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Sen. Graham Pushes To Designate Moscow a State Sponsor of Terror (Antiwar)
Dems Ditch COVID Funds To Rush $40 Billion To Ukraine (ZH)
The Rise of the New Normal Reich (CJ Hopkins)
Xi Urges Europe To Promote Russia-Ukraine Peace Talks (ZH)
Rebranding Nazism (Keenan)
Won’t Get Fooled Again (John Tierney)
Germany Admits Covid ‘Vaccine’ 40 Times Deadlier Than Previously Known (RAIR)
Ron Johnson Opens Probe Into CDC Tracking Americans Through Phone Data (JTN)
Bill Gates Wants To Build A Dystopia (Unherd)
Florida At Center Of Bid To Slow Musk’s Purchase Of Twitter (JTN)
Durham Prosecution and Sussmann Defense Outline Trial Witnesses (CTH)
FBI Panicked After Trump Tweet Accusing Obama Of Spying On Campaign (ET)
Got the Heebie-Jeebies? (Jim Kunstler)









“Graham boldly called on the US to “take out Putin” and said the Russian leader no longer had an “off-ramp.”

Sen. Graham Pushes To Designate Moscow a State Sponsor of Terror (Antiwar)

Senator Lindsey Graham said the US must pursue an even more aggressive strategy against Russia. While appearing on Fox News Sunday with Brett Baier, the hawkish Senator advocated for a barrage of actions targeting Moscow. Graham promoted a new piece of legislation he co-authored with Senator Richard Blumenthal that calls on the White House to designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. Senator Graham published an op-ed Friday, arguing the designation will allow the US to conduct more legal and economic warfare against Russia. However, Graham does not link Russia to a terrorist group. Rather, he compares the invasion of Ukraine to the Nazi military campaign during World War Two and claims Vladimir Putin is a “megalomaniac wanting to rewrite the map of Europe and recreate the former Russian Empire.”

The Senator also urges the passing of the $33 billion aid bill for Ukraine, prosecuting Putin for war crimes through the International Criminal Court, and putting “more weapons in theater that can target the Russian military offensively.” On Saturday, the Speaker of the Russian State Duma claimed the Western intervention in Ukraine amounted to direct attacks on Russia. “Washington essentially coordinates and develops military operations, thereby directly participating in the hostilities against our country,” Vyacheslav Volodin said.

Baier posed two questions to Graham, asking if he was concerned that increasing military involvement in Ukraine could lead to direct confrontation with Russia. The Senator was dismissive of the potential conflict between nuclear powers saying, “we can’t let him [Putin] win in Ukraine.” Graham boldly called on the US to “take out Putin” and said the Russian leader no longer had an “off-ramp.”

Abrams tanks

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A two-party system, you said?

“..Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and top House Republican Kevin McCarthy begging for the funds..”

Dems Ditch COVID Funds To Rush $40 Billion To Ukraine (ZH)

Congressional Democrats are rushing forward to whip up $39.8 billion in additional Ukraine aid, after agreeing to drop a a proposal for additional COVID-19 related funding they planned to combine. The package, which tops President Joe Biden’s $33 billion request in April, could receive a House vote as soon as Tuesday, with Senate Democrats indicating that they are prepared to move swiftly according to Reuters. “Biden on April 28 asked Congress for $33 billion to support Ukraine, including more than $20 billion in military assistance. That proposal was a dramatic escalation of U.S. funding for the war with Russia. The new proposal includes an additional $3.4 billion for military aid and $3.4 billion in humanitarian aid, the sources said.” -Reuters

While emergency aid for Ukraine has had bipartisan support for weeks, disputes over domestic funds for pandemic relief, or whether stiffer immigration controls should be included, have delayed the process. “We cannot allow our shipments of assistance to stop while we await further congressional action,” read a statement from President Biden, who called on lawmakers to expedite the funding so he could sign it within the next few days. The urgency comes after Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and top House Republican Kevin McCarthy begging for the funds, which they said would run out in two weeks.

“We need your help” wrote Austin and Blinken, who said there was ‘only’ $100 million left from a presidential authorization of weapons (which required no congressional approval). “We expect to exhaust that authority no later than May 19, 2022,” the letter continues. “Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters he was pleased the Ukraine assistance was decoupled from COVID-19 aid. He had advocated for a “clean” Ukraine bill repeatedly in speeches in the Senate”. -Reuters

Sky News

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“..the official history of the 2020-2021 Covid pandemic is being written and the actual history being memory-holed in real time, right before our eyes.”

The Rise of the New Normal Reich (CJ Hopkins)

I told you this part wasn’t going to be pretty. I didn’t think it would get to the point where the Wall Street Journal would go full Buck Turgidson and call on the United States to “show it can win a nuclear war,” but I wasn’t entirely off the mark either. Back in January (i.e., a million years ago), in The Last Days of the Covidian Cult, I wrote: ” … we are getting dangerously close to the point where GloboCap will need to go full-blown fascist if they want to finish what they started. If that happens, things are going to get very ugly. I know, things are already ugly, but I’m talking a whole different kind of ugly. Think Jonestown, or Hitler’s final days in the bunker, or the last few months of the Manson Family.”

I don’t know about you, but I kind of feel like the threat of global thermonuclear war qualifies as a “different kind of ugly.” And, OK, before you accuse me of exaggerating the danger of the ungodly mess that GloboCap has made in the Ukraine, I’d like to point out that even Thomas Friedman is starting to sound the alarm. Thomas fucking Friedman, folks … a man with no moral conscience whatsoever, who has never met a GloboCap war of aggression that he could not support, and who has justified the gratuitous barbecuing of millions of men, women, and children without so much as a second thought throughout his long and lucrative career as an A-List mouthpiece for the ruling classes. When The Stash gets nervous, I start to get nervous.

Also, there’s the GloboCap Nazi thing. I’m not exactly a hothouse flower, but I have to admit that watching my liberal friends and colleagues go goo-goo for actual swastika-tattooed, Sieg-heiling Nazis has rattled my nerves a little bit. OK … I’m sorry, we’re not allowed to call them “Nazis.” I believe “defenders” is the term du jour. Seriously, here’s an actual screenshot from The Guardian featuring the leader of the neo-Nazi Azov Detachment …

Oh, and meanwhile, as the rough beast slouches toward Bethlehem, and the former fanatical Covidian Cultists turned fanatical Ukrainian Cultists scream for “more weapons” and “more direct engagement,” and revel in their anguish for the wives of neo-Nazis, the official history of the 2020-2021 Covid pandemic is being written and the actual history being memory-holed in real time, right before our eyes.

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Our next big enemy is asking for peace talks. Can’t trust that.

Xi Urges Europe To Promote Russia-Ukraine Peace Talks (ZH)

During a Monday virtual meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Xi stressed that Europe must play an active role in promoting peace talks, and in “building a balanced, effective and sustainable European security framework,” according to China’s state media. Xi said “all efforts must be made to avoid the intensification and expansion of the Ukraine conflict, and China welcomes all efforts that are conducive to promoting peace talks,” according to a translation. “China welcomes all efforts of the international community that facilitate the ceasefire and negotiations, the relevant parties should support Russia and Ukraine in reaching peace through negotiations,” the Chinese leader said further.

Since nearly the start of the conflict, Washington has charged that Beijing is providing behind-the-scenes support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, something which Chinese officials have consistently denied. China has also come under fire for appearing to provide political cover in its criticisms of NATO which echo the Russian position. Cui Heng, an assistant research fellow from the Center for Russian Studies of East China Normal University, was featured in China’s state-run English daily Global Times as describing Beijing’s perspective that time is running out on Washington’s muscular efforts at arming and propping up Ukrainian forces amid the Russian onslaught. This is why new pressure has been put on America’s European allies to step up and do more, even as China argues they must get serious about negotiations and compromise.

“Cui said the growing pressure and sanctions by the US and its allies showed that the West was anxious to defeat Russia, especially as the Biden administration is facing huge pressure over a weakening domestic economy and hefty financial aid for Ukraine, knowing that getting deeper into the mire of the Russia-Ukraine conflict would harm its domestic midterm election prospects,” GT states. “On the other hand, Wang said with its support for Ukraine stretched to the limit, the US was in urgent need of its allies to demonstrate their commitment to the cause, and help its military sector continue making money from sending weapons to Ukraine,” the report adds.

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“..the perennial Western purveyors of fake news, such as The New York Times, CNN and the BBC, declare themselves to be gatekeepers of truth, integrity and morality. ”

Rebranding Nazism (Keenan)

As a teacher of history, the topic of Nazi Germany is always one which generates numerous questions from students. How were the Nazis able to convince the public to vote for them? How did they convince the people to go along with their fascist agenda and barbaric policies? How was the Holocaust allowed to take place? Despite discussing the role of propaganda and censorship, as well as the fear of opposing the Nazi regime, one still finds students often somewhat bemused. Moreover, many invariably argue that nowadays, due to social media, the Internet, and other methods of communication, the evils of Nazism could never succeed in flourishing again.

However, that is about to change. One only has to look at the manner in which the Azov Battalion, a fully-fledged Ukrainian Nazi militia, with significant influence, has been whitewashed in the space of ten weeks. Whereas prior to February 24th 2022, they were recognised as a neo-Nazi battalion, these fascists are now being portrayed as valiant defenders of an oppressed people, fighting bravely against insurmountable odds. In the past, we have become only too well aware of the role played by the media and big tech in propagandising and manufacturing consent. Whether it’s the mainstream media parroting establishment talking points, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube censoring dissenting views, or Paypal denying media outlets access to their own accounts apparently due to their political stances, Western disinformation full-spectrum dominance appears to be at its zenith.

Yet, the perennial Western purveyors of fake news, such as The New York Times, CNN and the BBC, declare themselves to be gatekeepers of truth, integrity and morality. And this, despite their lies which facilitated the slaughter and deaths of over a million men, women and children, in the invasion and occupation of Iraq. But still it goes on, right up to the present. From the Ghost of Kiev to Snake Island, the Collective Western media has acted as stenographers for the Western and Ukrainian regimes. The examples are too numerous to mention, but the media coverage of the air strike at a railway station in Kramatorsk provided a striking example of the overt and cynical propaganda role the western media has played throughout this conflict.

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“They assumed that the Centers for Disease Control knew how to control disease and that scientists and public-health officials would provide sound scientific guidance about public health. Those were reasonable assumptions. They just turned out to be wrong..”

Won’t Get Fooled Again (John Tierney)

It’s been a two-year-long version of Hell Week, especially in America’s blue states, with Anthony Fauci and Democratic governors playing the role of fraternity presidents humiliating the pledges. Americans obediently donned masks day after day, stood six feet apart, disinfected counters, and obsessively washed their hands while singing “Happy Birthday.” They forsook visits to friends and relatives and followed orders to skip work and church. They forced young children to wear masks on the playground and in the classroom—a form of hazing too extreme even for Europe’s progressive educators. Some Americans refused to submit to these rituals, but their resistance only intensified solidarity among the faithful. The most zealous kept their masks on even after they were vaccinated, even when walking alone outdoors.

The mask became their version of a MAGA hat or a fraternity brother’s ring; some have vowed to keep wearing theirs long after the pandemic. They’ve already called for permanent masking on airplanes, trains, and buses, and they’ll probably clamor for more school closures and lockdown measures during future flu seasons. Facts alone will not be enough to change their minds. To undo the effects of the hazing, we need to ease their cognitive dissonance by showing that they’re not to blame for their decisions. The mental mistakes were not made by citizens who dutifully sacrificed for two years. They assumed that the Centers for Disease Control knew how to control disease and that scientists and public-health officials would provide sound scientific guidance about public health. Those were reasonable assumptions. They just turned out to be wrong.

After a great disaster, the traditional response is to appoint a blue-ribbon panel to investigate it, and a bill has already been introduced in Congress to create a Covid commission. In theory, this could be a worthy public service, allowing experts to sift the evidence impartially and determine which strategies worked, which ones failed, how much needless damage was done—and whom to blame for it. But in practice, which experts would the current Democratic administration or Congress appoint? Presumably, the pillars of the public-health establishment—the same luminaries whose advice was followed so calamitously the past two years.


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Cracks are showing.

Germany Admits Covid ‘Vaccine’ 40 Times Deadlier Than Previously Known (RAIR)

German study: The number of those suffering from serious complications after taking the COVID vaccine is 40 times higher than previously known. Charité in Berlin is carrying out a study on the side effects of receiving corona vaccinations. Professor Harald Matthes is leading the research and is calling for more contact points for those affected. The study “Safety Profile of Covid-19 Vaccines”, which focuses on the effects and side effects of the various vaccines, has been running for a year. Around 40,000 vaccinated people are interviewed at regular intervals throughout Germany. Participation in the study is voluntary and independent of how the vaccines work in the subjects.

One result: eight out of 1,000 vaccinated people struggle with serious side effects. “The number is not surprising,” explains Prof. Dr. Harald Matthes, head of the study: “It corresponds to what is known from other countries such as Sweden, Israel, or Canada. Incidentally, even the manufacturers of the vaccines had already determined similar numbers in their studies.” With conventional vaccines, such as against polio or measles, the number of severe side effects is significantly lower. Serious side effects are symptoms that last for weeks or months and require medical attention. These include muscle and joint pain, heart muscle inflammation, excessive reactions of the immune system, and neurological disorders, i.e., nervous system impairments.

“Most side effects, including severe ones, subside after three to six months; 80% heal. But some last much longer,” reports Professor Matthes. Around 179 million Covid-19 vaccine doses have been administered in Germany so far. “Given around half a million cases with serious side effects after Covid vaccinations in Germany, we doctors have to take action,” emphasizes Prof. Matthes, who, in addition to his work at the Berlin Charité, is on the board of several medical specialist societies and has been systematically examining the effect of medicinal products for years. “We have to come to therapy offers, discuss them openly at congresses and in public without being considered anti-vaccination.”

It is particularly depressing for those affected that their complaints are often not taken seriously. Doctors in private practice would often not associate the symptoms with the vaccinations because they were either not prepared for them or did not want to expose themselves, given the heated political mood. This is also evidenced by the many letters to the head of the study, Professor Matthes. Those affected describe their often months-long search for practical medical help and recognition. In addition, they show that suspected cases are not officially reported. And so, the numbers of severe vaccination reactions at the Paul Ehrlich Institute, at 0.2 reports per 1,000 vaccine doses, are also significantly lower than those in the Charité study.

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Ron Johnson Opens Probe Into CDC Tracking Americans Through Phone Data (JTN)

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson is investigating the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for tracking millions of Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. The CDC paid one company $420,000 to access location data for at least 20 million cell phones a day, a Vice Motherboard investigation revealed last week. While the CDC claimed it needed access to the data to fight COVID, documents show the data was used “to support non-COVID-19 programmatic areas and public health priorities.” Johnson criticized the CDC’s phone tracking efforts Monday on “Just the News – Not Noise.” “Just because data exists, doesn’t mean that the government should be using it to track Americans, I would think that that really raises some very serious constitutional issues,” Johnson noted.

In a letter to CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on Thursday, Johnson wrote, “It remains unclear why the CDC tracked millions of Americans during the pandemic and whether it continues to do so. In response to COVID-19, the CDC should have been prioritizing the development of treatments, effective testing, and vaccine safety rather than tracking Americans’ daily lives.” He demanded answers from the CDC on the purchase and use of location data, including whether the agency used other mechanisms to monitor Americans throughout the pandemic. Johnson told editor-in-chief John Solomon, “I think the government is becoming way too big, and way too powerful.”

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“Molnupiravir costs US$17.74 per dose to manufacture, according to an estimate from researchers at Harvard and King’s College London, but is being retailed to the US government for US$712 per course — a profit of 4,000%..”

Bill Gates Wants To Build A Dystopia (Unherd)

Now Gates is tired of all the conspiracies. He asks his critics to judge him by his actions. And the best way to do so is by reading the book: does Gates have anything sensible to say about the best way to combat future pathogenic outbreaks? His model for the future is built on what he feels has worked over the past two years: isolate contacts, close borders, lockdown as quickly as possible, then remove restrictions slowly and cautiously. He cites Dr Anthony Fauci, who Gates says he spoke to once a month during the pandemic: “Not only should you appear to overreact at first, as Tony Fauci said, but you also have to be careful about relaxing all NPIs [non-pharmaceutical interventions] too soon.”

Meanwhile, you should invest enormous sums in boosting global public health systems, vaccine production in poor and rich countries, and fund a Global Pandemic Emergency Response Unit to monitor potential outbreaks. The aim, says Gates, is to vaccinate the entire world — twice if necessary — within six months while lockdown measures restrict the spread of the new pathogen. It all sounds so reasonable, doesn’t it? Or it might do to those who haven’t seen the footage of Shanghai’s lockdown circulating on social media, to those who can work online in relative comfort, or indeed to billionaires with comfortable gardens and libraries in which to while away those six months. With the Gates model, a little translation is in order.

The massive investment required to make this vision happen is a good starting point. Where will it come from? Gates is a well-known philanthropist, and makes much of the more than US$2 billion which the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have ploughed into fighting Covid-19. Yet this is a small amount compared to the US$6 billion that the US government has invested in the Moderna vaccine alone. As Gates points out, “Most of the world’s greatest talent for translating research into commercial products is in the private sector… It’s the government’s role to invest in the basic research that leads to major innovations, adopt policies that let new ideas flourish.”

Translation: taxpayers invest in developing products through government agencies, and private companies and their shareholders reap the profits. How does this work in practice? Gates does not give what we might call full disclosure. He offers the example of the antiviral Molnupiravir which “Merck and its partners developed”. It was authorised to great fanfare as a Covid treatment in November 2021. Yet Merck did not develop this drug. It was initially developed as a veterinary drug for horses at Emory University, with a US$19 million grant from Fauci’s NIAID and funding from other sectors of the US government. Molnupiravir costs US$17.74 per dose to manufacture, according to an estimate from researchers at Harvard and King’s College London, but is being retailed to the US government for US$712 per course — a profit of 4,000%.

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“..because of an arrangement he reportedly had with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and Musk’s financial adviser Morgan Stanley, the plaintiffs argue Musk was an “interested stockholder”..”

Florida At Center Of Bid To Slow Musk’s Purchase Of Twitter (JTN)

Florida is once again at the center of a Twitter war, this time by an Orlando pension fund attempting to slow its purchase after Gov. Ron DeSantis said the state was looking into ways it can potentially “hold accountable” Twitter’s board of directors. The city of Orlando’s Police Pension Fund filed a class action lawsuit May 6 in an attempt to block or slow the sale of Twitter. It argues Delaware law prevents billionaire Elon Musk from immediately purchasing Twitter because it alleges he’s “an invested stockholder.” The lawsuit could hold up Musk’s $44 billion approved purchase of Twitter until 2025 if a judge rules in the plaintiffs’ favor.

The $734 million pension fund, the only plaintiff in the lawsuit, filed in Delaware Chancery Court. Twitter, Inc., Parag Agrawal, Mimi Alemayehou, Jack Dorsey, Egon Durban, Martha Lane Fox, Omid Kordestani, Fei-Fei Li, Patrick Pichette, David Rosenblatt, Bret Taylor, Robert Zoellick, and Elon Musk are named as defendants. On April 25, Twitter agreed to Musk’s terms to purchase its entire stock at $54.20 a share in cash, valued at roughly $44 billion. However, the lawsuit alleges the sale “may not lawfully close until 2025 absent approval by the affirmative vote of 66 2/3% of Twitter’s voting stock not ‘owned’ by Musk,” citing Section 203 of Delaware corporate law.

Section 203 prohibits corporations from engaging in any business with any stockholder for at least three years after the date the stockholder owns at least 15% of the corporation’s outstanding stock. Musk owned 9.6% of Twitter’s outstanding voting stock when its board approved the sale. But because of an arrangement he reportedly had with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and Musk’s financial adviser Morgan Stanley, the plaintiffs argue Musk was an “interested stockholder” representing more than 15%. Dorsey owned 2.4%, and Morgan Stanley 8.8%, at the time of the sale.

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“If Sussmann is found guilty it makes the media culpability look even worse. The media was pushing the same false information to the public that Michael Sussmann was pushing into the FBI.”

Durham Prosecution and Sussmann Defense Outline Trial Witnesses (CTH)

With mostly wins and a few losses in the pre-trial evidentiary hearings for Special Counsel John Durham, the case against Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann is scheduled for trial next week. Now the witness lists are coming forth. WASHINGTON – […] “Robby Mook, who managed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Clinton campaign attorney Marc Elias and FBI counterintelligence leader Bill Priestap and former top FBI lawyer James Baker are among those called as government witnesses, said prosecutor Andrew DeFilipiis”. Additionally, Laura Seago, a top tech official at research firm Fusion GPS (she has immunity in exchange for testimony); Deborah Fine, a Clinton campaign lawyer; and a CIA official identified as Kevin B are also on the prosecution list.

[…] Defense attorneys unveiled their own high-powered witness list. It includes Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, former acting Assistant Attorney General Mary McCord and Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter Eric Lichtblau. Depending on preset Perkins Coie leverage and risk exposure, other officials from deep inside the DOJ/FBI small group operation may also be forced to stand as defense witnesses by Sussmann’s team. The lawfare combat teams look interesting. The prosecution calling Marc Elias as a witness looks like a great opportunity for: (1) evidence against him for later use; and/or (2) a perjury trap. The defense planning to call Inspector General Michael Horowitz puts the office of the IG into a suspicious position. Horowitz is a baddie.

Mary McCord is a conniving manipulator for the worst elements of the deep state, so it makes sense she would give testimony to defend Sussmann. McCord was a central figure in how the DOJ National Security Division sought to frame the appearance of the Trump-Russia collusion nonsense, and it was Mary McCord who later coordinated the National Security Council leaks between Alexander Vindman and anonymous CIA whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella. [..] On the prosecution side, Laura Seago (with immunity) has details of the motives inside Fusion GPS by owner/operators Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch. Her testimony should be interesting and will likely overlap into other prosecutions if there are any.

Bill Priestap was Peter Strzok’s boss and James Baker was FBI legal counsel. If there was anyone who seemed less willing (slightly) to frame Trump you could make an argument that Priestap and Baker were the least corrupt on the scale of internal corruption. From the perspective of criminal conduct they would be the two FBI insiders less willing to take a fall. Keep in mind the media has a strong vested interest in the Sussmann prosecution. If Sussmann is found guilty it makes the media culpability look even worse. The media was pushing the same false information to the public that Michael Sussmann was pushing into the FBI.

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“The FBI also knew that the Alfa Bank story, which claimed that a Trump server was communicating with a Russian bank—information that had been brought to them by Sussmann—was bogus.”

FBI Panicked After Trump Tweet Accusing Obama Of Spying On Campaign (ET)

Newly released notes taken by high-level Department of Justice (DOJ) officials during a March 6, 2017, meeting with FBI leadership expose some of the lengths the FBI engaged in to cover up its spying on the 2016 campaign of President Donald Trump. The notes were released on May 8 by lawyers representing former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann as part of an effort to clear him on charges of having lied to the FBI. The notes, in reality, appear to do little to exonerate Sussmann but do provide quite a bit of information on the FBI. The meeting at which the notes were taken took place just two days after Trump’s March 4, 2017, tweet in which he accused former President Barack Obama of having wiretapped Trump Tower.

Trump’s tweet panicked FBI leadership, who were unsure exactly how much Trump knew about their efforts to tie him up with Russia collusion allegations. What the notes reveal is that in response to the tweet, they tried to cover their tracks. By March 2017, FBI leadership already knew with near-certainty that the Trump–Russia collusion claims were a hoax. They knew that Clinton’s campaign had a plan to vilify Trump by portraying him as a puppet of Putin. The FBI also knew that not a single claim in the so-called Steele dossier—which was the primary source of allegations of Trump–Russia collusion—had checked out. In fact, at that point, the FBI had already spent three days interviewing Steele’s primary source, Igor Danchenko, who disavowed pretty much every claim in Steele’s dossier.

The FBI also knew that the Alfa Bank story, which claimed that a Trump server was communicating with a Russian bank—information that had been brought to them by Sussmann—was bogus. In short, the FBI knew that all the claims of Trump-Russia collusion had proven to be fake. But things took a sudden and dramatic turn on March 4, 2017, when Trump said on Twitter that he knew that Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower, a very public claim of spying that set off alarm bells with both FBI and DOJ leadership. Trump’s tweet so alarmed these DOJ and FBI officials that the topic dominated a meeting two days later that included FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and the acting U.S. attorney general, Dana Boente.

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“Are they beset by “disinformation” or is it rather the reality of a cratering nation run by idiots and maniacs?”

Got the Heebie-Jeebies? (Jim Kunstler)

Everyone I know is walking around in a baseline state of nervous agitation. Are they beset by “disinformation” or is it rather the reality of a cratering nation run by idiots and maniacs? Everywhere you look, calamities gather speed while the klaxons of alarm blare from all compass points. Got money? Looks like soon it will be worthless. Wondering if Mr. Putin has had enough of “Joe Biden’s” brainless effrontery to lob some hypersonic Big Ones in our collective face? Relying on that retirement account you have no direct control over while the financial markets wobble? Need to fill up the gas tank of your pickup truck twice a week? Can’t find a new condenser to fix the failing fridge? Entertaining rumors of looming famine. Credit cards maxed out?

Sheriff stapling an eviction notice on your door? Beloved younger brother declaring that henceforward they are your sister? Hearing that all those vaxxes and boosters you obediently submitted to might rearrange your DNA? These are just a few of the concerns zinging through the zeitgeist these late days of the republic. You are correct to be anxious about them, so at least don’t worry about worrying. Just understand that the more events spool out in the direction of danger, the more you will be warned against “disinformation.” The good part is that now we know the identity of at least one person who is officially in charge of that: “disinformation expert” Nina Jankowicz (NiJank), new chief of Washington’s Disinformation Governance Board. Whose idea was that, by the way?

Homeland Security Sec’y Alejandro Mayorkis (AlMay) didn’t seem to know anything pertaining to disinformation last week when grilled in committee by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), including two of the most notorious cases in recent memory: Did the Steele Dossier include Russian disinformation? AlMay said he was “not equipped” to answer that question. Ditto the question — now definitively settled — as to whether Hunter Biden’s laptop stuffed with grifting memoranda was for-real. Of course, both of those matters were labeled previously as disinformation by his new expert hire, NiJank, who, it appears, is similarly unequipped to discuss the particulars at issue. But all this does raise the parallel issue: how much depraved insolence is the public supposed to tolerate from its public servants?

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    “Covid vaccines safe for pregnant women and cut stillbirth risk, says review”

    “We would recommend all pregnant women have the Covid-19 vaccine and the booster vaccine… ”

    Hahaha!! 🤡🤡🤡


    “In the coming year, most COVID vaccinations will be booster shots, or first inoculations for children, …”

    It is not over. 🤡🤡🤡


    ‘Late Show’ halts production after Stephen Colbert shows COVID symptoms

    “he wrote that he was “basically fine,” thanks to being vaccinated” – hahaha!



    Fourth Covid jab can give higher immunity than initial booster, study finds

    “Just because our first-generation vaccines wane rapidly and offer rather permeable protection nowadays, does not suggest we should give up and have no further boosters,” he said.

    “On the contrary, [given] many of us, even with high apparent antibody levels, actually show [very little] protective neutralisation of Omicron, there is all the more urgency to use [fourth] doses – in all age groups”.

    In other words – this shit don’t work, so let’s do it again!
    They are mad !!


    @germ Insanity, doing the same things over and over expecting different results? But are the results we’re told to be looking for the results that are expected by the pushers of said results?

    Dr. D

    I always get the diseases I am vaccinated for. Practically every day I have Mumps and Tetanus. That’s just common sense.

    “Denmark Releases Gold Bar List, but the Serial Numbers Are Missing”

    I’m sure this is nothing. We always do inventories without listing the products. Nothing says innocence like this, or refusing to let the police or opposition see the evidence.

    When the Fed returned the German gold from storage, untouched, sealed up, none of the serials were the same. When the GLD fund released their list, the serials had duplicates to other vaults such as the Fed’s. It was nothing. Nobody blinked, nobody changed behavior.

    I’m sure it’s nothing, and unlike mortgages, stocks, bonds, commodities, hypothecation, all the bars are fine and they haven’t lent them out or pretended to have 300:1 more than they do.

    Speaking of missing, unrecorded inventories: “Nonprofit Watchdog Uncovers $350 Million in Secret Payments to Fauci, Collins, Others at NIH”

    He didn’t buy a bigger house, what did he do with the money? Who did he meet in the parking lot at 10pm and open his trunk? The banks know. Withdrawing as little as $2k will flag a report at a time when used cars cost $40k. Like huge stock bets placed before wars and airplane crashes, it couldn’t be easier to see who knew and where the money went.

    “Sen. Graham Pushes to Designate Moscow a State Sponsor of Terror (Antiwar)”

    Speaking of ‘taking out’, is there nothing that can get rid of this guy? The Democrats don’t like him, the Republicans don’t like him, the media doesn’t like him, America doesn’t like him, his own voters don’t like him, this goes back decades, yet year after year he’s still there.

    Perhaps one person does like him: the voting machines.

    His quote, “Pshaw! Nuclear war? Bring it on! I’ll be safe in the WV Greenbriar Congressional Bunker Resort.”

    “Abrams Tanks” Are not too great. The U.S. has now run out of Javelins in the general sense. That’s okay, we have many accounts of them bouncing off the Russian tanks, it’s good to use them up and decommission them in pieces so their depleted uranium is spread all over the Ukrainian children, rather than doing the dangerous work of disassembly in some American factory.

    Yes, and okay for real: in a munition factory, like all factories, things go wrong. And when the 10-ton press hits the bomb the wrong way, it can go off or you have to evacuate the rest of the day while the highly-trained bomb squad risked their precious few lives to defuse it and/or explode it in place. Then tomorrow do it again. With depleted uranium. God Bless America and our rainbow love and hug bombs, saving Ukrainian children, one radioactive explosion at a time.

    Dems Ditch COVID Funds to Rush $40 Billion to Ukraine (ZH)”

    Because Covid and Ukraine are the same thing or related? So they’re going to, on their narrative, now kill more Americans or let them die this winter so they can get the money to kill more Ukrainians or let them die? You see why I call them a death cult. Should we death, or should we death?

    Polyanskiy, that is the exact Skull Symbol used in the comedy skit “Are We the Baddies?” “We’re wearing literal skulls on our uniforms…are we the baddies?” How about the people who openly lie and cover for them, are they also the baddies?

    I am sorry for Ukrainian commander Prokopenko, but I cannot allow freedom to be extinguished forever. That would appear to put us on opposite sides, and if there is aggression, then I am required self defense. It is for man to know good and evil, and to defend the good and refute evil.

    As V. Arnold, this was reported for 10 years in the NY Times, Congress and Canada had to very specifically write into law that we would not train the literal Nazis, just all the people next to and below them, as well as the country they run telling Ze they’d hang him from a lightpole if he didn’t do what he was told. Now that these decades of NY Times and Toronto Star articles become relevant, no one will listen to, read, credit them, or check. It never happened, you’re crazy to repeat what NPR and LA Times said, they are Far-Right outlets of disinformation, lalalalaala.

    However, the real war is now being fought in markets, which are collapsing. That is to say, the US$ cash is strengthening against everything. Margin, that is debt, is being closed, therefore the supply of dollars is dropping rapidly. And this happened with a 0.5% interest rate change, perhaps earlier than even the Fed expected. Last time, 0.25% the smallest possible hike, translated into 5% rates for houses, going up 20%. This time, 0.5% is/will probably translate into 9% mortgage rates, and the housing market has already halted. In days. The market immediately followed, and ALL assets are going to drop for now. ALL. Stocks, Bonds, Tech, Houses, Commercial, metals, Crypto. The only things going up relative are oil, gas, wheat. And that may only be for now. In a Recession the size of the Great Depression – worldwide – demand for those things may collapse as well.

    Remember, this is related to the War/Ruble/Gold/Gas/Oil link established last month, embargoing the pathetic, outnumbered West. The end of an error.

    “Won’t Get Fooled Again (John Tierney)”

    Yeah, the WHO said this in 1975. We’ve been fooled every day since, harder and faster than ever.

    “Cracks are showing. “Germany Admits Covid ‘Vaccine’ 40 Times Deadlier Than Previously Known (RAIR)”

    Yes, but they don’t care as long as you obey. In fact it’s BETTER if you know and still obey. We killed your kids. “Yes sir, may I have another, sir?”

    “Just because data exists, doesn’t mean that the government should be using it”

    Yeah, here’s where you’ve got full-on fascism. IS the CDC “the government”? Nope. Not. No, Nay, Never they are not. They are +70% funded by industry cartel, adding “government” to their name is a mere fig leaf that gives them legal plausibility. The corporations run it, the government then enforces on their direction. So they are a total monopoly-private/State use of violent force merger. That goes for the data records they sold as well. They (Cell and phone and tech companies) are a government-protected monopoly that collects the data and any competitor that resists the pogrom, like BlackBerry, is forceably run out of business. Literally BB was the only phone with security. They removed it, corporations now use phone-server-mail structure with no security. That’s considered normal that every IT Director in every corporation on the planet wants to buy that product, and none are sold, the ones that did exist were canceled, no plans for a new one. Most now use Apple, which has the keys they will hand to Government for nothing.

    …And they use Chinese chips, but that’s a different security breach.

    Total panopticon, fascist, police state, authoritarian control.

    “His model for the future is built on what he feels has worked over the past two years: isolate contacts, close borders, lockdown as quickly as possible, then remove restrictions slowly and cautiously.”

    7 Billion people and 2 years later, all the things we just proved do not work and are in fact worse than the places that didn’t. Sweden now best in Europe. Florida better than NY or Michigan. Failing failures who failed. But the POWER is that you know this and I can make you do it, voluntarily agree to it anyway. I am a violent, lying, thieving failure and you love me anyway. My drug is your sweet, sweet tears. The more I can rub it in your face, the sweeter and more powerful it is.

    “Durham Prosecution and Sussmann Defense Outline Trial Witnesses (CTH)”

    “ FBI Panicked After Trump Tweet Accusing Obama Of Spying On Campaign (ET)”

    This story is 5 years old. Justice delayed is Justice denied. But I’ve got an idea: let’s arrest them and put them in prison while we wait, like they do to Assange, J6, and everybody else, meaning you.

    Fair’s fair, right? All men are created equal?


    Fun times ahead, it will be just like camping!

    See, just spend more time at the library, it’ll be fun and you can take some new courses!

    Not to worry though the Russians are having a much harder time of it if you were to believe these a-h@#es!

    “The main negatives are the oil embargo, the EU giving up Russian gas, along with more departures among foreign companies,” said Natalia Lavrova, chief economist at BCS Financial Group in Moscow. “All that will probably expand gradually, with a lot of negative carrying over in to 2023.”


    “Safe and Effective”


    Dr.D “The end of an error.” Love it!!


    Anyone who asks the question “what is a woman?” is thereby revealing that they have the intelligence of your average garden slug. This is why we shouldn’t trust these so-called “archaeologists” who claim to be able to determine whether those ancient skeletons they’ve uncovered are “male” or “female”. This is pure pseudo-science. Next they’ll be telling us they can work out their pronouns by measuring the femurs.

    Let me settle this matter once and for all. A woman is anyone who says she is a woman. A woman is a feeling, a shimmering nimbus of possibility, an echo of distant dreams reverberating gingerly through a winter’s gloaming. She is a mewling constellation, a bagful of semi-felched pixies, the enchanted stardust that pirouettes luminously on the spindle of time.

    It’s got absolutely nothing to do with tits.

    Yeah right!


    Lindsey Graham is a disgusting piece of RINO filth.

    The ReThugicans are every bit as revoltingly corrupt and the Demotards, more so when you listen to their pompous self righteous blovations.

    Same Ass, different cheek.

    If the RINOs were purged from the Rethuglicans, it would leave only Ron Johnson and Ran Paul.

    Pitiful, any change in the House or Senate majority this fall will be in name only.

    Lindsey Graham needs to be flushed down the crapper of history.

    The ReThugs just want their turn at the pig trough of the Swamp. Nothing will change.

    Some petite grudges will be settle among thieves.

    Like Gonzalo Lira said the other day, you live in a Tyranny, not a Democracy.

    The Punch and Judy Show will continue this year leading into the Greatest Depression ever known to history.

    Good luck snowflakes, yah, yah, I know, we’re all unique humans, blahblahblah.

    What does it take to produce a Beethoven or a Shakespeare or a Picasso, one in a million?

    One in ten million?

    What does it take to produce a real leader?

    One in a billion?

    Times running out kids.

    For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

    Call is karma via physics

    Imagine what the reaction and karma is to an Empire of Lies.

    A mountain of Lies.

    The mountain range of Lies

    It’s gonna be Biblical even if you’re not the religious type.



    Denys Prokopenko, commander of Azov battalion trapped in Avostal and his 14 year old sex toy, Kateryna.

    Denys Prokopenko is a Capo in the child trafficking operation run in Ukraine.


    Dr D Rich

    March 6, 2017.
    Another distraction from Barack Obama.

    January 5, 2017
    The Oval Office


    The Ukrainian Jeffery Epstein

    Mr. House

    She does look young, that struck me when i first saw the photo also.


    by Rudyard Kipling

    Well see, here’s the deal.

    Rudyard Kipling was an avid dedicated war monger until his son died in WW1.

    In fact he spent the remaining years of his life after WWI looking for his son’s grave, which he never found.

    He then wrote this:

    Epitaphs of the War (1914 – 1918)
    by Rudyard Kipling

    I could not dig, I dared not rob.
    Therefore I lied to please the mob.
    Now all my lies are proved untrue
    And I must face the men I slew.
    What tale will serve me here among
    Mine angry and defrauded young

    Lt. John Kipling



    I remember growing up (1970 baby here) being informally taught that WWII is what got us out of the great depression. Do you think we have a generation of “leaders” that internalized that message to such an extent that they see another WW as the answer to our obvious economic problems?

    This shit is getting real, and I truly do not understand what on earth we are doing, unless I view it in that light.

    Mr. House
    Dr D Rich

    Kipling was ignorant or indifferent to the prospect of his son’s death, well, at least until his son died at war a fate I’d wish upon no father.
    Denial of such an outcome doesn’t fit Kipling’s prodigious intellect.
    And every father knows you fight for your son…now.


    Don’t miss/Go look at Formerly T-Bear at the end of yesterdays post in Victory Day
    elitist are liars
    “…. lies which facilitated the slaughter and deaths ….”

    Enemy of life are hypocrites, and always call out for death, killing, and war/destruction of other people
    • Sen. Graham Pushes To Designate Moscow a State Sponsor of Terror (Antiwar)

    Mr. House

    According to this site i’ve been following since the GFC the economy is already in free fall and has fallen further then its initial 2020 dip

    Mr. House

    Which leads one to ask, where are the layoffs? Remember when they fired more people in 2020 then in 08 but it was due to the “pandemic”? Had nothing to do with the repo market blowing up in fall of 2019, oh and bill gates now admits what got you banned from the internet for saying in 2020 and 2021! Covid mainly effects the elderly and feel like the flu to most. Dear lord please rescue us from ourselves.

    Mister Roboto

    @Mr. House: It’s not unusual for employment figures to be a “lagging indicator” of the health of the economy.


    I have a new singing student; yesterday was the 4th lesson. A chance comment spiraled into a conversation where we both realized that we were on the same side of the Covid vaccine debate! She is a devout Catholic and Philippino nurse. She realized vaccines were not all they were credited to be when her elderly dog developed an autoimmune disorder following vaccination a few years ago. She has a doctor friend who left a local job at a large hospital system for a small private practice and took a 50% cut in pay, all to avoid getting jabbed and because she couldn’t handle not being able to prescribe the medicines that the patients needed.

    I have been fortunate to have a partner and family that lives close by in agreement with me regarding the Covid vaccines. The only other person I know locally who fully agrees is a long-time client undeniably injured by the Moderna vaccine. (Just a few days ago I found out about yet another computer client likely unknowingly injured by the vaccine — a Covid-jabbed woman in her fifties who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, had the tumor removed, undergoing radiation treatment this week.). It is disconcerting to be mostly surrounded by people who believe the Covid narrative in whole or part. It is a delight to find others who do not believe any of it.

    And, wouldn’t you know, so far it appears that the “Covidiots,” whether their belief is in whole or part, are also falling for the narratives about the Ukraine/Russia war, lock, stock, and barrel.

    The events of the past few years have brought into stark relief the differences between independent thinking and “herd mentality.” I am observing that most folks just don’t much venture into the synthesis and evaluation stages of Bloom’s Taxonomy. The folks in my erstwhile choir who were considered accomplished and intelligent have written email opinions to the group regarding Covid that ventured into the realm of analysis. I remember being introduced to Bloom’s Taxonomy around age 8 or 9 in a class for “gifted” kids. The words towards the top were ones that I had seen in books, but their meanings were fuzzy to me — I had no idea what “synthesis” meant. I remember reading and re-reading the definitions, trying to understand exactly what the words described. The teacher told our small group that our goal should be to spend most of our time in the thought processes described at the top of the taxonomy — in synthesis and evaluation. I remember the lesson but I don’t think that it guided my thoughts over the years. Whatever it was that led a teacher to suggest me for the testing that placed me in that “gifted” class also led me intuitively to thought processes that lie at the top of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

    If we look at humanity as a whole, we are all given different gifts (or “talents,” to paraphrase a parable.) These gifts serve humanity in a variety of ways. Some of us can’t help but spend a good portion of our time and efforts THINKING (analysis, synthesis, evaluation.) In a healthy society, the thinkers would share their thoughts around and the useful and meritorious thoughts are spread far and wide. Instead, we have a very sick society where the thought-sharing is being controlled by gatekeepers.

    Michael Reid
    Doc Robinson

    The Guardian: “Covid vaccines safe for pregnant women… We would recommend all pregnant women have the Covid-19 vaccine and the booster vaccine… ”

    Oh really? Here’s the latest information from Pfizer (as of 26 April 2022):

    Available data on Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy.”


    Russia needs to shutdown all gas transit through Ukraine and that will force Germany to open Nordstream2.


    Shadows Stats

    Closer to Reality than the Empire of Lies

    We’re pushing 17-18% consumer inflation.

    You can’t keep a Western economy running with this rate.

    Raising interest loan rates to 20-25% is what’s needed to stamp this out.

    That a death sentence on stocks, bonds, housing, etc…

    But it’s also a death sentence if you don’t



    FDA Chief Claims “Misinformation” Is Leading Cause Of Death In The US

    “During an appearance on CNN, FDA chief Dr. Robert Califf asserted that the leading cause of death in the United States is online “misinformation.”

    Yes, really.

    Califf spoke about his remarks during an interview with CNN’s Pamela Brown, which were originally made at a health conference in Texas last month when he said online misinformation was “now our leading cause of death.”

    After admitting that there was “no way to quantify this,” before mentioning heart disease and cancer (actual killers), Califf went on to bolster the claim anyway….”


    @Dr. D quoted: “Polyanskiy, that is the exact Skull Symbol used in the comedy skit “Are We the Baddies?” “We’re wearing literal skulls on our uniforms…are we the baddies?” How about the people who openly lie and cover for them, are they also the baddies?”

    I heard a good line in the old 1966 movie “The Professionals” last night. “Maybe there’s only one revolution: the good guys versus the bad guys. The question is: who are the good guys?”


    Tomorrow is now
    Who has hypersonic weapons? China, the U.S., and Russia have the most advanced capabilities, and several other countries are investigating the technology, including India, Japan, Australia, France, Germany and North Korea, which claims to have tested a hypersonic missile.
    Russia fires hypersonic missiles at Odesa
    Billal Rahman
    China’s new hypersonic missile is also an aircraft-carrier killer

    Making India global drone hub by 2030: Modi Minister Scindia details govt’s ‘3 wheels’


    Another piece of the puzzle drops into place. Ukraine sovereign debt.

    Some “interests” are advocating for restructuring, delaying payment on, or outright cancelling Ukraine’s outstanding debt. We all know that should such things happen, it won’t be the bankers or investors that take the hit. It will either be covered by taxpayers, or “retired” via the printing press (which means that all of us pay).

    The Folly of Debt Cancellation

    And lo and behold, new EU will be issued to cover Ukraine’s short-term financing needs.

    Even with the Western financial system about to fall apart, this same playbook is being rolled out yet again. Kind of like the Covid jabs—“the first ones didn’t work, so let’s try it again!”

    Brandon Smith recently wrote:

    “All wars are banker wars. The only wars that are not are wars of rebellion against the bankers. There is nothing you cannot eventually understand in terms of geopolitics as long as you accept the fact that international conflicts are generally engineered and are always designed to benefit a particular group of establishment power brokers and financial elites.”

    Economic World War: Who Benefits And How Much Time Is Left?


    Horrible if true-

    Thanks Gaawd iim vvaxxxidattteddd…

    Brought to you by the no jab / no job foundation. We will fire you, starve you, ruin you unless you do what we say-

    Do what we say or we’ll kill you. Do what we say and we will kill you.

    Wow tough choice following orders these days. Show me your papers NOW motherfukrs.

    99.9% survivability of covid bio-wpn though you’ll never be the same again.

    99.9% US politicians lying cheating criminal brainwashed scum murdering you.

    99.9% US corporations lying cheating criminal scum brainwashing you.

    Step right up, winner every time, place your bets.

    There is some Righteous Vengeance watching in real time the collapse and implosion of the Hate and Lies Empire… Pity they may take all of us down Jim Jones Kool Aid style. Remind me who the real terroristas enemies are?

    Michael Reid

    @ phoenixvoice

    If the devout Catholic and Philippino nurse married to the doctor has nursed in Stephenville then we have nursed together. She was very sweet and that would be a small world.



    I often wonder what it takes for a person to question the official narratives spewed daily by our masters.
    Intelligence is very helpful but I don’t think it, on it’s own, can do so without some other trait.
    I would not exactly classify myself as intelligent so obviously some other trait is at play.
    I must confess that my Father often quietly questioned narratives.
    Growing up I always wanted to know how things really worked.
    Why could a Swiss watch still work if I had a few gears left over?
    Thus my technical education.
    I suspect some world travel in my early adult years was my trigger.
    So for me to question economic, political, health, etc narratives comes naturally.
    I still haven’t fully understood why most people can’t figure out they have been lied to.
    I know it is partly a combination of human psychological and emotional traits overwhelming common sense.
    I do know under duress, common sense is not as common as it should be.

    Michael Reid

    Five Warning Signs the End of Dollar Hegemony Is Near… Here’s What Happens Next

    Five Warning Signs the End of Dollar Hegemony Is Near… Here’s What Happens Next

    Dr. D

    I don’t know who the good guys are, but I can tell the bad guys because they are perfectly sure of themselves. No doubts.

    It’s actually emotional. They know that if you break community, clan, people will need it so much they will join anything, any group, any movement, and then you just standard corporate advertising to engineer, package, and sell it to them. This is why such psychoses occur after, say, Germany’s Inflation and Jazz age, where all rules, all order, liminalism, were erased.

    I have seen this in my friends, it’s subterranean, it’s driven them mad, and they join the clan. I, being a friend, but only one person, am NOT a clan, and am cut off and ostracized without thought. Such as been commented on cults many times. But FIRST comes the destruction of the family, community, and even marriage. Only THEN can Nazism work. They started this in 1969 in preparation for today’s war and even talked about it in their papers. It takes time, patience, money, constant shepherding, but you can indeed drive every man on earth insane if only you apply the same procedures, the same rules, the same isolation, that would drive one man insane. Then they join. As Ritter says. They don’t even know why, and they won’t believe you if you tell them. I’ve tried. Many times.

    Bringing them back means RE-creating love, marriage, family, community, clan, honor, rules. That is why they are the arch-enemy, the freakout, the hebephrenia of the Left that the powers are generally aligned with right now. ANY rules, ANY solidarity, ANY order, ANY law, ANY family, ANY religion are the death of their plan. For war, mass-murder, a WWIII which we lose, and their new Plato state of philosopher kings, what we call Neo-feudalism with 2-4B deaths. That’s why they absolutely go bananas, arrest and kill anyone who shows the slightest help and love, like the Truckers, or like School Board meetings. If there is order, community, Nazism cannot stand. Nazism is the replacement for those things. State replaces church, family, God, morality, and YOU.

    Love thy neighbor as thyself. “But Rabbi, What if I can’t do that?” Then love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. And it all goes away. Order and love return.

    I can say it is simple. But I cannot say it is easy.


    @WES said

    I often wonder what it takes for a person to question the official narratives spewed daily by our masters.

    It is not just questioning, I know two intelligent engineers who have questioned the vaccines, but they still go out and get jabbed, despite knowing that they do not work. These people do not need to get jabbed for any particular reason, such as a job etc, but they still do it. Maybe it is spousal pressure, but something overrides their logical thinking and they do it. My suspicion is that they have very strong emotional components to their decision making, maybe they feel strong empathy for the group or the system. Strangely, when I ask them why they got vaxxed, they do not really have an answer, they are not able to clearly state why.

    Of course, there are the others who I consider retards, these are the people who go out and get vaxxed first day, then text everybody about how they got the jab, feeling that they are the cool kids. These are mostly intelligent people too but I put it down to insecurity and dependence on the system. They love the system, they want to do what they can for the system, they will not consider a bad word said against the system.

    In all cases, these people remind me of the safety instructions on an aeroplane: put your oxygen mask on first before you help anybody else to put on their mask. For a minority of us this is natural and does not need saying, but for the majority they would naturally put on little Jimmy’s mask first and only then look after themselves. The vaxxed are these people, they do not make decisions logically, they are driven by emotion first and logic second. They are ripe for being manipulated.

    Michael Reid

    But we’re not just talking about a stock market crash or a currency collapse…
    It’s something much bigger… with the potential to alter the fabric of society forever

    Five Warning Signs the End of Dollar Hegemony Is Near… Here’s What Happens Next

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