See the full post at: Things To Do In 2015 When You’re Not Yet Dead]


    I don’t think large amounts of money are the main variable. In fact lack of money is the key.

    ZIRP, environmentalism and Free Trade work together to keep money away from ordinary people who might threaten the system.

    When you can’t save up a nestegg, you’re insecure. You have to go along with the powerful to keep your job, and you have to go along with The Market to earn money for a moment, only to lose it later.

    When you’re a young male of ordinary intelligence, you can’t find a job that pays enough to support a family. You have to rely on welfare, which means you have to obey the government.

    When nobody feels secure enough to operate outside the corporations and the Market and the welfare system, no independent centers of power can grow.

    Add the manipulative and blackmail power of TV, and the lockdown is complete.


    America needs people who believe in something other than money or power-Good Luck With That, as they say.
    Since the 80’s it’s been ingrained in most American fry as to be in the DNA.
    It would take an apocalyptic event to change that now.
    Obama sealed the deal on hypocrisy in politics-the right howls “socialist” as a diversion to actually getting their agenda passed.
    Obama is farther right than Nixon….
    “What a Country!” Y. Smirnoff


    Maybe it’s about time that we welcome the obvious death of this society. We mostly look for ways to perpetuate the status quo with perhaps a bit of tweaking, but we are past the point of no return.
    TPTB will gladly accept either Jeb (not his real name and neither was Mitt) or Hillary, the preselected candidates, to act as the front-person for the plutocracy. Nothing of substance will change, as nothing has changed under Obama. At least nothing that threatens the status quo. The absurdity of choosing between these two non-choices may be enough to wake the populace up-and maybe not. It may take a complete financial or political disaster, and then all bets are off as to what will happen. Hopefully the peasants will turn on the ultra rich and powerful, rather than each other. I must be dreaming.

    V. Arnold

    We used to be a nation of laws and they mostly worked. We are now a nation of men of low character and no leadership abilities. Brute force has replaced leadership.
    The citizens of the U.S. are fundamentally dysfunctional for myriad reasons. This endemic mental illness is not recognized and thus there can be no end to it.
    Genuine change is not a process, but rather instantaneous.
    At this point hope is to be found in individual action (I think maybe that has always been true); not in the collective.
    The borders are not yet sealed, so there are choices…


    Raul are you and your crazy sidekick still searching for an answer as to why we will have a depression when world Debt to Asset ratio is 0.16? About 200 Trillion in Debt with over 1.2 Quadrillion in assets. Now 7 years since you guys have got anything remotely right. Yes you had your 3 months in 2008 and you seem to have oil prices falling from much higher levels but other than that. Jim Cramer’s “Bear Stearns is fine!!!” call is better than what you guys predicted. After all Bear Stearns did not not go to zero. Just wondering how many more years until you guys finally admit that you are the most clueless bunch on the planet with no ability to crunch basic numbers. Thanks in advance,

    Dr. Diablo

    Fantasy debt:asset ratio again, Huck? Really?

    The U.S. is far to the right? I was thinking too far to the left, as in the State controls all. But that’s the point, isn’t it, that they’re really the same? As in the political spectrum is actually a circle, where left and right meet in the their extreme and agree wholeheartedly on statist tyranny. Too far to the left IS too far the right, and vice versa.

    The only group that is opposed to left, right, and extreme, is the party of liberty, of which there is no representation whatsoever, which was also your point. But at least we can understand the problem accurately, by naming it among ourselves consistently, as a first step to taking measures of remedy.

    Unfortunately, that means we’re still before Step 1, decades behind the curve. But we can start.


    That exceeded the normal incoherence that these two idiots show in their writing. Kudos.
    I honestly had no clue why your conversation went political or what the fuck any of it meant.

    The ratio is not fantasy. I challenge you to show otherwise.
    In fact when Nicole came on Keiser show all red face “aboot our impending doom” in 2010 about Canadian debt, that ratio for Canadians was 0.20.
    You know you are right when the collective garbage that writes on this blog cannot come up with one factual counter argument for total assets and total debt.

    Ken Barrows

    Back from the holiday, I see. Here’s the trend (whether it includes shadow banking, I don’t know) for the USA. I don’t think it’s better, actually maybe worse, in quite a number of other countries.
    I don’t expect a response but at least you can see it.


    After retiring, I have spent time studying American history and as far as I can tell what we’re seeing today is what we’ve always been. I read blogs/comments and Americans appear to me to be a bunch of compliant, bitching, blaming people who really care less about anything or anyone beyond their living room. And as I contemplate my life from the vantage of 73, I’ve been that way myself. It’s the American line ie we’re smarter, better, more democratic (actually we’re a republic which is a statement in itself) and just plain better than anyone else on the planet. As for violent brutality we’re a bit better than Nazi Germany but on the continuum somewhere. Just as easy to manipulate, program and control but, of course, think we’re so free. When things are tough, we blame the other guy and when they’re good, we don’t even do that.


    I’ll try to give you information that I think are related to your article, a French-Canadian perspective.
    Firstly, France;
    or restriction of personal freedom of the old continent (with the news from Iran, but many other sources availables). There is an oposition in this country, led mainly by a black comedian callDieudoné. This follows the pattern of right-left-Zionist we inherited from the German / US invasions… but that still leads to the same thing. The movement is in a leading position in the polls and for all the right reasons. You may now see popular opposition in Germany. But please, connect their claims to what that they can really say; you will probably not feel alone in the sates after.


    @huckleberryfinn : At first, try toearn something about statistic, then economy, find something related to the subject, and, try to stop embarassing us, the canadians,


    “toearn something about statistic”. I am guessing you like the two douchebags who run this place dont have any concrete evidence to refute anything I say. If you want a public raping of your pitifully evolved thought process let me know otherwise shut the hell up instead giving platitudes.


    My main thrust for six years now has been trying to get the money out of UK politics. I am always amazed at the stubbornness with which people oppose the idea…but this is exactly what the Establishment wants. The idea of US paying politicians (rather than banks, media, multinationals and shady billionaires) seems to repel people. They just don’t get that it is the only way to return the system to the People.


    From my observations over 53 years I have to agree with Eugene above. America has always been like this. So have its people. Years ago Chicago Newspaper man Mike Royko summed up this country nicely with the phrase “where’s mine?”

    This place always has been an oligarchy and so it will remain unless things get really ugly and bloody. Yet for all the revolution bluster running through countless websites and Tea Party bitch fests about changing things, nothing is going to change. Oh sure, we’re going to see the gap between the rich and poor grow. It’s even going to grow between the destitute poor and the just barely hanging on. And still, I will bet that nothing changes as the just barely hanging on will still look down on the destitute poor as the problem instead of looking up toward their owners as the problem. The destitute poor keep the barely hanging on in absolute fear and gratitute that they are not in their ranks…yet. This mentality of kissing the butt of the wealthy and powerful is completely and totally seared into the American mentality. Moreso everyday in this so-called “high tech” crap pile. Steinbeck’s observation for decades ago about poor American’s viewing themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires is even more precise today.

    In ten more years things will be crappier for most Americans in general and we’ll have multiple panhandlers on every street corner and we’ll all still be here talking about the problems and what to do about it and amazed at how clueless the lumpen idiot American public is and wondering how much more they will take, and they will take a lot more from there. Such is the nature of this contrived reality and the owners know it and conduct their affairs accordingly.

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