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I’m sure we all would want to know if anything fraudulent has happened in the November 3 election. Right? Which makes it a little odd that the same media who’ve hounded the candidate for one of the two parties for four years, and then declared his opponent the winner before the votes were even counted, now solemnly claims, before anything has been investigated, that there was no fraud.

Chill, if there wasn’t any, we will know soon enough. Maybe not soon enough for you, but hey, get in line. There have been enough suspicious things going on to at least take a closer look at some of them. Moreover, it appears as if some of these things will even be -relatively- easy to prove, because of the particular settings they occurred in.

This is an introduction to something regular Automatic Earth contributor Dr. D pointed out yesterday, but let me start with, first, 30-year NSA veteran Bill Binney referring to simple arithmetic, …



… and then to Twitter user CulturalHusbandry, who delves into more refined math in a Twitter thread:

The initial reporting represents in-person voting. These vote reports have such large variation bc in-person voting happens across different geographic areas that have different political alignments. We can see this same pattern of noisy in-person voting, followed by homogeneous mail-in reporting in almost all cases. What we see in almost all examples across the country is that the ratio of mail-in Dem to Rep ballots is very consistent across time, but with the notable drift from Dem to slightly more Rep. This slight drift from D to R mail-ins occurs again and again, and is likely due to outlying rural areas having more R votes. These outlying areas take longer to ship.

Now we’re getting into the really good stuff. When we see mail-in ballot counting where there isn’t relatively stable ratios of D and R ballots that slightly drift R, we have an anomaly! Anomalies themselves are not necessarily fraud, but they can help us spot fraud more easily. Now let’s look at some anomalies: This is the Wisconsin vote counting history log. Again, on the Y axis we have the ratio of D to R ballots in reporting batch, and on the X axis we have reporting time. Around 4am there, there is a marked shift in the ratio of D to R mail-in ballots. Based on other posts in this thread, this should not happen. This is an anomaly, and while anomalies are not always fraud, often they may point to fraud.



If you don’t recognize the methodology used, this may seem confusing or of little impact, but this deviation from the norm is huge. There are many more examples of other states -swing states only- in the thread.

Know what that jump is there at 4am? It’s the same as this one, which many people noticed on Election night. From one moment to the next, Biden numbers jumped. There is no reasonable explanation for that.

CulturalHusbandry close his/her thread with:

Lets wrap this up: It appears Dems shot themselves in the foot bc making everyone do mail-in ballots actually makes it easier to catch mail-in ballot fraud. Bc all of the ballots go through the postal system, they get shuffled like a deck of cards, so we expect reported… ballot return to be extremely UNIFORM in terms of D vs R ratio, but to drift slightly towards R over time bc some of those ballots travel farther. This pattern proves fraud and is a verifiable timestamp of when each fraudulent action occurred.

See? Now it’s getting interesting. My thoughts at first were that it would be very hard to prove any fraud, because of the sheer numbers of voted involved, and also because of the use of software systems (Dominion, Hammer, Scorecard) and voting machines, but if Binney and CulturalHusbandry are right, an entire trail of breadcrumbs have been left behind. Which is an argument that Dr. D also makes in the following.



Dr. D: It is most true that Americans don’t have or are unaware of the legal process for elections. In some blinding ways as just seen. So the media calls them, much to their embarrassment.



I don’t expect them to know, as it’s archaic and little-used but how quickly we forget. Was it only Bush v Gore that kicked off this new age? And what happened then?

And when some ELSE paid to have the votes counted ’cause Al got bored, who actually won? That’s right.

So the media does this, which Podesta said they would months back, and present it in this way, as arranged months back. Trump accepts this particular approach, this improv line, rather than opposing or diverting it months back. And therefore has something planned. Oh heavens what? Like the 200 court cases and several recounts already filed? I mean really, people. That doesn’t mean they have merit or he’ll win, but there is no winner. Buzzfeed is not the legal source for election results. They, AP, and NYT generally print the opposite of truth, so stand ready.

Media COULD, if they felt like it, take the opposite view just as readily, saying “it’s not over yet, there are many options, recounts, etc”, just as a few did back with Gore. It’s equally true and equally viable. They just don’t feel like it. Is that for civil war? Yeah, sort of. Podesta promised secession and civil war in the next few months as planned steps further up. It’s a pleasant synergy to get the long-planned civil war going, but like their race war, it’s not really getting off the ground much, and they have the immediate concern right now.

The GOP won everything. State houses, House races, held the Senate, which was pretty strongly in DNC favor with which races were up and the pressure on them. The DNC was crying on the phone and want to depose Pelosi over it. Even so, we’re now in a position where enough states are all 3-branches GOP that the STATES are the counterweight to Federal as it should be. So I’m tempted not to call this election and let Cheeto lose here as a better option for the country. But I can’t: one because that’s not legal process, but second President Harris would start another 5 wars and open another few slave markets. That would almost certainly be a hypersonic nuclear one and we need to buy time. So the dumb, obvious route it is.


Aside from that national tidal shift away from total crazy and back to anything sane, does anyone find it a wee odd that all races nationwide went firmly Republican EXCEPT one and only one man? In the swing states and ONLY the swing states?

Okay, why? If you’re forging ballots, why not swing for your whole DNC ticket, it makes no sense. Well if anyone bothered to look at the thousands of on camera improprieties, you’d know. Look at it this way: Trump, by doubling black and latino vote, has added 8 MILLION people over his 2016 tally. That’s unheard of. But let’s assume for a moment that we’re all not morons and can watch film of the Presidential rallies, the lack of enthusiasm for Joe. Let’s assume for fun that because OMB, he still got the vote HRC got. Sure, why not? But in this plausible scenario THEY STILL NEED TO FORGE 8 MILLION VOTES.

This is why the swing states and only swing states refused to start counting mail-ins until the day of. Because they needed to know how many to shred and how many to fabricate. And in some districts 100% of voters voted — impossible — and in others 150% of registered voters voted — um, impossible? Yet they report no fraud, so thank God we don’t report fraud to oligarch corporations like Facebook and Buzzfeed, but to the U.S. Court System, officially, with evidence. Now you see why they needed a blowout election even to win over the levels of voter fraud. What are the tally machines right now? 6,000 per district x 47 districts in one state MI, = 282,000 votes? Just one STYLE of fraud, on top of the others? You can’t hide that. You can’t even keep up. As we’ll find out shortly, in court. And thus the reporting that Joe was up 20 points, because that’s the level of stuffing they had planned. Don’t think that wasn’t a message to Cheeto’s planning team, either. Unlike CNN, they can read.


Anyway, the point is, as from Camera 7, a ballot worker feverishly trying to fill the needed 500,000 (!!!) fake ballots — in my scenario — in just 12 hours, with coolers, trucks, forklifts, ambulances running in and out because that’s like a box-truck of paper. They didn’t have TIME to squiggle, with a pen, all names down the page even if they wanted. Only time for one circle only, then scan.

But seriously? We have hundreds of these examples, publicly, on camera. Counting boarded up, inaccessible. Large containers rushing in and out. More people voting than exist, like Jill Stein’s Detroit count in 2016. All the usual, boring things. And you think given the DNI on “Russian interference” 2 years ago — apparently no Russians this time? Only when crappy DNC candidates who refuse health care and a minimum wage lose are there Russians interfering? — that the executive branch wouldn’t have agents placed in the voting stream, reporting to the Federal Police and election boards? It’s 2021. No cameras like Veritas seems to have? They tried nothing? Collected no evidence whatsoever for the courts?

If so, I guess they deserve to lose. But I’m guessing they did. Feds cannot act until 10 days = 11/13, and the media won’t report it. Just as Podesta promised. And they will lose several levels, just as Podesta promised. And in his scenario, the only thing they had left was succession of CA, WA, and OR, which I’m certain they will do.

But that’s still not a civil war as they don’t have the people of those states, only their government heads and a small disliked fringe. You can’t have Robin Hood without the active support of the people. You can’t have Manassas without people happily conscripted into the trenches. I don’t see that, so it will be a short stand off indeed.

So yes, let them do this, get those ballots in boxes and sealed. Have the media report idiotically wrong headlines — again, forever, since people will trust them with their dead, clenched fingers wrapped, feverishly still trusting RussiaRussia, then discredited again, the ten-hundred-thousandth time, maybe it will sink in. Then take it to the courts as is what legal, official, government people must legally do.




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    Jasper Johns Map 1961     I’m sure we all would want to know if anything fraudulent has happened in the November 3 election. Right? Which ma
    [See the full post at: Anomalies and Deviations]


    The U.S. voting system is so porous the tally can be changed on the fly. It’s a complex patchwork run by private companies, and all connected to the Internet and susceptible to hacking. These private companies conduct elections all over the world. Any candidate can be made to win or lose any election.

    MORE AT:

    Maxwell Quest

    My specialty as an engineer was to analyze computer chip designs from every possible perspective in order to ensure the highest possibility of success upon manufacture. This involved the configuration and execution of many highly-expensive software programs, and then sifting through volumes of data reports looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Over the years one learns to synthesize large amounts of data without the brain “seizing up”.

    I took this ability for granted until an experience while serving on a jury years ago. The prosecution presented a flurry of technical evidence in support of their client. While I had one of those “holy crap!” experiences, the rest of the jury appeared dazed. Their minds were either deaf to the technicalities or just plain went TILT.

    Then the technical “hired guns” were trotted out to explain “what it all meant”. One for the prosecution and one for the defense. As you can imagine, they each argued as they were paid to do. Because, in the eyes of the jury, the language of the data was incomprehensible, the jury was forced to determine the merits of the case based on whose interpretation of the data was “more believable”.

    This is what I fear will happen with all of the statistical data that is coming forward from the 2020 election. The “holy crap!” response that all the statistical data should trigger with the public will instead turn into a verbal battle of media “hired gun” experts. That is, assuming any of this is allowed to see the light of day.

    madamski cafone

    Dreams die hard. The idea that voting is crucial to managing our large societies is carved into us from early on. Something to do with our quaint belief that we can “govern” ourselves. We can certainly organize into very complicated structures, but those structures usually prove unmanageable at best.

    I’m wondering if it isn’t time for another round of assassinations. Too many people with too much power have too much to lose by not shooting those who might depose them.

    D Benton Smith

    I have a straightforward question for all Democrats and Trump haters everywhere.
    If you could dump Trump FOREVER . . . would you ?
    Well, obviously that depends on whether you like the Donald or you do not. If you don’t like him ( a lot ) and you could dump him ( forever ) then the answer to the question should be a no brainer, right ?
    So why don’t they do it?
    It would be so easy. Just call Trump’s bluff. Count the ballots and prove that not only did Joe Biden win the presidency fair and square , but also prove to the entire world (including his most ardent supporters) once and for all, that Donald Trump is both a loser and a god damned liar. It would take all of two days , max, to do that.
    So why don’t they do it ?
    I can think of a reason.
    Can you ?


    Lets not fall into the trap of believing something due to our ignorance
    1. People can’t keep secrets:
    People can’t keep secrets: Oxford study uses math to show most conspiracy theories untrue

    Dr. David Grimes believes his formula for figuring this out works, and is basically this: a secret that would last over a century can be kept by no more than 125 people. By contrast, one involving 2,521 people would hardly last longer than five years.
    His work begins with an equation to test the probability of a conspiracy being either deliberately revealed by a whistleblower, or inadvertently, as a result of a mistake. The length of time and number of conspirators are entered, including various other factors, such as the conspirators being reduced in number due to things like death – both, accidental and intended. Grimes even ensured a best-case scenario for the conspirators.

    On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs
    David Robert Grimes
    Published: January 26, 2016
    2. There will be D and R people involved in printing etc. Even the reporters will find out who is printting etc.
    Lets look at WHO can print 8 million ballots AND KEEP A SECRET.
    Ballot Printers Increase Capacity To Prepare For Mail Voting Surge
    May 3, 20207:00 AM ET
    Pam Fessler at NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C., March 19, 2019. (photo by Allison Shelley)

    One of of the biggest such vendors in the country is Runbeck Election Services. The company’s 90,000-square-foot facility in Phoenix, Ariz., is already bustling, and things are expected to get a lot busier soon.
    Ellington explained that getting ballots to the right voters is a complicated, multi-step process. States need to decide what their ballots will look like and to get approval from the U.S. Postal Service for the design of the envelopes. After those envelopes are secured, companies like Runbeck step in.

    “So I’m on the production floor looking at one of our HP printing presses and it takes a roll of paper that starts out at a thousand pounds, and then it goes through the machine, gets printed, and then gets trimmed to size,” Ellington said, adding that the machine can print about 20,000 ballots an hour.

    Standing near the printer are stacks of massive rolls of white paper that will eventually become ballots for millions of American voters. On this day, the company is producing mailings for Iowa, Nevada, Arizona and Georgia. The latter’s ballots need to be delivered quickly for Georgia’s June 9 primary, which was delayed from March due to the pandemic.
    “You’ll see the ballots being loaded, going down a conveyor belt and then inserted into an envelope,” Ellington said.

    This is one of the most sensitive parts of the process. Each ballot has a bar code that tells the machine exactly what kind of ballot it is — there can be thousands of varieties in a single election — and then determines from a database of voter registration records which person on the list should receive that particular ballot.

    “And then your name and address will be printed on the envelope once that process is complete,” said Ellington.
    “Decision-making needs to be right now,” CEO Kevin Runbeck told the U.S. Election Assistance Commission at a recent online hearing about holding an election during a pandemic. “We cannot gear up, we cannot build equipment fast enough if you wait until July to place your orders.”
    Kim Wyman, the secretary of state for Washington, which has a long history of widespread mail-in voting, also spoke about the challenges for states trying to quickly shift to a lot more absentee voting.
    “They’re going to need high-speed envelope sorters. They’re going to need tabulation equipment that can actually count ballots in a faster manner,” she warned.
    Among the other questions: Do states have their voter registration records digitized so ballots can be sent out efficiently and signatures verified? How will all those ballots be opened and counted on Election Day? Is there enough paper available to provide millions of envelopes on such short notice?

    BEHIND THE SCENES: Printing your ballot
    Runbeck Elections Services started preparing for the election in 2017 when they built their brand-new facility off of 32nd Street and University in Phoenix.
    Printelect has provided ballot printing services for more than a century with state-of-the-art equipment and quality-driven customer service. We handle every step of your ballot printing needs, from design and layout of the ballot to timely printing and delivery.

    Our printing plant in North Carolina is monitored 24/7, and your ballot materials do not leave the facility until they are ready for delivery. Our sophisticated printing technology and facility allow us to produce millions of ballots annually without sacrificing quality, security or integrity of the print.
    Did I present enough info to change anybody mind or even doubt anybody conclusions?

    D Benton Smith


    In an argument between probability and reality, reality wins every time. Dr, Grimes is arguing probabilities, using math, and good for him. But that doesn’t really speak to reality at all. He’s an ivory tower guy, with no real world experience on how real secrets play out in a real world. To believe something as factually true when both the probabilities and the forensically evidenced realities indicate otherwise, well that would be folly. BUT, so is the reverse. To DISbelieve while the probabilities and forensic evidence are still quite inconclusive, is equally silly, especially when the stakes are high.
    Rather than do either of those ill-advised “jumps to conclusion” , why not just apply the Scientific Method? It has worked pretty well so far, and I reckon it will again.
    In other words I say count the fucking ballots again because the current numbers and explanations are not statistically believable AND there is already (i.e. even before stringent detective work) forensic evidence of ballot mishandling of sufficient magnitude to change the outcome of a close election . No need to believe anything you can’t see with your own eyes at this point.


    @ D Benton Smith
    Lets not fall into the trap of believing something due to our ignorance.
    Count the ballots. Count the voters. There would be no need to find somebody involved in the printing/forgery of an extra 8 million ballots to prove “funny business”.
    Like I said before, “Let the truth come out in court.”

    D Benton Smith


    Yup. I’m with you on that 100% . ( I would have said 110% , but I’m not registered Democrat )


    I’m sure we all would want to know if anything fraudulent has happened in the November 3 election. Right?

    I don’t think so. I remember listen to an amazing podcast after the 2016 election about all of the problems of the US voting system. Of course that was against a background of alleged Russian hacking into the voting machines. The podcast, which was almost like a documentary, explained all of the vulnerabilities, and also went into detail about the companies that developed the software, their connections, and the propensity of the software to malfunction (by design or otherwise). The main message was that the system is broken, it is insecure, it is vulnerable to fraud. And then after that, barely a peep for several years until the problems with the software in the Democratic primary. But there is no bipartisan effort to create a secure reliable system.

    On the whole, I think both sides like the current system because they think they can game the system better than the other party. Democrats accuse Republicans of disenfranchising voters and selectively targeting certain minority communities, and I think there is a lot of truth to that. And now Republicans accuse Democrats of ballot stuffing, and there is to my eyes a lot of truth to that. Trump Derangement Syndrome was so strong that there are an awful lot of people who would do anything — yes, anything — to make sure Trump did not win. Election integrity be damned. Does anyone doubt that for a minute?

    This will all blow over. The system will not be fixed. There will be fraud and dirty tricks again in the next election. The loser will scream fraud again. But it will blow over, and once again the system will not be fixed. Because both sides play their own games, and neither side wants an honest system.

    Mr. House

    We had four long years of investigations based on a dossier paid for by the opposition party. The media wouldn’t shut up about it, on the flimsiness of evidence. And now they don’t want to lift a finger, censor the president, censor anyone who disagrees with them and feel they can call elections? Recount the ballots ( i didn’t vote, but god i’d love to see them discredited even more.)


    @ Boogaloo

    “I think both sides like the current system because they think they can game the system better than the other party. ”
    Both side think, but they are limited in what they can do because
    no proof of wrong doing
    plausible deniability

    Therefore, even a computer program can be fix for both or either side and be nullified

    Maxwell Quest

    Up and Over


    Thank-you, Moneycircus!
    I know many people who HATE Trump. The problem is that if I won’t hate Trump as much as they do, they hate me, too.

    Dr. D

    I’m down with D Benton. That really cuts through the noise. If we start a recount right now – as all states got in EXCEPT the swing states in a mere 48 hours and as GA is doing – we can get this all straightened out with time for a dinner part before the electors are called Dec 6th. Super simple.

    Shut those deplorables up, make them sit down. If these are the results, what can they say?

    “Oxford study uses math to show most conspiracy theories untrue”

    Wow, you’re after me, ZeroSum, Oxford, Expert math, and Conspiracy Theories in ONE sentence? I guarantee whatever is said next is false.

    How many people worked on the Manhattan Project? The SR-71? Isreal’s Nukes? Pakistan’s nukes? Iran’s Nukes? Every nuclear sub worldwide in every nation? The many, many present nationwide Deep Underground Bases we definitively have? Somehow all those secrets are kept, along with the secret to Coca-Cola. They didn’t keep the secret this time either, it’s just no one will look. We had a guy in MI tweet he threw away all the Trump votes — in public. The PA AG said he would never, ever give the state to Trump — on national TV. We have two affidavits that they were back-dating postmarks. We have boarded up windows. These sort of things, “proof” even, come up CONSTANTLY. Manning screamed, Assange screamed, whistleblowers screamed and arrested, Breitbart and many other reporters died suspicious deaths, hundreds of generals, insiders spoke, they’re on alt-media vlogs speaking non-stop every day. We just dismiss it for “our side” and confirmation bias. The insiders know this. They don’t care if you speak. Gates “Not a doctor” is an authority on medicine. You, a local doctor, are nobody, NOT an authority. Shut up. Why was it so, so easy to tell Assad OPCW story was false from the first? Because some people, like reporters once did, go look for EVIDENCE, and call both sides on the phone for a statement.

    That’s the magic of the insiders. People are SO blind to ANY level of Appeal to Authority, they sit and watch Tuskegee airmen experiments then firmly deny it when they saw, when it was reported, when all evidence is for and none against. But it’s a “Logical Fallacy” for a reason: it means you’re completely, totally wrong. Take the words: “False” + “Logic”. Should do what Jimmy Dore and reporters for 200 years have done and simply assume whatever government, “authority” says is a total lie that needs to be revealed. Like McNamara, VietNam, Dominoes, WMD, Terror, the USS Maine, savage “injuns” “massacring” folks who never done wrong, right back to the baby-killing Huns…of ancient Rome. All lies. If they SAID it, it’s a lie.

    So although: why bother? Oxford exists ONLY to support “False” “Logic” and won’t listen to me, I’m not an “Authority”, the CIA is: and we’re sure they never told a lie. But pretty sure I could take all those top lies, top cases, one each year for 150 years, and prove using a napkin, his expert math is pure bull-puckey.
    Here’s Taibbi doing that ONLY for highlights and ONLY for Gulf II:

    16 Years Later, How the Press That Sold the Iraq War Got Away With It

    “Let’s look at WHO can print 8 million ballots AND KEEP A SECRET.”

    Um, same people who can print 20,000 fake driver’s licenses in ONE batch and have them confiscated at the border last month? Or 40 plants each printing a mere 200k ballots. You don’t have to divide and mail. A couple trucks of these are going to be filled out and located in counting basements ahead of time.

    They also have a bunch of holes. What list? We already have affidavits that people received multiple ballots, ballots for people no longer living there by 2, 4, 6 per address, 80 ballots to one apartment box, and so on. So pull 500k by one method, add 500k by another method, and after 5, 10 different lines, you’re at your 8 million. In fact, pretty sure you don’t want my account of it, a couple of lawsuits are now filed and you can go read the expert testimony.

    And these guys are now reminding me about that already revealed “decimal” tally system they’ve caught on camera all over. That was back ’16 if not before. They say they take “fractions of a vote” (Fractions of a vote? WTF?) and “Round up” to someone. (Round up? WTF?) But not only was it caught last time and not fixed, but is on camera this time. Okay, so the tally suddenly chunks 6,000 votes for Drooley. Fine, normal. However, screenshot the exact same frame and you’ll see Dopey LOST 6,000 votes when the chunk happened. So counting UP to 100% some candidate went DOWN? Clearly that’s not right. And we saw that with Jorgenson, being 5%, whatever, then – blink – 2%. All the votes vanished. A “clerical error”. 100% always in the same direction.

    So long, and so never, ever, ever, never enforce the rules or arrest anyone and I forgot all about that appalling, well-known fraud from even before 2016. But it pops up again. This needs to be the worst, most painful election ever or they won’t reform anything. Like Nixon-Kennedy when they put in the one-armed-bandit mega-lock, tank-sized voting machines in IL and NY. Oh wait: that never happened. We’ve never had voter fraud here. Oh and we had voter fraud where Russia turned the election from $10,000 in FB ads. Both. Neither. I can’t keep up.

    Don’t ask questions now, ask questions 24/7/365 for 4 years since 2016. Don’t protest now, it “destroys integrity” to double-check (huh?) but Gore should have pushed his protest and recount in 2000 and we wouldn’t have had Bush. Right. I’m dizzy.

    What was that 2016 BBC article outlining from world elections what is fair and what is a red flag? As shown we have every red flag and more on the way.

    Those charts from this article point up something else: People didn’t vote Trump. That is, in order to salt the vote and not have 238,000 votes all go 100% to Joe, they needed – and we see, the vote “tip” Blue the minute after the 3am shutdown (only in the swing states). But that means they had to push votes like 60/40 Blue and make it up on the volume. So I’d be shocked if 80% of the Trump votes after 4am were legit either. SeewhatImean?


    @ Dr. D
    You made your point.
    Even a billionaire cannot succeed against the established elites
    I’m just a poor uneducated serf who will not ever be able to change our social/economic/political systems.
    More powerful men than me have failed and been dragged out of their holes and culverts.
    Just being able to read the web does not confer any power to me.
    I’ve read, that there is a woman, wearing an ankle bracelet, who own 3 multi-million houses in Vancouver, fighting extradition to the USA because she is CFO, of a subsidiairy company that facilitated banking for Iran.
    I’m just a bystander watching the circus put on by the elites.

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