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Ivermectin Safety Profile (David Archibald)
Ivermectin: Enigmatic Multifaceted ‘Wonder’ Drug (Nature)
COVID-19: The Ivermectin African Enigma (Pubmed)
J’Accuse! Gene-based “Vaccines” are Killing People (Doctors for COVID Ethics)
Statistical Abuse And Flat-out Lying (Denninger)
CDC Study Estimates Over 80% Of Americans Are Now Protected From COVID-19 (DM)
3 Lots Of Moderna Vaccine Recalled In Japan Over Stainless Steel Particles (RT)
Here’s WHY They Killed Your Grandmother (Denninger)
Sweden Bans Israelis From Entering Country (JTN)
Unvaccinated Greek Healthcare Workers Given Second Chance (K.)
NYC Teachers Union Ready For War Over Vaccine Mandate (NYP)
Quantitative Brainwashing (Thomas)
Federal Use Of Facial Recognition Technology Expanding (ET)







I like his conclusion: “This suggests that the vaccines have been ignored by the virus.”

But what study gives people 500 times the recommended dose rate?

Ivermectin Safety Profile (David Archibald)

In a trial on human volunteers, doses of 60, 90, and 120 mg were included to establish a significant safety margin for administration of this drug. No central nervous system effects, using pupil size as the parameter, were detected at the maximum dose level. No adverse events were reported in subjects who received 120 mg of ivermectin, which is 10 times the proposed dose of 0.2 mg/kg for treatment of scabies. There was minimal accumulation following multiple dosing (three times per week) with ivermectin, which was consistent with the half-life in the body of about one day.

A safety margin of ten times the recommended dose sounds good, but it gets better. During a program for treating children with scabies in the Solomon Islands, an 8 mg/kg accidental overdose (40 times the recommended dose) in a child caused acute emesis, mydriasis and sedation which rapidly reversed. In a study of poisoning due to ivermectin and the related molecule avermectin, “Seven patients manifested severe symptoms, such as coma (7), aspiration with respiratory failure (4), and hypotension (3), after a mean ingestion of 100.7 mg/kg avermectin (15.4 mg/kg for ivermectin and 114.9 mg/kg for abamectin). One of the seven patients died, the other six recovered. This was from an average of 500 times the recommended dose rate.

The safety data is summarised in the above graph. Take no more than ten times the normal dose at a time and you will be fine. If the TGA is going to approve ivermectin for the virus, it might as well approve it for cancer at the same time because some encourageing preclinical data has emerged. For example, from this paper, in a mice study there was a more than 50% reduction in tumour volumes after ivermectin treatment. To date ivermectin has shown responses from human acute myeloblastic leukemia, glioblastoma, breast and colon carcinoma. As the paper sums up:

“Ivermectin is clearly a strong candidate for repositioning, based on the fact that i) it is very safe, causing almost no side-effects other than those caused by the immune and inflammatory responses against the parasite in infected patients, and ii) it has proven antitumor activity in preclinical studies. Ivermectin modulates several targets such as the multidrug resistance protein (MDR), the Akt/mTOR and WNT-TCF pathways, the purinergic receptors, the PAK-1 protein, certain cancer-related epigenetic deregulators such as SIN3A and SIN3B, RNA helicase activity, while stimulates chloride channel receptors leading to cell hyperpolarization, and down-regulates stemness genes to preferentially target cancer stem-cell like population, at least in breast cancer. Importantly, the in vitro and in vivo antitumor activities of ivermectin are achieved at concentrations that can be clinically reachable based on the human pharmacokinetic studies done in healthy and parasited patients.”

With no side effects, every cancer patient could be on it no matter what else they are on. The need for the TGA to approve ivermectin for the virus is great. We need to avoid, or at least minimize, having the spike protein in our bodies. A recent French paper found that each bout of Covid ages us biologically by an average of three years:

If people get re-infected each year and lose three years of their biological life each time, they will be in nursing homes and dementia wards in no time at all. And the vaccines have proved to be next to useless. One of the most vaccinated countries on the planet, Israel, has seen daily infections go to a new high:

While the case fatality rate has hardly shifted:

This suggests that the vaccines have been ignored by the virus.

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The Journal of Antibiotics. Published: 15 February 2017

Best part of the article: “Bedbugs are parasitic insects of the Cimicidae family that feed exclusively on blood. Cimex lectularius, the common bedbug, feeds on human blood, with infestations increasing significantly in poor households across North America and Europe. Ivermectin is highly effective against bedbugs, capable of eradicating or preventing bedbug infestations.”

Ivermectin: Enigmatic Multifaceted ‘Wonder’ Drug (Nature)

Ivermectin was a revelation. It had a broad spectrum of activity, was highly efficacious, acting robustly at low doses against a wide variety of nematode, insect and acarine parasites. It proved to be extremely effective against most common intestinal worms (except tapeworms), could be administered orally, topically or parentally and showed no signs of cross-resistance with other commonly used anti-parasitic compounds. Marketed in 1981, it quickly became used worldwide to combat filarial and other infections and infestations in livestock and pets.

Registered for human use in 1987, ivermectin was immediately donated as Mectizan tablets to be used solely to control Onchocerciasis, a skin disfiguring and blinding disease caused by infection with the filarial worm Onchocerca volvulus, which afflicted millions of poor families throughout the tropics. Some 20–40 million people were infected prior to the launch of large-scale control interventions, with around 200 million more at risk of infection.18, 19, 20 Human infection has been tackled in endemic areas through annual or semi-annual mass drug administration of ivermectin and only 21–22 million people (almost exclusively in Africa) remain infected with O. volvulus.21

Since the prodigious drug donation operation began, 1.5 billion treatments have been approved. Latest figures show that an estimated 186.6 million people worldwide are still in need of treatment, with over 112.7 million people being treated yearly, predominantly in Africa.22 Actual treatments declined in 2014/2015 due to the planned closure of the highly successful and innovative African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control and a subsequent delay before the more comprehensive replacement, the Expanded Special Project for the Elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases in Africa, became established and operational, plus deferment of some treatments until 2016.

The African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control was created in 1995 to establish community-directed treatment with ivermectin to control Onchocerciasis as a public health problem in African nations that represented 80% of the global disease burden. For long the sole agent used in control efforts, ivermectin has been so successful that the goal has now switched from disease control to worldwide disease elimination. For most afflicted countries, nationwide Onchocerciasis elimination is within reach and there is hope that the global elimination target of 2025 will be achieved.23 Latest models indicate that if the 2025 target (or sooner) is to be achieved, 1.15 billion more treatments will be required, assuming that the absence of drug resistance continues.

In the mid-1990s, ivermectin was found to be an excellent treatment for Lymphatic filariasis, leading to the donation program being extended to cover this disease in areas where it co-exists with Onchocerciasis. In 2015, almost 374 million people required ivermectin for Lymphatic filariasis, with 176.5 million being treated.25 In 2015, 120.7 million ivermectin treatments were approved for Lymphatic filariasis, an accumulated 1.2 billion treatments being authorized since the drug donation program was extended to cover the second disease in 1998.26

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December 2020

COVID-19: The Ivermectin African Enigma (Pubmed)

Introduction: The low frequency of cases and deaths from the SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 virus in some countries of Africa has called our attention about the unusual behavior of this disease. The ivermectin is considered a drug of choice for various parasitic and viral diseases and shown to have in vitro effects against SARS-CoV-2.

Aims: Our study aimed to describe SARS-CoV2 infection and death rates in African countries that participated in an intensive Ivermectin mass campaign carried out to control onchocerciasis and compare them with those of countries that did not participate.

Methods: Data from 19 countries that participated in the World Health Organization (WHO) sponsored African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC), from 1995 until 2015, were compared with thirty-five (Non-APOC), countries that were not included. Information was obtained from database. Generalized Poisson regression models were used to obtain estimates of the effect of APOC status on cumulative SARS-CoV-2 infection and mortality rates.

Results: After controlling for different factors, including the Human Development Index (HDI), APOC countries (vs. non-APOC), show 28% lower mortality (0.72; 95% CI: 0.67-0.78) and 8% lower rate of infection (0.92; 95% CI: 0.91-0.93) due to COVID-19.

Conclusions: The incidence in mortality rates and number of cases is significantly lower among the APOC countries compared to non-APOC countries. That a mass public health preventive campaign against COVID-19 may have taken place, inadvertently, in some African countries with massive community ivermectin use is an attractive hypothesis. Additional studies are needed to confirm it.

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“..those found to be responsible or complicit will ultimately be held personally liable.”

J’Accuse! Gene-based “Vaccines” are Killing People (Doctors for COVID Ethics)

Dear Sirs/Mesdames,

1. Official sources, namely EudraVigilance (EU, EEA, Switzerland), MHRA (UK) and VAERS (USA), have now recorded many more deaths and injuries from the COVID-!9 “vaccine” roll-out than from all previous vaccines combined since records began. Below are the latest data as at 30 August 2021 (the earlier data appear in the Appendix below): EU/EEA/Switzerland to 28 August 2021 – 23,252 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 2,166,285 injuries, per EudraVigilance Database. UK to 18 August 2021 – 1,609 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 1,165,636 injuries, per MHRA Yellow Card Scheme. USA to 20 August 2021 – 13,627 Covid-19 injection related deathsand 2,932,001 injuries, per VAERS database. TOTAL for EU/UK/USA – 38,488 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 6,263,922 injuries reported as at 30 August 2021.

Nota Bene: It is important to be aware that the official figures above (reported to the health authorities) are but a small percentage (1 to 10%) of the actual figures. Furthermore, people continue to die (and suffer injury) from the injections with every day that passes. Please bear in mind, therefore, that the official figures are higher at the time of writing (30 August 2021) than on the cut-off dates shown above i.e. 28 August 2021 (EU/EEA/Switzerland), 18 August 2021 (UK), 20 August 2021 (USA). This catastrophic number of injection related deaths has NOT been reported by the mainstream media, despite the official figures above being publicly available.

2. The signal of harm is now indisputably overwhelming, and, in line with universally accepted ethical standards for clinical trials, Doctors for Covid Ethics demands that the COVID-19 “vaccination” programme be halted immediately worldwide.

3. Continuation of the programme, in the full knowledge of ongoing serious harm and death to both adults and children, constitutes Crimes Against Humanity/Genocide, for which those found to be responsible or complicit will ultimately be held personally liable.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE: 1. Governments worldwide are lying to you the people, to the populations they purportedly serve. 2. The figures above demonstrate that the gene-based vaccines are deadly.

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“You either ARE or you ARE NOT immune to a given virus. There is no middle ground; the question is binary.”

Statistical Abuse And Flat-out Lying (Denninger)

This is the sort of statistical abuse that ought to get any entity that pulls it burnt to the ground, especially during a pandemic when it is used as an advocacy tool for a dangerous intervention that produces little better than “flip-a-coin” outcomes. “The dramatic change in vaccine effectiveness from June to July is likely to be due to both the emergence of the delta variant and waning immunity over time, compounded by the end of masking requirements in California and the resulting greater risk of exposure in the community.” The second part of that sentence is absolute BS. You either ARE or you ARE NOT immune to a given virus. There is no middle ground; the question is binary. If you are immune then no amount of PPE is required.

I will, right now, sporting natural immunity, walk into a Covid-19 ICU without any PPE on and sit there and observe for 30 minutes. I will do without fear because I am presumptively immune from the virus as a result of previous exposure, infection and recovery. Anyone who believes the vaccines work is welcome to come with me on the same terms: 30 minutes in the ICU, no PPE. If you believe you are immune due to vaccination then you should be perfectly willing to do this without a shred of fear that you will, in fact, get Covid-19. You’re immune, or so you were told. That’s the point of vaccination; to make you impervious to a given disease. Yes, in some very tiny percentage of persons, nearly every time as a result of being immune-compromised, the vaccination fails to elicit an immune response.

But — assuming you are not immune compromised then there is absolutely no reason on God’s Green Earth for you to fear the virus if you have taken the jabs and the appropriate 2 weeks has passed since the second one. If you do not believe this to be true then you wasted your time and worse, took the risk of severe adverse effects from the jab for no purpose. You gained nothing either physically or mentally from said jabs. You have no faith in your course of action. As it turns out there’s damn good reason to not have faith since the table in that article discloses that in July 75.2% of cases, all symptomatic, were in fully-vaccinated workers. The workforce was 83.1% fully-vaccinated at that time. There was only one death and thus statistically the power to prevent death was undetermined.

It is reasonable to believe that zero of said workers are in fact seriously immune-compromised since being so would make working in a health-care setting, with sick people all around you on a daily basis, a literal suicidal act. Now if the vaccine was completely worthless then 83.1% of cases would be in vaccinated persons and 16.9% in unvaccinated persons, since that would be the ratable portion. If the vaccine was 100% effective then 100% of the cases would be in unvaccinated persons and, of course, zero in vaccinated individuals.

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60% of which come from vaccinations. Which we know don’t protect.

CDC Study Estimates Over 80% Of Americans Are Now Protected From COVID-19 (DM)

About 83 percent of the U.S. population ages 16 and up has some degree of immunity to the coronavirus from vaccination or prior infection, a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study estimates. Based on antibody levels in about 1.4 million patients’ blood samples, CDC researchers estimated that 20 percent of Americans have immunity from prior infection – though the number varies by age and other demographics. The other 60 per cent have received a shot which confers similar immunity. Experts previously cited 70 to 80 percent protection as a goal for herd immunity, but now many say we need more vaccinations and boosters to protect against the super-contagious Indian ‘Delta’ variant.

Still, the study indicates that the U.S. has had a lot more Covid cases than those that have been officially reported – possibly more than double the official count. As of September 2.175 million Americans are now fully vaccinated – meaning they’re protected against severe illness from Covid. But millions of others are also protected to some extent, because they recovered from a previous Covid case. Upon fighting off the coronavirus, a body’s immune system will remember how to react to this invader – and will be more prepared for future Covid encounters. The CDC counts about 39.5 million Americans who have gotten sick with Covid – or, 39.5 million people with some potential degree of immunity. The true number is likely much higher, however, because many people with mild cases or no cases didn’t know to get Covid tested, and thus were never recorded.

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The day before they said it was rubber.

3 Lots Of Moderna Vaccine Recalled In Japan Over Stainless Steel Particles (RT)

Biotech firm Moderna has said its Japanese distribution partner will recall three lots of its Covid-19 vaccines after a fourth batch of the company’s shots were found to be contaminated with particles of stainless steel.
On Wednesday, the Japanese health ministry confirmed that the contaminants found in Moderna shots were particles of stainless steel and were unlikely to pose any health risks. Moderna’s domestic distributor in Japan, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co, reiterated the findings in a statement, noting “stainless steel is routinely used in heart valves, joint replacements and metal sutures and staples. As such, it is not expected that injection of the particles identified in these lots in Japan would result in increased medical risk.”

Despite the lack of perceived health risk, Moderna said that Takeda would be recalling three lots of the vaccine that were suspended from use due to contamination. Last week Japan halted the distribution of some 1.63 million doses of the jab, with the media reporting that the contaminant was apparently metallic. On Tuesday, Japan reported fresh cases of contaminated Moderna shots. Kanagawa prefecture said that black particles were observed in vials, triggering the suspension of the whole batch. It was the fourth such incident in less than a week.

An investigation to find the source of the particles has been launched by European safety regulators, Moderna and Spanish bottling company Rovi. Takeda, citing the probe, said that the most probable explanation was related to friction between two pieces of metal in the instrument used to put stoppers in bottles. The instrument is made from grade-316 stainless steel, it was confirmed. Rovi has taken preventative measures, Takeda said in the statement. The use of the Moderna vaccine has now been suspended elsewhere in Japan despite other lots appearing to be clear of the contaminant. The suspensions have sparked concern that Japan’s already lagging vaccination campaign may suffer further.

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“Malone found this, by the way, and referenced it. Full credit to him for doing so.”

Here’s WHY They Killed Your Grandmother (Denninger)

You want to know why, if you get Covid-19, the doctor and hospital won’t prescribe and use anything until you’re choking — and then only Dexamethasone, Remdesivir (which has failed twice in random controlled trials, including a VERY LARGE one, and is dangerous enough, on the data, that I’d never take it personally), oxygen, and ultimately a ventilator? Here’s the reason directly from the government itself on an official government web page: There’s your answer.

Malone found this, by the way, and referenced it. Full credit to him for doing so. I’d missed it. If the hospital or physician refuses to treat you with anything other than Remdesivir (which has an EUA still outstanding despite failing said trials), dexamethasone, oxygen and a ventilator (which, you remember, Trump bought tens of thousands of for this explicit purpose under the DPA) they are immune from all legal action you may take due to their negligence, even if they KNOW there are other treatment options that, on the science, work. If they use those options they lose the PREP Act immunity. That’s right: The US Federal Government demanded that in exchange for legal protection in all respects with regard to Covid-19 treatment only what they approved for said use could be used. Anything else and poof — the PREP Act liability shield is gone.

HHS killed every single person denied care and treatments by direct decree as they not only pay the hospitals $30,000+ to put you on a ventilator, they immunized the hospitals from legal action if and only if they refused to treat you with anything not on the FDA’s “approved” list. THE PROBLEM WAS CREATED BY TRUMP AND CURRENTLY RESIDES WITH BIDEN WHO HAS REFUSED TO PUT A STOP TO IT. Both of them, all of HHS, every member of Congress and every clinician and hospital involved from your local physician on up to every hospital following those protocols are murderous pricks who, between them, agreed to let you die on purpose and use proved-worthless and dangerous drugs to avail themselves of a liability shield put forward by HHS and authorized, years prior, by Congress.

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Also the triple jabbed. Who can now blame the double jabbed for making their lives miserable.

Sweden Bans Israelis From Entering Country (JTN)

Sweden became the second European Union country on Thursday to ban all Israelis from entering, following Portugal on Wednesday after the EU took Israel off its safe travel list due to its spike in COVID-19 cases. The travel ban, which also includes the U.S., Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro, and North Macedonia, is temporary, and is scheduled to be in effect from Sept. 6 to Oct. 31, unless it is extended, i24NEWS reported. Despite Israel’s high rate of vaccination, Swedish Interior Minister Mikael Damberg said that there are still large groups in the country that are unvaccinated, leading to a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases.

On Wednesday, Portugal also banned all Israelis from entering the country, including those who are vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 test. Italy announced restrictions on Israeli travelers Monday, allowing only those who are vaccinated, have a negative COVID-19 test, or recovered from the virus in the previous six months to enter the country. The three EU member states followed the EU Council’s recommendation on Monday that removed Israel, the U.S., Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro, and North Macedonia from its safe travel list.

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First hospitals, then schools, then restaurants. The mess will be impossible to oversee.

Unvaccinated Greek Healthcare Workers Given Second Chance (K.)

Greece on Thursday offered unvaccinated healthcare workers a second chance to get a shot against Covid-19 and allow those who have been already suspended to return to work as hundreds of them protested against mandatory vaccination. Greece has suspended from their jobs nearly 6,000 frontline healthcare workers who missed a September 1 deadline to get at least one vaccine shot, a government official told Reuters. Hundreds of those workers staged a five-hour work stoppage on Thursday and took to the streets in Athens and other Greek cities for a second time in less than a month to protest against the new rule.

A labor union official for hospital workers POEDIN said that a total of 10,000 unvaccinated staff could be suspended, disrupting operations at understaffed Greek hospitals at a time when infections remained high and were likely to rise further. “We have worked so hard during the pandemic and this is what we get,” said protester Anna Haritou, who worked as a midwife at an Athens hospital until she was suspended on Wednesday. Attempting to ease any fallout, the government on Thursday said legislation would be amended to allow workers to be removed from suspension and get back to their jobs immediately as long as they got the first dose in the coming days. A key condition is that they conclude their vaccination.

“Mandatory vaccination for the workers of the NHS (National Health System) was legislated to help safeguarding public health,” Health Minister Thanos Plevris said on Thursday. “Since we do not intend to punish (people), we will introduce an amendment.” About 53 percent of the Greek population is fully vaccinated and authorities hope to bring that figure up to 70 percent by the autumn.

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“..more than 15,000 educators who have yet to receive the COVID-19 vaccination..”

NYC Teachers Union Ready For War Over Vaccine Mandate (NYP)

The United Federation of Teachers is gearing up for a war with the city over the fate of more than 15,000 educators who have yet to receive the COVID-19 vaccination — with classes set to begin in days. Teachers union chief Michael Mulgrew said Thursday that City Hall has vowed to remove all unvaccinated staffers from payroll without exception — including those with religious or medical objections. “Our impact negotiations with the city have gone to a very bad place,” Mulgrew told reporters after a Town Hall with members. “It’s clear that the two sides are very very far apart when it comes to this vaccine mandate.” The union said it would now seek to arbitrate the issue along with other labor groups.

While he has consistently urged members to get the shot, Mulgrew said the city’s position was unreasonably rigid — especially for those with legitimate medical concerns. The union chief said that staffers who are allergic to the jabs or have compromised immune systems should not be financially penalized. “The city’s position is to remove them from payroll.” he said. “That is disgusting as far as I’m concerned. And it does not follow the law. The law says that these accommodations and exemptions have to be in place.” The UFT said the city’s policy would also strip unvaccinated teachers of their health insurance.

During his meeting with members, Mulgrew focused on religious and medical accommodations. But he later told The Post that the procedure for teachers who don’t receive either exemption but still refuse the vaccine is still being negotiated. While he was confident that more teachers would get vaccinated ahead of the school year, which begins on Sept. 13, Mulgrew acknowledged the specter of staffing shortages — and said the city has not adequately prepared for those contingencies. Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross-Porter reiterated this week that substitutes could be marshaled if necessary.

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“..President Lincoln shut down some 300 newspapers and arrested some 14,000 journalists..”

Quantitative Brainwashing (Thomas)

During the American civil war, President Lincoln shut down some 300 newspapers and arrested some 14,000 journalists who had the audacity to contradict his statements to the public. As extreme as that may sound, this practice has been more the rule in history than the exception. In most countries, in most eras, some publications go against the official story line and may very well pay a price for doing so. But, other publications go along with the official story line to a greater or lesser degree and are often rewarded for doing so. It should come as no surprise, then, that media outlets often come to report the news in a less than accurate manner. Mark Twain is claimed to have said, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.” Quite so.

Still, only fifty years ago, much of the then “Free World” enjoyed a relatively objective Press. Even on television, reporters such as Walter Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley, etc. presented the news in a bland manner. It wasn’t very exciting, but at least it was relatively balanced and, to this day, most people who were around then still have no idea as to whether reporters like Walter Cronkite were liberal or conservative. Although he was a committed Democrat, he never allowed that to significantly colour his reporting. But today, we have a very different corporate structure as regards the media. The same six corporations hold the controlling interest of over 80% of the media. And those same corporations also own a controlling interest in the military industrial complex, Wall Street, the major banks, Big Pharma, etc.

What we’re witnessing today is media having been transformed into something more akin to a three-ring circus than journalism of old. This is no accident. The present travesty that is the 21st century media, is journalism in name only. So, why should this be so? Well, as it happens, people tend not to like governments dominating their lives – simple as that. And yet, the primary objective of any government is to increase its size and power as rapidly as the populace will tolerate it. The only reason that they rarely do this quickly, is that they can’t get away with it. Like boiling a frog, it takes time to lull the populace into submission, bit by bit. Once having had enough time to do so, there comes a point at which the government becomes woefully top-heavy, as well as unworkably autocratic. At such times, all that’s necessary to make people rebel is an economic crisis.

Such is the case in much of the world today – the EU, the US, Canada, etc.. Even in their arrogance, the powers that be have to be aware that they’re right at the tipping point. An economic crisis would almost certainly push the situation over the edge. When truth threatens to undermine machinations for self-aggrandizement, individuals tend to obfuscate in order to delay the inevitable fallout. Governments are no different. So it was that, in 1999, the largest banks entered into a massive lending scam that would most certainly collapse within a decade. However, before putting the scam in place, they arranged for a “bailout” by the government, which would effectively pass the bill to the taxpayer, while the banks themselves simply increased their own wealth massively.

Of course, QE, as massive as it was, was a mere Band-Aid solution. All those involved (big business and the government) understood that it would hang like a sword of Damocles over the economy until it inevitably came crashing down – a fate far worse than if QE had never been implemented. And so, for those entities to have invested into the domination of the media was, in fact, essential. Had they not done so, it’s entirely likely that, with a free press, the man on the street would, by now, have figured out that he’d been hoodwinked. Thus do we see the journalistic equivalent of Quantitative Brainwashing, in which the inevitable realization is delayed for as long as possible.

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This ship has sailed.

Federal Use Of Facial Recognition Technology Expanding (ET)

A recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) survey shows that at least 10 federal agencies have plans to expand their use of facial recognition technology over the next two years—a prospect that alarms privacy advocates who worry about a lack of oversight. The GAO released the results of a survey of 24 federal agencies, finding that 18 of them use facial recognition technology. Fourteen of those agencies use the tech for routine activity, such as unlocking agency-issued smartphones, while six reported using facial recognition software for criminal investigations and five others use the technology for surveillance, the Aug. 24 report found.

“For example, [U.S. Department of Health and Human Services] reported that it used an FRT system (AnyVision) to monitor its facilities by searching live camera feeds in real-time for individuals on watchlists or suspected of criminal activity, which reduces the need for security guards to memorize these individuals’ faces,” the GAO said. “This system automatically alerts personnel when an individual on a watchlist is present.” According to the GAO, at least 10 government agencies plan to expand their use of facial recognition technology through 2023. To do so, many agencies are turning to the private sector. For example, “[the] U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations reported it began an operational pilot using Clearview AI in June 2020, which supports the agency’s counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and criminal investigations,” the GAO said.

“The agency reported it already collects facial images with mobile devices to search national databases and plans to enhance searches by accessing Clearview AI’s large repository of facial images from open sources to search for matches.” The GAO’s Aug. 24 report follows June research that focused specifically on law enforcement’s use of facial recognition technology. The GAO’s June report revealed the vast troves of data held by federal law enforcement, including 836 million images held by the Department of Homeland Security alone. The June report also revealed the lack of oversight regarding facial recognition technology. According to the report, 13 of the 20 federal law enforcement agencies that use the technology didn’t know what systems they use.

“For example, when we requested information from one of the agencies about its use of non-federal systems, agency officials told us they had to poll field division personnel because the information was not maintained by the agency,” the report said. “These agency officials also told us that the field division personnel had to work from their memory about their past use of non-federal systems and that they could not ensure we were provided comprehensive information about the agency’s use of non-federal systems.”

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My Parents Said Know Piano



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    Figmund Sreud:

    Good god the auto correct police wouldn’t let me type in your handle! I had to literally beat them into submission!

    As I was reading your comment, I thought you were referring to my Ontario fearless leader until you mentioned Alberta popping my balloon!

    Now curfewing booze hours is really deadly serious stuff!

    When in working Russia in 1983, Russian leaders were always complaining about Russians consuming too much vodkas! I was puzzled by this because the state was the only one brewing the stuff! It would be very easy for a leader to stop producing vodkas! But I then noted that not even Stalin curtailed vodkas production! To stop producing vodkas would be the instant death knell of any Russian leader who was foolish enough to even think of doing so.

    Naturally my Russian construction crew were always working under the influence of vodkas for the entire 6 months of my stay. We got along just fine because I never complained or did anything about their drinking on the job. If I found a bottle of vodkas I never disturbed it, so they knew I could be trusted.

    It isn’t the vaccine that is going to get your ear fearless leader into trouble. It is the edict on booze! He must truly be an idiot!


    Maybe, physiologically, we humans just aren’t that different than horses. I mean…most of us like apples and carrots. We’re mammals that evolved on the same planet as the avermectin bacterium. And the original corona virus before it was bioengineered into a franken-Covid monster.
    I stand in solidarity with my horse! Er, well…if I *had* a horse. Solidarity with my dog and three cats! “They are people too!” (Says my teen daughter.)


    Had breakfast this morning with a dear friend in her 80s. She had her Moderna booster this past week. From her primary care physician, who is Vietnamese. His office was filled with Vietnamese, all there for their boosters. She feels fine, her arm just a little sore. She had a mini-stroke and micro-clots two months back, but she cannot fathom that the vaccination back in Dec/Jan could be the cause. She asked if I’d reconsider and get vaccinated, “No,” I repllied. “I don’t see the need.”

    It’s all so surreal. From TAE I know so very much about Covid, about the vaccines, but many who are dear to me are lemmings, running, running. They are certain where they run to is the right path, and they know what they run from is *very scary.* Partner and I were waiting to do a return at the Goodwill (thrift shop chain) today and the chatty clerk told us how she stayed home from her job for a year, due to Covid, and got vaccinated before she returned to be sure she didn’t give anyone Covid as she interacted with customers at work. Partner and I exchanged glances. No point in telling her what we know, how we see it. Our words wouldn’t be accepted.

    Lemmings, lemmings running to the rise and beyond. What is beyond the rise? Is it a cliff with rocks and crashing waves below? Is it paradise with milk and honey? A land where there is no fear of the virus, and the beaming face of Big Pharma shines beatifically down with warm rays? I do not know. I, too, cannot see beyond the rise. I’m finding a shady spot beneath a tree, curling up with a stack of good books, my guitar, and a few dear to me who share my views. But most of the people around me are lemmings running, running to the rise and beyond. My friends who run with the lemming crowd…I’ll wait here, until you return, to tell me what lies beyond the rise. I wonder if they’ll e’er return — the lemmings — to tell of what lies beyond the rise.


    Talking about a technocracy trying to capture all data….

    I was helping a long term client today who was having trouble activating his quickbooks program. I got it working, and he began happily opening his files. (He does bookkeeping for other small businesses.). Some of the files would not allow him to proceed until he added his “online intuit account” to the QB files stored on his computer. There was no way to get around this. I admit — I was surprised. Yet another example of an enormous company getting its cloud-claws into someone else’s data, stored on their private computer.

    I thought about myself. I’m still using QB2004, running it on a virtual computer using WindowsXP as the operating system. It works flawlessly. Nothing changes from year to year. I like that. I don’t have to pay for it annually — I paid for it once, in 2004. I guess Covid vaccines are not the only area of my life where I don’t run with the lemmings.



    Thank you for posting that article from julius ruechel. Given the late hour, I think it is worth re=posting on the next rattle. It really is a MUST READ, imo.

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