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    G.G. Bain Pelham Park Railroad, City Island monorail, NY 1910 • The Hole at the Center of the Rally: S&P Margins in Decline (BBG) • US Nonfinancial De
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    Dr. Diablo

    “Russia [is] facing the possibility of imminent collapse.” –Forbes

    Are you kidding me? Really, Forbes? Serious? Does anybody actually believe that Russia is on the cusp of imminent economic and political collapse? That’s so ill-conceived as to be irresponsible.

    And Brazil? Was the U.S. on the edge of imminent collapse when we had our impeachment hearings? That’s right, no one in the world thought so, because, however politicized, the system was going to grind through to a predictable, if complex, result. And we think what? Brazil is going to dissolve into pieces run by epaulet-wearing generals with sunglasses?

    I’m not saying Russia, Brazil, China don’t have challenges. Clearly they do. But this article is beyond the pale. And again, I point out that the BRICS aren’t the only one with challenges. The U.S. and West have astounding, acute, disruptive challenges as well. Europe is dissolving along with NATO. The U.S. has no legitimacy in primaries, candidates or elections. The stock market has never been more disconnected from sales or profits. The military is so bloated that it is getting blasted and sorely lagging behind several nations with less than 10% of our budget, and nation after nation is exiting the sphere of the western economic protectorate–massive, strategic and oil-rich Nigeria being yesterday’s example.

    The BRICS have challenges? The WORLD has challenges. But we all know, “It can’t happen here.”(TM)


    It seems the Americans/Saudis/Turks – they are all of the same – have been supplying anti-aircraft missiles to Syria’s “moderate” terrorists who then pass them on to the non-moderates.

    Syria: Terrorists Acquire Anti-Aircraft Missiles

    Alternative text

    I guess airports will eventually have to close in Western Europe – and Putin will get the blame.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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