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What I am wondering about: Why hasn’t US late night TV “comedy” circuit dug into Joe Biden when he provides them with so much material? Am I the only one who’s been puzzled about that?

It’s not specifically about Biden, he’s just a tool in a game, for late night comedy, it’s all about Donald Trump, and they ignore that beyond him, there’s a naked bloody battle between two US political parties. But why would comedians want to take sides in that battle? And is doing that a good idea for their careers? I could have opened with:” Late Night Biden? There’s no such thing, Joe’s fast asleep by then”! But the only people who would say such a thing today are in the Trump camp, not in late night “comedy”.

When I was living in Montreal and Ottawa I was a big admirer of US late night TV. Carson was way before my time, but Letterman was still there. Never was a big Leno fan. And then came the next generation, Jon Stewart was great, so was Stephen Colbert in his right wing parody on Jon’s show. Only, what happened then? You now have your Stephen Colbert 2.0 (no parody, no fun), Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers et al, Jimmy Kimmel perhaps.

All of whom have been doing the Orange Man Bad theme for four years running, all the while thinking that is funny. But repetition is predictable, and doing the same “jokes” about the same topic day after day is not funny. Sure, for your echo chamber perhaps, but come on! Things are either funny or they are not. Once they’re only funny in your head, or kitchen, or whatever, they no longer are. It’s not a big stretch.

Late night talk show became late night comedy with Jon Stewart, but nobody continued the format after he left. His successors did the same thing the NYT, WaPo, MSNBC and CNN did: play only to half their potential audience. Simply because they knew it was great for ratings and clickbait. Half the audience doesn’t sound good, but wait till you see that who’s left pays a hundred times more attention, because they hate the subject of your “jokes” even more than you do.

Saturday Night Live announced recently that Jim Carrey will play Joe Biden on SNL, and all I could think of is the great Twitter comment that said: “Nobody can be funnier playing Joe Biden than Joe Biden.” Dead on. So why would Carrey try? To make Biden less funny? You’d almost think so.

Of course I see that following US late night TV is almost impossible if you no longer live in North America. But from what I have managed to see of Jon Stewart’s successors it’s all the same. It’s party politics disguised as fun. It’s echo chamber induced deafness. But yeah, that’s just me, I’m sure people who for whatever reason don’t like Trump, or never did, may have been laughing their hearts out every single night for 4 years. But that doesn’t define “humor”. Real humor is something everyone can share.

In very much the same vein, I used to really dig Bruce Springsteen. But when he started campaigning for Obama, and the whole The Rising thing happened in DC, I no longer did. Not because of Obama, but because a songwriter, much like a late night comedian, should always steer clear of partisanship. That is, in my never very humble opinion.

Bob Dylan never did. He gave his opinion, but never about individuals. Well, maybe in Jokerman, but that was never about campaigning. Obama went on to bomb 8 different countries, kill 100s of 1000s of people in those countries, and establish open air slave markets in Libya while he was at it. Anyone ever ask Springsteen how he feels about that?

And I was still thinking: let it go. Because the whole thing has become so polarized, you’re never going to reach out from one end of the spectrum to the other anyway. The trenches have been dug. But then I see things like this, from a site named Deadline (Hollywood history since 1996):


Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah Fear For Trump “Coup D’Etat” If Biden Wins Election: “Who Knows What Could Happen”

President Donald Trump hasn’t promised that there will be a peaceful transfer of power if he loses to Joe Biden for the 2020 presidential Election. While the president remains mum, late-night hosts Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers warn viewers about what Trump’s refusal to leave in peace may bring. “Trump refusing to say that he would leave office if he loses is a scary thought because who knows what could happen with that kind of threat,” Noah grieved during Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show.

The Comedy Central host said during his segment that the President’s potential move would be unlike any other. Saying that “the world’s oldest democracy is about to become the world’s newest dictatorship,” Noah said that such political refusal seems un-American. “I never thought I’d see the day where an American president would threaten not to accept an election defeat,” he said. “Let’s be honest, this is something you hear about in some random country where America steps in to enforce democracy. I feel like now it’s only fair that those countries should send peacekeepers to the U.S.,” he added.

If Trump truly refuses to vacate the presidency for Biden, “one of the world’s most famous landlords” will turn “into the world’s most famous squatter,” Noah kidded during the segment. He also quipped that Trump, in order to remain in the White House for as long as possible, might live in the basement as Biden sits atop – à la Bong Joon-Ho’s Parasite. Similarly, Meyers criticized Trump for his failure to confirm a peaceful transfer of power. “He’s threatening a coup d’etat even though I’m sure he has no idea what the phrase ‘coup d’etat’ means,” the Late Night host said. “He probably thinks it’s a lyric from Moulin Rouge!“

Like Noah, Meyers said Americans are seeing democracy transform into an “autocratic regime” in real time. He even quipped that if Trump stays in office, it won’t be long until he parks a military tank on Pennsylvania Avenue and dons green fatigues and a long beard.


But of course, and you read my mind on this, Trump is not the funniest topic anymore. Certainly not after 4 years depleting that topic night after night. That doesn’t mean there was never anything funny about him, it means 4 years is a long time to spend on one topic. Biden, however, is a whole different story. But I’ve never seen any of these late night comic geniuses, who all have dozens of people writing “jokes” for them, go for -or after- Biden.

Are they scared of doing that? Do they fear their viewers won’t like that angle? Are they fully in cahoots with the DNC and MSM? Or, more to the point, should they ever let things like that play into their decisions of what will be funny or not? Well, apparently they do. Because Biden has come up with more whoppers than we can even try to keep track of, and not a word- that I’ve seen- from late night US comedy. I truly wonder what Jon Stewart thinks about that, just like I wonder what Springsteen has to say about open air slave markets in Libya.

Here are a few Biden bloopers for your perusal that those very well-paid masters of comedy didn’t think were funny. Be your own judge. No, I did not go looking for them, on purpose. I really just happenstanced upon them. I have no doubt there are tons more of these videos. They’re just not late night comedy material, apparently. Please tell me why that is. Please tell me why all these people who live off of those shows find nothing about this funny, while I, time and again, think it’s hilarious.

It’s not a party political issue, It’s just really funny. Or, alternatively, please tell me why it’s not. Or even just imagine if Trump had said the things Biden did in these tapes, and none of the late night hosts would have presented that as funny. I’m waiting.

At this point, I don’t think there’s any possible way you could convince me that Joe Biden is not a whole huge lot funnier than all the Late Night shows put together. But you can try!

And after you watched all that, but only after you did, please tell me how you will feel if on January 20, 2021, that booming voice will announce: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States of America”!



Biden bloopers 5 min



Biden bloopers 20 min




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“As we get herded into our echo chambers of self-reinforcing information, we lose more and more sense of the real world and of each other. With it, our ability to empathise and compromise is eroded.”

– Jonathan Cook, commenting on the Julian Assange hearings.



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    Louis Anquetin Girl Reading a Newspaper 1890     What I am wondering about: Why hasn’t US late night TV “comedy” circuit dug into Joe Biden
    [See the full post at: Late Night Biden]


    I’m sorry, most all are not funny, I feel empathy instead. I watched his 2008 VP acceptance speech, it was a whole other Joe. There is overlap between impediment and dementia, so root cause is not easy to assign, but the concluding emotion I feel is empathetic embarrassment. Where dementia starts, so does the abuse by those that decided he was the nominee. Hapless Democrats seem hopelessly compliant. It’s incredibly tragic.
    If Biden wins, who will know the identity of the President. It will be a bit like the EU, where none on the street can name the three(?). And maybe that’s the point. Instead of “The buck stops here”, it will be, “Where’s the buck?”.

    Mister Roboto

    I agree that the entire Democratic Party establishment should seriously be in jail right now for elder abuse.

    Recently the Spirit spoke to my heart about the social and political climate in this country, and here is how my mind interpreted what They told me: “People’s positions, including yours, are hardening like concrete right now. Let not your heart be troubled nor your mind unfocused by any of it.”

    V. Arnold

    I dumped (gave away) my TV in ’94 and left 9 years later because of the Iraqi destruction and mass murder. I find it difficult, if not impossible, to forgive, feel emapthy or see humor in/for cold blooded murderers still practising their vile craft across the planet…

    V. Arnold

    Oops…emapthy = empathy… 😉

    Michael Reid

    Comedy is a spectacle for the masses and you have a valid point but the real truth in my mind is nothing compares to the joy felt when one’s comments causes one’s partner laugh in a way that touches her soul. It is time to live fully without fear. These are dangerous times but embrace life and don’t hide.

    Michael Reid

    @ V. Arnold

    I have butchered a moose putting some in brine and freezing the rest as steaks, soup, stew, burger and stir fry. The the .337 Win mag is the correct firearm.However as I was trying to express previously, there is always trauma taking a soul for your survival. Everything wants to live. I have seen many American hunters in search of the big game so they can check it off the list. What a sad state of humanity that is possible due to money. Any comment?


    Interesting topic that you’ve hit on. I am a late night TV junkie and have had many conversations about the various players. First of I think you can say that all of the late night hosts are liberals with democratic leanings and so is the late night audience. No right leaning host has ever succeeded. Jon Stewart was my favorite. A sharp wit and a low tolerance for fools. While certainly left leaning, Jon would have no problem and take some delight in ridiculing both democratic and republican baffoonery. Steven Colbert was brilliant in his right wing persona but floundered terrible trying to be himself. He suffered in the ratings until he found his foil in Trump, an easy mark with tons of baggage. He rode that whipping boy relentlessly and it took him to #1 in the late night ratings over silly man Jimmy Fallon who seemed to want to be more of an entertainer than a political analyst.
    But how long can you beat the same dead horse? Colbert has gone from funny to mean, just one nasty comment after another. Seth Meyers also seems to have a visceral hate for orange man and takes great delight in finding a way to mock anything and everything Trump. Sorry Seth you’re not very funny, just plain mean. And now “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” which started out OK has now just degenerated into orange man bad, white man bad, every night, with a little relief from some of the secondary players.
    I don’t watch anyway near as much late night as I use to. I want a little light humor before falling to sleep not “something to think about”. When I do watch I seem to migrate to Jimmy Fallon who I use to think was just too silly for my taste but now I find that “silly” is a welcomed, pleasant relief from the constant Trump bashing political analysis of the other hosts.

    V. Arnold

    @ Michael Reid
    …However as I was trying to express previously, there is always trauma taking a soul for your survival. Everything wants to live. I have seen many American hunters in search of the big game so they can check it off the list. What a sad state of humanity that is possible due to money. Any comment?

    Just to say I agree; I have hunted deer for food also, no problem, but, it is taking one life for another as you point out. My understanding is that native peoples thank the lives they take for their survival…
    Trophy hunting is an abomination, IMO…not to mention the damage it does to the species hunted for such…
    A moose should keep your family well fed for some time…

    Michael Reid

    @ V. Arnold

    Beautiful comment. Soul to soul

    V. Arnold

    @ Michael Reid
    Thank you…


    Oh, that’s right, I didn’t mention Jimmy Fallon and John Oliver, or Samantha Bee (does she still exist?). But it’s all the same anyway.

    And Michael and VA: get a room.

    Michael, despite the not perfect fit (K)N95 may have, they’re still much better than those bleuy things.

    Dr. D

    Something they said I understand is that smarter people decline from dementia far faster. Now Joe was 2nd from bottom in his class, but in general terms he was a pretty smart fellow. What I can’t understand yet is how un-smart the DNC was is rigging the primaries (again) against Bernie or other plausible candidates in the face of his quite obvious decline. Even lacking dementia, he is 77 years old, leaps older than any other candidate, older than Reagan was when he left, and you can see it now, he’s just too tired for a job that adds decades to the age of even young men like Obama.

    That may not matter, since knowing this even better than we, they are set up for President Harris snuck under the tent, one of Hillary’s prime proteges, and one of the worst, most ruthless people in the whole Democratic party. It’s not often you can jump from starting an open-air slave market, accidentally, somewhere else, to rounding up innocent black children, putting them in work camps, and serially refusing a judge’s order to release them because –quote– they were making CA prison industry lots of money. Very difficult. But that leads my question of what did they think they were doing. What is – was – the plan? I don’t see one. They’re spinning, and pointlessly so. They have a lot of resources and opportunities, challenging one of the most polarized presidents in memory, yet they refuse to do all the good, sensible, and practical things they could do and always did before. No one in the Biden campaign is knocking on doors even now. Many states’ campaign offices are still essentially not set up. Although he’s managed some campaigning, almost all states are unvisited by anyone. How was that expected to work?

    My read is that men wish to return to the circle of life, it’s built into them, yet they are lost, and when they have money and no time, seek this unconscious connection in what turns out to be isolating and unproductive ways. Same reason they flee to the country and built a McMansion monstrosity, mowed out to the back 40, vaporizing the relaxing nature they went there for. Can you fault them for not having time or not giving up easy wealth for deep and deadly poverty that living in the real country or with real nature would bring them?

    It is troubling how Americans think “mean” = “funny”, their only sense of it, and why they have to import Canadian migrant workers to pick their jokes. What’s worse is that the audience can’t tell either and is just as lost. But they were carefully trained and bred to this end, pickled from infancy in psychopathic cruelty and unspeakable horror and depravity on CSI and everywhere. Should any show buck the trend and be wholesome and popular, or just not twisted, evil, and dark – and there have been many over the years – it is summarily cancelled.

    Control the past = control the present. Control the present = control the future. That’s what they mean when they say “Control the Narrative.” Control YOU. With lies. Because the truth doesn’t have a “narrative”, a “spin.”


    The other night I met up with some family members. For the most part I bit my tongue and kept quiet, but when my niece (who did part-time stand-up) commented how much she and her peers missed having an audience, I asked if giving up comedy was worth it.
    “If it saves lives, it’s absolutely worth it! Duh! Only a psychopath would think it wasn’t!”


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