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John William Waterhouse It’s Sweet Doing Nothing / Dolce Far Niente 1879



The very first thing we must conclude from looking at the pork-laden $900 billion US “stimulus bill” is that this is all Washington is capable of anymore. This is it. That it has nothing to do with which party you vote for. If you don’t come to that conclusion, you’re seriously disoriented.

Both parties have been talking about the bill for 8 months, and blamed each other for any delays, while filling up the bill with by now over 5,500 pages of pork, and given representatives who don’t know the contents, just a few hours before voting on it. That is not an accident, that is by design, and both parties designed it together.

Neither gives a flying hoot about their own voters, which the bill is supposed to serve, other than at election time – and even then. If they did, they could have issued a separate bill half a year ago. But the system doesn’t work like that. The system says that if you want to save/serve the people, you absolutely must serve a thousand other interests at the same time. And that’s where things run off the rails.

The Republicans insist on including one special interest that their lobbyists say can’t be left out, then the Democrats and their lobbies say okay, but then we want this interest in, etc., and before you know it, you have 5,500 pages of special interests, and the amounts going to the people will have to be cut because the total amounts are starting to look too high.

Do note -again- that it’s the lobbyists who write the legislation, not the politicians. The politicians, in the media, go through this very predictable cattle trade, they reach an accord, and then they turn around and blame each other for anything their voters and representatives might have wanted in there but didn’t get. Just like they did for the 8 previous months. Same difference. Cool, calculated, a blame game between friends.


But the Americans the stimulus is supposed to be for, have no seat at the table. Only the people they voted for do, and among those, only the ones who’ve been there long enough, 30-40 years, and who have amassed huge multi-million dollar fortunes while on 200-300K salaries. Newly elected reps and senators have no say. They may gain a say, but only if they comply with what the lobbyists tell them to do.

If 200 million Americans finally get a $600 check, sometime in spring 2021(?!), that would cost $120 billion. If 300 million do, $180 billion. The pork stimulus package is for $900 billion. And they want you to believe this is meant to help the people, and most of the people believe that. And that works too, because of the way the media, very much complicit in the charade, “report” the entire thing.

But c’mon man! Every American could get a $600 check every month for the next half year if the corporate subsidies and all sorts of other pork were left out of bills like this. But that’s not how Washington operates. Washington is not about people, it’s about money.

Many poor Americans used to have to work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet, but most are lucky to find even one job these days, let alone enough to make ends meet. It’s cool, calm and calculated, and it makes no difference at all whether it’s Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer or Lindsey Graham. They’re in a big club, and you ain’t in it. But at least please stop believing the nonsense they’re spouting. They live in their own world, and you live in yours. And never the twain shall meet.

Of course it can make sense to support businesses as well in virustime. But there’s no urgent need to do that in the very same bill that is meant to support the people. It’s just that the latter is the ideal vehicle to hide the pork in. A separate bill to support business would be much more transparent, and people could see what’s in it. And it wouldn’t be 5,500 pages either.

It’s a design, it’s a model, it’s how this has worked for decades. The same decades that the decision makers have been “serving” on Capitol Hill. There is no accident anywhere in there. It’s a design.




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    John William Waterhouse It’s Sweet Doing Nothing / Dolce Far Niente 1879     The very first thing we must conclude from looking at the pork-
    [See the full post at: Pork for Christmas]


    Roger on all that Raul. Trying to get the little lady to see that there will be no difference.

    John Davis posts a good on on his URBAN WILDLAND blog. As a *successful* middle class white man it hurt a little but I listened:


    Just to clarify who the lobbyist are. They are member’s of the US Chamber of Commerce, America’s largest and powerful organiized crime group. Congress made “lobbying” legal. Accepting lobbying fees is perfectly legal.

    The US Chamber of Commerce lawyers are the ones who write all of congress’s bills and laws.

    Each race horse received more than each American.


    We tax donkeys in the US are so used to this BS it’s difficult to dredge up the energy to even argue over it. Yes, we know. Yes, our parasites suck (some people call those parasites “leaders” or “elite” but we need to start calling them what they are. Parasites. Maybe Ivermectin is the answer to them as well?)

    And now for an off topic comment (sorry, Raul!) because I live in NY and I’m so tired of covid I can’t stand it anymore …

    I’d like to draw attention to the language being used around the covid vaccination(s).

    In a nutshell: It’s a miracle! You are lucky to have access and you should “take” the vaccine.

    Across the board in the MSM, left/right/in between (yes, I’m including you, Fox), that is the language used. You should “take” the vaccine.

    Let’s think about that.

    You “take” a medication you desire, is that correct? (I take an aspirin when my head hurts to make my headache go away).

    In the past, however, you would generally “get” a vaccination, is that not also correct? (I brought my children to the dr to get a vaccine … not to “take” vaccine).

    So why, now, has the language been modified to subtly instruct you to “take” the covid vaccine?

    Is that vaccine the same as an aspirin you “took” on Saturday morning because you drank a bit too many beers with your friends last night?

    I think not.

    Pay attention to the language being used to pitch the sale.

    I am not sure how to stop the parasites from sucking the life out of us. I’m open to suggestions.

    V. Arnold

    I am not sure how to stop the parasites from sucking the life out of us. I’m open to suggestions.

    You can’t stop them: leave…



    My experience says you can’t escape from the parasites.

    All you can do is trade a known parasite for an unknown parasite.

    The parasites have closed all avenues of escape.

    You can’t leave even by dying.

    Clearly the parasites are smarter than us.

    Sadly, you were born a serf and will die a serf.

    I go to the cottage to try and escape thinking about parasites, for awhile.

    Russians drink vodka to escape for a few hours.

    You will have to devise your own method of tempoary escape.

    Mr. House
    V. Arnold

    You can’t leave even by dying.

    Sounds a bit hyperbolic…

    One can indeed leave! That’s a fact.
    I’m sad to hear you have accepted your serfdom; but that’s your decision.
    You learned nothing from your travels? Sadder still…
    Your “experience” is certainly not mine…


    RE: WES and parasites

    You can change yourself into an unappetizing morsel.

    Also, re: You will have to devise your own method of tempoary escape.

    Get a sturdy bike that likes gravel roads and trails. Good pair of boots also works.


    V. Arnold:

    I have lived, worked, and travelled to at least 25 different countries.

    Each country has it’s own set of parasites.

    I am very happy for you that Thailand is to your liking. I have been there too!

    In my case, I got married late in life, had 2 children, now 20 and 24, so the job is not quite finished. I suspect I will never be finished, which suits me just fine! They are both still living at home, which suits me just fine too!

    I don’t regret retiring at age 47, now 68, here in Ontario, Canada because it was the best place to raise my children. My kids love the cottage which suits me just fine too!

    My island cottage is my summer escape! Sadly, due to the closed Cdn border, my American neighbors weren’t there.

    V. Arnold

    Each country has it’s own set of parasites.

    Tru dat.
    Debt is the food of the parasites; carry no debt and parasites have no succor from you…
    Much easier said than done if one lives in the west, in my experience…


    Well said Ilargi.

    Perhaps you should start working in some paintings with the guillotine to give your readers some hope that circumstances may change!

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