May 312023
Debt Rattle May 31 2023

John Singer Sargent Palmettos, Florida 1917   • NATO Is Creating Another Battlefield On European Continent (GT) • NATO Is ‘Escalation Factor’ In Kosovo – Moscow (RT) • Maidan-Style Coup Attempt Unfolding In Belgrade — Russian Ambassador (TASS) • NATO To Send More Troops To Kosovo Following Clashes (RT) • Another Strike on Vladimir Putin? (GP) • US ‘Encourage’ Ukraine To Attack Russia – Ambassador (RT) • Russia Will Be Appropriately Represented At BRICS Summit – Kremlin (RT) • Oil

May 302023
Debt Rattle May 30 2023

Vincent van Gogh A Lane near Arles (Side of a Country Lane) 1888   • Russia Hasn’t Started To ‘Act Seriously’ In Ukraine – Envoy (RT) • Moscow Attacked By Drones – Mayor (RT) • Russia Will Not Negotiate Until It Wins In Ukraine Conflict – Borrell (TASS) • Memorial Service (Jim Kunstler) • Russian Arrest Warrant For Lindsey Graham Over ‘Killing Russians’ Remarks (ZH) • Clumsy Excuses: Russian FM On Claim Graham’s Words Taken Out Of Context (TASS) •

May 292023
Debt Rattle May 29 2023

Paul Gauguin Apatarao 1893     • Russia Ready For Ukraine Peace Talks, But On Its Conditions – Envoy (Tass) • Russia Outlines Conditions For Ukraine Peace Deal (RT) • Lavrov: West’s Plans To Send F-16s To Kiev Unacceptable Escalation (TASS) • West Waging Its War Against Russia ‘On All Fronts’ – Kremlin (TASS) • Moscow Warns West Against ‘Playing With Fire’ (RT) • F-16s For Ukraine Won’t Be A Game Changer – Bloomberg (RT) • State Department Won’t Say

May 282023
Debt Rattle May 28 2023

Vincent van Gogh The garden of the asylum at Saint-Rémy 1889   • No Truce With the Heartland (Luongo) • Eurasian Heartland Rises to Challenge the West (Pepe Escobar) • After Bakhmut (Douglas Macgregor) • Counteroffensive Can Start At Any Moment – Ukrainian Official (RT) • Ukraine Demands German Missiles Capable Of Striking Moscow (RT) • Africa Foresees End Of Unipolar World – Russian Envoy (RT) • Credit Rating Agency Downgrades US (RT) • Debt Ceiling Deal Between White House

May 272023
Debt Rattle May 27 2023

Vincent van Gogh Pollard Willows and Setting Sun 1888   • Air Defender 23: The Largest Exercise Since The Foundation Of NATO (Helmer) • G7 Members Want The Rest Of The World To Join Their Crusade (Lukyanov) • Lavrov Hails China’s “Balanced Position”, Ukraine Asked To Cede Territory (ZH) • NATO’s ‘Grave Mistake’ Led To Ukraine Conflict – Kissinger (RT) • Russia Protests To US Embassy Over Sullivan’s Crimea Statements (RT) • US Incites European Yes-Men To Poke Russia –

May 262023
Debt Rattle May 26 2023

Damien Hirst Renewal Blossom 2018   • Ukraine Sent Poor, Untrained Men Into Bakhmut Meat Grinder (Antiwar) • US Has Been Preparing Ukrainian Counteroffensive ‘For Months’ – Nuland (RT) • Shoigu Sees West Waging Undeclared War On Russia, Belarus (TASS) • More Than 2,500 Foreign Mercenaries Fighting For Ukraine – Shoigu (RT) • Kiev Regime Must Cease To Exist – Medvedev (RT) • China Tells EU To Look At ‘Root Cause’ Of Ukraine Conflict (RT) • What Matters Is A

May 252023
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Debt Rattle May 25 2023

Damien Hirst Spiritual Day Blossom 2018   • Zelensky A ‘Servant Of The People’ – But Not The Ukrainian People (Kornilov) • Putin Has Led Russia To Failure With His Invasion – Prigozhin (DM) • Wagner Chief Reveals Losses In Fight For Artyomovsk (RT) • Russia Opposes ‘Freezing’ Ukraine Conflict – Kremlin (RT) • Mearsheimers Latest Talk On The War In Ukraine (MoA) • British Warmongering Is Driving Europe Towards Catastrophe In Ukraine (Cook) • NATO’s Eastward Expansion Shares Intent

May 242023
Debt Rattle May 24 2023

Leonardo da Vinci Ginevra de’ Benci c. 1474-78   • ‘Counteroffensive’ Will Begin ‘Very Soon’ – Ukrainian Intelligence (RT) • Ukraine Can’t Win Against Russia – Orban (RT) • “Obvious” There Will Be “No Victory For The Poor Ukrainians”: Orban (ZH) • US Must Make Security Deal With Russia – Hungary (RT) • Orban Thinks NATO Reluctant To Deploy Own Troops To Ukraine (TASS) • Kremlin Spokesman Sees No Prerequisites For Ukrainian Peace Process (TASS) • Serb Leader Explains Why

May 232023
Debt Rattle May 23 2023

Leonardo da Vinci Lady with an Ermine c. 1489-91   • Peace Plans Are ‘Absolutely Wrong’ – UK PM (RT) • Austria Calls For Dialogue With Russia (TASS) • Hungary Opposes New EU Sanctions, Military Assistance To Ukraine (TASS) • Ukraine Won’t Join NATO Anytime Soon – Scholz (RT) • Fade to Black in Ukraine (Kunstler) • Chinese Delegation Visits Moscow For ‘Security Consultations’ (RT) • Russia Can Conduct Its Special Op For A Long Time – German Intel Chief



May 222023
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Nicolas Poussin A Dance to the Music of Time 1634-36     I haven’t written articles for a while, but instead focused on the Debt Rattle news overviews. My focus has always been on conveying information in the best possible way, so you guys can make up your own mind, instead of me doing it for you. And it’s been hard to counter the MSM reporting, which does exactly that -make up people’s minds-, on Ukraine, with better sources. RT