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Hayami Gyoshu Tea bowl and fruits 1921


RFK Jr: from Camelot to Conspiracy-Mongering (G. Ed.)
China Complicit In Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine, Says MI6 Chief (G.)
New EU Grant To Ukraine Means Years More Of Fighting – Hungary (TASS)
Ukrainian Counteroffensive Stumbles Over Russian Minefields (Scott Ritter)
‘Vast’ Russian Minefields Zapping Morale Of Ukrainian Troops (Sp.)
‘My Mates Have Died And Are Dying’ in Ukraine – Australian Mercenary (Sp.)
UK Intel ‘Freelancers’ Helped Ukraine Target Crimean Bridge – The Grayzone (RT)
Repairing Damaged Ukrainian Military Hardware Would Be Nightmare for West (Sp.)
Kuleba Urges EU To Expand Opportunities For Export Of Ukrainian Grain (Az.)
Grassley Releases Bombshell FBI Doc Discussing $10MM Biden Bribe
Rep. Dan Goldman Demolishes Biden Defense in Whistleblower Hearing (Turley)
A Catastrophic Debt Implosion Can Be Incredibly Quick (Von Greyerz)
Freedom Flyers (Martin Armstrong)



At first I thought of RFK: don’t let them come at you with these antisemitism charges. But after seeing him yesterday in the House, I think maybe he is looking for this. That way he can show everybody that he’s not afraid. Everybody including his own party, who tried to silence/censor him there. Not the GOP, but his own party!





MASSIE: “Wow, the irony and cognitive dissonance from the other side of the aisle is deafening… This is a hearing on censorship that began with an effort, with a formal motion from the other side of the aisle to censor Mr. Kennedy”





RFK fires back








Putin 2009





The Guardian is not done with RFK yet. An actual editorial this time.

“The lawyer trades on his family’s image while spreading dangerous ideas. No wonder Republicans hype his bid for the Democratic nomination..”

“Voters, including independents, are not giving Mr Biden credit for the improving the economy or other achievements. That may not be fair. But it’s a fact.”

RFK Jr: from Camelot to Conspiracy-Mongering (G. Ed.)

Robert F Kennedy Jr, campaigning to be the Democratic nominee for the presidency, likes to call himself a “Kennedy Democrat”. His own siblings disagree. His uncle’s presidency, like his namesake father’s career and presidential campaign, had an aura of hope and responsibility as well as glamour. RFK Jr talks vaguely of overcoming divisions, but in reality trades upon a peculiar blend of “cynicism and credulity”, as one commentator notes. Most recently he claimed that “Covid-19 is targeted to attack Caucasians and black people. The people who are most immune are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese,” in comments reported by the New York Post. However jarring the remarks – he partially backtracked later – they sit comfortably with his long history of fomenting conspiracy theories and his nonsensical, anti-scientific views. He has falsely linked childhood immunisations to autism and wifi to cancer and “leaky brain”, claimed that HIV does not cause Aids, and suggested that chemicals in drinking water could make children transgender.

One of his sisters warned that his latest comments put people’s lives in danger. So much for the Kennedy legacy. Nor does he look like much of a Democrat. He is being hyped by billionaires and rightwing broadcasters such as Sean Hannity, and has gained traction among Republicans rather than Democrats. Some see his campaign primarily as a vehicle for his ego and brand, which may be less damaging to President Biden’s chances than a possible third-party bid by Democratic senator Joe Manchin and Republican former governor Jon Huntsman’s No Labels group. A poll this month suggested that a “moderate, independent third-party candidate” could gain about 20% of the vote and result in a second term for Donald Trump. But talk up Mr Kennedy enough and he might have a marginal effect in denting President Biden.

Others suspect that Mr Kennedy wants the Republican vice-presidential slot. Steve Bannon and Roger Stone have both floated the idea of a Trump-Kennedy ticket. None of this has prevented him finding up to 20% support among Democrats in polls. Camelot nostalgia and the celebrity factor have clearly played a large part in that. Mr Kennedy has never run for any public office, still less held it, but boasts that he’s “been around” politics since he was a little boy. The lack of enthusiasm for the sitting president is also potent: most Democrats do not want him to run again, although they indicate that they would vote for him over Mr Trump. Voters, including independents, are not giving Mr Biden credit for the improving the economy or other achievements. That may not be fair. But it’s a fact.

Mr Kennedy’s appeal goes deeper, however. He has found a home in the world described by a new book, Conspirituality, where new age spirituality and the “wellness” industry overlap with the politics of paranoia, as well as alongside the Trumpian right. Distrust of institutions, suspicion at the marriage of state and corporate power, and fear and sadness at the despoliation of the environment are in themselves reasonable concerns. But the political ambition that feeds upon and mutates them into more poisonous beliefs is unpalatable.

RFK disinformation dozen

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More Guardian. Make war not peace.

China Complicit In Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine, Says MI6 Chief (G.)

The head of MI6 has accused China’s government and its leader, Xi Jinping, of being “absolutely complicit” in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in a rare public address in Prague. Sir Richard Moore, who has been chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service since 2020, also offered comment on the extraordinary mutiny in June by the mercenary Wagner group led by Yevgeny Prigozhin. Shortly before Russia invaded Ukraine, Xi and Vladimir Putin signed a “no limits” partnership between their countries. After the war began, China’s government sought to present itself as a neutral peacemaker, and there have been signs of Xi’s dissatisfaction with events, but in practice Beijing refused to publicly censure or discourage Russia, and senior officials often expressed direct support.

“When Putin invaded Ukraine, the Chinese very clearly supported the Russians,” Moore said at the event hosted by Politico on Wednesday. “They have completely supported the Russians diplomatically, they’ve abstained in key votes at the United Nations, they’ve absolutely cynically repeated all the Russian tropes, particularly in places like Africa and Latin America – [by] blaming Nato and all of this stuff.” Moore said MI6 now devoted more resources to China than any other mission, which “reflects China’s importance in the world and the crucial need to understand both the intent and capability of the Chinese government”. His comments are likely to spark an angry response from Beijing, and follow a recent speech and essay by Bill Burns, in which the CIA director warned of Beijing’s “actions” accompanying its powerful rise:

“Russia’s aggression poses a formidable test. But China is the only country with both the intent to reshape the international order and, increasingly, the economic, diplomatic, military and technological power to do so.” Moore said the balance of power between Russia and China had shifted in the latter’s favour, and this had hurt Putin’s prestige in Russia. Putin’s power had also been affected by the Wagner group revolt in June, Moore suggested. “You don’t have a group of mercenaries advance up the motorway towards Moscow and get to within 125km of Moscow unless you have not quite predicted that was going to happen,” he said. “Prigozhin was his creature, utterly created by Putin, and yet he turned on him.”

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“..The question is, how many people will die in these four years, while we finance the supply of arms for 20 billion euros..”

New EU Grant To Ukraine Means Years More Of Fighting – Hungary (TASS)

The EU leadership’s proposal to allocate 20 billion euros in military assistance to Ukraine over four years will prolong hostilities in the country for years to come. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations of Hungary, Peter Szijjarto voiced this opinion on Thursday. He was taking part in a meeting with his colleagues from the EU countries in Brussels. Szijjarto said that EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell proposed to allocate 20 billion euros to finance arms supplies to Ukraine over a period of 4 years. “This practically establishes the military regime for years,” Szijjarto said at a meeting with Hungarian reporters during a break in the session.

“So now you should not think about peace [in Ukraine], not only in the short term, but also in the long term,” the Hungarian Foreign Minister stressed. His press conference was broadcast on his Facebook page (banned in Russia, owned by the Meta corporation, recognized as extremist in Russia). sSpeaking about the meeting of the EU Council at the ministerial level, Szijjarto said: “To sum up briefly what has been said in recent hours, I can tell you that they don’t really want to talk about peace.” “What does the European Union say? It will be a war zone [in Ukraine] for four years.”

“Such a proposal is shocking. The question is, how many people will die in these four years, while we finance the supply of arms for 20 billion euros. And how many Hungarians [from the Transcarpathia region] will die in these four years?” the Foreign Minister said. In his opinion, the last 500 days have proven that the Ukrainian conflict cannot be resolved on the battlefield, and the more weapons that are delivered there, the more dead there will be. “Therefore, we are asking Brussels, Berlin, Paris and Washington to bring peace, not weapons, to our neighboring country,” Szijjarto said.

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Also check video ‘Agent Zelensky’ – Part 2.

Ukrainian Counteroffensive Stumbles Over Russian Minefields (Scott Ritter)

Doctrinally speaking, Russian air and artillery fires do not become decisively engaged until an attacking force reaches the first line of prepared defenses, after which both air and artillery will be brought to bear on pre-designated “fire sacs” which the attacker is pushed into by a combination of minefields and defensive positions. Even here the Russians avoid decisive engagement, pulling back to a second line of defenses likewise defined by obstacle barriers consisting primarily of minefields. Russia has been fighting this way since the 1980’s, when the Soviet Ministry of Defense moved away from the “fight until you die” approach of holding on to a defensive position to adapt their tactics and operations to the reality of the modern battlefield. Any officer who has studied Soviet and/or Russian operational art is knowledgeable of this fact.

The problem is that for the past 20 years, the United States military and NATO have not been focused on fighting the Russian threat, but rather dealing with low-intensity combat in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere. Therein lies the source of General Zaluzhny’s frustration—the NATO trainers who ran the Ukrainian forces earmarked for the ongoing counteroffensive through there paces in the training grounds of Germany were anything but experts on the subject they were teaching—the reduction of a fortified position in depth. Too many assumptions were made about the viability of untested NATO mine-sweeping technology, while too little attention was paid to the reality of Russian defensive warfare and the role played by mines in impeding any advance.

Old school Cold Warriors, especially those who participated in the last major breaching assault against a heavily mined fortified defensive position—the Iraqi forces dug in along the Kuwaiti border with Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm in February 1991, understand what it takes to methodically clear a minefield that is covered by enemy direct and indirect fire. The answer is firepower that meets or exceeds that available to the enemy. Ukraine possesses nothing close to the fire support available to Russia. {..] There is no easy way to clear a minefield. It is slow, dangerous, laborious work that must be undertaken by properly trained and properly equipped forces who are protected from enemy fire by the overwhelming application of friendly suppressive fires. Ukraine lacks this capability, and General Milley knows it. The fact that General Milley fails to admit this, and encourage the Ukrainians to stop their lemming-like appointment with death, is an indictment of his lack of professionalism as a soldier, and the United States as a society totally lacking in humanity.

Scott Ritter Investigation: ‘Agent Zelensky’ – Part 2

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“We can push with 10 brigades but it won’t work because the mines are everywhere, every half a meter there are mines..”

‘Vast’ Russian Minefields Zapping Morale Of Ukrainian Troops (Sp.)

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu earlier said that since the start of Ukraine’s counteroffensive in early June, Russia has wiped out more than 26,000 Ukrainian soldiers, while also obliterating over 1,200 enemy tanks. “Vast and dense” minefields laid by Russian forces proved to be the most “daunting obstacle” for Ukraine’s counteroffensive, a UK newspaper has reported. According to the paper, these minefields “are destroying NATO-supplied armor, wounding soldiers and zapping morale.” As an example, the news outlet quoted a Ukrainian special forces unit commander as saying that the Russian landmines are having a devastating effect on Ukraine’s attempts to push forward. “We can push with 10 brigades but it won’t work because the mines are everywhere, every half a meter there are mines,” the commander, who was only referred to by his first name Sultan, told the newspaper.

Referring to a “painfully slow” offensive, the newspaper cited unnamed “frontline” Ukrainian soldiers as blaming Russia’s minefields, calling them “a hidden threat that has become a psychological torment.” The media outlet pointed out that Ukrainian troops have to tackle “miles of open fields littered with thousands of mines: anti-tank, anti-personnel, improvised explosive devices and an array of booby traps.” The publication added that even though the US-made Bradley fighting vehicles and German Leopard 2 battle tanks provided some protection, mine strikes finally “put many vehicles out of commission, halting advances, and leaving the [Ukrainian] troops to trek on foot through minefields while under fire.”

Ukrainian military leaders have, meanwhile, urged their Western allies to supply more mine-clearing equipment to Kiev, such as M58 Mine Clearing Line Charge systems (MICLICs). The US has already provided Ukraine with “some” of this equipment, “but not to the extent that was promised,” according to the newspaper. Ukraine’s much-hyped counteroffensive kicked off on June 4 after months of delays over a lack of military supplies from Western donors.

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“a lack of confidence in the leadership of some commanders of the Legion is a pervasive problem, with devastating effects.”

‘My Mates Have Died And Are Dying’ in Ukraine – Australian Mercenary (Sp.)

Moscow earlier recalled that all those foreigners, who are fighting on the side of Ukraine in the special operation zone, remain legitimate targets of the Russian military, “who successfully obliterate them.” Foreign mercenaries in Ukraine are threatened with repercussions for spreading information about some “incompetent” Ukrainian commanders, who are putting them in danger, a former Australian soldier currently serving with the Ukrainian International Legion has told an Australian radio station. The former Aussie serviceman, who was only referred to by the call sign “Bush,” singled out the leadership incompetence of some Ukrainian commanders, adding that some mercenaries have been threatened with jail for trying to leave Ukraine.

“The simple fact is that it is a meat grinder out there. My mates have died, and are dying. This is a matter of life and death and this needs to be solved, pronto,” he pointed out. The Australian soldier of fortune admitted that he “has seen things out here that, from a military perspective, are beyond unacceptable and are unfortunately hurting Ukraine.” He also argued that some mercenaries had not been paid at all for their service in Ukraine. When asked whether he fears for his safety in speaking out, the man said, “Absolutely, 100 percent.” The Australian radio station also referred to a recent recorded exchange, in which “the Bush” reportedly tells a Ukrainian commander about a broken system that made it impossible “to do tasks as simple as transferring men from one unit to another.”

In the recording, “The Bush” also bemoans the fact that his mates’ concerns about particular commanders within the Ukrainian International Legion are being ignored. “We will not continue to serve in a military that mistreats us,” he was heard telling the commander, who reacts by admitting that Legion members are angry and frustrated, according to the Australian radio station. Separately, the media outlet cited “the Bush” as saying that although some Australian members of the Ukrainian International Legion are more experienced in operating the Australian-made Bushmasters armored personnel carriers that were recently delivered to Kiev, they are prevented from using these vehicles.“We have been expressly ordered that we cannot use this equipment — only the Ukrainians can use it.” the former Australian soldier said.

“The Bush” was echoed by former Australian Army officer Glenn Kolomeitz, who told the Australian radio station that foreign mercenaries in Ukraine “are threatened with jail and all manner of nonsense,” if they ask to leave.
Kolomeitz described some of the threats received by Ukrainian International Legion members as “horrendous” and “shocking.” He also accused Ukrainian commanders of “disregarding the planning and just sending troops in, Ukrainians and Westerners, into these battles without the benefit of these operational plans.” According to Kolomeitz, “That’s seeing a lot of people being killed to little effect, to little battlefield effect.” The Australian radio station quoted both Bush and Kolomeitz as saying that “a lack of confidence in the leadership of some commanders of the Legion is a pervasive problem, with devastating effects.”

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They can deny they’re NATO.

UK Intel ‘Freelancers’ Helped Ukraine Target Crimean Bridge – The Grayzone (RT)

Ukraine’s drone attack on the Kerch Bridge was most likely planned by former British military intelligence agents who signed a contract with Kiev in 2022, the independent outlet Grayzone has reported citing leaked documents. A “cabal of British military-intelligence freelancers” led by Chris Donnelly has worked with the Odessa office of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) since April last year, Grayzone said in a report published Wednesday evening. The outlet had published leaked documents proving their partnership in October 2022, after the first attack on the Crimean Bridge. “A review of leaked files previously revealed by The Grayzone provides a solid basis for again blaming Donnelly’s cabal,” the outlet noted in reference to Monday’s drone attack that killed two civilians and orphaned a 14-year-old girl.

Donnelly is described as “a senior intelligence operative and former high ranking NATO advisor.” He is allegedly using a “transnational nexus” involving companies such as Prevail Partners and Thomas in Winslow, to manage “London’s contribution to the proxy war at arm’s length.” The two companies signed a “technical support” agreement with the Odessa branch of the SBU in April 2022, according to Grayzone, which included the use of surveillance drones to “monitor coastline and Russian movement” and access to satellite imagery to assist military and black operations. A “geospatial intelligence” specialist at Prevail provided the SBU with a presentation titled “Kerch Bridge info pack,” which laid out various plans to blow up the bridge built in 2018 to connect Crimea to the Krasnodar Region on the Russian mainland.

“One speculative plot involved detonating a vessel containing ammonia nitrate directly under the bridge,” according to Grayzone. The proposal “approvingly cited as an example to emulate” the August 2020 explosion in Beirut, which killed at least 214 people and devastated the Lebanese capital. According to Grayzone, the British advisers have also provided Kiev with assistance in targeting alleged “Russian collaborators” in territories under Ukraine’s control. Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, boasted to Western media in October 2022 that intelligence services were “shooting them like pigs.”

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This is how bad the equipment situation has become. Setting up repair shops.

Repairing Damaged Ukrainian Military Hardware Would Be Nightmare for West (Sp.)

Hundreds of Western-made Ukrainian armored vehicles have already been damaged or destroyed by Russian forces amid Kiev’s counteroffensive, which continues to show no signs of succeeding. The US and its allies’ “main effort” for Ukraine is currently shifting from delivering military hardware to “repairing and sustaining” it, an American media outlet has reported. The outlet cited the Pentagon’s acquisition and sustainment chief, William LaPlante, as saying that the US Department of Defense (DoD) is now in the process of setting up repair facilities in Europe. “We’re translating [training and repair] manuals, we have to do much more together so there’s going to be more of a focus on that” by partner nations, LaPlante, who is also at the helm of a working group to deal with repairing damaged Ukrainian military equipment, added.

The outlet noted in this vein that “while the sustainment working group has made strides, the realities of national politics and government bureaucracy also have a say.” As an example, the outlet mentioned a botched plan by Berlin and Warsaw to create a joint repair center in Poland for Ukrainian Leopard 2 tanks. The plan reportedly fell apart due to disagreements over the cost of the work, “leaving some damaged tanks to sit unused as they await repair.” “There’s so much [damaged Ukrainian] equipment that is lying around on the battlefield that will probably be repaired on the one hand. And they’ve got stockpiles of it and they don’t know what to do with it,” Michael Maloof, a former senior security policy analyst in the Office of the US Secretary of Defense, told Sputnik.

According to him, this reflects “the most obvious” problem that the US is “running low on new equipment to get to the destination.” “But I perceive that there will be other nightmares as a result of trying to come up with repair stations and moving the damaged equipment in and out of locations, the costs for repairs, [and] the availability of parts,” Maloof pointed out. He warned that tackling these issues might prove difficult given that “Ukraine relies almost entirely on different types of equipment from different countries coming into the country”. When asked how feasible for Western countries would be to synchronize all the processes related to repairing the damaged Ukrainian military equipment, the ex-NATO analyst said that “the process would be a nightmare.”

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Can’t use the Black Sea anymore. Looks like checkmate. And this was your own move. Maybe if you ask Putin nicely…

Kuleba Urges EU To Expand Opportunities For Export Of Ukrainian Grain (Az.)

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called on the European Union (EU) members to urgently expand all available opportunities for the export of Ukrainian grain, Report informs via RBC-Ukraine. According to the minister, while Russia “destroys the grain initiative”, strikes at Ukrainian ports and tries to make money on rising food prices, Ukraine and the European Union should make every effort to simplify food exports from Ukraine. In particular, by maximizing the capacity of the alternative transport corridors “Ways of Solidarity”. Kuleba said that with such steps, the Russian side is trying to eliminate Ukraine from the market as a competitor, forcing end buyers, consumers in Asia and Africa, and “finance the Russian military machine.”

According to him, the ideal scenario would be a complete cessation of the naval blockade of Ukrainian ports. This will be possible when Ukraine receives the first F-16 squadron, which will be able to patrol the sky and sea lanes. Kuleba also expressed gratitude to those EU countries that are already making an active contribution to the aviation coalition, and called for the implementation of all procedures as soon as possible. “At present, Ukraine has proposed to the UN and Türkiye to continue the work of the grain corridor in a trilateral format, including ship inspections at the Joint Coordination Center. We are awaiting their response. I urge you to support our request in your engagement with the UN and the Secretary-General,” the minister noted.

Putin grain deal

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Grassley Releases Bombshell FBI Doc Discussing $10MM Biden Bribe

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has released a bombshell FBI document dated July 30,2020, in which a respected confidential human source (CHS) alleged that then-presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden received $10 million in bribes. The document, a FD-1023 form, also alleges that the boss of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy firm which employed Hunter Biden to the tune of $80,000 per month, thought Hunter was a moron. Hunter Biden “was stupid, and his (Zlochevsky’s) dog was smarter,” but the Burisma boss “needed to keep hunter [sic] Biden (on the board) “so everything will be ok.”” As the Epoch Times notes, the CHS said he traveled to Burisma’s office in Ukraine in 2015 or 2016 with a man named Oleksandr Ostapenko.

During the meeting, Vadim Pojarskii, chief financial officer of Burisma, told the source that the company hired Hunter Biden “to protect us, through his dad, from all kinds of problems.” Burisma contacted the source to seek assistance in buying an American company to merge with in the hope that it could go public in the United States. After an investigation of Burisma by Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin was disclosed in 2016, the source told Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma , that the disclosure would have a negative impact on the prospective initial public offering. Mr. Zlochevsky replied that Mr. Hunter Biden “will take care of all of those issues through his dad,” according to the document. Mr. Zlochevsky was also cited as saying that it cost $5 million to pay one Biden, and $5 million to pay another Biden.

The source replied that payments to the Bidens would complicate matters and the Bidens did not have experience with the oil and gas sector, according to the document. Mr. Zlochevsky said his dog was smarter than Mr. Hunter Biden but that he needed to keep him on the board “so everything will be okay.” Both Mr. Hunter Biden and Mr. Joe Biden had told Mr. Zlochevsky that Hunter Biden needed to remain on the board, Mr. Zlochevsky said. Around the same time, Mr. Joe Biden, the U.S. vice president at the time, was pressuring Ukrainian officials to fire Mr. Shokin. “We’re leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor’s not fired, you’re not getting the money,” Mr. Joe Biden said at a public event about the interaction, referring to a $1 billion loan guarantee he threatened to withhold. “Well, son of a [expletive]. He got fired.” Mr. Shokin has said that the threat was cited when he was ousted. He said in a sworn statement that then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko “asked me to resign due to pressure from the U.S. presidential administration, in particular from Joe Biden.”


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“..most lawyers would have reversed engines out of troubled waters, but Goldman plowed full speed ahead..”

Rep. Dan Goldman Demolishes Biden Defense in Whistleblower Hearing (Turley)

Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) often goes where wiser members fear to tread. On this occasion, Goldman may have delivered one of the most damaging moments for the Democrats. In the course of just a few minutes, the freshman New York congressman seemed to demolish the defense of President Biden. Goldman was trying to get the witnesses to say that there is no evidence that President Biden was personally involved in the alleged felonies of his son. He raised the shocking WhatsApp message that Hunter had allegedly sent to a Chinese official with foreign intelligence contacts. In the message, Hunter wrote: “I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled. Tell the director that I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight. And, Z, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang, or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction. I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.”

Most Democrats have avoided the message, which is incredibly damaging and seems to contradict the President’s long denial of any knowledge or involvement in his son’s dealings. Goldman pressed veteran IRS investigator Gary Shapley about his suggestion that Joe Biden discussed the foreign dealing with his son. Shapley eagerly said that he would be happy to explain but Goldman cut him off and said that he did not have time for such explanations. At this point, most lawyers would have reversed engines out of troubled waters, but Goldman plowed full speed ahead. He said that the references to Joe sitting next to his son does not mean that they actually discussed his business. Goldman then went even further and raised a “lunch where Joe Biden came to say hello at the Four Season’s hotel to a lunch that he was having with CEFC executives.”

He then reads from the record in how Biden associate Rob Walker described the origins of the meeting with the Chinese officials to get his dad to stop by: “Hunter told his Dad that ‘I may be trying to start a company or try to do something with these guys.’ “ Goldman then pounced and said slyly “Now let me ask you something, that doesn’t sound much like Joe Biden was involved in whatever Hunter was doing with the CEFC if Hunter Biden is telling him that he is trying to do business with them, does it?” That is when Shapley stated the obvious: “No, but it does show that he told his father that he was trying to do business and . . . ” Goldman finally hears the train whistle and tries to get off the track: “OK, well that is true that Hunter Biden does try to do business, that is correct.”

Too late. Goldman was citing the testimony of Walker that Joe Biden not only came to a lunch on Hunter’s foreign dealings, but did so after being told that Hunter wanted to lay the foundation for such a deal. This is the same Joe Biden who has repeatedly told the American people that he never discussed any of Hunter’s deals and had no knowledge of such deals. He has maintained that denial as evidence has mounted contradicting him. Even when he flew his son to China where Hunter cut lucrative deals, he insists that they never mentioned that deal.

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“..we are now looking at peak cheap energy at a time when asset markets are in bubble territory with debts and deficits at levels which can only result in an implosion..”

A Catastrophic Debt Implosion Can Be Incredibly Quick (Von Greyerz)

Coming back to Dante’s Inferno, the 9 circles of hell are: 1. Limbo – where there is no god, 2. Lust, 3. Gluttony, 4. Greed, 5. Wrath, 6. Heresy, 7. Violence, 8. Fraud, and 9.Treachery. Many of the 9 sins in Dante’s Inferno apply to today’s world but maybe Gluttony is one of the more fitting to a self indulgent Western world. Cerberus, the three-headed beast of hell, guards the gluttons mauling and flaying them for eternity. (Sounds pretty horrible. A more modern version might be the song “Hotel California” by the Eagles – “You can check out any time but you can never leave”.) Also Homer wrote about Cerberus. What we do know is that in this final phase that probably started in 1913 with the foundation of the Fed and accelerated from 1971 when Nixon closed the gold window we have seen the required excesses or gluttony that inevitably lead to a severe punishment.

We have seen historical bubbles in all asset markets whether in Stocks, Bonds, Property and many others. We have also seen debt explode, especially since 1971. As always in the final stages of an empire, real growth first slows down and then stops. The primary driver of economic growth since the second half of the 1700s has been the discovery and use of energy on an industrial scale, starting with the industrial revolution. The growth of the economy is not driven by money but by energy. As Tim Morgan of Surplus Energy Economics states:“The economy is a surplus energy equation, not a monetary one, and growth in output (and in the global population) since the Industrial Revolution has resulted from the harnessing of ever-greater quantities of energy. But the critical relationship between energy production and the energy cost of extraction is now deteriorating so rapidly that the economy as we have known it for more than two centuries is beginning to unravel.”

The dilemma is that the Energy Cost of Energy is constantly increasing. In 1990 that cost was 2.6% of fossil fuels and is estimated to be 12% in 2025. According to Dr Morgan, with the current Energy Cost of Energy, the real economy as well as prosperity has started to decline and that trend will continue for several decades. Fossil fuels still represent 83% of all energy globally and renewable energy is unlikely to make any significant difference in the next few decades. So we are now looking at peak cheap energy at a time when asset markets are in bubble territory with debts and deficits at levels which can only result in an implosion. Again let me emphasise that cheap energy is a prerequisite for economic growth.

So, what are governments doing about this? They are clearly aware of the risks and this is why they invent all kinds of events that will enable them to control the people. This includes Covid lockdowns, forced vaccinations, climate control, CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), wars and unlimited rules, regulations and laws. The US for example now has over 300,000 laws controlling all aspects of daily life and making everyone a likely daily felon.

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“..They do not want people to afford a home because then there would be no need for 15-minute cities..“

Freedom Flyers (Martin Armstrong)

Have you ever noticed a decorative eagle plaque above a home in America? This was once a popular symbol back in the day to symbolize freedom from mortgage payments. Homeowners would adorn their houses with this symbol to indicate that they were free from the bank and owned their home free and clear. Around 40% of owner-occupied homes have been paid off, further adding to the housing inventory crisis. The 2022 Federal Housing Finance Agency reported in 2022 that 84% of outstanding mortgages locked in a rate below 5%, while 63% secured a rate at or below 4%. Mortgage rates surpassed 8% last week and those who own are unlikely to sell. While some point to double-digit mortgage rates in the past, it was not difficult for buyers to put down 40% upfront since housing prices were low in comparison to wages.

This was also a time when the cost of living supported a traditional lifestyle where only one partner was required to work. Although COVID and low rates created strong demand, the underlying issue is the Great Reset. Institutions are set to own 40% of all single-family rentals by 2030, precisely on time for Agenda 2030. Regular buyers have been outbid by institutions coming in with cash payments. BlackRock is now the largest landowner in America. This is all by design. They do not want people to afford a home because then there would be no need for 15-minute cities, and forever renters living in ADUs. The inventory issue will not recover because no one can outbid the institutions who do not need to borrow money.

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Mercator projection








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    A month ago, I mentioned evidence (provided by the Dutch Institute RIVM) of a dramatic increase in cognitive problems among adults, see here.

    That post struck a nerve and prompted many readers to share their observations and feelings about cognitive changes they observed in themselves or their loved ones. As of today, the post garnered 1,263 comments!

    A friend of this blog, a popular substacker A Midwestern Doctor, offered to share further thoughts and observations. As I consider this to be a supremely important topic, I hope that the below text, which I did not write, will promote further discussion and thinking about the cognitive changes we observe.

    I know many vaccinated and many unvaccinated people. Many of them, thankfully, are fine. Some have issues while remaining good, promising, and valuable human beings. I hope the struggles of those with emergent difficulties with the executive function will prompt a search for solutions.

    While the thoughts below concentrate on vaccine-related issues, I plan on exploring this topic in the future and looking into other factors that may also affect human intellectual functioning.

    The text below was written by A Midwestern Doctor. I want to offer it as food for thought. As always, you are welcome to agree or disagree with anything; your opinions will not be censored. So comment away!


    A bit of a read.

    Cognitive Impairment in Adults – What Role Did COVID Vaccines Play?

    Dr. D

    “”No Limit” On Number Of Ukrainian Refugees To Be Allowed Into Canada: Federal Memo
    With 230,000 Ukrainians having already emigrated to Canada to flee the war,

    Now Canada, did you build a new city this year for them to sleep in? You bigots. How dare you?

    “No Sanctuary: NYC Shoos Migrants Away, Warns “No Guarantee” of Shelter, Services”

    See? That’s how you do it! No sanctuary cities here! GTFO. The door closed behind me.

    “Video of Deserted Mall And Streets in Downtown San Fran Reveals Democrats Destroyed City
    “Embarcadero Center is a commercial complex of five office towers, two hotels, a shopping center with more than 125 stores but only two remain open on three levels located in San Francisco,”

    Yet nothing happens. No commercial real estate blow up, no banks, Dow 30,000, gold 1/20th of its all-time high. Let’s Go Brandon.

    “Scientist Who Privately Said Lab-Leak ‘Not Some Fringe Theory’ Calls Reporting on this A ‘Conspiracy Theory’

    See, this is the kind of mental gymnastics I write on every day because I still don’t understand it. It’s not ‘gymnastics’ because they experience no stress. They are mental octopus, mental sea slugs, which conform to fit whatever box is handed them from minute to minute (literally). So he says – and knows – it’s a lab leak, yet when asked – and knows – he says it’s NOT a lab leak, then when people report what he says – and he knows he said – he says they’re crazy. They’re Conspiracy Theorists (insert prickly poopy-pants word here. ‘Racist’, probably.).

    Do you HAVE a functioning brain? It would seem so. So what pattern is your brain arranged in that permits such response, and what pattern is OURS arranged in to tolerate it? A: Ours is weaponized empathy. ‘Don’t be mean.’ If, say, a million people, including largely children, are mass murdered, don’t point it out in public so people will be alarmed. Like incest and pedos, keep it very, very quiet so nobody responds and fixes it. That’s worked all the years ’til now, right?

    Like this: “As FedNow Launches, Fed Reassures Public That ‘Service Has No Relation With CBDCs’”

    A Central Bank, launching a digital currency, is not a “Central Bank Digital Currency.” That’s cray-cray. Now you you gonna trust, me or your lying eyes?

    So, you think RFK has inside players that told him the opposition was going to take the Semitic angle, as they did with Corbyn? This seems too well arranged. Look at the timing, almost within hours.

    “RFK Jr: from Camelot to Conspiracy-Mongering (G. Ed.) “

    Interesting, the only way to get this out now in in The Guardian? WTF are The Guardian? Do people in DC read them? Now you see why we say DC is run out of London, and we are a colony, re-colonized in 1913 just before we backstopped infinity-money and fought that important war for them, which we said we wouldn’t. So as the Empire shrinks, where are all the bulwarks, features, and defenders located? Assange, the financing, the messaging, the direct interference of warhawks for WWIII in Ukraine? Here? Not really. Not like London is. Decide what you want.

    “Nor does he look like much of a Democrat. He is being hyped by billionaires”

    That’s the definition of a Democrat. They are statistically the party of the rich, the upper class, and the party statistically against the workers. Both actively (Union busters) and incidentally (Workers are mostly MAGA).

    “China Complicit In Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine, Says MI6 Chief (G.)

    We all know MI6 would never lie. London again. Hey guys, if London and UK are so good, how’s Blackpool doing? Boston, UK?

    “• UK Intel ‘Freelancers’ Helped Ukraine Target Crimean Bridge – The Grayzone (RT)

    Out of London. About as “Freelance” as all our NATO advisors in 300ft underground bunkers are. But ya gotta get all the Derp State in one place with their Nazi acolytes and blow them all to hell once and for all, amirite? I would. It would be a service.

    “You have taken these people hostage with your ambition, incompetence and pure greed… this factory will be restarted, one way or another. We’ll do it without you.”

    If only an American president would do that. You know, and like double Black employment in 2016-2019.

    how many people will die in these four years, while we finance the supply of arms for 20 billion euros..”

    Trick question: Who Cares? Actually, more people will die of lack of power, fertilizer, and food, as always. That’s “Them”? Why should I care? Um, China shut off our antibiotics. And Pfizer had a magical factory destruction this week, after a year of every food processor going down, all by accident. So, not “You’re Next.” You already are. Past Tense. Check your food bill.

    • Ukrainian Counteroffensive Stumbles over Russian Minefields (Scott Ritter)

    Listening to the specifics which I do at least one almost every day, it is madness of the first order to do anything without air power. Which they know, having done it 400 days in a row. Latest plan – and good, they’re getting somewhere – to mosquito attack and make Russia fall back, which Russia expects and is their doctrine. Then once the Ukies are good and settled, drop pre-targeted artillery on them, the new position. You must have air power to suppress that or it’s a turkey shoot.

    Every day Russia gets up, they can do anything they want to the Ukrainians. Anything. Dropping mines behind them when they enter a minefield is just one of them. They hunter-kill every mobilized vehicle, for example (air force), find and target (air force), take out every ammo dump (air force), do leisurely non-stop surveillance (air force), and attack-strike or medivac (air force). Or nuke Kiev on a lark (air force).

    Aaaaand Ukraine is going to do what? Shake their fists? They should be so lucky, they don’t have time. They just die. Joe Biden’s genocide. And I say why it’s all a setup, a team-up between the Pentagon and Russia. Russia got annoyed and needed to use Cluster bombs to stop this s—t but they can’t use them because of the PR. “And then a miracle happened”. NATO used them first, opening the door to a munition that does NOT help Ukraine, actually hampers them, yet allows Russia now to minimize casualties by authorizing this new weapons-creep. Etc, repeat, 18 months in a row.

    Russia has wiped out more than 26,000 Ukrainian soldiers, while also obliterating over 1,200 enemy tanks.”

    That was almost two weeks ago and they’ve centered on “mosquito”, man-attacks, so it’s going to be near 40,000 by now. I have to say: where ARE they coming from? Do we have cloning factories somewhere?

    “Referring to a “painfully slow” offensive,”

    If by “slow” you mean “nothing was taken at all”, then yes. Some of the towns they’re reporting have been in no-man’s land, the “Grey zone” since 2-22-22, Ukraine just claims to control them and no one cares. Why bother? Let them have their fun.

    “He also argued that some mercenaries had not been paid at all for their service in Ukraine.”

    That’s odd. We’re paying their President, their bureaucrats, all their pensions, and all their free healthcare. Surely they can afford a mercenary or two. That said: Nazis will double-cross you? Throw you in jail without process or trial especially for free speech? Who knew?

    “Repairing Damaged Ukrainian Military Hardware Would Be Nightmare for West (Sp.)

    Amateurs talk strategy, professionals talk logistics. We got nuttin’. No men, no bullets, no parts. Now when will it matter? BTW how do you tow a 70-ton tank off the front lines to a repair shop? With a Carvana flatbed?

    “complete cessation of the naval blockade of Ukrainian ports. This will be possible when Ukraine receives the first F-16 squadron,”

    You are kidding, right? The F16s will be water-landed by the 6th Gen Russian fighters like an F22 would take out a Sopworth Camel. In reality, they are going to overwhelm the archaic, collapsed infrastructure of Europe by forcing them to move grain west by rail. They can’t, but it’ll be funny to see them try with no steel and no engines. To get those we’d have to employ Frenchmen and Germans! Can’t have that!

    “Grassley Releases Bombshell FBI Doc Discussing $10MM Biden Bribe”

    Nobody cares and nothing happens.

    “• A Catastrophic Debt Implosion Can Be Incredibly Quick (Von Greyerz)

    Or incredibly slow. He/They’ve been saying this since 1996.

    “popular symbol back in the day to symbolize freedom from mortgage payments.”

    I suspect this is true but predates me. Even the old Depression-era people never mentioned it. Good idea though. As Americans move on average every 5 years, the eagle would probably be an endangered species.

    “Cognitive issues”

    Never matters. Nothing will ever matter again. Cognitive issues, disability up 50%, no one in the workforce, yet, if you go look for a job, no one’s hiring. Right? 300 applicants per job, 9 month process, yet companies say “they can’t hire.” So no workers = no scarcity. No workers = no job openings. No scarcity = no pay increases, and certainly not the 50% that inflation has been here. That how logic works, right? …In #OppositeLand.



    AI Generated News

    Media Whores already using AI to boost ‘productivity’, i.e. leaves more time in their day day to goof off because they are talent-less hacks to begin with.

    AI news easier to spot as propaganda due to odd disjointed composition.

    We’ll see


    don’t know how vid double posted

    Dr. D

    Britain is a Developing country:

    the UK is now a lot more like Poland … With the exception of a few sectors like AI, we are so far behind the frontier in terms of economic development that worrying about technological progress doesn’t make much sense”

    They can only dream of being as sound as Poland. Poland has an economic foundation.

    “Here are some statistics that might put it into perspective how far behind the frontier the UK is.

    By GDP per capita, adjusted for purchasing power, the US ($76,399) is 39% richer than the UK ($54,603). GDP growth since 2010 has been 47% faster – nine percentage points – in the United States (28% growth) than the UK (19% growth), despite being from a much higher level.

    By productivity, or how much we produce per hour worked, the US was 38% more productive than the UK (UK $54.3/hour, USA $73.7/hour) in 2019. France / Germany were much closer to the US than to the UK at $69/hour.

    Between 2010 and 2019, productivity growth was twice as fast in the US (8% growth) as the UK (4% growth).

    Americans could stop working each year on September 22nd and they’d still be richer than Britons working for the whole year.

    Or, as Mike Bird pointed out, a car wash manager at an Alabama Buc-ees, a chain of gas stations and grocery stores, earns more ($125k/year) than THREE median UK salaries. (-ed, this stat is untrue except in very unusual cases)

    The average starting salary for a newly-qualified nurse in the US is over £42,000, compared to only £27,000 in most of England, and the gap only widens as their careers progress.

    UK real disposable incomes are not forecast to return to 2021 levels until 2027.

    And many input costs are higher in Britain than America.

    A median square foot of housing in the US is about half the price of the median square foot of housing in the UK (about $225 or £173 in the US, versus £331 in Britain).

    The median industrial price of energy even before the Ukraine war was 7 cents per kWh in the US and 19 cents per kWh in the UK.

    The industrial price of energy tripled in the UK between 2004 and 2021, or doubled relative to other prices.

    Annual energy use per person in the US is 77,000 kWh; in the UK it’s 30,000 kWh.

    Annual electricity generation per person is 12,700 kWh; in the UK it’s 4,800 kWh.

    UK GDP per capita is about to be overtaken by … Slovenia.”

    “every single US state is richer per person than the UK, even places like Mississippi and West Virginia”

    He should look into this. As in the U.S. the most dangerous areas in America are ironically in all the cities which also have the richest, safest parts. (That is, Democratic cities. That outcome is the certain consequence of Socialism.) I expect you will see the same in England: it’s poorest precisely BECAUSE its elites are richest. Like Argentina and Venezuela. Or what we say of Russia. (as year after year Russia pushes this stat in the right direction)

    “But there is one problem. There is virtually no recognition of how bad things are among British elites.”

    Clearly. They seem to be under the illusion they have a military, and have viable tanks. They do not. They seem to feel they can give the military they don’t have, to another country and it will matter. It will not.



    Cognitive-impairment is real
    factors that may also affect human intellectual functioning.
    Crowd controls needed to keep the system functioning for the benefit of a few.

    Cognitive Impairment in Adults – What Role Did COVID Vaccines Play?

    Cognitive Impairment in Adults – What Role Did COVID Vaccines Play?
    A Midwestern Doctor’s in-depth exploration
    By Igor Chudov
    Global Research, July 19, 2023


    Think about this.
    Modern warfare tools.

    Counter-battery radar gives its own position away, it’s cost effective so long as the radar stations are cheap enough to keep replacing or mobile enough to be more survivable. As you note, audio triangulation is passive, cheap and easily “droneable”, plus there’s the heat signature from the muzzle flash, which can apparently be picked up with IR sensors.

    Any gun firing unguided shells on a ballistic arc gives away its position, firing low can keep shells below radar coverage but requires guided shells to remain useful over long range … and there’s still the acoustic / thermal signature.

    The problem for high value artillery, tanks, attack helicopters, EW stations, active battlefield sensors etc. is this: there is no cat-and-mouse argument that can dial out their cost. Their cost makes them inherently attractive targets, those listed all have conspicuous operational signatures.

    It’s sufficient to immobilise even the most heavily armoured or costly piece of equipment and it’s then a sitting duck that can be engaged as a stationary target.

    Passive sensors where possible, lower cost distributed sensors otherwise. Munitions delivered by rockets and drones wherever possible. The place for low volume, high value systems is behind the lines where they can operate safely and even then they would remain a potential weak point for a novel attack.

    Posted by: anon2020 | Jul 21 2023 8:30 utc | 68



    John Day

    Speaking Of Problems (as we do here) https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/speaking-of-problems

    Consciousness of Sheep, Our Predicament Restated (long, good, excerpted for brevity)
    ​ There is a meme doing the rounds on social media… a picture of a vegetable patch, captioned “the time is coming when only those who know how to grow food will survive.” The idea being that, as our complex civilisation breaks down, we will be forced to return to a far simpler economy, where most people revert to roles within agriculture and food production. As with most memes, it functions as a thought-stopper… one which hides the obvious reality – backed by millennia of experience – that, in fact, “it will be the people who know how to force others to grow food,” who will be the real winners in the post-industrial economy.​..
    ​..The problem with both visions of the future – and the spectrum of views between them – is a fundamental misunderstanding of the collapse which has begun to break over us. This is that each assumes the continuation of that part of industrial civilisation which is required to make their version of the future possible, even as the coming collapse wipes away ALL aspects of industrial civilisation. Most obviously, nobody had developed even an embryonic version of the renewable energy supply chain which is the essential first step to turning non-renewable renewable energy-harvesting technologies (NRREHTs) into the envisioned “renewables” upon which the promised techno-psychotic future is to be built. That is, until it is possible to mine the minerals, build the components, manufacture and transport the technologies without the use of fossil fuels at any stage in the process, then there is no such thing as “renewable energy” in the sense which the term is currently promoted.​..​ But even at the dark green de-growth opposite end of the spectrum is a version of denial which assumes that it is possible to gradually shrink the global economy in a managed way which results in the least suffering possible…
    .. And so, some return to an agricultural civilisation is far more likely than a future which – for the moment at least – requires energy sources which don’t exist, along with technological breakthroughs which defy the laws of physics…
    ​..Any possibility of a managed de-growth, however, died half a century ago for two related reasons. The first is that we didn’t take the October 1973 oil shock seriously. That is, geologists had already mapped out the process of “peak oil” – based on a roughly 40-year timeline between discovery and peak, which had played out as predicted in the USA… peak discovery in the early 1930s followed by peak production in 1970. It followed that since the world peak of oil discovery was in the early 1960s, then decline would begin some time in the first decade of the twenty-first century….
    ​..The second – and intimately related – reason was the collapse of the post-war Bretton Woods currency system in August 1971. If the history of money teaches us anything, it teaches us that fiat currency systems – especially debt-based ones – are extremely corrosive to functioning economies…
    ​..The system came to grief because – shock-horror – the US government lied. The temptation was simply too great to resist. And so, domestically, the US government overspent on social programs while internationally it deficit funded the Cold War, the Vietnam War, and a host of tied-aid packages which obliged states in the global south to purchase American goods…
    ..The event which triggered the cascade which resulted in the 2008 crash, was the global peak of conventional oil production in 2005. The ensuing oil price rises filtered through the economy, as everything made from, made with, or transported using oil increased in price accordingly…
    ​..The 2008 crash simply could not have occurred had it not been for the halt in oil production growth and the ensuing price increases. That is, if – hypothetically – someone had opened up another large and cheap to extract oil deposit prior to 2005, the energy to underwrite real economic growth would have been available and prices would not have increased. To some extent, this also explains why the economy has not been in freefall ever since. I said above that the broadly correct peak oil narrative was more nuanced. This is because US peak oil in 1970 was partially artificial. The corporations which did the drilling within the USA were the same ones that drilled for oil around the planet. And since in 1970, there was plenty of cheap oil to be had elsewhere, there was little point investing in more difficult and expensive – including “unconventional” – deposits within the USA. Indeed, once the 1973 shock had served to raise the price of oil to a new level, deposits off Alaska, the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico became viable and, from the late 1980s, underwrote another debt-based boom (albeit at a lower level of general prosperity than in the post-war years).​..
    ​..Meanwhile, the post-2008 low interest rate financial environment provided sufficient speculator funding to develop the large deposits of unconventional oil in North American shale and bitumen sands. This provided the world economy with one final oil boom before a final peak was reached in November 2018.
    ​ The global economy was already entering a recession before SARS-CoV-2 embarked on its world tour, although this has been obscured by two years of economic lockdown followed by a self-defeating economic war with Russia. Nevertheless, as the economy re-opened, with oil production at some 4 million barrels-a-day below the November 2018 level, oil and gas prices quickly began to spiral upward. At the same time, broken supply chains resulted in generalised shortages, which also drove prices up across the economy…
    ​..The banks, however, are correct to doubt the likely future growth of an economy increasingly starved of the energy that it needs to function. In the 2020s, it is not just that we are out of cheap oil, but we are rapidly running out of more accessible oil entirely. And since none of the alternatives to oil – fossil and non-fossil – is viable without oil, then the only possible economy in future is a shrinking one… and nobody has figured out how to operate one of those.​..
    ​..The point of a bank is to make loans in a way that guarantees a return. And collectively that means that the real economy of energy and materials must grow. Now that the material growth has come to an end, banks have little incentive to keep lending…
    ..It is this growing reality which is fuelling a populist backlash against the neoliberal “green” energy fantasy, and which threatens to deny climate change itself …​“US President Joe Biden arrives [at COP26] in a cavalcade of 21 vehicles from Edinburgh airport, and then appears to fall asleep in the conference chamber – surely the most carbon-intensive afternoon nap in history…”
    It matters not one iota that economists are generally wrong. The economy matters. Because strip away the imposed ideological froth and the one thing common to all revolutions is that they were preceded by rumbling bellies. Rumbling bellies, that is, which are growing louder by the day across the formerly prosperous working-class districts of the western economies. It can only be a matter of time before this turns nasty – most likely when one or more of the political psychopaths finally realises that a return to burning fossil fuels provides the easiest route to power – and the political violence we used to associate with banana republics comes home to roost. And it is for this reason that the unfolding economic crisis, despite being the least serious of the “Three E’s” – economy, energy and environment – is going to strip us of the means to carry out either the disruptive science required for an alternative energy transition or for the reasoned management of a shrinking economy in line with the depleting energy and resources available to us.
    Energy though, is the true driver of the process. In this at least, the climate sceptics have a point. Attempting to maintain an advanced, complex, and globalised industrial economy by expanding the tiny fraction we currently generate from wind and solar, while simultaneously removing the eighty percent that we currently derive from coal, gas, and oil, is simply impossible – there is neither the energy nor the mineral resources to come even close…
    ..Currency derives its true value as a means of allocating material resources – which include energy, minerals, but also human labour and human ingenuity. But these material economic inputs impose physical limits on what is possible…
    …In thermodynamic terms, technological development – and productivity more generally – is really about lowering the amount of energy wasted as heat so that more can be directed to useful work. And sadly, the laws of physics leave even the most efficient technologies wasting more heat than they are able to convert for useful work… This applies to energy itself, of course. There is always an energy cost to producing energy for useful work. Productivity improvements such as better technology and economies of scale can lower this cost. But high cost and high waste is inevitable. For example, most of the energy powering an internal combustion engine is lost as heat or in powering cooling systems. Similarly, around a third of grid electricity is lost in transmission, and more again is lost as heat from the appliances using it…
    ..The energy cost of energy sets an important system-level boundary too. The economy as a whole must set aside a proportion of the potential energy available to producing energy. This means that only the energy left over is available to power the much larger non-energy economy. Prior to the Industrial revolution, when energy was limited to wood, food, animal fodder, and small-scale wind and water power, the non-energy economy was tiny – primarily the few luxuries available only to the very wealthy. Everyone else, one way or another, was involved in the production of energy – either directly growing food or engaging in the many peripheral trades required to allow farming to operate.
    It is a measure of the raw power that fossil fuels – first coal, and later oil and gas – provide, that while as late as the 1930s, one in four of us was working the land, today it is less than two in a hundred. And today’s massive consumer and public services economy is the result. In the event that another Carrington Event were to strike the planet, almost all of the global economy would come to a possibly irreversible standstill in a matter of hours.
    It is not only some external catastrophe that might spell disaster for the global economy though. Because of the way we have harvested fossil fuels – like technology, beginning with the cheap and easy before moving on to the expensive and difficult – the energy cost of energy has been growing remorselessly since the oil shocks of the 1970s. The impact upon the wider economy was partially offset by the neoliberal revolution, through such things as offshoring production to countries with lower wage rates and fewer environmental regulations, and by using debt to bring consumption forward from the future… that is, today! …
    ..In the developed states, real economic growth stalled prior to 2008. And there are growing signs that states like China and India are now also struggling to maintain real growth. Again, this is why the first wave of our collapse is experienced as an economic crisis. As the energy available to the wider economy declines, so there is simply not enough to maintain what already exists, still less provide the power for new goods and services. But other than the ever-louder complaints about the cost of electricity and gas, most of us experience the crisis via general price rises and falling incomes. And our individual common-sense response is to rein-in our discretionary spending in order to maintain essentials like housing, food, transport and utilities…
    ..Because this energy crisis manifests as a monetary problem, it is unrealistic to imagine that most people – including politicians, economists and establishment journalists – will recognise it for what it is…
    ..Awareness of the energy crisis, then, is most likely to come to public awareness only when rationing by price morphs into full-blown rationing. That is, when it is clear to all that there is no longer enough to go around. Clearly this will be a lot worse in places where there is a high level of intermittent capacity, since your electricity hour may be cancelled if the wind isn’t blowing…
    ..The symbolic moment when our problems became a predicament was the day Ronald Reagan ordered the solar panels to be removed from the White House roof. Prior to that point, a sizeable part of the population had been grudgingly accepting that lowering speed limits, making smaller, fuel-efficient cars, purchasing local goods, and wearing an extra sweater in the winter, were necessary. After Reagan and Thatcher, we were back to drill-baby-drill and let the future reap the consequences.
    That future is now breaking over us. The gathering economic collapse – and the accompanying social unrest – will soon remove the resources that we would need even to mitigate the worst of what awaits us. And economic hardship is only the first tsunami wave to break over us. In the course of the 2020s, energy failures will worsen. Beginning with people being priced out of access to energy, soon enough we will be faced by absolute shortages. Again, this will inevitably be accompanied by unrest as the wealthy cling onto their ill-gotten gains in the face of growing public hostility…
    ..All we can say with some certainty is that tipping points are being crossed, and that the scope for us to respond meaningfully is fast shrinking to zero. We will still respond, of course. But our responses are likely to become ever angrier and more impotent as the crises engulfing us remain unmoved by our feeble attempts to respond… we must conclude that the age of solutions has passed… the age of consequences is just beginning.

    The growth of the economy is not driven by money but by energy. As Tim Morgan of Surplus Energy Economics states:“The economy is a surplus energy equation, not a monetary one, and growth in output (and in the global population) since the Industrial Revolution has resulted from the harnessing of ever-greater quantities of energy. But the critical relationship between energy production and the energy cost of extraction is now deteriorating so rapidly that the economy as we have known it for more than two centuries is beginning to unravel.”
    ​ The dilemma is that the Energy Cost of Energy is constantly increasing. In 1990 that cost was 2.6% of fossil fuels and is estimated to be 12% in 2025. According to Dr Morgan, with the current Energy Cost of Energy, the real economy as well as prosperity has started to decline and that trend will continue for several decades. Fossil fuels still represent 83% of all energy globally and renewable energy is unlikely to make any significant difference in the next few decades. So we are now looking at peak cheap energy at a time when asset markets are in bubble territory with debts and deficits at levels which can only result in an implosion. Again let me emphasise that cheap energy is a prerequisite for economic growth.


    ​ Consider all of the reality above as a threat to the established power structure, especially if it were to be understood broadly by people, and openly discussed in the political arena, so as to seek rational and cooperative adaptations to the economy which supports us all. However broad and open public discourse, leading to consensus actions of our societies, particularly American society, is necessary for any adaptation to the predicament of declining energy and economy to be worked out and implemented.
    Everybody having wires into their brains to be controlled by A.I. is not a solution or an adaptation. It is a blind alley where human life will die out.
    The one political candidate who is raising the most questions, and doing so politely and intelligently, is Robert Kennedy Jr. This is a threat to the established (and failing) power regime, which can only be met by silencing his voice. These are not topics which the power structure can address at all, because they do not exist in its control-narrative.
    To acknowledge the existence of the many problems Bobby Kennedy Jr. is openly addressing is to break the control-narratives, and to lose legitimacy, as it is seen to have been a false-legitimacy all along. Thursday he testified before a House Committee on censorship. (Kennedy’s campaign manager, Dennis Kucinich sits behind him, and Elizabeth Kucinich sits behind Dennis’s left shoulder. Dennis ran for President back in the day, one of the honest candidates I voted for, who did not get nominated.)
    CNN has the video. The gold stars for key points are very useful. Do listen to his opening testimony.

    Meryl Nass MD, The Hearing Goes On
    Dr. Nass monitored the hearing and encapsulated much of the testimony and many of the arguments here in a court-reporter’s style.

    John Day

    This is the medical literature cited by Kennedy in his testimony and his private discussion over dinner, which is worth watching fully. It’s not what some people say.
    New insights into genetic susceptibility of COVID-19: an ACE2 and TMPRSS2 polymorphism analysis

    ​Professor Anthony Hall on government lies and censorship, with context:
    9/11, the COVID Hoax, the Climate Change Fraud, and TWA Flight 800, 1997-2023​ , Punishing the Truthers to Protect the Liars

    Grassley Releases Bombshell FBI Doc Discussing $10MM Biden Bribe; Burisma Boss Said Hunter ‘Dumber Than His Dog’

    ​ Nigel Farage had his bank accounts shut down with the high-net-worth bank Coutts after officials decided the former conservative politician’s views did not align with the bank’s values, it has emerged.
    ​ The former UKIP and Brexit Party leader went public last month with the difficulties he was having in opening a U.K. bank account after Coutts, an institution he had been banking with for almost a decade, inexplicably closed his accounts and several other banks refused his applications to open a new one.
    ​ New evidence obtained by Farage now contradicts the initial response provided by the bank.
    In a 40-page dossier Mr. Farage acquired via a subject access request, Coutts made it clear that his conservative views were problematic for the bank, citing Brexit no fewer than 86 times, and his support of Donald Trump who is mentioned 39 times.
    ​ The minutes of a meeting of Coutts’ wealth reputational risk committee held on Nov. 17 last year stated that Mr. Farage is “seen as xenophobic and racist. He is considered to be a disingenuous grifter. Being associated with Nigel Farage presents a material and ongoing reputational risk to the bank.”
    ​ The bank does not state who “sees” Mr. Farage in this fashion, or why this individual or social group holds weight in a decision on whether or not to provide a British citizen with a U.K. bank account. It should be noted that Mr. Farage has won elections in Britain as the leader of a political party, namely the European parliamentary elections with the Brexit Party in 2017, and wields considerable public support.

    ‘Disgraceful’ Coutts ‘de-banked’ Nigel Farage because of his conservative views, internal dossier reveals

    ​More from Dr. Nass, the rollout of iris scan digital banking ID, an offer some Ethiopians “can’t refuse”. (What would put You in a bind like this? Think. Don’t speak.)
    Ethiopia, where most people are “unbanked” and the UN food program provides many with rations.
    ​ The country cannot afford food but apparently they can afford iris scans. The UN is requiring the scans to supply the food. No wonder Ethiopia is where the globalists are piloting the program.
    ​ Ethiopia, a nation currently struggling with deep food shortages and famine, has announced that they will make it obligatory to have a national digital ID in order to use banking services in the country.
    ​ Over a week ago the United Nations’ World Food Programme said that they were appalled at the levels of theft going in Ethiopia, in regards to how many people were stealing the provided rations, and have demanded that biometric checkpoints be instigated to alleviate the problem before they start making any real resupplies there….
    Biometric Update also noted, ‘Ethiopia is implementing a World Bank-supported MOSIP-based digital ID project which intends to have all eligible citizens enrolled by 2025. The country also recently contracted IrisGuard to support benefits payments to citizens with iris biometrics.

    John Day

    ​ Belarus To Hold Exercises With Wagner Near NATO-Member Poland’s Border​ [It’s a straight shot across a superhighway to Warsaw from there.]
    ​ Belarus’ Defense Ministry has announced it will hold joint military exercises with Wagner fighters along the border with NATO-member Poland, in a fresh escalation after Warsaw has already remained on edge over the presence of Russian mercenary forces next door.
    ​ “The Armed Forces of Belarus continue joint training with the fighters of PMC ‘Wagner,’” the defense ministry said in a fresh statement. “During the week, units of the special operations forces together with representatives of the company will work out training and combat tasks at the Brestsky training ground.”

    ​ UK intelligence ‘freelancers’ helped Ukraine target Crimean Bridge – The Grayzone
    ​ Ukraine’s drone attack on the Kerch Bridge was most likely planned by former British military intelligence agents who signed a contract with Kiev in 2022, the independent outlet Grayzone has reported citing leaked documents.


    We demonetize, shadowban, suspend, deplatform to quash Sound of Freedom across every platform and malign it uniformly in the press BECAUSE it’s just a conspiracy theory that the establishment has some weird pedo aspect to it.

    We demonetize, shadowban, suspend, deplatform to quash Try That In A Small Town across every platform and malign it uniformly in the press BECAUSE a push to destroy civil society is just a conspiracy theory and it’s calls against criminal violence that are literal violence

    We make silencing RFK our first order of business in a meeting about weaponized censorship BECAUSE fascist style anti free speech is just a conspiracy theory

    We’re going to convert to renewable solar energy! Also we are going to block the sun! What don’t you #%#ing GET, shut up, you stupid working class deplorable

    IEA Warns Of Winter NatGas Crisis If Russia Cuts Supplies – when are they going to let themselves onto the fact that they are refusing to purchase the gas?

    At this point, I have a crush on the plane lady. She may be crazy, maybe not, but she at least apprehends what her own eyes are seeing, sizes up reality, and then acts forthrightly on it. Nah, nah #%#& this #$%&, I am NOT dying with the rest of you. Heart emoticon.



    Orlov interviewed by Dialogue Works.

    No Sane Person Goes to War against Russia (Military Textbook Ch. 1 Par. 1) Dmitry Orlov

    21 July ’23. 53 mins. https://tinyurl.com/2k3r7ukm

    He brings up some points not mentioned elsewhere. For ex.: what happens to Dead Ukranians. Treats “Terrorism” etc. by the UKR – Na-Z-i etc. The West new turning away from Zelensky. (…), and more.


    Concerns …..
    Availability of Energy, Political stories, Ukraine war, covid 19, long covid, are all impacts which are secondary to the impact weather extremes. (ie. My house is destroyed)


    Watch: Rand Paul Is Engaged In An All-Out-War Against Fauci

    Rand Paul’s Kentucky Office Damaged In Fire, Roof Collapses

    Michael Reid

    Col. Douglas Macgregor discusses the threat of globalism
    and how NATO has become instrumentalized to work
    as an appendage of globalist foreign policy run out of Washington and London.

    He provides his view on the current state of the war in Ukraine,
    how America is staring at armageddon financially,
    and multipolarity.

    Col. Douglas Macgregor: NATO is an Appendage of Globalist Foreign Policy


    Well, it’s got to be worse than we know when things get this shrill. Some people really sweatin fallin off the gravy train.

    Fauci, EcoHealth Alliance and Baric are patsies. Oh but the bread crumbs lead to Wuhan. Yep.
    Millions in funding i tells ya, millions in funding

    Michael Reid

    We have three critical circles that
    all of you are in today.

    We have a circle of medical freedom.

    You have the freedom.
    You and you alone have the autonomy over your body.

    You have the freedom to determine what happens to your body. This is solely your possession.
    In many ways it’s the only thing you really have.

    That circle of medical freedom is
    inextricably linked to the circle of social freedom,
    and that social freedom includes
    your family,
    your employment,
    your faith, and
    your citizenry in any country.

    And that is inextricably linked to
    your circle of economic freedom.

    Medical freedom is linked to
    social and economic freedom.

    If we allow the circle of medical freedom
    to be touched,
    let alone broken,
    all of the circles fracture.



    Putin Says Russia Treating A.I. With Same Importance As Development Of Atomic Bomb

    The Russian and Putin actually understand how DANGEROUS AI is.

    They understand it can rip your face off down to the bone.

    The Drone Swarms®, the Wave of the Future in warfare, will be driven by AI

    The Russians will be surfing that Wave, bet your life on it.


    The Ukronazis are out of Trained Meat®

    The forced conscription of 70 year old men and 14 year old boys is coming to a close.

    A Dead End if you will

    Russian Soldier Says All They Hear Is Polish & American Speech On Radios – No Ukrainian At All


    Putin Says Ukrainian Meat Is Running Out And Polish-Lithuanian Meat Will Be Next


    Observer said

    I think a little more research is needed from the likes of aspnaz.

    You are free to think what you like, I keep myself well informed on the AGW scam. It is a scam in the same mold as the Covid scam. You are a sucker, they rely on you, they know you will follow them, that you will not actually do any real research and discover that actually nobody knows how the atmosphere works and nobody knows CO2’s role in the atmosphere other than as plant food. Even the most basic questions cannot be answered by the sheep who follow the globalist scam, questions like why the ice cores show the exact opposite – CO2 increase follows temperature increase – why they told us with absolute certainty, just 20 years ago, that we were entering a new ice age, why they feel the need to fiddle the figures (or change measuring instruments) to favour their scam, why they fire all voices representing “different science” etc. If you can’t spot a scam then I cannot help you.


    A Russian Offensive Pushing Across The Rest of Eastern Ukraine

    Douglas MacGregor and Robert Kennedy Jr talk turkey



    Clearly NATO has sufficient stocks of obsolete equipment and sufficient manufacturing capacity to maintain military hostility towards Russia for several more months. And the utterly incompetent leadership of NATO is sufficiently deluded to think that pouring yet more obsolete or inferior equipment into the conflict will achieve some kind of success -other than huge profits for the weapons manufacturers and continued kick-backs to corrupt politicians and political institutions on the gravy train. There is a schoolboyish bravadery that is a product of gross ignorance and inexperience of actual major conflict; in none of the major NATO ‘interventions’ of the past 60 years did the adverasary have satellite imagery, instant radar detection, hypersonic missiles, long range ‘flamethrowers’ etc.

    Andrei Martyanov has repeatedly stated that the conflict in Ukraine is the first real major test (actual full-spectrum war) for NATO in its entire existence, and NATO has been demonstrated to be totally outclassed in almost every respect.

    That is not to say that NATO is incapable of inflicting damge: as A M has previously pointed out, if you are on the receiving end of a projectile fired from a seventeenth century firearm you will likely be severely injured or killed.



    Meanwhile, the meltdown of the Greenland ice sheet continues to get ever more ‘interesting’, i.e. not only far above any previously recorded level of melting but increasing rather spectacularly.



    Have you noticed how nothing makes sense anymore? A nation ruled by honorable and ethical people, that does not happen. We are in a very dangerous place.


    Due to extreme good weather, I already, early, got my crop of garlic, onions and potatoes picked.

    John Day

    Good-on-yer-garden, Zerosum!

    V. Arnold

    Hayami Gyoshu Tea bowl and fruits 1921

    Couldn’t let this one slide by without a comment:
    Classic Japanese art; a genuine stunner…

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