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Giotto Lamentation 1306


Unvaccinated Worker Starts Outbreak In Mostly Vaccinated Nursing Home (NYT)
Mass Vaccination Sites Are Shutting Down Over ‘Decreased Demand’ (F.)
COVID Vaccine Blood Clot Risk Was Known, Ignored & Buried (Hudak)
Boris Johnson Says UK Will Have To ‘Learn To Live With Virus’ (RT)
The Covidian Cult – Part II (CJ Hopkins)
The Unraveling of the American Empire (Chris Hedges)
US Sanctions Only Make Russia’s Economy Even More Self-Sufficient (RT)
Putin Says Russia Developing High-Tech Nuclear & Laser Weapons (RT)
Prague Gives Moscow Ultimatum To Let Czech Diplomats Return (Y!)
Ukraine Encourages Western Allies To Kick Russia Out Of SWIFT (EurActiv)
Georgia & Ukraine Launch ‘Remarkable’ Attack On Academic Freedom (RT)
USPS ‘Covert Operations Program’ Monitors Americans’ Social Media Posts (Y!)
In Epic Hack, Signal Developer Turns Tables On Forensics Firm Cellebrite (AT)





Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi on blood clotting (full video below)



Sweden’s continuing success story.



If you can set off an outbreak where 90% is vaccinated, how can the answer be more vaccination and masks? Obviously, the vaccine doesn’t work as advertized.

And didn’t Pfizer-BioNTech say their contraption was 95% effective? Why then only 66% for these residents?

Note: The New York Times used the term “immunized” for the residents, but that doesn’t seem to be the same as “vaccinated”. Not anymore, at least.

Unvaccinated Worker Starts Outbreak In Mostly Vaccinated Nursing Home (NYT)

An unvaccinated health care worker set off a Covid-19 outbreak at a nursing home in Kentucky where the vast majority of residents had been vaccinated, leading to dozens of infections, including 22 cases among residents and employees who were already fully vaccinated, a new study reported Wednesday. Most of those who were infected with the coronavirus despite being vaccinated did not develop symptoms or require hospitalization, but one vaccinated individual, who was a resident of the nursing home, died, according to the study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Altogether, 26 facility residents were infected, including 18 who had been vaccinated, and 20 health care personnel were infected, including four who had been vaccinated. Two unvaccinated residents also died.

The report underscores the importance of vaccinating both nursing home residents and health care workers who go in and out of the sites, the authors said. While 90 percent of the 83 residents at the Kentucky nursing home had been vaccinated, only half of the 116 employees had been vaccinated when the outbreak was identified in March of this year. The study, released in tandem with one involving Chicago nursing homes, underscored the importance of maintaining measures like use of protective gear, infection control protocols and routine testing, no matter the level of vaccination rates. The rise of virus variants also has increased concerns. Resistance to vaccines has been steep among nursing home staffs nationwide, and the low acceptance rates of vaccination increase the likelihood of outbreaks in facilities, according to the authors, a team of investigators from the C.D.C. and Kentucky’s public health department.

“To protect skilled nursing facility residents, it is imperative that health care providers, as well as skilled nursing facility residents, be vaccinated,” the authors of the Kentucky study wrote. The outbreak involved a variant of the virus that has multiple mutations in the spike protein, of the kind that make the vaccines less effective. Vaccinated residents and health care workers at the Kentucky facility were less likely to be infected than those who had not been vaccinated, and they were far less likely to develop symptoms. The study estimated that the vaccine, identified as Pfizer-BioNTech, showed effectiveness of 66 percent for residents and 75.9 percent for employees, and were 86 percent to 87 percent effective at protecting against symptomatic disease.

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The video is hilarious. Fauci claims that Texas is doing so well without lockdown because Texans behave so much better than locked down Michiganians.

Other than that, he doesn’t answer Jordan’s question, but the chairman says he did anyway. “Your time is up.” It’s like comedy hour.

Mass Vaccination Sites Are Shutting Down Over ‘Decreased Demand’ (F.)

Mass vaccination sites across the U.S. have announced plans to shut down in recent days due to insufficient demand, even though all U.S. adults are now eligible to receive coronavirus vaccines. Palm Beach County, Florida, is shutting down three mass vaccination sites in favor of new mobile vaccination efforts, the Palm Beach Post reported Wednesday, after the sites were operating at only 50% capacity this week. Mass vaccination sites in Clarkesville, Georgia, and North Carolina will shut down by the end of May, officials announced this week, and Summit County, Ohio, canceled a planned mass vaccination clinic on April 27 citing “decreased demand.”

Several Texas mass vaccination sites in Williamson and Galveston counties are shutting down, and Galveston officials asked the state not to send the county any vaccine next week as the number of residents making vaccine appointments declines. Waukesha County, Wisconsin, will likely shut down its mass vaccine site to new first doses by the end of the week, as the county hits its target of 60% of eligible residents being vaccinated. Some vaccination locations have made plans to close before this week: Sites in Las Vegas and Cascade County, Montana, were announced to be shutting down last week, for instance, while Mercer County, Ohio, shuttered their drive-through mass vaccine clinic earlier in April.

Officials are reporting noticeable decreases in the number of people getting inoculated in areas where sites are not closing, including in Texas, Idaho, Missouri, Alabama, Maine and Maryland, where Gov. Larry Hogan predicted Wednesday the state would be shutting down mass vaccination sites “at some point soon.” 3.02 million. That’s the seven-day average of Covid-19 vaccines administered in the U.S. each day as of Wednesday, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data analyzed by the New York Times. That average has been steadily declining in recent days after peaking at approximately 3.3 million shots per day last week.

Jim Jordan Fauci

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Cerebral Venous Thrombosis: all of its symptoms seem to be identical to what we are told COVID-19 symptoms are.

COVID Vaccine Blood Clot Risk Was Known, Ignored & Buried (Hudak)

Joining us today is Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, here to discuss the ‘dangerous mRNA vaccines’ and how he and his organization warned about the blood clots (and much else now coming to pass) that we are now seeing from the COVID-19 injections, months before they began. He stresses that it is important that we come to understand what Cerebral Venous Thrombosis is, and why all of its symptoms seem to be identical to what we are told COVID-19 symptoms are.

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So much for the vaccine success.

All of a sudden dexamethasone pops up again. Ivermectin next?!

Boris Johnson Says UK Will Have To ‘Learn To Live With Virus’ (RT)

The UK will be hit by yet another wave of Covid infections later this year, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said as he revealed that the government was looking into treating people with tablets against the disease. “The majority of scientific opinion in this country is still firmly of the view that there will be another wave of Covid at some stage this year and so we must as far as possible learn to live with this disease,” he told a news briefing on Tuesday. The PM added that with record infection levels around the world, “we cannot delude ourselves that Covid has gone away.” He also said he saw nothing in the data to suggest the UK would have to deviate from its “cautious but irreversible” roadmap out of lockdown.

Johnson also announced the creation of a new antivirals taskforce to help with the search for new medicines and support their development in clinical trials in order to make them available by the autumn. He said the treatments could include a tablet that would stop people with Covid-19 becoming severely ill, or a pill to prevent someone contracting the virus from close contacts who are infected. The PM did not say if such treatments were currently being trialled. The UK was the first country to repurpose dexamethasone to treat Covid-19, Johnson said. The drug is usually used to treat severe allergies, skin conditions and inflammation.

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“..society has been transformed into something resembling an infectious disease ward, or an enormous hospital from which there is no escape.”

The Covidian Cult – Part II (CJ Hopkins)

How did we ever get to this point … to the point where, as I put it in The Covidian Cult, “instead of the cult existing as an island within the dominant culture, the cult has become the dominant culture, and those of us who have not joined the cult have become the isolated islands within it?” To understand this, one needs to understand how cults control the minds of their members, because totalitarian ideological movements operate more or less the same way, just on a much larger, societal scale. There is a wealth of research and knowledge on this subject (I mentioned Robert J. Lifton in my earlier essay), but, to keep things simple, I’ll just use Margaret Singer’s “Six Conditions of Mind Control” from her 1995 book, Cults in Our Midst, as a lens to view the Covidian Cult through.

Six Conditions of Mind Control

1. Keep the person unaware of what is going on and how she or he is being changed a step at a time. Potential new members are led, step by step, through a behavioral-change program without being aware of the final agenda or full content of the group. Looking back, it is easy to see how people were conditioned, step by step, to accept the “New Normal” ideology. They were bombarded with terrifying propaganda, locked down, stripped of their civil rights, forced to wear medical-looking masks in public, to act out absurd “social-distancing” rituals, submit to constant “testing,” and all the rest of it. Anyone not complying with this behavioral-change program or challenging the veracity and rationality of the new ideology was demonized as a “conspiracy theorist,” a “Covid denier,” an “anti-vaxxer,” in essence, an enemy of the cult, like a “suppresive person” in the Church of Scientology.

2. Control the person’s social and/or physical environment; especially control the person’s time. For over a year now, the “New Normal” authorities have controlled the social/physical environment, and how New Normals spend their time, with lockdowns, social-distancing rituals, closure of “non-essential” businesses, omnipresent propaganda, isolation of the elderly, travel restrictions, mandatory mask-rules, protest bans, and now the segregation of the “Unvaccinated.” Basically, society has been transformed into something resembling an infectious disease ward, or an enormous hospital from which there is no escape. You’ve seen the photos of the happy New Normals dining out at restaurants, relaxing at the beach, jogging, attending school, and so on, going about their “normal” lives with their medical-looking masks and prophylactic face shields. What you’re looking at is the pathologization of society, the pathologization of everyday life, the physical (social) manifestation of a morbid obsession with disease and death.

3. Systematically create a sense of powerlessness in the person. What kind of person could feel more powerless than an obedient New Normal sitting at home, obsessively logging the “Covid death” count, sharing photos of his medical-looking mask and post-“vaccination” bandage on Facebook, as he waits for permission from the authorities to go outdoors, visit his family, kiss his lover, or shake hands with a colleague? The fact that in the Covidian Cult the traditional charismatic cult leader has been replaced by a menagerie of medical experts and government officials does not change the utter dependency and abject powerlessness of its members, who have been reduced to a state approaching infancy. This abject powerlessness is not experienced as a negative; on the contrary, it is proudly celebrated. Thus the mantra-like repetition of the “New Normal” platitude “Trust the Science!” by people who, if you try to show them the science, melt down completely and start jabbering aggressive nonsense at you to shut you up.

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“War, when it is waged to serve utopian absurdities [..] descends into a quagmire.”

“All we really make anymore are weapons. Once this is understood, perpetual war makes sense, at least for those who profit from it.”

The Unraveling of the American Empire (Chris Hedges)

America’s defeat in Afghanistan is one in a string of catastrophic military blunders that herald the death of the American empire. With the exception of the first Gulf War, fought largely by mechanized units in the open desert that did not — wisely — attempt to occupy Iraq, the United States political and military leadership has stumbled from one military debacle to another. Korea. Vietnam. Lebanon. Afghanistan. Iraq. Syria. Libya. The trajectory of military fiascos mirrors the sad finales of the Chinese, Ottoman, Hapsburg, Russian, French, British, Dutch, Portuguese and Soviet empires. While each of these empires decayed with their own peculiarities, they all exhibited patterns of dissolution that characterize the American experiment.

Imperial ineptitude is matched by domestic ineptitude. The collapse of good government at home, with legislative, executive and judicial systems all seized by corporate power, ensures that the incompetent and the corrupt, those dedicated not to the national interest but to swelling the profits of the oligarchic elite, lead the country into a cul-de-sac. Rulers and military leaders, driven by venal self-interest, are often buffoonish characters in a grand comic operetta. How else to think of Allen Dulles, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Donald Trump or the hapless Joe Biden? While their intellectual and moral vacuity is often darkly amusing, it is murderous and savage when directed towards their victims.

There is not a single case since 1941 when the coups, political assassinations, election fraud, black propaganda, blackmail, kidnapping, brutal counter-insurgency campaigns, U.S. sanctioned massacres, torture in global black sites, proxy wars or military interventions carried out by the United States resulted in the establishment of a democratic government. The two-decade-long wars in the Middle East, the greatest strategic blunder in American history, have only left in their wake one failed state after another. Yet, no one in the ruling class is held accountable.

War, when it is waged to serve utopian absurdities, such as implanting a client government in Baghdad that will flip the region, including Iran, into U.S. protectorates, or when, as in Afghanistan, there is no vision at all, descends into a quagmire. The massive allocation of money and resources to the U.S. military, which includes Biden’s request for $715 billion for the Defense Department in fiscal year 2022, a $11.3 billion, or 1.6 percent increase, over 2021, is not in the end about national defense. The bloated military budget is designed, as Seymour Melman explained in his book, The Permanent War Economy, primarily to keep the American economy from collapsing. All we really make anymore are weapons. Once this is understood, perpetual war makes sense, at least for those who profit from it.

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For decades now.

US Sanctions Only Make Russia’s Economy Even More Self-Sufficient (RT)

As Washington threatens to impose more sanctions on Russia, analysts expect Moscow’s response to be the same as usual – speeding up the drive to make the nation’s economy more self-sufficient. “The Americans are saying: be careful or we could do more, but Russia is just going to continue down the path toward economic autarky,” the deputy chief economist at the Institute of International Finance in Washington, Elina Ribakova, told Bloomberg. The administration of US President Joe Biden on Sunday warned of “consequences” if opposition activist Alexey Navalny were to die in prison. The warning followed the introduction by Washington of new economic penalties over claims of Russian hacking and election interference. The measures include a ban on purchases of bonds on Russia’s primary market.

However, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said on Friday that the fundamentals of the Russian economy were unaffected by the move. “Macroeconomic stability is fully ensured,” Peskov said, “and the efficiency of our economic bloc is recognized internationally. We have no reason to doubt this state of affairs.” International rating agencies confirm that Russia is well positioned for a near-term market disruption because it has a high cash buffer and demand from local banks is robust, according to Fitch. Moody’s said on Monday that Russia’s financial reserves will allow the country to cope with the negative effects of the sanctions. Ratings agency S&P also noted that the sanctions will not have a significant impact on the replenishment of the Russian budget and will not undermine the stability of the country’s financial markets.

Experts point out that during the seven years of Western sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, the Russian government and central bank reduced the country’s exposure to dollars, shifted assets out of the US, and sold a smaller share of its debt to foreigners. Russia has been reshaping its international holdings, cutting the share of the US dollar in favor of other currencies and gold. The country’s foreign reserve holdings have been steadily growing in recent years, and amounted to $580.5 billion as of April 9. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the reserves surged by over $40 billion last year. The share of gold in Russia’s forex reserves jumped above dollars for the first time on record in 2020. The precious metal made up 24% of the central bank’s stockpile as of the end of September. The share of dollar assets was 22%, down from more than 40% in 2018.

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“I hope no one will think of crossing red lines in their relations with Russia. Where that line sits is ours to determine.”

Putin Says Russia Developing High-Tech Nuclear & Laser Weapons (RT)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the vast majority of the country’s Soviet-era atomic stockpile will soon be replaced by modern weapons, warning that Moscow is intent on defending itself against foreign aggression. Speaking as part of his annual address to the Federal Assembly in Moscow on Wednesday, Putin said that his government “wants to have positive relationships with everyone on the international stage, including those with whom relations have broken down recently. We really don’t want to burn bridges.” At the same time, however, he cautioned that “those who mistake this stance for weakness need to know that Russia’s response [to any aggression] will be asymmetrical, swift and harsh.”

Those planning provocations, he said, “will regret their deeds in a way they have not regretted anything else for a long time.” As part of the country’s plans to defend itself, he said, its stockpile of strategic weapons is currently being overhauled, updating older Soviet-era equipment in favor of next-generation technology, such as “hypersonic and laser” armaments. Among the overhaul, he revealed that the advanced RS-28 Sarmat missile will be delivered to troops in the field from 2022. A heavy intercontinental ballistic rocket, it boasts up to 15 nuclear warheads which can be directed against individual targets and each deliver 350 kilotons of atomic hellfire. Ship-mounted missiles and other, “next-generation” projectiles are also slated for deployment in the near future.

According to the president, more than two-thirds of Russia’s military equipment will be “modern” at the end of the next three years, while more than 88% of nuclear weapons will be this year as well. Putin also referenced the Peresvet, a secretive laser cannon that is said to have the potential to shoot down both enemy aircraft and incoming missiles. The weapon has reportedly already been deployed to installations across the country. “We have patience, self-confidence and righteousness on our side,” Putin added. “I hope no one will think of crossing red lines in their relations with Russia. Where that line sits is ours to determine.”

The US is currently reportedly developing a $100 billion ground-based intercontinental ballistic missile system to replace its Cold War-era Minuteman-III rockets. However, it has come under criticism from experts, with the Federation of American Scientists arguing that the program has been driven by industry lobbying rather than a genuine need for the launch complex “in a post-Cold War security environment.”

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“We suggest Prague leave ultimatums for communication within NATO,” said spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. “With Russia such a tone is unacceptable.”

Prague Gives Moscow Ultimatum To Let Czech Diplomats Return (Y!)

The Czech government on Wednesday warned Moscow it might expel more Russian diplomats unless the 20 Czech nationals ejected from Russia were allowed to return to work within a day. Moscow responded by saying the ultimatum was “unacceptable”. On Saturday, Prague expelled 18 Russian embassy staff in a row over Russia’s alleged role in an explosion that killed two people in the Czech Republic in 2014. Moscow sent back the Czech diplomats in retaliation on Monday. “The Russian Federation has until 1200 tomorrow (1000 GMT) to allow the return of all expelled diplomats back to the Czech embassy in Moscow,” Jakub Kulhanek, the new Czech foreign minister, told reporters. “If they cannot return, I will cut the number of Russian embassy staff in Prague so it would correspond to the current situation at the Czech embassy in Moscow,” he added.

After summoning Russian ambassador Alexander Zmeyevski, Kulhanek said Moscow’s retaliation had been “disproportionate and it in fact paralysed the embassy”. The Russian foreign ministry condemned the Czech position. “We suggest Prague leave ultimatums for communication within NATO,” said spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. “With Russia such a tone is unacceptable.” The Czech ambassador would be summoned on Thursday, she added. Prague currently has five diplomats and 19 technical staff at the embassy in Moscow, far fewer than the Russian workforce in Prague. “The expulsion of 18 Russian diplomats in turn did not jeopardise the functioning of the Russian embassy,” said Kulhanek, who was only appointed as minister on Wednesday.

The EU backed the Czech Republic as its foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said the bloc stood “ready to support its further efforts to bring those responsible to justice”. “The EU condemns the disproportionate reaction and subsequent threats of Russian Federation towards the Czech Republic,” Borrell said in a statement, vowing “the staunchest resolve” in addressing disruptive acts by Russian intelligence on EU soil. Czech officials, including Interior Minister Jan Hamacek, who was standing in as foreign minister until Kulhanek’s appointment, said Tuesday that they might aim to reset relations with Russia — and that this could involve the expulsion of all Russian diplomats in Prague. [..] Hamacek also said that Prague would no longer consider buying Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19.

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Creating chaos through proxies.

Ukraine Encourages Western Allies To Kick Russia Out Of SWIFT (EurActiv)

Ukraine on Wednesday (21 April) urged Western allies to show they were prepared to punish Moscow with new sanctions, including kicking Russia out of the global SWIFT payments system, to deter the Kremlin from resorting to more military force against Ukraine. In an interview with Reuters, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said while Kyiv had no new information indicating that Russia had decided to take new military action against Ukraine, it was important for the West to act now to prevent that happening.Ukraine is trying to shore up international support in its standoff with Moscow over a build-up of Russian troops on its eastern border and in Crimea. “I have no information to state that the decision to launch a military operation against Ukraine has already been taken. So it can go in either direction now,” Kuleba said.

“And this is why the reaction of the West, the consolidated reaction of the West, is so important now, to prevent Putin … from making that decision.” Kyiv and Moscow have traded blame for a collapse in the ceasefire in the eastern Donbass region, where Ukrainian troops have battled Russian-backed forces in a conflict Kyiv says has killed 14,000 people since 2014. Kuleba said he asked Washington to supply “powerful means of electronic warfare” to counter Russia’s capacity to jam Ukrainian communications when he met US Secretary of State Antony Blinken last week. He also revealed he had urged a meeting of European Union foreign ministers on Monday to consider “banning Russia from SWIFT” as part of a package of new economic sanctions if Russia escalated the situation.

[..] Putin on Wednesday warned the West not to cross Russia’s “red lines”, saying Moscow would respond swiftly and harshly to any provocations. “I read the message of President Putin the following way: ‘we will be crossing your red lines, but you are not allowed to cross our red lines, and we will be defining where our red lines are,’” Kuleba said.

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The University’s riposte is great.

Georgia & Ukraine Launch ‘Remarkable’ Attack On Academic Freedom (RT)

A professor from Ireland’s Dublin City University has lambasted a “remarkable attempt to undermine academic freedom” from the embassies of Georgia and Ukraine after they complained about a course he teaches at the institution. Donnacha Ó Beacháin is an internationally-respected professor with extensive experience teaching students about politics in the countries that once formed the Soviet Union. He was targeted by two diplomats who claimed that his program, named ‘Russia and the post-Soviet space’, was spreading “disinformation and Russian propaganda narratives.” Georgia and Ukraine, who both have strained relationships with Moscow, are covered in the course.

In particular, Ó Beacháin was accused of inviting a “well-known Russian propagandist” to speak. In fact, the person in question was Sergey Markedonov, a visiting fellow at the Washington-based think tank CSIS, which receives funding from the US government. Ó Beacháin described him as “probably the leading authority in Russia on conflicts in the Caucasus.” As well as inviting Markedonov, the professor also pointed out that the course has had a guest speaker from Ukraine, and he even asked the current Georgian ambassador to address the students. “The module is called ‘Russia and the Former Soviet Space,’ but if the Georgia/Ukraine diplomats had their way, the only view we wouldn’t get is from Russia,” Ó Beacháin wrote on Twitter.

In a letter to the embassies, the university’s president, Dáire Keogh, stressed the importance of “academic freedom” and noted that the professor had “invited guests from different backgrounds to expose students to their points of view.” “Those invited to contribute to the module include speakers from Georgian and Ukrainian backgrounds, including former officials,” the letter said. Speaking to Ireland’s state broadcaster, RTE, Ó Beacháin’s colleague John Doyle blasted the complaints as “absolutely unprecedented,” noting that there has never been another issue when an embassy not only complained to a university professor, but also contacted the Department of Foreign Affairs – presumably attempting to create a diplomatic incident.

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The Postal Service? What’s next, the supermarket?

USPS ‘Covert Operations Program’ Monitors Americans’ Social Media Posts (Y!)

The law enforcement arm of the U.S. Postal Service has been quietly running a program that tracks and collects Americans’ social media posts, including those about planned protests, according to a document obtained by Yahoo News. The details of the surveillance effort, known as iCOP, or Internet Covert Operations Program, have not previously been made public. The work involves having analysts trawl through social media sites to look for what the document describes as “inflammatory” postings and then sharing that information across government agencies. “Analysts with the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP) monitored significant activity regarding planned protests occurring internationally and domestically on March 20, 2021,” says the March 16 government bulletin, marked as “law enforcement sensitive” and distributed through the Department of Homeland Security’s fusion centers. “Locations and times have been identified for these protests, which are being distributed online across multiple social media platforms, to include right-wing leaning Parler and Telegram accounts.”

A number of groups were expected to gather in cities around the globe on March 20 as part of a World Wide Rally for Freedom and Democracy, to protest everything from lockdown measures to 5G. “Parler users have commented about their intent to use the rallies to engage in violence. Image 3 on the right is a screenshot from Parler indicating two users discussing the event as an opportunity to engage in a ‘fight’ and to ‘do serious damage,’” says the bulletin.

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Hacking the hackers turns out to be easy.

In Epic Hack, Signal Developer Turns Tables On Forensics Firm Cellebrite (AT)

For years, Israeli digital forensics firm Cellebrite has helped governments and police around the world break into confiscated mobile phones, mostly by exploiting vulnerabilities that went overlooked by device manufacturers. Now, Moxie Marlinspike—creator of the Signal messaging app—has turned the tables on Cellebrite. On Wednesday, Marlinspike published a post that reported vulnerabilities in Cellebrite software that allowed him to execute malicious code on the Windows computer used to analyze devices. The researcher and software engineer exploited the vulnerabilities by loading specially formatted files that can be embedded into any app installed on the device. “There are virtually no limits on the code that can be executed,” Marlinspike wrote.

He continued: “For example, by including a specially formatted but otherwise innocuous file in an app on a device that is then scanned by Cellebrite, it’s possible to execute code that modifies not just the Cellebrite report being created in that scan, but also all previous and future generated Cellebrite reports from all previously scanned devices and all future scanned devices in any arbitrary way (inserting or removing text, email, photos, contacts, files, or any other data), with no detectable timestamp changes or checksum failures. This could even be done at random, and would seriously call the data integrity of Cellebrite’s reports into question.”

Cellebrite provides two software packages: The UFED breaks through locks and encryption protections to collect deleted or hidden data, and a separate Physical Analyzer uncovers digital evidence (“trace events”). To do their job, both pieces of Cellebrite software must parse all kinds of untrusted data stored on the device being analyzed. Typically, software that is this promiscuous undergoes all kinds of security hardening to detect and fix any memory-corruption or parsing vulnerabilities that might allow hackers to execute malicious code. “Looking at both UFED and Physical Analyzer, though, we were surprised to find that very little care seems to have been given to Cellebrite’s own software security,” Marlinspike wrote. “Industry-standard exploit mitigation defenses are missing, and many opportunities for exploitation are present.”

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    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 22 2021]

    Mister Roboto

    My take on why the post-modern USA is such a clusterfuck: I don’t think it’s really any sort of conspiracy, we simply live in an age of profound decadence, incompetence, and intellectual madness. This happens to all wealthy hegemonic societies in their decline phase. The USA and its Western allies are the biggest, richest, and most complex hegemon that has existed so far, so of course our decadent decline is going the be the doozy to end all doozies. Covid showed me that we are truly sun-downing on account of the fact that we have the ability to treat this serious public-health menace very easily, but for reasons that are difficult to grasp on a visceral, emotional level, we refuse to do so (or at least not until someone is in the hospital at death’s door unable to breathe).

    Mister Roboto

    But, to be completely honest, what else can you expect from a society whose entire basis has become “I WA&T SUMMO@R!!1!”


    He’s still planting stories.


    Lying about climate change actions.
    Lying about the fight against covid numbers when the battle is being lost/rising in India
    Lying about lalaland
    Lying that Covid will go away with the vaccines.
    Lying that word don’t mean what they mean.
    Lying about happiness
    Lying about money
    Lying about relationships
    Lying about sex
    Lying about power.


    Definition of work from home (WFH)

    B.C. judge grants Meng Wanzhou’s request to delay extradition hearings

    They asked Holmes to adjourn proceedings until Aug. 3, a delay they argued would also allow time for the third wave of COVID-19 infections to subside.

    Meng was arrested at Vancouver’s airport in 2018 at the request of the United States to face fraud charges related to America’s sanctions against Iran.

    madamski cafone

    ““We have patience, self-confidence and righteousness on our side,” Putin added. “I hope no one will think of crossing red lines in their relations with Russia. Where that line sits is ours to determine.””

    That used to be America’s line: righteousness.


    As for conspiracies, I think that this Ellis guy in Rappaport’s Matrix articles may well be a figment of Rappaport’s imagination rather like a New Age author “channeling” ancient spirit guides and such. Said figment may well be based on interviews with various media/psyop types.

    I think the informatin is basically sound… but also so vague and, um, demonically glorified, that the result is leave one frightened and diminished by it, which is probably its purpose.

    Again, the term “limited hangout” comes to mind.

    Certain caveats come to mind: “Ellis” continually glorifies and justifies constant destructive chaos and failed military actions as ‘part of the plan’ to sow despair and confusion and apathy among media consumers. While this indeed happens, it ultimately leads to less rather than more reliance on government, and no government can rule, however draconically, when people can’t rely on it.

    These guys have the ability to trigger WWIII but they can’t maintain the stabiity needed to run a real empire without an exuberant plethora of natural resources and gullible fools. Both are dwindling. The Huxley nightmare he describes is falling apart before our eyes.

    (“Every­body here uses Ambien,” Colin Powell told a reporter in 2003.)

    Another quote: “It inspires sleep-eating, sleep-driving, sleep-shopping, sleep-blogging. Ambien gives you the hallucinatory urge to indulge your most moronic whims — in other words, it turns you into the pitiful jerk you already are. That’s the clanger of this drug: The side effect is you.”

    Our self-loathing is remarkable if logical. Anything But Me! Rolling Stone strikes me as one of the Establishment’s more successful limited hangouts. I avoid it.


    I submit that to maintain any cohesion among a populace as large as ours is requires many conspiracies running at once, more of them unwitting than not. I can only laugh at the idea that, say, Rockefeller, can use all this phychiatric media hypnosis to do anything but screw things up. Big boys waving prosthetic jumbo penises in the mirror of the press.

    Oh, they’re screwing things up, alright. No doubt about that. And they’re even screwing up screwing things up.

    madamski cafone

    My instinct tells me that kicking Russia out of SWIFT would be colossally bad for the USA.

    Mister Roboto

    Wandering and stumbling through illusions of illusions.

    madamski cafone

    @ Mister Roboto

    Take It In YOur Own Two Hands

    “The light don’t sleep.”

    Darkness cannot prevail. Life is about light. “Fools in their madness know this” too, which is why they try to filter the light into darkling forms. But light is light and dark is dark.

    madamski cafone

    The shock and reality of catching COVID-19 after being vaccinated Public health officials have said breakthrough infections were expected, since manufacturers have warned loudly and often that the vaccines are not 100% protective.

    Dismantling the apparatus. “…manufacturers have warned loudly and often…”

    Major CoverYourAss. Time to worry about nuclear war. It plays well at prime time. With luck, they’ll have a swarm of natural disasters this summer/fall to further preoccupy us from believing what we’re seeing: the Titanic is sinking.

    Here is the full list of google news’ articles on the topic:


    The Philly Inquirer, with its vaccine-challenging headline leads the list of articles still banging the vaccaination gong. Eventually, the WaPo will be featuring such headlines too.

    Failure is failure. You can’t polish a turd. If there is a covid scheme for depopulation, they’re doing a good job. If they’re trying to stay in control of the emss they’re creating, they’re losing terribly, like 1,111 points to 0 losing.

    Dr. D

    Giotto: Don’t worry, Christ isn’t dead, he’s alive. Spoiler.

    “I’ve been saying that World War III would basically be a biological war. Of course, it will have substantial conventional, nuclear, space-based, and AI/computer elements as well, but its most serious component will be biological. Essentially, it will involve the use of bacteria and viruses to wipe out the enemy. The odds are that it will be between the US and China.” –Doug Casey

    “Has anything changed in your perspective on the future of the US?
    Doug Casey: No. I’m afraid the election of actual Bolsheviks in 2020—and I don’t use that term lightly—has sealed its fate. Not to mention that the nomenklatura in most major cities and states are cut from the same cloth.
    In point of fact, the US is on such a self-destructive path that the Chinese don’t have to do anything in order to win. All they need to do is lay back and be quiet. The West is destroying itself.”

    Moving on:
    “The US Strategic Command on Tuesday casually tweeted about US adversaries conducting a nuclear strike as their ‘least bad option.’”

    In what reality is nuclear the least bad option? You mean there is something worse than that? pic.twitter.com/Y4T6GFkkC7
    — Snow Hawk (@HaakinSnow) April 20, 2021

    Um, biological? Which we already have. And is listed above? Really people are so sheltered, privileged, intentionally ignorant, proud of it, and lack any reason or imagination. Don’t worry Little Jimmy: you’re a special snowflake and everybody loves you. There are no mean people of bad intent anywhere in the world. If anyone uses bad words you just tell them “Bad Swiper! No swiping!” and they’ll melt away.

    OBVIOUSLY don’t do any work, save any goods, or use self defense. Say “I want” and “You’re required to love me and give me things” and it happens. Only the bad people work, help, and protect themselves like human beings.

    Vaccines: they now say you need jab #3. And with that, #4, 5, and 6. 4x a year or maybe every 6 months, because they work so well.

    I might have to withdraw my withdrawal of objection that these aren’t vaccines because they aren’t attenuated virus. They’re not vaccines because apparently they give no immunity, not even 3 months. Not my words: theirs.

    “Boris Johnson Says UK Will Have To ‘Learn To Live With Virus’ (RT)”

    Vaccines don’t work.

    Israel cases spike: Vaccines don’t work.

    “Unvaccinated Worker Starts Outbreak in Mostly Vaccinated Nursing Home (NYT)”

    As you say: Hooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww??? No gears turn anywhere? I don’t expect those gears to turn at the NY Times, they’re Ivy League inbreds incapable of thought, but maybe their readers which are the whole United States.

    COVID Vaccine Blood Clot Risk Was Known, Ignored & Buried (Hudak)”

    Duh. They’re a corporation. When was the last decade they told the truth? The 1890s?

    “US Sanctions Only Make Russia’s Economy Even More Self-Sufficient (RT)”

    Trump’s sanctions are Putin’s best friend. Hey get stronger and can blame the West for it. Putin probably provided the list. They have a common enemy: the death cult of the Derp State.

    Ukraine Encourages Western Allies to Kick Russia out of SWIFT (EurActiv)”

    Whoops, that’s the only remaining way to make Russia stronger. There is a Fatima prophesy on this. Thank God, ‘cause the other parts were not good.

    I don’t believe decadence “just happens”. There are cycles but you can help them like the “League of Shadows”. We CAN, if we, if the leaders want, work tirelessly to increase, health, law, education, morality. In fact they used to since it makes a strong army and country, and lost of yummy wealth to suck up. They are CHOOSING, tirelessly, to do the opposite right now. Those things DO matter. It can be winter, but you don’t need to break the windows either.

    Now WHY are they choosing? Like Bayer, choosing, actively, to be poorer, weaker, and less safe.

    Ambien reminds me of widespread microdosing. LSD. So everyone in power is slightly deranged, psychotic, high? Everyone in Silicon Valley. That explains a lot of software. And Ambien: sure you’re not responsible for the side effects, like some media stars protest. But you ARE responsible for knowingly taking it in the first place, so have a nice day, you lose, sir. Wear the dum-dum hat.

    Be warned, that is a ungendered, non-deonominational potatohead. But it is cultural appropriation, and therefore must be destroyed, at all and every cost. No chips for you, colonist aggressor!

    madamski cafone


    “Woke-a-Cola: How to Destroy a World-Leading Brand in 60 Seconds”

    madamski cafone

    @ Dr. D

    ““US Sanctions Only Make Russia’s Economy Even More Self-Sufficient (RT)”

    Trump’s sanctions are Putin’s best friend. Hey get stronger and can blame the West for it. Putin probably provided the list. They have a common enemy: the death cult of the Derp State.

    “Ukraine Encourages Western Allies to Kick Russia out of SWIFT (EurActiv)”

    Whoops, that’s the only remaining way to make Russia stronger. “


    Doc Robinson

    “[Boris] Johnson also announced the creation of a new antivirals taskforce to help with the search for new medicines… He said the treatments could include a tablet that would stop people with Covid-19 becoming severely ill, or a pill to prevent someone contracting the virus from close contacts who are infected.”

    OMG, another “solution” for the public to patiently await, after the previous “solution” didn’t work as hoped.

    Boris is more than a year late in creating an “antivirals taskforce”. But if an effective antiviral treatment was recognized last year, Big Pharma wouldn’t have been able to get emergency authorizations for their investigational mRNA injections.


    Prepare to have your mind blown.

    Who Runs the World? Blackrock and Vanguard

    She says she will have a second video… can’t wait.

    madamski cafone

    Incidentally, Dr. D, I can sum up my core philosophical objection to your communication patterns in a way that can be viewed as both metaphorically and literally true:

    Shouting that there really is a devil is not necessarily a positive way to bring people to God.

    That, and a tendency to fudge over the Truth when you’re shouting out the debbil, are my objections.


    The UNRAVELING piece by Chris Hedges is worth exploring in full detail. Good old American exceptionalism – and the FORCE that it is – unites…..

    “The liberal interventionists, because they wrap themselves in high ideals, are responsible for numerous military and foreign policy debacles. The call by liberal interventionists such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Susan Rice and Samantha Power to fund jihadists in Syria and depose Muammar Gaddafi in Libya rent these countries — as in Afghanistan and Iraq — into warring fiefdoms. The liberal interventionists are also the tip of the spear in the campaign to ratchet up tensions with China and Russia.”

    “The core belief of imperialists, whether they come in the form of a Barack Obama or a George W. Bush, is racism and ethnic chauvinism, the notion that Americans are permitted, because of superior attributes, to impose their “values” on lesser races and peoples by force. This racism, carried out in the name of Western civilization and its corollary white supremacy, unites the rabid imperialists and liberal interventionists in the Republican and Democratic parties. It is the fatal disease of empire.”

    “The façade of empire is able to mask the rot within its foundations, often for decades, until, as we saw with the Soviet Union, the empire appears to suddenly disintegrate. The loss of the dollar as the global reserve currency will probably mark the final chapter of the American empire. ”

    A complete UNRAVELING is our DESTINY. It is the only Way forward. Humanity (on a large enough scale) is incapable of a change/a shift in consciousness at this time, and for all the reasons discussed here at TAE. However you, as an individual, can make a shift. In the process you will have to prepare yourself to let go of it all, all of it. There will be no time for lamenting The Way things were or for being angry at what is. Working TOGETHER – with neighbors, in communities and towns – is going to be essential. The focus will be on daily living/survival.

    madamski cafone

    @ Rototillerman

    “Prepare to have your mind blown.”

    Do I take AMbien or something? 😉


    Blown in the sense of “I can’t believe an anonymous Dutch researcher put this together.” My favorite part: the wall of media voices that slowly builds, all of them saying “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy!” at the 24 minute mark.


    “The law enforcement arm of the U.S. Postal Service…”
    That right there.

    madamski cafone

    @ susmarie18

    “A complete UNRAVELING is our DESTINY. It is the only Way forward. Humanity (on a large enough scale) is incapable of a change/a shift in consciousness at this time, and for all the reasons discussed here at TAE. However you, as an individual, can make a shift. In the process you will have to prepare yourself to let go of it all, all of it. There will be no time for lamenting The Way things were or for being angry at what is. Working TOGETHER – with neighbors, in communities and towns – is going to be essential. The focus will be on daily living/survival.”


    John Day

    Thanks for late reply about Urantia book, Madamski.
    It is easier (for me) to read than Marx, and I ingested ovwe 150 pages of Kapital before I got a Cliff-notes version.

    What is “science fiction”?
    Serious question.
    Reading this book (about an hour for some pages) is somewhat transforming my thought/consciousness patterns. It also seems like a natural process of restoration,
    archaeologic restoration comes to mind.
    I always liked “good” science fiction; something about those patterns…

    Bike/meditate to work, now…

    Mr. House

    This is what the WEF has envisioned for you, but you know it couldn’t happen because these people are just so incompetent!


    Figmund Sreud

    @ Germ [O/T – but it is war. – April 21, 2020 at 8:12 p.m.]

    FWIW, … local commentariat on the story in Lytton, B.C.

    IH says COVID-19 vaccines safe despite claims of Lytton physician
    Doctor makes unsubstantiated claims about serious side effects of Moderna vaccine
    BARBARA RODENApr. 19, 2021 5:30 p.m.LOCAL NEWS

    IH says COVID-19 vaccines safe despite claims of Lytton physician



    madamski posted, prev. thread:

    I DON’T think Obama is running Biden. I suspect that, if anything, Biden was, instead, one of Obama’s many handlers back then. Just an earpiece, certainly no persuader: Obama probably despised him.

    Yess, hmm, here some comments from far away.

    Obama was set up to win, Joe B. was foisted on him as VP, as representing the Old Guard, the Establishment, the Institution (Dem ‘Core.’) The idea that Obama could choose some outsider as VP was anathema, not even considered. Plus, he was saddled with the hugely unpopular Killary as Sec. of State. (That didn’t work out and Kerry, more conciliatory all round, stepped in to replace.)

    Obama loathed Biden imho, to me it seemed to show each time he mentioned him etc. Killary and the Clintons were a bit less objectionable to him, who knows why.

    Obama was a kind of sales-rep, a ‘diversity’ front man. Before he was elected (and he collaborated with Kerry a lot at that time, iirc) he reminded me of the 90s Benetton Ads, which exploited ‘diversity’ as a sales gimmick.

    Obama natch is not ‘black’ in the sense of being African-American descended from ’slaves’ or indentured labor, he is a middle-class white person who just happened to have a dark skinned foreign father who passed by there. Obama himself exploited that fact by declaring himself to be “Kenyan” , i.e. not Afro-American. To be elected he had to marry a ‘black’ woman (to get 90% of the Black vote) which he dutifully / cynically did.

    As the one-trick publicity poney of the smiley-face diversity candidate ended, due to endless wars, relentless impoverishment of ‘ordinary’ US citizens and hugely growing inequality, infrastructure decay, no improvement on the health-care front, as usual, and more (Obama proved to be first of all, a Bankster’s Man / Deputy – not surprising really, go where the money is.. and the financial crisis lead to a Bank-bail-out…) the electorate turned to a nationalist, some might call it populist, Jacksonian president, Trump.

    Then thru digital skull-duggery the election was stolen and power was re-grabbed by the Dem Kabal. Apparently there was no-one better than a senile remnant of the decrepit old guard to be enthroned. With a side-kick who is basically a nobody or if known, scorned, derided.

    That was quite a suprise, how Joe B is being run I would like to know. Really. I can’t figure it out.

    One thing is certain: All over the world, certainly, EU, Russia, this continent, the US has been downgraded in public perception as Joe B. is obviously unfit and nasty / ridiculous, his VP is a joke, how come somebody else wasn’t chosen? The French for ex. love and admire Obama to this day. They were always admiring of ‘blacks’ in the US, jazz and all that, which gave the F +++ points for being non-discriminatory, non-racist so to speak (heh, outside of their turf..Arabs another story…)

    ex. of benetton ads:



    madamski cafone

    @ Noirette

    “Obama loathed Biden imho, to me it seemed to show each time he mentioned him etc. Killary and the Clintons were a bit less objectionable to him, who knows why.”

    Well, for starters, the Clintons had some class. They read big books. Biden? Not much. Also, the Clintons still had a ton of raw clout at the time. hey were in a sense still hius uppers in that class structure, I believe. ‘Token nigrah’ comes to mind.

    I suspect they soon came to loathe Obama when they saw how SANE he is, a plain old well-ded, well-adjusted psychopath who knew how to stay out of trouble and genuinely adores his gorgeous wife. The Obamas were the new Jack and Jackie that the Clintons envisioned themselves as (snicker).

    SO he genuinely enjoyed them and emulated them in some ways, I think, while also enjoying the glow of sucking their power slowly from them as time went on without him even trying, just being cooler in all senses of the word than Clenis and certainly KIllary.

    madamski cafone

    @ Noirette

    “Then thru digital skull-duggery the election was stolen and power was re-grabbed by the Dem Kabal. Apparently there was no-one better than a senile remnant of the decrepit old guard to be enthroned. With a side-kick who is basically a nobody or if known, scorned, derided.”

    At this point, I think it’s deliberate. In the lunatic minds of of cabal-meisters, maybe they think they’ll have an AI avatar prez in ten years, and are test-marketing how much jive the people can take. Or maybe they know the collapse is nigh and want Joe to be the fall guy. Or maybe there is so much kompromatt on all the tenable candidates and Joe was kind of forced on the DNC by cabal entities heavily invested abroad, like, China.

    I mean, they REALLY scraped the bottom of the barrel, especially as a response to and rebuttal of Trump’s senile lunacy.


    Interesting that the link I posted earlier is now dead… hmmm. I can see it clear as day on my laptop from when I first saw it this morning. DMCA takedown? Taking flak because you’re over the target? I dunno.

    : oh, there is absolutely NO mystery as to why Biden was chosen… he was absolutely the most corrupted, and thus easiest to control. I think that those making the argument that he is China’s puppet are taking it too far, but no question in my mind that he is somebody’s puppet. Somebody (or perhaps somebodies) rich, and probably not somebody (somebodies) with the public good uppermost in mind.

    Mr. House


    An air freshener hanging from your mirror is cause for the police to pull you over. Due to escalations, errors, death by a bullet can result.
    Can I hang my mask on the mirror and not end up dead?

    Veracious Poet

    To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture. Enjoy, sir, your insensibility of feeling and reflecting. It is the prerogative of animals ~ Thomas Paine


    Dexamethasone again? Hmmm. I’m on dexamethasone eyedrops right now, following an eye operation. Be nice to think that I may be unCovidable.

    Mr. House

    News you won’t see on msm!

    37% of Americans are boycotting Coca-Cola!
    (33% blacks, 35% whites, and 44% other than white)

    Today Coca-Cola replaced it’s top legal counsel, Bradley Grayton, a black lawyer, parachuted into the top slot just last year, who decided it was an excellent idea to politicize Coca-Cola’s marketing!

    Get Woke! Go Broke!

    Seems he somehow managed to piss off every segment of society! An amazing feat!

    Dave Note

    I wonder what the Romans at their zenith would have thought of the American Empire.

    The Nazis lasted from 1933-45 Wow, awesome

    The Bolsheviks lasted from 1917-91 A bit better but it just allowed them to kill more people for the scoreboard.

    The American MIC Empire 1963- to now

    The Romans would be rolling on the floor laughing out loud at the thought of the US claiming to be an Imperial Power.

    The US has gone to extraordinary lengths to say that it is not in fact an Empire, but a Democracy (I think I just threw up in my mouth typing that)

    The Romans, with five centuries of Imperial rule under their belt would think that the US should be described as an Empire of Chickensh*t.

    Mr. House

    Rome was the original corporation

    Citizen= shareholder
    Vote for the board!
    Plunder others for riches at home!

    Then Augustis did a hostile takeover


    Did you hear about the neufie that went into the bar and bragged about catching the last cod fish?
    Well. Today, on my drive home from the mountains, I think that my windshield killed the last dumb bug crossing the road. 🙂


    Here’s the question: 90% of my kith and kin have gotten poked. Will ivermectin or hcq+ still work if they “happen” to get Covid ™?

    It’s looking like they are destroying the old names. Will anyone miss “Bayer” or “Monsanto” or “Coca-Cola”? As WES pointed out earlier, the usual method is to dump all the debt into a Name, skim off all the cream, and leave the settlements with nothing.

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