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Alexander Gardner Ruins of Gallego Mills after Great Fire, Richmond, VA 1865

The best way it was put came from a German newspaper, the Leipziger Volkszeitung, on Tuesday, in an article that describes 5 separate incidents in two days in which buildings occupied by asylum seekers are targeted with rocks and home-made explosives. The headline quotes Leipzig’s head of police as saying: A pogrom mood prevails (Es herrscht Pogromstimmung). The full line further down in the article says: “Across the whole country, a pogrom mood prevails that is gathering an explosive intensity.”

It is early February in Europe. 62,000 more refugees reached Greece in January. Over 360 drowned trying, or 12 every single day. At least a quarter of them were children. About 90% of these people came from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, and are therefore considered ‘real’ refugees, no matter how often you read the word ‘migrants’ instead. It’s funny that someone wrote on our Facebook page that the word ‘refugee’ is often abused, because so many are really ‘migrants’.

Funny, because it’s the other way around: the word migrant is the one that is used wrongly, and often for political purposes. Dutch uber assclown Frans Timmermans, right hand man to EC President Juncker, claimed in Dutch media recently that 60% of ‘arrivals’ were people from countries “where you can assume they have no reason to apply for refugee status”.

The UNHCR, and even Frontex, say the correct number is 10% are ‘migrants’. 39% Syrian, 24-25% each Iraqi and Afghani. And just like not all migrants are refugees, the group ‘migrants’ does not have a subset called ‘refugees’. Confusing the terms is derogatory. Timmermans is just plain lying.

Staying in that vein, EU border cops Frontex stated the other day that there were “more than 880,000 illegal border crossings detected” in Greece in 2015. That at once raises the question whether refugees are illegals. An interesting question, because according to the Geneva convention they are not: they have the right to seek asylum, and executing one’s rights cannot per definition be illegal. Frontex, like Timmermans, uses insinuations to create an atmosphere, a mood.

And before you know it that turns into a pogrom mood. But Europe’s politicians, overwhelmed as they are with the combination of the refugee influx and their own incompetence, have apparently decided that it may play into their hands to steer their people’s moods against refugees. At that point, the entire issue becomes a cattle trade, something we’ll see more of.

Back to Timmermans and his lie about 60% being ‘migrants’: that’s more than a little mistake. That’s false insinuation. Timmermans became very popular in Holland because of his handling of the MH-17 aftermath (he was -the Dutch equivalent of- secretary of state at the time). Which is also funny, because what he did was accuse Russia of shooting down the plane mere minutes after is was shot, and way before any evidence could possibly have been gathered.

And he never stopped. He held a tearjerker of a speech at the UN and kept on hammering on the guilt of the Russians, carried on the waves of the ‘objective’ western media.

Of course, the US did the same, and never substantiated a single word either. It has taken the Dutch a year and a half to question their government’s account of the event, but the anti-Russia sentiment is now firmly in place. Since most victims were Dutch, Holland leads the investigation into the disaster. It has not brought one shed of proof to light, only innuendo.

Lately, Dutch people and media have started asking (it’s a miracle!) how it’s possible that all of Ukraine’s groundradar systems happened to be switched off when the plane came down, and why it has taken so long to find this out. Switching off groundradar must be reported internationally -to Eurocontrol, in this case- for obvious (safety) reasons. This was not done. When will they begin to wonder if maybe it was Ukraine all along? That would mean letting go of the Putin as bogeyman meme, so it may take a while.

Meanwhile the Dutch government -minus Timmermans, whose Putin bashing gave him almost as good a Brussels job as Donald Tusk got for his as PM of Poland- is chairing the EU until July 1. With youthful fervor, they started out by suggesting a sort of ferry service that would take refugees straight back from Greece to Turkey.

At the same time, the Times in Britain wrote about an EU plan to make it illegal to help refugees at sea. See, now they’re flaunting Geneva, and they’re flaunting international maritime law too. The latter says it’s illegal to NOT help people in distress at sea, and the EU is a signatory -or at least its member states. The former says specifically that ‘push-back’ of refugees is not allowed. The European Commission itself warned Greece about this in 2013.

Back to the drawing board. Or perhaps not quite: at the same time the government in The Hague came with their nonsensical ferry plan, the Dutch parliament -a few doors down- voted to let Holland start bombing Syria. You know, to support one’s partners. So you bomb the crap out of them, and then send them back when they seek to flee your bombs. Holland’s been bombing Iraq for a long time.

And that kind of tomfoolery is why there are international agreements in place, meticulously articulated after earlier disasters and vowing to never make the same mistakes again. But you don’t have to know law to be a politician, or be smart, or have a conscience. The job’s basically open to anyone who can successfully sell a second-hand car.

Being an outright sociopath ticks off a few boxes too, but people will say I shouldn’t say that. Dutch PM Mark Rutte looks like such a decent guy, after all. But the shrewd observer’s already seen that he’s merely another body-double dummy sprouted from the same egg as Cameron and Osborne, Harper in Canada, Renzi, you name them, know the type, early 40’s ideal sons in law but with a bit too much ambition.

Works well in times of plenty, but has no idea what to do in case of a headwind. And then goes berserk without knowing what that is.

The two things that stood out for me when I was making notes were that German police chief talking about a pogrom, and our dear friend Wolfgang Schäuble, German FinMin, who of all people was the only one who made sense about 10 days ago when he said that what Syria would take was a Marshall Plan, and it would cost the world a whole lot more than anyone realized.

For once, he was right. Apparently, the people he was with when he said it, and Rutte was one, didn’t even react to what he said. “Cost? Is that going to cost me votes back home?” It was hilarious to see, today, that Gordon Brown -yeah, they let him out- was talking about a Marshall Plan for Syria -they let him read papers again, too- in connection with a high-level meeting on the issue that takes place in London -oh, wait, that’s how Gordon managed to sneak in-.

World leaders are going to promise away billions of dollars to ‘help’ the Syrian people. The problem here is obvious. These are the same leaders who have been responsible for bombing the region to smithereens. And now take the lead in doling out other people’s money -yours- to ‘help’ the people who survived, and have often fled thousands of miles from home.

That’s who I would like help from if I had lost half my family, seen a bunch of my kids drown, and get my few remaining possessions taken away from me by the ‘authorities’ of a country that tells me I should be really awfully grateful they’ll accomodate me. Grateful? You guys bombed my home to the ground! Grateful for what, exactly?

Oh, but the accomodation is only temporary. Says ‘poor’ Angela Merkel, she of short-lived Mother Teresa fame. When the war is over, they have to return. Right. Return to what? How about this?:

And when do you think the war will be over, Angela? What? It’s all Assad’s fault? Oh, Putin again. Yeah. Pray tell, what’s the combined take of the US, UK, France and Germany arms industries every day after day that this wholly psychopathic use of a formerly beautiful nation for target practice goes on? Yeah, right, you’re fighting that evil ISIS. Well, so is Assad. While some of ‘our’ friends, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, to name a few, are helping them out. And ‘we’ at least sort of gave birth to them.

It’s not that hard, is it? Syria=Libya=Iraq. 2003 is not the beginning, but it very much IS when this utter destruction really took off. 12 and a half years of target practice and rising defense expenditures, and ‘we’ are nowhere near done yet. But we’ll throw the poor dogs some scraps. We’ll promise $10 billion with wide sociopath smiles at the camera and aim for $3 or $4 max. While knowing it’ll cost a $trillion just to rebuild a few cities in Syria. But then we can pretend we have no such money.

So when will the war stop? Not a soul will address that issue in the London conference this weekend (“Supporting Syria – And The Region”, they have less than zero shame). They all profit from that war, while blaming its existence on others. What they will do is shove a few scraps off their rich tables to the subhumans whose drowned children they have never expressed nor felt any sympathy for.

Well, here come the refugees, Europe. 62,000 in January points to well over a million in 2016. And that’s lowballing it. An estimate in late 2015 said 3 million. A Bulgarian Red Cross leader went for 3 million just this spring.

Get ready. For the pogrom.

PS: Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned Erdogan, who makes money off of ISIS oil, and off EU refugee cattle trade money, and off ‘people smugglers’ taking off from Turkey for Greece. A $4 billion industry last year. Think he doesn’t demand his cut? Ideal son in law. Well, next time, then.

PS 2: Who wrote this?: “Nightsticks and Water Cannons, Tear Gas, Padlocks, Molotov Cocktails And Rocks, Behind Every Curtain.”

PS 3: I wrote a year ago that the only way to approach a crisis like this is to put the people first. How many children have been sacrificed on the Brussels altar since then? Grow a pair, Europe.

PS 4: There’ll be a huge amount of violence against refugees in Europe this year, It will get very ugly, and many people will die. And your ‘leaders’ are the ones who have instigated this. Again, grow a pair. Be someone. Someone real.

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    Alexander Gardner Ruins of Gallego Mills after Great Fire, Richmond, VA 1865 The best way it was put came from a German newspaper, the Leipziger Volks
    [See the full post at: Get Ready. For The Pogrom.]


    Now you’re talking hard realities. Revolutionary mood in Bavaria’s CSU which could break coalition with merkel, maybe declare bavarian independence like catalonia if the merkel system of just deciding above heads of population and parliament, as solitary ruler. This is because all authorities, press, police are like in soviet russia all on same page. No one gets out of line. Pegida, AFD and internal resistance by local authorities and party people of SPD in local govts. due to the costs, chaos and central govt. allocation of refugees to localities without democratic discussion in poor overwhelmed ghetto areas or very rich neighbourhoods, regardless. If we get millions coming in and a 2008 style export collapse with mass unemployment in core Europe then pogrom against refugees and mainstream parties could be expected.


    The “pogrom” needs to be about bringing the Debt-Money Monopolists into court to face justice for their genocidal debt-money impoverishment leading to 10s of millions of people being murdered through starvation.
    The DMM is orchestrating this “clash of civilization,” which has been predicted by some for over 2 decades, in order to deflect anger from their Debt-Money Tyranny system that must systematically asset strip the prey under its web.
    Poor people, even the al Qaeda proxy army funded and used by the Debt-Money Monopolist’s vassal government fronts to wage international war crimes in their stead, have no power to open up Western borders. But the Debt-Money Monopolists sure do – and they did.
    The very same people that sowed slaughter, mass rape, pillage and overall hell on Earth in the Middle East via their Western establishment proxies has now opened up the Western countries to the masses of people they spent so much energy terrorizing and weaponizing.
    The Debt-Money Monopolists are the root cause – and that’s precisely why discussing them isn’t considered, “intellectual.”
    “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
    ― Kevin Alfred Strom
    There is a reason the Debt-Money Monopoly is never criticized on this blog or other blogs. Being in with the “cool kids” is more important to most people than telling the truth straight as an arrow.
    Even Steve Keen is a fraud. He was completely taken down and publicly shredded in the comments section. He ran away about as fast as he could do so. His lies and disinformation was illuminated in a most detailed fashion and his response was to “exit stage right” under the lie that his model wasn’t complex enough. What a phoney. But people tend to want phoneys.

    Read the comments.
    Krugman is a total fraud who threatens careers in order to keep the fraud of debt-money from the people…

    “In our time, the curse is monetary illiteracy, just as inability to read plain print was the curse of earlier centuries.”
    ― Ezra Pound

    What is The Automatic Earth doing to alleviate this modern day curse? Absolutely nothing.
    That should change. And yes, it will take courage.


    PS2 answer. Bob Dylan of course. From his best sounding album of all time, produced by Mark Knopfler and including his great guitar work. (not best album, best sounding)

    Now I want to address something I regret I have to. Baked into the cake that is the AE view of the future is, to use a certain term, a culling of human beings. When it isn’t starvation, now looming its ugly head in Yemen, or war including nuclear, it will happen via all sorts of means under many political guises.

    Illargi’s effort in Greece with his food efforts and raging against the situation of the boat people with his words, but in light of what he thinks will come they amount to several orders of magnitude less than a finger in the dike. Like a little fence before a tsunami. I’ve yet to commit very much to what are Quixotic stands against the things to come. I don’t intend to disparage IM’s rhetorical efforts or material ones I applaud them. I just hope he and others keep a clear view and suggest that perhaps it will be best to spend a little less mental and emotional energy in imagining some solution or turning can happen by dint of effort. Accept and embrace your inner Don Quixote.


    Ezra Pound got lost in politics and ended up supporting fascism. Screw politics and ideology for there is no wisdom to be found there. The ‘debt money system’ is as flawed as any possible system created by humans. All systems can and will be corrupted. No system is perfect nor perfectible nor are any people.

    So say I, a nobody, an armchair dilettante moral philosopher.

    V. Arnold

    @ TheTrivium4TW
    Pogrom is not a program.
    Definition of pogrom in English:

    An organized massacre of a particular ethnic group, in particular that of Jews in Russia or eastern Europe:
    the Nazis began a pogrom against Jewish people in Germany
    Oxford Dictionaries

    Western racism is particularly violent; nowhere is that more evident than in the U.S.. It seems Europe is fast catching up…
    Todays headline in the Huff post; The U.S. of Fear


    Who put the dying kids on boats? Europe? No, their parents. Their parents decided to put their kids in floating bathtubs on rough seas without a lifejacket. But they were running away from bombs? No, they had been living for months or years in Turkey. Turkey is a safe country. They were fleeing boredom and the lack of a welfare state, not death and bullets.

    Political powers are whipping mobs against refugees? Well for years, with a savage monotony, all respectable political parties of Europe and all mainstream media have been preaching in favour of refugees and migrants. The result is plain to see. Ordinary people who do not have the luxury of spending their lives sheltered in academia’s ivory towers and TV’s well-lit studios see the subways and central stations of Europe overrun with refugee criminals (https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/thief-punches-good-samaritan-mum-7223642. That guy was a Tunisian, living in a refugee center. Or https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3415477/Swedish-police-warn-Stockholm-s-main-police-station-overrun-migrant-teen-gangs-stealing-groping-girls.html), formerly peaceful neighbourhoods like Molenbeek or Husby turn into terrorist breeding grounds and immigrant no-go zones where cars are torched and police or firefighters get pelted with rocks if they dare to intervene, refugee centers be torn by violent mass brawls between Pakistanis and Afghanis about alcohol that take 32 police cars to quell (https://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/01/25/riot-at-asylum-centre-after-pakistani-muslims-catch-afghan-muslims-getting-drunk/), Christian refugees be the target of a lynching mob (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-33999801), swedish social workers get stabbed and killed (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/26/worker-stabbed-to-death-at-swedish-refugee-centre), and young european women get molested in swimming pools or the streets by roving bands of refugee sexual predators.

    All traditionally dominant political parties supported by mainstream media are uniformly in favor of the Euro, immigration, Brussels, refugees, transcontinental trade deals and toppling regimes in Iraq, Libya, Syria for democracy with the results we know. It is no wonder that, much to the consternation and condemnation of every right-thinking well-groomed pundit, ordinary people abandoned by their political and media elites are turning to upstart political parties, left or right, (Front National, Podemos, UKIP, 5 Stelle, True Finns, Syriza, Alternative für Deutschland etc and to a lesser extent Trump or Sanders in the US). No they are not always sweet-smelling, but if the authorities had been more concerned about the well-being of their population rather than their dogmas of free financial flows and unrestrained mass migration from the third world, those guys would never have been paid attention to.

    Doc Robinson

    Re: “Accept and embrace your inner Don Quixote.”

    The Story of the Hummingbird

    One day a terrible fire broke out in a forest – a huge woodlands was suddenly engulfed by a raging wild fire. Frightened, all the animals fled their homes and ran out of the forest. As they came to the edge of a stream they stopped to watch the fire and they were feeling very discouraged and powerless. They were all bemoaning the destruction of their homes. Every one of them thought there was nothing they could do about the fire, except for one little hummingbird. This particular hummingbird decided it would do something. It swooped into the stream and picked up a few drops of water and went into the forest and put them on the fire. Then it went back to the stream and did it again, and it kept going back, again and again and again. All the other animals watched in disbelief; some tried to discourage the hummingbird with comments like, “Don’t bother, it is too much, you are too little, your wings will burn, your beak is too tiny, it’s only a drop, you can’t put out this fire.”

    And as the animals stood around disparaging the little bird’s efforts, the bird noticed how hopeless and forlorn they looked. Then one of the animals shouted out and challenged the hummingbird in a mocking voice, “What do you think you are doing?” And the hummingbird, without wasting time or losing a beat, looked back and said, “I am doing what I can.”



    Self-preservation is a strategy that will ultimately fail. We shall lose our lives some day, but we don’t have to lose our humanity in the process.


    Hi rapier, what makes you think a modern system of scale that isn’t authoritarian and fascist in nature even exists? When I quote people, my support only extends to the insight included in the quote itself. I quote the Native America mass killer Andrew Jackson when he railed against the Debt-Money Monopolists, but I don’t support his genocidal efforts. I quote Napoleon as he succinctly elucidated the fact Debt-Money Monopolists run governments and not the other way around. I do not support Napoleon’s authoritarian views.
    Debt-Money Tyranny is working fantastically – from the Debt-Money Monopolist perspective.
    Humans did not create debt money systems as “humans” can’t create. Individual create and this system was created by the Debt-Money Monopolists behind the backs of everyone else.
    The ultimate point is that the same system that Trojan Horsed blankets with small pox and who ran drugs into China to destabilize that country is gaining ever more “in-your-face” authoritarian control over the masses.
    Fighting this system one person at a time while withholding the root cause from the discussion is paramount to extinguishing a match in Hell (the Platonic version).


    Hi Arnold, the word pogrom also includes persecution, which you omitted. And yes, I’m calling for a righteous “persecution” of the Debt-Money Monopolist via a court system that would punish them for their crimes, not due to some irrational prejudice.
    Using “pogrom” to link the article context to the point I was making wasn’t a very good match – point taken.
    It seems you are majoring in the minors, worried about an ice cube in your drink after the Titanic hit the iceberg. The iceberg is a much bigger issue.

    V. Arnold


    After searching 6 dictionaries I finally found one (Collins) that included “persecution”. In the English language the Oxford English Dictionary is recognized as the go to source. I usually also look ant the M-W for a balanced view.
    The minors? What do you know? Thanks for the snark.
    I do not take issue with your desire for revenge on the DMM; do carry on…


    V. Arnold – “Western racism is particularly violent; nowhere is that more evident than in the U.S.. It seems Europe is fast catching up…”

    No, there’s absolutely no racism in Asia or the Middle East, and if there is racism, it’s not particularly violent. It’s all in the West. What a crock. If we’re going to get anywhere, let’s at least start with the truth.

    V. Arnold

    @ Raleigh

    Do not put words in my mouth! I most assuredly did not say anything about Asia! Your emotional outburst isn’t worth a response.
    And just what do you “know” about Asia? Or, for that matter the M.E.? What you’ve read and heard in the media? If that is your informational base; you “know” nothing!


    Hi Arnold, I used thefreedictionary.com as a source.
    I would agree that most wouldn’t consider that a definitive source.
    I happen to have a MW New 3rd International Dictionary – the standard for Spelling Bees across the United States. It does not contain “persecution,” in the sense that it would apply to what I want to happen to the DMM. As I admitted previously, it wasn’t a good “bridge” between the thoughts. It also wasn’t fair to over generalize about your overall “majoring” status based on a single post – so my bad.
    From MW 3rd…
    po – according to
    grom – lightning

    V. Arnold


    I very much appreciate your reply. An admission of error is a rare thing indeed on the internet. Thanks.
    Effective communication depends on a common language, as you know, words have meanings. I’m also aware English is a living language; if I returned to the states after more than 12 years away I would probably find colloquial English much changed.


    >>I very much appreciate your reply. An admission of error is a rare thing indeed on the internet. Thanks.<<

    My fundamental value system is to appreciate facts that expose errors in my belief system more than any other kind of facts. Why? Because realizing the data and logic show one to be wrong in their current belief system IS THE ONLY WAY to better align one’s belief system with reality.
    Admitting errors, even the entrenched ones, is the ONLY WAY way our of this prison for our minds.
    Ego and vanity work all too closely together to convince ourselves of the lie that our perceptions ARE reality. They are not. I question myself constantly. I appreciate thinking people who question me as well. Reverse Engineer mocked my neologism “debt-dollar” because, as he correctly noted, dollars are just one form of debt-money. While not as smooth, I changed it to debt-money and ended up with The Debt-Money Monopoly run by the Debt Money Monopolists. RE’s criticism was given quite curmudgeonly, but it was true and that was all that mattered.


    >>I very much appreciate your reply. An admission of error is a rare thing indeed on the internet. Thanks.<<

    My fundamental value system is to appreciate facts that expose errors in my belief system more than any other kind of facts. Why? Because realizing the data and logic show one to be wrong in their current belief system IS THE ONLY WAY to better align one’s belief system with reality.
    Admitting errors, even the entrenched ones, is the ONLY WAY way our of this prison for our minds.
    Ego and vanity work all too closely together to convince ourselves of the lie that our perceptions ARE reality. They are not. I question myself constantly. I appreciate thinking people who question me as well. Reverse Engineer mocked my neologism “debt-dollar” because, as he correctly noted, dollars are just one form of debt-money. RE’s criticism was given in a way that I found to be a bit rude and condescending, but it was true and that was all that mattered. The change was made and the identity of the true demonic world rulers was made very clear in the term Debt-Money Monopolist.

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